TCB, PRC Style

NYT: 30 Years After Tiananmen, a Chinese Military Insider Warns “Never Forget”

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  1. the Chins deserve their place in history as the master race

    i figure i’ll be dead right about the time they take-over murka!

    glad i don’t have any stewput chirrun to worry about

    have fun


    • Yup, scalped by the tribe. I’m hearing rumors their going to make a totem pole out of you!.

      How honorable.

      • the guy who’s building my totem just called today..


        tfa-t thinks not

        • Lol, your and amusing fella. Actually when it’s done I’d like to see a picture. Actually think it’s an awesome oppertunity.


          • keep being amused while i work a plan to swoop down on that vile land and vanquish it with mighty armies…

            unfortunately, it is going in front of my Bar and so per OPSEC i cannot post it

            tfA-t has given much to wonder about

            • Nonsense, I’ll just google it, island with Indians, a bar and tote pole, owned by a gangster from Detroit, who drinks beer with Kid Rock.

              There, Easy Peasy.



    Chinese shooting Chinese at Tiananmen Square. French shooting and clubbing their own Yellow Vests. FEDGOV Orcs murdering innocent women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge. The list goes on and on, down through history. Prepare yourselves for the Roaring Twenties. Liberty will always be unfinished business. Bleib ubrig.

    • FaCubeItches

      “Liberty will always be unfinished business.”

      Oh no, lound-eye. We finish it!
      – The PLA

  3. Total BS…Most Chinese supported the crackdown, the Chinese being genetically the most conformist racial group on the planet…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Typical American arrogance showing itself again.
      It’s not just the Chinese. The masses in any given group will do as they’re told, look at this country and how many support fedgov control over the whole. And they love their Cops TV too. Beat up those non-conformists.
      I don’t see anyone lined up to resist anything here in the good old USA , just stupid comments and hashtags on the internet.

      • Berglander

        “I don’t see anyone lined up to resist anything here in the good old USA , just stupid comments and hashtags on the internet.“

        You mean…Fashtags!
        One of the key takeaways from “Out of the Mountains” was that proles will accept bad, mean, tyrannical rules, if they are clearly and enforced fairly and consistently. Interesting take-ppl get more upset over punishment being inconsistently applied that brutal. “Bob did it and they let him go, Jake did it and he was ass-raped by niggers for ten years in prison!” (PS-Jake likes nigger dick.)

  4. and in 1968 the Mexican Army machine-gunned students at the University of Mexico.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Older “Ms.”, no mention of children, actively supporting American ideological exports.

    Bioleninism confirmed once again.


    “Those police were murdered,” he said. “They were murdered by the man who ordered them out there unarmed.”

    “That would be Count Naydnayr, the Minister of Security,” somebody said.

    “Then he’s the one you want to hang for it.”

    “What else would you have done?” Crown Prince Edvard challenged.

    “Put up about fifty combat cars. Drawn a deadline, and opened machine-gun fire as soon as the mob crossed it, and kept on firing till the survivors turned tail and ran. Then sent out more cars, and shot everybody wearing a People’s Watchmen uniform, all over town. Inside forty-eight hours, there’d be no People’s Welfare party, and no Zaspar Makann either.”

    The Crown Prince’s face stiffened. “That may be the way you do things in the Sword-Worlds, Prince Trask. It’s not the way we do things here on Marduk. Our government does not propose to be guilty of shedding the blood of its people.”

    He had it on the tip of his tongue to retort that if they didn’t, the people would end by shedding theirs.

    – H. Beam Piper, “Space Viking”

    The fundamental characteristic of a government is that it is willing and able to employ force to retain control over its territory. The principal objection we have to the present American government is that it is NOT doing so. Its force is turned against those citizens who are by nature its strongest sources of stability and power, while not being used against those who are deliberately corrupting and destroying its legitimacy, integrity, and power, and the nation along with it.

    Whatever else you can say about Tiananmen, you can’t say the Chinese government made the same mistake.

  7. Always remember, no tickee no laundry.

  8. And in 1993, the Federal Bureau of Invesitgation murdered eighty people at Waco, TX.

    The Chinese response was,

    “You wanna lecture us on Human Rights? Now THAT’s the Pot callin’ the Kettle black!”

  9. The Face on that poster could just as easily be Bush 1 & 2, Clinton(s), Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Obobo, Trump, Etc., etc., etc.

    Only the chest pounders ignorantly think that it’s only China. But then again there are a lot of chest pounders in “Murika”.