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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    ((sigh)) Moar of the Bolshie propaganda. Nazi or Bolshie, heads or tails–same shit–different colors–same flavors. Hate yourself–STFU–let us be your masters. You are then robbed, raped, pillaged or murdered.

    FU Nazi shit-throwers! They use that “Nazi” tag like a scatter gun.

    ‘Cept it don’t stick to anyone with half a brain and a loaded firearm.

  2. Sigh……..,I am a nazi,dammit!

  3. Self-loathing whites are on the menu, just not an appetizer, and they don’t understand this. They think an effective strategy is to negotiate a genocide where their allies passover the homes marked with the blood of bad-dirt-people (who are mostly white but not all). Notice how not a single high profile self-loathing white has stepped down from a position to make way for a special person?

    Ironically, this behavior will guarantee failure because the identity politics/racism they are creating puts innate characteristics before behavior. So they can’t redeem themselves either.

    But this doesn’t stop them from trying because they know (biology) they are unfit for a physical conflict of any kind and will lose. Remember that each time you see/hear them speak: THEY KNOW THEY HAVE LOST AND ARE NEGOTIATING SURVIVAL.

  4. I’ve said this before, nothing new. “White supremacy” is not an ideology it’s a fact. Every time a POC texts on their iPhone, purchases a product online or rides an elevator to the 50th floor of a skyscraper they’re staring “white supremacy” in the face. THIS is why they hate the white race.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    I don’t have any identity issues, I come from the original line, not the mislabeled ersatz gruppe.

  6. It’s not the part about being dubbed a Nazi that I don’t like. It’s the fact that we don’t have those snappy uniforms……..yet.

      • NightBreaker

        Cross of Iron good flick !

      • and snappier still:

        and from the “amazing but little-known facts about the Third Reich” file:

        Heydrich, during the early months of the German-Russian War and concurrently head of the SD (SS Intel/cointel), also served in the Luftwaffe and flew more than 70 fighter missions over the Eastern Front, usually escorting Stukas during dive-bomber strikes. Eventually shot down behind Russian lines, Heydrich evaded capture and walked out. Hitler heard about it and, at last, grounded him.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      My dad was captured near LeMans FR on Aug 10, 1944 and the first thing those Americans from 3rd Armored did was take all his cool Fallschirmjager gear, those medals were just too much to not pocket for themselves. Including a Browning M1910 he took off a Brit Lt. in Holland in 1940.
      In return he got some American cigarettes and a ride on the hood of a Jeep back to the rear where he spent over 2 yrs as a POW outside Verdun.

      • Thank him for his service! My grandfather was in 2nd armored and my grandfather in law was in the waffen ss on the ost front.

      • NorthGunner

        SemperFi 0321

        Your father was exceedingly lucky – he wasn’t sent to
        Eisenhower’s “Rhine Meadows” death camps; the great
        majority of the men and women sent there died, just
        as Eisenhower, Henry Morgenthau Jr. and Thomas
        Kaufman desired.

        They had NO business taking his medals or combat
        decorations! Those were EARNED and not to be
        trifled with in any way!

        My late father was 17 in Hungary when he and his younger
        brother were captured by the allies (they were part of the

        They were immediately turned over to the communists and spent the next 6 months in a communist run coal mine/POW camp (after 6 months
        they waited til after ‘lights out’ and ghosted thru the wire
        asap). His brother chose to stay in Europe; my father came
        west, became a naturalized citizen…rest is family history.

        He made VERY sure to tell me exactly why he hated
        the communists…wanted to see every one of them very
        dead, especially after he and his brother caught sight of
        a group of them ransacking the farm they both were born
        on..with a gloating commissar check listing everything
        to be stolen or killed for ‘Uncle Joe’.

        To say the least I got a very different education early on
        from him about “The Bad War”… wish I could find that
        newsreel clip where the captured American soldier after
        being liberated actually said that he and other American
        POW’s were very respectfully treated by the SS unit
        that captured them, especially their wounded.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Berglander

          The horrors of post-war:
          1.) Label captured troops Disarmed Enemy Forces instead of POWs. That way, you don’t have to feed or house them or provide medical care.
          2.) Deny the Red Cross to visit the enclosed fields you keep them. Tell them to return all the aid packages they’ve collected.
          3.) Let these people die from hunger, exposure, dehydration, and disease.
          4.) Deny it ever happened.

          History is a rabbit hole. The deeper you go…

    • kekistantrans

      “It’s not the part about being dubbed a Nazi that I don’t like. It’s the fact that we don’t have those snappy uniforms……..yet.”

      You can perhaps join a WW2 re-enactment group.

      Rule 2: Have the proper equipment.
      Rule 3: Don’t be fat (makes it look like cosplay instead of re-enactment).
      Rule 4: Behave correctly (always act like a professional soldier when in role, use proper tactics and if you can’t speak German don’t speak English within ear-shot of the crowd).

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Better yet, instead of wearing insignia you didn’t earn, go join the Army and earn some of your own.

        BTW, Sean is one of our few combat vets here.He doesn’t need to go play imitation soldier.

      • “we don’t have those snappy uniforms” any more. When I first saw those black Army dress uniforms my immediate though was “when did the U.S. Army become the SS”.

        Glad they went back to pinks and greens.

    • kekistantrans

      “You are a Nazi…”

      If they can call Milo Yiannopoulos – an out and proud Homosexual who is Jewish and who has a black boyfriend – a Nazi, then I am sure we would all qualify.

    • Berglander

      Lol “I’d like that feldgrau suit, please. It is Hugo Boss, of course?”

  7. Neither Morocco, nor Algeria, nor Libya are heavily negro yet the preponderance of illegal aliens being transported into Europe by Soros and other Jews are negroes. Some of these negroes are Muslim, some are non-religious. All have their hands out for government largess.

  8. Berglander

    For the Montana and Idaho readers: The Ski and Sporthaus in Kalispell has a 16” DDM4V11 for an even grand. Looks to be in almost new condition.
    I may even go back muhownself and buy it.

  9. kekistantrans

    One effect of the last election was that the Progressive Left dropped the nice happy face masks and really showed their true colors.

    It’s like a real life horror video game.

  10. The self flagellation of self genociding whites in name only and self gassing jews.
    Change your thinking.
    Use the best survival weapon you have. The one between your ears.
    There is a great cleansing coming.
    The great cleansing is also a great sorting.
    It is the timeless survival of the fittest men and fittest race.
    The law of the jungle.
    My money is on my race of White Christian Men of The West.
    Everyone else is talking smack and all front of the bus.
    The browns think this is their moment.
    The blacks get to shoot hanguns sideways and carry machettes, all uppity and all, they think they are the protected ones. Proxies at best.
    The musloids think they are going to inherent the greater satan and make slaves out of the white woman.
    The Fabian’s are thinking finally after 250 years their precious one world order is within their grasp if they only can rid themselves of orangemanbad.
    The blind Normie’s still think TINVOWOOT is some white supremest secret hand signal and civic Christian-Judaea is a real social contract gonna save them.
    Imposters all.

    They all are ignorant of BFYTW
    BFYTW is 2000 years of Christian Greco/Roman culture of the citizen Warrior. It is what created the 5000 Year Leap. Not a Republic, though Plato and the classic Stoic’s where right about many things, except Legacy, code, and Patriarchy that began in the Colonial Era. They could not foresee the advent of the Infantry Combat Rifle. An invention which changed the world. It made unalienable rights possible. Made a mockery of inalienable rights. It was a great dialectic, a turning. This dialectic is still a young dynamic going thru the evolution of the threshing of history and time. It is on the cusp of changing the world again. In warfare what is old is renewed. 4th Generation War is again to be crowned King 1st Generation War on tyranny. The legacy is to be renewed by the Freemen of The White Christian West. This is the order of the dirt people. The forgotten ones. The spat upon. The Appalachian option people. The deplored. The “bitter” ones who hold code history faith patriarchy dear. The ones who in the end won against the Fabians, ripped victory from the meathooks of the Tory Loyalist globalist Fabian’s, against all odds, denied them the unfathomable wealth and power of the new world, when they finally got to wage 4th Generation small unit infantry combat tactic warfare, using the combat rifle, in its purest form beginning on Kings Mountain. The ones, the Fabian’s after 250 years who some call now the syndicated criminality of the bankster/crony/corp-rat “deep state”, the globalists, still with their high table, vast ill gotten gains and hemisphere spanning usurpations, still have not managed to genocide their arch existential enemy, the dirt people. The ones who ever and only effect positive change on this earth. The ones ones who there is no one else coming to save them and make peace with that truth as Horatius at The Bridge understood, the honorable resistance of the dirt people, this tiny plurality, they understand they are the only ones coming to save them, that they indeed do and will hold the bridge. Thus it has always been, thus it is now, because thus it is the truth that matters, thus all else is total fucking bullshit.
    Thus this great sorting will leave in its wake a renewed, redeemed Freeman Warrior class.
    It is called BFYTW.
    BFYTW is in our blood and in our bones.
    We who got Legacy understand.
    And we are exceedingly good at BFYTW.

    Besides it is time for this dialectic, this great cleansing. No White Christian Race of Men of The West can long endure the horde of deep state barbarian’s and their proxy Zombie army of useful NPC dupes and mass useless brown cannon fodder. The great sorting is inevitable. A great winnowing, the dirt nap of all dirt naps before, long overdue but could not have happened any other way.
    What a time to be alive.
    To live and fight thru the great penultimate turning which will determine the next 5000 years.
    God it is Great to be White and an UNalienable Freeman.

    • OathKeeper

      Brother, you said it all! Thousands more like me will be there with you when the party starts.

      • That is what means everything right there man! The spirit of it you state so well. So much is accomplished just thru changing our thinking. Believing in something better and larger than just ourselves too.
        That is how positive change begins then takes place for real. It is impossible to stop once it is Legion. I for one as you see this happening. A great preference cascade. Such sea changes in thinking fly below the so called “radar” till they don’t then it is too late to stop it. It is pure open source, insurgency. It is upstream of all politics and agenda.
        Pretty cool stuff. To be a part of it is sublime. Real grass roots.
        Lot of pride of place and being. It is highly contagious too, the truth of it is easy to recognize in a sea of lies and subversions. Sticks out like a sore thumb. It is the so called message can’t be stopped as in “they can’t stop the message.”

        This current pogrom of White identity tactics by the human extinction movement naturally is backfiring, unintended and the root of intended consequences and all.

        Those using the Nazi pejorative will rue the day they chose the strategy of identity tactics using Hitler and their thousand year Reich as their pivot point in creating their whole cloth narrative, exactly because at a key stage in the festivities us White Deplorables will make what the Nazi’s did look like a fart in a mitten.
        In other words they will come to learn to admire and love the Nazi’s, because they will seem a gentle and merciful people in comparison to the BFYTW they will have unleashed on themselves attempting their White Genocide.

        I think there is a great misconception of late going on here. The Leviathan State of the Western hemisphere is not prologue, and it certainly is not indicative, nor is it representative government, obviously it is not, hasn’t been since the ink was but dry on the much revered parchment. Regardless this last about “representative” government, in every sense of the term as applied to our system of governance, must be pointed out because it is the crux of the matter here. In particular in these last days of the FUSA.
        The point here is it is not representative, it is allegory, but it does not represent the character and grit of the dirt people, but it is highly permissive, in fact it is wholly responsible, for this agenda of White Genocide, a true representative form of governance would not create the fertile ground and permissive environment for the human extinction movement which exists.
        Again it is obvious thing to say, like Duh!
        But that isn’t my point, what is is the mistaken case of identity, that just because our form of government is at the very least enabler for this attempt of White Genocide underway, it in no way is representative of us White dirt people, if anything is is the dichotomy of us, as the proof of that lies in how ridiculously easy it was for 64 million Deplorable’s to outfox and beat the deep state at it’s own game of election by mob. Hence the hurry up state of White Genocide, before that plurality of Deplorable’s realizes it’s power and gets it shit together and abolishes the permissive State by whatever means it chooses, exactly because it’s motive power, and it’s realization it is beyond plurality, and being legion in depth and breadth, and becomes A Legion of Freemen.
        It is a very close thing here. It is like titrating a solution, or alloying a high grade of tool steel, where drop by drop the solution reaches its almost instantaneous transition modulus and flips over to a super saturated compound or alloy.
        The only practical method with any chance of success for the so called deep state to counter the growing self awareness of The Honorable Resistance, ie The Legion, is to go after it’s core identity, it’s codes, history, and cultural precepts, you do that by marginalizing and ostracizing its culture and identity in the greater sphere of human activity, or more precisely the illusion of a greater society, because in truth, White Christian Men of The West are not only a majority at least in numbers here, it is the prime mover and shaker of the underlying function of day to day pragmatic and cultural activity of people. Regardless of the Big Lies and false narratives derived from the false flag events employed to paint a negative pejorative narrative of The Men of The West.

        Sounds pretty good to be one of The Men of The West doesn’t it? Gives an epic quality to the 2000 year plus history from the classic civilizations of the Greco/Roman/Latin roots, to the present era of unimaginable leaps in every aspect of human activity begun in the later stages of the Colonial Era thru the industrial revolution to today.
        The White race of Christian Men of The West is the indomitable influence on the western hemisphere. The deep state’s efforts to stymie and direct the advancement, or rather the audacity, and motive power the dirt people in its unparalleled ability of productivity, ie individual wealth creation, the foundation of Liberty and happiness, and the only place where wealth creation originates from, is on the brink of abject failure, if anything regardless it has only pent up this motive power and audacity of the dirt people, thus it is bursting forth like never before.
        This state of activity is highly destructive to the powers that be, they loose control, hence the power to influence civilization of the West in these elitists desired direction.
        So the only course, because in America, “we have too many guns” us dirt people are too well armed to be made a slave cast, we are too dangerous, our numbers too many, for the State to do much about but peck away piecemeal at the fringes of the Honorable Resistance, for instance the warning of Waco, Las Vegas, the contract hit on LeVoy Finnicum, The Bundy Ranch affair, going after the Hammond ranch family and using them as a pretext to send a message, the Clinton Crime syndicate’s SOP of dead men tell no tales, such as murdering Andrew Breitbart, Tom Clancy, Seth Rich etc.
        And in particular the ongoing palace coup against President Trump.
        Notice the usual actors show up repeatedly behind all these acts of organized crime government. One SOP is the use of proxies “to do things you normally could never do”, hence the Liminality, ( ), behind strategy of pogrom of the dirt people, ie, identity tactics of toxicity of white privilege, equating White Christian American’s with the ideology of Nazism, laying the framework of justifying White Christian Genocide, which hopefully thru a myriad of tactics and events, overwhelm the Honorable Resistance, and all who will come to its call, in such a nebulous fashion there is no specific enemy White American’s can all agree upon thus point their rifles at and rightfully wage 4th Generation warfare against.
        In simple terms, wear em’ down, in detail, attack them in their institutions and undermine their codes, deprive them of essential resources economically, weaponize the essential elemenyts of life: air, water, food, energy, and last but not least, burden economic activity at the main street/personal level to the point as many as possible are too busy keeping their nose above the water economically, and reducing as many as possible to living hand to mouth, then they are too busy, overwhelmed with basic subsistence, or overwhelmed with debt serfdom where they can not become that Legion that is indomitable and Unalienable.
        The effect is to make the dirt people too waek to withstand the effects of identity tacyics thus vulnerable to pogrom and White Genocide.

        After all, the whole point has been from the beginning 250 years ago, the Fabian’s vow to destroy America herself and what she represents, usurping her system of republican form of government “from the top down inside out,” and turning it into a wealth strip mining system and murder weapon.

        The weak link of this agenda is to equate The State with the dirt people. In many ways, regardless of the doom & gloom and the resistance is futile crowd, the advent of The FUSA is a positive development, the fact more and more dirt people, in particular mainstream White American’s, look around themselves and suddenly it hits them, yes things could get that bad, fortifies the plurality, making true believers who join the legion of dirt people who will become The Legion of Men of The West.
        We are already seeing the vestiges of the great epiphany, “the zeitgeist”, finding its footing, the awakening and red pilling. The super saturation of the solution.

  11. You are a Nazi…

    BTW, I have a list of over 500 firms lobbying on immigration in the USA. The vast majority of them are not {{{The Jews}}}.

    • Berglander

      Usually, (((HR))) and (((Marketing))) make the pitch to the execs about what stances to adopt. With a little digging, you’ll find them.

    • Oldtradesman

      Do you actually believe we’ve not heard this shit before? Your list of 500 lobbying firms is not an argument, it is obfuscation. Read KMac’s Culture of Critique. You want to join us? Own what your people have done and help us do something about it. Become the philo-gentile. Prove your worthiness with deeds, not words. Perhaps we, in turn, will find additional work for you to do. Capiche?

    • almost all of those corporations are wallowing in debt. Debt which – like the individual and collective debt of the political class – are controlled by the (((Central Banking System))). You cucks

      are amazingly dense. Meyer (((Rothschild))) slapped you in the face with it 300 years ago: “give me control of the money supply, and I don’t care who the King is…I will rule.”…

      and you still haven’t figured it out. I suppose

      it pays not to.

  12. robroysimmons

    We can tell the cucks and cons that the military should invade and liberate Silicon Valley instead of being the slave army for Israel or some rich arabs.

  13. The Term “Nazi” was created as a Propaganda Insult to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, or NASDAP. No Member of that Organization ever called themselves (or the Party) “Naah-Zees”.
    The creator of the term “Nazi” was Konrad Heiden, an ashkenazi ‘jew’ who owned a ‘leftist’ Newspaper. The “International Jew” types picked it up and Ran with it, using it to this Day against White, Christian, Nationalist People.
    Virtually All of the extant “Neo-Nazi” Groups can be Tracked Down to being ‘controlled opposition’ Operations by the Zionist Occupation Government.
    Plan Accordingly.

    p.s. I used to Laugh at the term “ZOG” as it was a Creation of the same ‘neo-‘ groups. Now that it is a FACT that all in the Congress and the President must take a Loyalty Oath to the sionist state of ysrael, at the Wall of their “Temple”, well, if the little Beanie Hat Fits, Wear it.

  14. Meine Ehre heißt Treue!!!

  15. NorthGunner

    TIme again for both of these from Murdoch Murdoch:

    MM – Art of the Red Pill

    MM – When My Brothers Finally Wake Up

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  16. This assumed skin color.
    I’m fluid in my pigmentation.

  17. If refusal to betray and denounce the White Race is all it takes to be a Nazi, what can any aware Weiss Mensch say but “Sieg f’kin’ Heil!”