White Supremacist Nazi Tragedy In Virginia Beach

VDARE explains.

The tragedy?

No apparent way for even the most frothing Journolist commies to blame the white hetero male crowd.

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    I Reiterate WRSA Comment: “No apparent way for even the most frothing Journolist commies to blame the white hetero male crowd.”

  2. When none of the other factors allows the ‘guilt’ to be placed on ebilwytman blame the weapon. This is just a reboot of the Vegas shooting

    • FoxNews med doc went on and on about the devastating .45 cal. Maybe they’ll call for that to be banned for and confiscated from “civilians”. There’s probably quite a few guns and ammo in that cal. out there I’d say.

  3. And this story will be pigeon-holed within hours by those same commie journos.

    • it died on Saturday afternoon

      • I had a similar experience, not hearing about it at all until Saturday, and even then, it was obvious that when the complete identity of the shooter was uncovered (by others, not the MSM), the media ran from it like a bunch of cockroaches when the lights go on.

        Another perfect example of the facts not fitting the narrative, so the MSM just ignores the situation.


  4. I dunno. White men financed the business owned by another white man that manufactured that killing machine he used. Funny no ones talking about the suppressor.

    • No one’s talking about the suppressor (that includes the ATF SAIC at the presser yesterday) after the head cop opned his yap Friday night most likely because there never was one.

      Hollywierd’s tiny prop interpretations of silencers make many compensators easily misidentifiable by cops et al. who don’t know NFA shit from shinola.

      • ….”because there never was one”….
        Initial media reports quoted witnesses saying they heard the shots from another building.

  5. Gunderson

    And the commie chorus sings in unison:
    Muh Fudds are the enemy!

    They have no fucking idea.
    I’m guessing many who frequent these parts
    are guaranteed to scalp 100 heads if the switch is flipped.


  6. “A story from the Virginia Beach Pilot shows that 9 out of 12 of black gunman Dewayne Craddock’s victims were black.”

    Uh, is that a typo? It looks to me like 9 out of 12 were “whitish”.

    Still no motive? Story will be buried by Monday since it wasn’t a white Nazi Trump backer.

  7. This story is half way down the MSM memory hole already, will be gone by Tuesday at the latest.

    Police chief of Virginia Beach stated that “no gun law would have prevented this shooting”.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      My “Preacher Man” on Sunday railed from the pulpit ’bout this “senseless violence” and “tragedy,” and how we must “love one another” and “get along together.” After services, I cornered him and asked two questions: “do criminals obey gun laws?” and “why he never speaks of the 3,000 babies slaughtered or torn to pieces everyday?” He said nothing and walked away.

      • NorthGunner

        “..He said nothing and walked away.”
        Your “Preacher Man” by doing that, has just
        shown you proof that he’s both a moral coward
        and an immoral hipocrite.

        He doesn’t deserve ANY of the respect of legitimacy
        that the rest of the flock (you excluded) bestow upon
        him (hint: he’s probably more worried about keeping
        in the ‘good graces’ of the irs to maintain his ‘5013C’
        status RATHER than stand tall and firm as a ‘Man
        of the West’).

        To really pin him to the wall on things, ask him what
        his ‘official’ take is on drag kids like ‘desmondisamazing’
        and ‘lactatia’ and ‘tranny story hour for preschoolers/
        kindergardners’..or the never-ending flood of invading
        illegals from various shithole countries.

        Compare his reaction to what you would expect
        Father Coughlin’s would have been in 1938.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


        CC: This! Thank you! These Romans 13 robots with their 501(c)(3) IRS exemptions will NEVER stick their necks out. They are the Laeodicean Church spoken about in the Book of Revelations. Their dance card is all filled up. They will reap their reward.

  8. But they will say, the GUNS FELL into the wrong hands” although they were purchased legally with background checks as were all the mass shootings I’ve read and heard about. So the narrative is still it’s the fault of the availability of guns and those who exercise their right to acquire, keep and carry them must be blamed, their rights attacked and punished if not complying.

  9. Not necessarily the “fired disgruntled” person initially portrayed (by media whose job it is to make shit up). From the Virginia-Pilot covering it with regular updates:

    “Before entering a city building on Friday and opening fire on co-workers, a longtime public utilities engineer had emailed his resignation to superiors, giving two weeks’ notice just hours before the tragedy unfolded, officials said today.

    They did not provide any details as to what the shooter said in his email or what else he did that morning.

    “We’re determining where that letter is,” City Manager Dave Hansen said at a Sunday morning news conference. “He notified his chain of command (Friday).”

    Police Chief Jim Cervera opened the news conference by again stressing that the gunman had not been fired nor was he in the process of being let go. Hansen described the suspect’s job performance as “satisfactory,” and said he was in good standing in his department. It was only when directly asked by a reporter that Hansen revealed the gunman was in the process of resigning.

    This amateur fell well short of last week’s total for Chicongo.

  10. Publicizing the shooter’s identity is Raycizz!

  11. 12 victims?

    i call that a very slow start

    still over 300 million useless as fuck murkins to go

  12. Berglander

    Too bad he didn’t get the new high skkkore against da blaxxx.

  13. TTH, don’t underestimate the media. clearly he’s wearing black shoe polish.


  14. William Williams

    As mentioned by K. Denninger, the media will toss this event down the memory hole, in part because the killer’s apparently legal possession of a suppressor underscores that inconvenient fact that even an extensive background check, involving both local and federal databases, will not prevent bad/crazy/muslim individuals from getting arms.

  15. No corollary drawn between this black man and the black muslim that beheaded a middle aged wyt woman a few years ago?

  16. kekistantrans

    Ilhan Omar slammed for blaming NRA for Virginia shooting that left 12 people dead


  17. Very Hard for the nutters to claim this one is a “False Flag/Government Psyop” ™ simply due to the Race of the Shooter. Also, it will be Hard to keep it in the Newsfeed without an AR-Platform, Evil Black Rifle to Wave about… (Wait, Wut? If He used a Black Rifle, wouldn’t dat be Rayciss???)
    Sometimes, a Criminal is just a Criminal….

  18. This Negro was probably a) an affirmative action hire who could not function as a “civil engineer” and “project manager” without total oversight by whites, and he got sick of being a token, or b) he was banging half the white wahmen in his workplace and was getting jammed up for sexual harassment or got found out by somebody’s husband.

    Whatever happened, the natural reaction of the (((media))) is ALWAYS that if a Negro can’t responsibly possess a gun without going off on a shooting spree, then all whites must be prohibited from having them.

    • Gun banners need to be made uncomfortable to bring up the subject.

      Agree with them that crime-prone populations should be denied guns. Mention that blacks commit an enormous disproportion of crime. Wonder out loud why Jews are disproportionately the command, control, financing, and agitprop for gun control.

      Of course they will call you a Nazi, but they do that already.


    I’m reading he used a suppressed .45. Was some congressperson getting ready to resurrect the protection of hearing bill? The Deep State will keep staging these events to keep the Sheeple and Normies off balance. As if a firearm with a suppressor would have mattered. This will be old news within 24 hours. BLOAT.

  20. Geoff Ross

    The NY Post is reporting that Craddock had had “Violent Encounters” with Co Workers and was to be disciplined.

    • Bonaventure

      There are getting fewer and fewer places to go.

      On a slightly different topic, new FSSP assignments were issued yesterday. I confess, I simply don’t understand the need of shuffling priests all the time. Just when you’re getting to know one, he’s shuffled away on a new assignment. IMHO, it’s very hard on parishes.

      • soon all churches will be burned to the ground

        very soon

        and the god freaks along with them

      • Al Liguori

        They shuffle them to keep firm control at the top. Morally and doctrinally solid priests who earn trust among parishioners are a threat to the modernist-friendly cabal. Regarding the FSSP, Fr. Komorowski seems a downgrade from Fr. Berg, but, having doubts about the validity of the N.O. consecrations, leads to doubts about the validity FSSP ordinations. What a diabolical mess!

      • Al Liguori

        Since you mentioned the FSSP, I wonder if you have heard Fr. Phil Wolfe’s sermons. Following a career as a biochemist, he had a late vocation. AudioSancto was recording and posting his sound and edifying sermons for years. Fr. Wolfe is such a humble priest that he asked AudioSancto to stop attaching his name to his sermons. That meant that one had to scan through sermons of others less-gifted than Fr. Wolfe. I just checked for a link and it seems that AudioSancto bulk archived their 8 years of Sunday sermons and much has scattered to the “wind” of the internet. If you haven’t already heard him, his sermons are well worth finding.

  21. Any bets on whether he had recently been given the option of resigning or being fired for cause(accepting bribes, theft of services, lying on time card, etc.) ?

  22. thesouthwasrght

    Funny how government trough lickers develop a common look, kinda like heavy smokers or drinkers.

  23. 維尼熊同志

    Trosextr, don’t be racist. 6 of days 9 are black like Rachael D.

  24. The education I received,that had the most profound effect on my future,was a swift kick in the ass. Physical pain ,or the implied threat,yields results.

    Niggar. Coward. Shame he died. He had so much to contribute.
    I long for the return of the Scavengers Daughter.

  25. St.Maur1066

    U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

  26. Karl Ushanka

    If I had a dollar for every headline I’ve seen in the past decade that started with, or implied, “White Supremacist Nazi Tragedy…”, I could afford more trips to the range.

  27. Portland OR MSM is now pushing “improved hate crime laws” w/no explanation of what that entails……

  28. robroysimmons

    Imagine the terror that white progtards have when around their co-Democratic party voters.

    Never let them deflect the issue to upon you as the baddy. Today in Chicago Glocks are being bought and sold, they love Glocks and D-voters in Chicago are buying more Glocks today than FreeFor buys in a year.

    So the next time you feel the need to give us the old 2A essay that we have all heard ten million times think of doing something useful and remind a white progtard that his allies luv Glocks.

    Just stop being a Stooge Boomercon, just stop.

  29. “Just stop being a Stooge Boomercon, just stop.”
    Boomer is code for Christian/wyt Christian. Time to up-date your lexicon and jettison your daddy issues

    • all boomers are guilty of being BOOMERS

      they will be purged and forgotten

      good riddance to bad garbage

  30. If you look at the posts here, today and every day, one can’t make any other observation but that the posters here are the most negative folks on the face of the earth. Anti-social, lonely people. They hate everything. They hate themselves. They hate their lives and their own existence. Rise above it. Be positive. Be happy. Then kill the commies.