On Impeachment And Its Effects

Got Plan B?

The coming months and years will be challenging, to say the least.

Using a cancer-stage analogy, how serious is the situation in your area?

And even if the situation in your area is survivable at present, what metastases will be coming from other parts of the country and world to threaten you?

Uncle Sam is terminal.

Plan accordingly.

18 responses to “On Impeachment And Its Effects

  1. Impeachment, like wholesale attempts to revoke the first or second amendment, would be a national greenlight to start offing the other side, wholesale, and pro-actively.

    If they’re very lucky, no one would go after their families too.

    • You will die of an incurable Third World communicable disease incubated in your backyard of Californistan first.

      Communists will agitate The Diversity to randomly execute white children playing in their neighborhoods as was the Black Panthers’ playbook 1970s. Once that reaches say 500+ victims:


      Think Obola Riots together with actual Ebola.

      Even wacked-out soipeople have more impulse control than niggers. It’s the reason they have always been the Left’s Go-To weapon.

      The fed, watered and sheltered will just continue to scoff at the anti-constitutional dictates, then picked off one-by-one.

      Aesop, you are too optimistic.

      • I’m coupling your comment about children with Bracken having mentioned the Covington kids in a previous article. Best guess on my part is the killings of white children (may it never happen) would be the catalyst that prompts Heritage Americans to a savage retribution.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “prompts Heritage Americans to a savage retribution.”

          So, you’re saying that they’d unleash *BOTH* the letter to the editor AND the strongly-worded e-mail? The Universe hasn’t seen that big an explosion since the Big Bang.

          • exactly. Trump’s “impeachment” by the demoncrat-house won’t even stifle a yawn. To make it stick would require c. 21 Senate Republiscams to vote for conviction. Not going to happen.

            and, while the Jews are definitely formatting niggers to massacre ever-larger numbers of Whites…Whites will sustain their current apathy until the Jewbuck dies. Then, we’ll see.

      • I’m no such optimistic, I’m merely being pragmatic.

        Everybody knows what happens after the coup, and folks won’t be waiting for their boxcar boarding pass before they get jiggy.
        There is no trust left in the system, at this point.
        Zero. Zip. Nada. Niente.

        I doubt even Lee Greenwood believes in Lee Greenwood anymore.

        People most likely to be rounded up will go out hunting the would-be conductors of those trains before their targets even get their bearings.
        And following both Cloward-Piven, and the Swiss Army strategy.

        Because TPTB cannot pursue and arrest everyone when “everyone is doing it“, and overall, they only need to “shoot twice, and go home“.

        And once it goes nasty, the general feeling is likely to be “let’s nip this in the bud, and wipe out their whole family, so we don’t have to do this again in 20-30 years.”

        Especially since after the first one, the rest are free.
        Bonus: So many other problems can be rolled in, and dealt with in the same way.

        “There’s nothing wrong with shooting. As long as the right people get shot.” – Inspector Calahan, SFPD

  2. dmv gringo

  3. The clowns have to impeach President Trump.
    Anybody think these clowns are going to turn themselves in for high crimes and treason?
    In for a penny in for a pound now. No turning back now, not that there ever was.
    They got caught red handed. The grift is up. They are exposed as the clowns and criminals they always have been.
    All they know is doubling down, then double down on the double down, there is no end to it, only lower and lower they sink till they implode.
    The depravity of these depraved knows no final depths.

    I’m watching the self destruction of the globalist with great anticipation. It is beautiful to behold. They always have been their own worst enemy. Watching them trying to survive their illegitimacy is fascinating and very instructional.

    Late I wonder watching these fools present their airs of superiority and legitimacy, I think how much it must cost to maintain such Kabuki theater. And what the crack in the facade will be, or who it will be.

    How ridiculous they look to me know. How when I drive down the road, and see a state trooper or local police and what I see now is a total farce. What a fucking joke. The entire matrix is a total farce. Every day I think how easy and proper, how legitimate I am, how simple it is to defy and resist, what a pleasure to see it all in the light of BFYTW.

    What a time to be alive!
    I’m going to live through and hopefully play a part in destroying these fucking scumbags and their system.
    And thats the thing. They got their special impeachment they must have. We got our special too. It is called revolution, and we have to have it also.

  4. Been the DEM plan all along. It’s all they have.

    Nothing difficult about the coming events. Easy Peasy, go live life. Well know when it’s time to get jiggy.

    Armstrong’s calling for sporty times 2021/22 regarding religion and war.

    Tic Toc.


    • POd American

      “Armstrong’s calling for sporty times 2021/22 regarding religion and war. ”

      Well, ain’t that special..another expert with a clipboard and prediction. There are far too many variables in this equation to narrow it to any time frame PERIOD. Think “stochastic”…we are truly living in Black Swan territory.

      • POd, like it or not, Martin Armstrong has been pretty impressive using his computers to measure the past to understand the future.

        Most accurate predictors/authors use some form of historical predictors to make their informed opinions.

        It’s simply not enough to recognize that our history repeats itself.

        I for one find Armstrong’s info to be detailed and researched.

        It’s not ” Water Witched” like the majority of the opinions by left column writers, here.

        I’m not disagreeing with what’s put out here on WRSA, I’m just not one to trust, but not verify articles regarding depth and direction of our country. Our direction is far to important to absorbed, without vetted Information.

        our side is becoming as adept at changing a word or two, to achieve a desired response. It’s a favorite trick of the left. I’m often confused here on WRSA as to which side is represented.

        Nuts and bolts are important. Time lines can be helpful, when so much is at stake.



    “If he didn’t do it, he could have.” That is a bat-s**t crazy legal standard which would not even hold up in the Moot Court of a high school Civics class. My only question is, to anyone who can answer it is this: If the POTUS is just more of the same, vis-à-vis the alleged ZOG control of this corrupt, syphilitic former republic, why are the forces of evil so hell-bent to see him gone? This whole tariff thing is blowing up in his face, along with his other bull-in-the-china shop tweets.
    Many here have alleged he is just another swamp creature, or just the latest crook occupying the Crime Family Timeshare at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I will not argue that point, as I believe the reason he has not fulfilled his promises to The Deplorables is that somewhere there is a video of him and Billyjeff enjoying the fleshpots on Epstein’s Lolita Express private island. The forces of darkness on the other side are using that as leverage.
    But, if they impeach, they impeach. A lot of folks here agree that this is just a four-year interlude to ratchet up our preps. I am one of them. My prediction is that Pedophile Joe will be swept aside at the Infanticide Party’s convention, along with Bernie. Tulsi Gabbard will emerge as either their POTUS nominee or a VP on a ticket with some other baby-murdering Communist traitor. Bleib ubrig.

  6. EVERYTHING leads to wyte genocide, EVERYTHING!

  7. BTW all 3 Clintoons are moving into entertainment production, AKA propaganda, focusing on all the push button issues that put them in power. Think a satanic version of TYTs they’ve even chosen a figure head a guy named Klepper(?) The positive thing about this development is that production studios have fixed addresses, limited entrances and exits.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Unless you’ve got some serious airstrike capability or major field artillery, good luck getting anywhere near that address. Secret Service and a private goon squad, at the very least.

  8. Dear God please please allow them to try. Good comments this thread. Stay frosty.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. kekistantrans

    I think all the Impeachment talk by the Democrats and Progressives (and the one idiot Republican US Rep from Grand Rapids, MI) is to just keep their followers hyped up and actively engaged and sending in donation money. Also to continue to keep President Trump and his staff busy and distracted for the remainder of the second half of his Presidential term.

    At this point there are only 20 months left of President Trump’s current term which will end on January 20, 2021.

    Any impeachment process will take time and will not have enough votes in the Senate anyway.

    I would think the best plan for the D’s would be to wait until after the 2020 elections and if in spite of demographic changes and any Democratic vote cheating Trump still gets re-elected then (for them) hopefully the Senate might look a bit more favorable for the Democrats and that would be a better time to pull the impeachment stunt.



    I am guessing that Nancy Pelosi knows this and that is her plan.

    Incidently, the time frame just happens to match up with Martin Armstrong’s 2021/2022 predictions.


    Nevertheless, regardless of any predictions, I figure it’s all above my pay grade to have any say in anyway. Only person who’s actions I really have any control over is myself anyway. And to a lesser extent, those close to me. That’s where my focus and efforts are.