Happy Killdozer Day

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  1. Almost 3 hours long. Marvin explains everything in his own words.

  2. It isn’t how much money you got, it is the deals you have done. I AM pretty sure of that, I could be wrong. however, I DO BELIEVE I am RIGHT! And HO boy do I have a deal for you. YEA, you can say nay, or perhaps, be in the majority of the minority white man? Generally speaking the bunch or whimps and piss ants parading and pompous ass sing for poor puss ing principals, sitck another meddle in my chest, OK? Generally speaking.

    Limited time offer, …—… ! That’s an expensive Jeep, isn’t it? For the low lo price of a mere 34 billion you can join the majority of the minority whit man. Make America Whit again, OK? Don’t detest the Be Best too do your best, or perhaps that is you; or best. A very minimum do your best, or beto!

    Climate change my ass, you ain’t seen no climate change, YET! YOU want climate change, I’ll give you climate change! Pick any other planet and make an atmosphere before you go FXCKING whit this one!!!!!! OK? And if that were the case everything would be OH F-cking K, OK!

    I M 1 Garand damn tee you, 34 billion will buy one big bunch of C-More anti-personal explosive devices for you para meters. And a few bouncing Betties, too and personal perfection, has well being offensive multi-tasking UN divide de-fence, or perhaps any other device, you my have, (AOD-YMH, as you may recall)?

    Words hurt, evidently? Stix and stones do better to break bones. And 34 billion will buy you a lot of broken bones, yss know? One bone of contention, perhaps you girls could give you insignificant other a swift kink in the ball, if he has any… sheeZZZ!

    A mere 34 billion is the price of poker her. Lady Liberty, that is. How’s it feel to be black n blued, screwed and tattooed, Whit Ma’am? Or, perhaps, that is White man, and of course you girls too, Stand by your… man?

    34 bill will buy you a number of A-10 Wart Hogs with full compliment of crews and expendables. Perhaps even a nuclear device, perhaps several? Strategic location are of course the middle man, the 10 % errors, the errors they have made? errors? Errors, the three R’s! Generally speaking bunch or whimps and piss ants parading and pompous ass sing for poor puss ing principals, stick another brass tactics and another meddling idiot in my war chest, OK? The see are men that are not necessarily the be best, yet chesty, Generally speaking and bullshit for a battle [plan] of which there is none and you are correct if you thaght that there ain’t no 7th Cavalry coming to save you sorry assets, or even ass for that matter. YOY, YOU are on your own, Whit MAN!!!

    At what price cost Liberty? I AM glad you asked. Now and Now only, the special low lo price of a mere 34 billion, you can be white again.

    Joe X

    PS, what we need is BullShit ban, do you know where your politicians are, curfew?

  3. Suppressed .22. Snick. Snick. TPTB would still be looking…..

  4. Grey Ghost

    For all you Trumpaholics here… and I quote:

    “Q. The suspect in the Virginia Beach shooting used a silencer on his weapon. Do you believe that silencers should be restricted?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don’t like them at all.”


    I guess that explains his new pick for heading the BATF. Just another fucking yankee.

  5. NorthGunner

    What’s the matter?…
    Pissed off because no one told you to
    sneak in your own popcorn, soda and
    box of raisinettes and candy baked beans
    to enjoy the flicks?

    Some folks will piss and moan just to
    hear themselves do so,..no different
    from the retards that enjoy shitting
    themselves because they enjoy the
    warm gooey sensation…

    Sheepul and brain-dead ambulatory meatbags on legs…fehhh!!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. RIP LaVoy. RIP.