One Way To Skin A Cat

Primary Arms 6.5 Gas Rifle Build



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  1. I just finished a sim. build and found that the Magpul fully adjustable stock to be largely superfluous as my eye alignment with my 30mm scope is dead-on and (I believe) LOP issues can be addressed with some fabricated spacers placed in a M-16A2 stock. The Magpul is also very heavy as well as very expensive. I would much rather have put that $250.00 into the budget for the scope

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And we’re still old school trained. M-16 shoots just fine in it’s original form, many a high Expert Badge was earned with one,( myself included, with an A1)
      Most of this AR aftermarket parts rage is designed to separate you from your wallet, and make you look cool, to yourself. Everybody wants to look like an operator, fuck the knowledge level. It’s the look that counts.

  2. Nightbreaker

    Posted 43 minutes ago
    Nick, I received this from Rolling Thunder on CMP.

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    Default Ebay and Firearms Parts

    Apparently NJ has subpoenaed Ebay to prevent NJ residents from bidding on any firearm related items on Ebay. The item in the Ebay message below that was bid on was a Lyman scope. After some aggravation attemping to find a solution Ebay Support had to kick the problem ‘upstairs’ to Corporate because they claimed to not know anything about it and they had no solution to the issue. The message below is what was received back from Ebay. There was no previous advisory from Ebay regarding this which is not surprising. There is no sense complaining to Ebay, their hands are tied and there is no way to know how wide-spread and inconsistent this is until you bid on an item from NJ.

    You can be sure other states will follow if they haven’t already.
    Hello David, I’m emailing you back in regards to the block that you have received when trying to bid on item# XXXXXXXXXXXX. I found through my research that there is an issue with the bidding/purchase of this item due to New Jersey gun laws, There is something about this item that could potentially conflict with the local law and that is why our system is blocking this purchase and I have no way of overriding this block. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, If you have anymore questions feel free to give us a call. Thanks,eBay[THREAD ID: 1-213772120351]eBay Document ID: 70879446002 _____________________________________________ eBay is committed to your privacy. Read our user agreement and privacy notice. Learn how to recognize fake (spoof) emails.…ing-spoof.html Copyright © 2019 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc., 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125.

    posted on NJ firearms blog just now .
    Scopes are now Verboten in Newgermany.


    • My first and only post to you is that need to get out of New Jersey.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Why Newgermany? Still trying that old NRA ploy that the Nazis banned all guns? Keeping Juden und auslander from owning guns would be the same as telling Muslims and illegals they can’t own guns here today. Most of you would not have a single issue with that. Germany never banned guns to it’s citizens, today they’re very restricted, like some American cities, but not Verboten, thanks to a restrictive post-war American gov’t.
      BTW, early Pennsylvania was mostly Germans, New Jersey was English.

      • NorthGunner

        SemperFi, 0321

        Some folks are still deeply mired in their grandparent’s communist/zionist
        propaganda that’s still enslaving minds across the world via the holohoax
        and it’s purveyance via the adl, splc, b’nai brith and other parasite organs.
        The funny thing is that the adl was created to protect the memory of a
        convicted jewish child molester and murderous rapist – Leo Frank (they
        still will not allow that he was a monster and was guilty as charged).

        Both “Myth of German Villainy” and “Tell the Truth – Shame the
        Devil” are very good antidotes to the above..if they patient is

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Dam Skippy this will spread to other states!

  3. robroysimmons

    PSA review mentions gas system, IMO my two shekels worth is that the gas system on this caliber is not fool proofed for soldier level yet, if that matters.

  4. This rifle uses a very expensive billet upper and lower receiver, neither is necessary.

    I think a 6.5C AR build can be done for less than $1000.00.

  5. Plankton67

    Dammit… that rifle giveaway ended on 31 May.
    The data, however, will live on! Excellent article and it makes a lot of sense. The overlap between this and a precision bolt action…. the difference is razor thin, and the increased utility of a semi automatic make the decision a no-brainer.
    Too bad about Noo Joisy….

  6. Z of Doom

    Damn, there you go making me want to spend more money again!

    It looks like a very good setup especially for the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. The other option is the Bergara bolt gun with more money put into the glass and less into the rifle. Individual considerations should dictate which one is actually better for the user.

  7. meh.. none of the mobile govt resupply vehicles within 250 miles of me carry anything but 5 fiddy six and 7sixty 2 ammo. not disputing if a 6.5 cal is any good; i don’t care. its not common. wasn’t different cal non standard ammo a supply issue in our first civil war?

    • Don’t think anyone is proposing alts to be used as main sticks.

      I know some lads who with a good rifle and 200 rounds of duty ammo could put a skeer in the local Commies and their pals.

    • NorthGunner


      As long as you’re good with ‘what you brung’ and have
      enough fodder to keep it happy, it’s all good!

      Time enough for ‘souvenir collecting’ later on, of course.
      If one is into that kind of thing…me, I wouldn’t mind an
      old M79 in at least good to nice condition…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Old Gray Wolf

    I have an LMT MWS in 7.62 NATO. It shoots moa or better, and I have yet to load specifically for it, having been too busy with work for a while now. Got some 150 CT ballistic tips and some 178 Amax I plan to load up and test at range, the 150 to 500, the 178 to 800. Once I find the accuracy nodes and get some range time, I will know more, My gun is the chrome bore 16” gun, so I doubt 1000 will find a supersonic bullet, and I may pick up one of the longer SS barrels if I end up feeling like it can offer me better accuracy and/or more range. I really set the gun up for more of a DM role to 500 or a bit more, as I prefer a heavy bolt gun and a longer barrel for shooting much past that range. One of the Remington 5r rifles with a good scope offers much for a decent price, if one wishes to reach 1000 with little fuss.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Regarding the gas gun, go for it. Was just at my rifle builders shop talking about stuff I’m considering changing.

    I went with the Atlas action with the mechanical ejector excepts ACIS mags.
    Kelby atlas tac action long, spiral fluted and nitride bolt.

    Extreme duty side bolt stop/ release.
    Double pinned recoil lug
    Pinned 20 moa rail.
    Oversized bolt knob.
    Trigger tech primary straight blade
    Krieger number 9stainless26 fluted? 26 OAL. 1/10.
    Muzzle tread cap, 5/8X24.
    Creakote barreled action.
    Upgraded to a MPA chassis gun metal gray.
    5 five round mags.
    Sling actually two one is a cross country ski style centered the rifle mid back. Don’t know it run one.

    Green hard sided case, pelican. #1750.

    Paperwork started for one thunderbeast threaded can.

    My wife is purchasing this one on her trust.

    My trust would have to be redone if I purchased another.

    I’m not sure I want a fluted barrel. I’m also got two days to waffle on the Atlus action. Thinking I want a defiance or a Stiller TAC. All are killer high end actions. Their are things I really like about the Stiller TAC actions.

    Topped with Schmidt and Bender PMII, glass.

    Total package is roughly 8 k. This includes 500 Lapua 3006 casings.

    Right now the boys are queer over the 6 mm and the 6.5. Had a no shot 25 pound pres rifle with weights added. Crazy stuff.


  11. Roland Deschain

    Darn, the contest ended May 31st!

  12. oldanddecrepit

    Would have been nice if this had been posted before the May 31st deadline….

  13. Ruger Predator in 243, At-One stock, Primary arms scope, bipod of choice.
    Sub MOA for less than a grand. Anyone can shoot comfortably, all day long.

  14. The fundamental problem for many of us in these times is that we have no access to range facilities over 100 yards. As a military retiree I have access to a 1000 m known distance range on an active duty Army base in my state, but I’d have to register my weapon on the facility. Definitely a no go. I think if most of us would depart from our Walter Mitty chairborne ranger personae we’d find that our needs could be met with a Savage Model 10 in 300 Win Mag or even .30-06 pushing the 175 SMK with the Accu Trigger and good glass sighted in 3″ high at 100 yards and simply learn doping the wind and holding over like antelope hunters did 40 to 50 years ago. Where in your possible AO do you consistently have shots longer than 300 yards? Be honest with yourself. Learning AO entry and exit fieldcraft, working to build a team with your spotter (you have one, don’t you?), and living the Gray Man life will lead to more success than the once in a million 800 plus yard shot you’re going to take with the only shot you will get from a cold barrel under field conditions. Just the opinion of someone who bailed out of shot up UH1Bs in the central highlands of RVN with some good ‘Yard shooters, during another one of the wars we lost. Gray Fox

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I see absolutely no reason to replace several perfectly fine .308, 30-06’s, 7mm RM and a .375 H&H to purchase a 6.5 Crdm just because it’s all the rage in the gun community. According to the media, I don’t need any of them anymore if I shoot a 6.5 Crdm.
      What so many fail to see is that a replacement for it will soon appear, it’s what moves the gun market.

  15. That optic’s reticle was based on a 20″ barrel/velocity. A 22″ 6.5CM Criterion barrel deserves better glass and a reticle tree that can get out to 1300-1400 yards. For budget glass that PA scope is OK. For longer shots a lighter trigger might be desirable. An Area 416 removable/adjustable brake/suppressor mount or a suppressor specific brake mount is the other item I’d change besides trigger and glass. That barrel is heavy so that heavy stock is a good counter-balance. Not a gun for trekking up and down mountains.