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  1. The trumpsters killing them. Using ” Rules for Radicals” like a scalpel. They simply don’t know how to handle their own crap, when it’s flipped and hung around their necks.

    Like him or not he’s shoving it up the left’s ass.

    Heyyyyyy Hexo, guess who ol Dirts voting for!!!!!!!. Yup! That guy.

    These retards are just now figuring out, impeachment is a non starter. Better butter up their talking points with red meat.

    It’s become painfully obvious that DOJs gonna spank some folks. Isn’t it clear to everybody this shit pile leads directly to Hilary cling on.. Herself.

    Which reminds me,,,,,,

    what does toilet paper and the StarShip Enterprise have in common???.?.?.

    Simple they both hang around Uranus and wipe out Klingons.

    Im cleaning the trailer from the coast trip, and starting to pack for Cody. Trying to get out mid month to do some white water around Salmon ID, on the way, for a week.

    So far Mrs Williams is balking. Gonna have to offer up some sparkles shiny shit, and expensive meals. Carole’s a wise negotiator. After 36 years she’s got me figured out. Like all of our wives do.


    • Drumpf, now in full campaign mode,

      launches another tweetstorm. And

      Dirk, who loves being spanked by Drumpf,

      experiences another political orgasm.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yup, keep stroking your audience, but don’t deliver the goods. Just like the NRA, if they could fix things they’d be out of a job. So you lobby for votes and endless money, promising that orgasm for later.
        What any smart politician learned in Politics 101.

  2. Detroit3%

    Jokes on us! Trump could have the FCC reject CNN’s license to broadcast if they didn’t serve the public interest (lying about the news would be grounds for a rejection of said license).

    More tweeting nonsense that shows it’s all a dog-and-pony show.

    • Does CNN broadcast in the FCC sense?

      • Johnny Paratrooper


        The FCC regulates content on public broadcasting using tax money.

        As in publicly funded.

        Not publicly viewed (Like CNN at the Airport).

        Also, The FCC will only limit swearing, nudity, or violent content.

        The message is still the same.

        Rap music on the radio changes “Nigga” to “Shorty”

        But the message is the same.

        Changing CNN from “Kill Whites and Eat their Babies” to “Whites are bad; You should not like them” is hardly going to change anything.

      • Why let facts get in the way of a pointless screed?

        Oh, and as you well knew already CA, when you posted that gentle rebuff, CNN is a cable news network, as the actual title “Cable News Network” might reveal to a less-clever person (i.e.one with an IQ barely above outdoor spring temps in Saskatchewan).

        As such, CNN neither requires nor possesses any such “broadcast” license, and the sum of FCC jurisdiction over whatever twaddle they put out comes to Jack, and Shit, from their first day open, and 24/7/365/forever forward from that point.

        In recompense of such harsh reality, TV manufacturers since the 1930s cleverly attached a pair of switches to everyone’s TV, one allowing anyone to change the channel, and another one that turns the set off.

        Who knew?!

        When even the idiots at the NFYDaily News have sussed this simple reality out, anyone who hasn’t is in serious need of a football helmet for any trips outside the house, like on those short bus field trips, and probably some spices and condiments to season the windows properly before their obligatory licking on those trips.


        People carping about why the president hasn’t done something which is undoable tells us far more about them, their kneejerk bias, and their level of basic intelligence, than it tells us about Pres. Trump.
        TDS is clearly not limited to any spot on the political spectrum.

        We won’t even bother to go on about the fundamental idiocy of someone on a fairly laissez faire libertarian-oriented blog wanting Dear Leader to use Big Government to Save Us From Ourselves, and posting the thought out loud, in public.
        The Irony Fuse would be a melted pile of goo if we tried.

        I think somebody’s dog and pony escaped through the screen door on their submarine.

        If the cap fits, wear it.

  3. Note to Trump and Schwartz. The only reason certain people use a particular ISP is because it is the ONLY ONE in their territory. Funny how that works eh??

  4. I worked for AT&T through all of its incarnations. I do NOT have DirecTV, nor any of their cable offshoots. A lot of folks on the AT&T retirement Faceberg page are losing it. OH! Trump’s so bad for saying this! It’s so terrible to bash an AMERICAN company, it hurts people, blah, blah. Newsflash:AT&T has not been an American company since 1984. And as I posted on the FB page: “as if Randall Stephenson wouldn’t f**k the retirees in a heartbeat, if he could get by with it. This man is in with the rest of Bilderberg BarfBags-he could give a sh** about YOU! Your loyalties to a company that you think is still playing by the old rules is sadly misplaced.”
    Yes, voting for Trump, because I hate Bernie, AOC, the resident Fauxcohantas, and many others.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, like all those Ford and GM workers, “Buy American” and then run to Walmart to spend their checks. It’s the brainwashing that keeps them in default mode.
      This nation is so FUBAR.

  5. More of the same from Trump. He merely complains, when he’s actually in a position to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I’ve had enough words from him; I need to see action.