Clowns For Sure – But Not The “Ha Ha!” Kind

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Earl sends.

As for what is planned for trad Americans, this clown archetype is closer to reality:

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  1. Josey Wales

    We will in fact vote, albeit with a .308 caliber ballot.

    • Yes, Mr. Wales. Some of us older guys will use the 30.06 ballot. But, “we” will all cast our “I don’t fucking think so” vote.

  2. It’s such a stellar assemblage of A-list luminaries of the Left that I just can’t decide. I also can’t distinguish any significant difference amongst them. They are all just Orthodox Democrats united under the banner of “Orange Man Bad.”
    I can close my eyes and imagine The 24 Stooges all piling off of the bus amidst elbows, eye pokes, hair pulling, etc. – or more like clubs and knives.
    There’s plenty of time for unforeseen things to happen. Nobody would have bet on Trump winning in July of ’15. Now it’s their turn to be investigated and they are sore afraid.
    This is the 1st time in the history of America that an outgoing regime and a political party have conspired to commit treason and sedition.
    FTW, Rev

  3. The uncomfortable fact is that, according the the law of probability, the Democratic Party WILL win another election — maybe as soon as next year. When they do, the nation is finished.

    Say what you will about Trump, but were it not for him it would have been “Katy bar the door” already. The Republicucks cannot afford to lose one single election ever again. The Dems only need to win one more.

    Gonna get ugly….

    • SemperFi, 0321

      One more what? They’ve been winning across the board for decades, they’ve taken over just about every level of our society, from media to schools, the brainwashing of the masses is a success (just look at the climate change believers and tell me what % they account for) and nothing is happening from their opposition.
      Is anything going to kick off the shitshow, or do we still sit on our hands like today? They’ve got us in a corner and the normies are just beginning to wonder what all the commotion is about. Most will sit and watch as the handcuffs are applied, too dumb or scared to do anything.
      Most of us that know what’s happening will eventually go underground since there will be very little support for white trailer trash gun owners. Gun owners haven’t stood up for themselves since 1934, what makes today any different?

      • Well, it’s a great question. It’s difficult to tell what will be the catalyst. Nobody predicted the fall of the ComBloc in 1985, but 5-6 years later… it happened.

        I don’t think it’s going to be gun control that’s going to “trigger” it — no pun intended. The cuck faggots in Australia, NZ, the UK and Canada all gave up their guns without a single shot being fired. We have foreign-style gun control in NY, California, Jersey and DC and nobody gives a fuck.

        But it’s a certainty that the Left will overreach. Of course they WILL ban guns. Someday there will be mandatory government-ordered faggot training for every kindergartener and they’ll throw parents in prison for not complying. Someday they’ll ban cars and or tax gasoline $15 a gallon. Someday the’ll impose a dedicated tax on whites for slavery reparations. It’s a certainty that the financial Ponzi scheme and the $22 trillion bubble will collapse someday.

        I don’t know what’s going to trigger the SHTF scenario but the next time the Left wins, they’re going to do all of this and more — such as affirmative action and quotas for faggots. Such as flooding Texas with Mexicans, granting them all citizenship, flipping the state permanently Blue, guaranteeing the they’ll win every election for the next century.

        Things cannot as they are trending, I can tell you that.

      • NorthGunner

        Looks like ‘Single Issue Voter – Firearms’ Reid Henrichs
        has had enough of drumpf’s duplicity and hipocriscy
        where firearms and things related to them are concerned.

        Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

        Looks like the above video will leave Dirk and others
        more than a little butt hurt and triggered…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • St.Maur1066

      Fuck the NRA, Fuck anti 2nd amendment / red flag orange man. I’m voting for the craziest Dem in 2020 in order to get this party started! Remember , you cant vote your way outa this mess, but you sure can vote crazy to hasten the kick off!

  4. Donny Corleone

    Not to get into a pissing contest, but in an earlier thread Dirk surmised that because I said Trump was a charlatan that I supported Bernie and Hillary. Dirk, the choice is not binary, either A or B. How about C; None of the above.
    I refuse to be support any of these sociopaths. Just because you are easily fooled don’t think that all of us are. I suppose that your “law enforcement” background has predisposed you to accept things which some of the rest of us have trouble with.
    Don’t want to alienate you, because I suppose under different circumstances we could become allies and maybe even friends. Maybe the friends part is a stretch. I just wanted to clarify my position regarding politicians in general and Hillary and Bernie in particular.

    • well you should aileinate him

      him and his kind are the ones who destroyed the country and continue to protect the scum who have taken it over

      cops = enemy

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Had the same discussions with folks and if you don’t agree with them, you’re the enemy. They see life as a 2 sided coin, their way and the wrong way, heaven and hell. They can’t see life as a multi dimensional cube with many choices, options, and opinions.
      As such, I find it best to stay away from folks who can’t engage in multi faceted mental masturbation.

      • …you mean like tfAt? And, 0321; don’t know if you ever saw my answer to the question you had for me. Yes, 3rd Recon early 70s, oo rah, Devil Dog.

        • tfA-t only foretells the future

          he cares not what happens

          only that which **MUST** happen

          300 million+ will come to pass

          tfA-t has spoken

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yes, saw your 3rd Recon post. Have had several friends who were 3rd Recon in RVN, Used to hang out with some 3rd Recon in Oki when I was S-2 Scout with 1/9 at Schwab in 73-74. We’d meet at the Velvet Hammer Bar in Koza , there’s not much I remember after that, those drinks were murder, and aptly named a Velvet Hammer! Onna Pt. looked like nice quiet little base, good place to keep the animals out of sight. I was 2nd Recon for 2.5 yrs after that.
          Don’t worry about tfAt, he’s actually sharp, just likes to mess with the mental midgets who keep responding to his psychotic outbursts. I think he’s laughing himself silly.

          • Tfat is a grown man. And the best he can do in his life is what he’s been doing? And you think he’s sharp? Doesn’t say much about you. Tfat’s point is what? He’s been counter productive. He’s not well. And you think he’s sharp? Pathetic. Really pathetic.

  5. But Tony Clinton is not among them; a shame really as the former repo man was such a bright light among the board members of the Clinton Foundation with the work he did in Haiti

  6. It’s like looking at a volcano from a long distance away and – voooom! – seeing it explode. Spectacular as the mass goes up and the shit comes down. Absolutely nothing can be done about it except watch in amazement and wonder. Not so good for those in the close proximity but if one were somewhat prepared for the aftermath, not so bad either. Kind of like watching the upcoming election cycle – nothing I can do about it (knowing full well that it will be an epic shit/clown show) but grab the popcorn, sit back and watch the festivities. Lucky for us here – we are way out of the way, permanent water, good farm/ranch land and for the most part, heavily armed. Hope you are also …………..

    • TheAlaskan

      From my great room I can see three, high-threat volcanoes;

      Augustine, which sits in the Cook Inlet and erupted 1986, 1994 and 2006. It is 4,134 ft.

      Next up the chain is Iliamna, which last erupted in 1876. It smokes continuously and is 10,016 ft. It is opposite Cook Inlet near shore.

      And then there’s Redoubt, which erupted in 1989 and 2009. It is 10,197 ft., It is opposite Cook Inlet near shore.

      Your volcano analogy metaphorically mirroring our clown-show elections is a good one. Ring of fire baby! Honk honk….because nature doesn’t give shit.

      And then there’s this one; another eruption in the Aleutians awhile back, caused a Swedish airliner’s engines to all stop, at altitude, because he flew through the plume…guess he didn’t get the memo about avoiding volcanic plumbs in Alaska. He was doing a return polar hop, Asia to Europe and was routeing a refueling stop in Anchorage. The pilots put the jet into a deep descent to keep her flying while frantically trying to restart the engines. They managed to restart seconds before ditching.

      Sometimes you just gotta fly full retard to see what’s on the other side.

      Ring-a-fire baby!

  7. taminator013

    I think we’re all Bozos on this bus…..

    I never lie and I’m always right. So vote for me. (George Leroy Tirebiter)……

  8. Does this mean that Q isn’t really going to save the world with the Orange one? Damn it I had such high hopes that someone was coming to save us. We got 4 years. Hope you’re using them well, cause “they” are way ahead. Every year this shitshow doesn’t collapse like Bldg 7 they get more time to ready AI, drones and gather more intel on all of us. God speed gentlemen. Mind the hot brass.

    • still rocking the god lie eh?

      if your god existed- or cared

      wouldn’t your side be winning?

      shame so many will have to learn the hard way

    • dmv gringo

      Damn, you’re a retarded fag!

    • kypartisan

      > We got 4 years

      lol more like 1 at this point.

    • TheAlaskan

      Here ya go Tom…your request from another thread.
      30′ x 72′ with 3′ (above ground) stakes. My favorite.

      Oh…and don’t pay no mind to distractions… because when all is said and done, food is all the rage when you’re hungry. Golden.

      • lastmanstanding

        In your opinion, how are these units holding up during the winter months?

        Any information you can share would be appreciated brother.

  9. The queers are in full mutiny… they’re subverting he institutions of the state. Next election is gonna look like the Spanish Civil War.

    Where is our Franco???

  10. There is a positive side regardless what jurisprudence is served or what happens in this pivotal test of the rule of law’s viability under the vast treason and usurpation committed by these various factions of outright tyranny.

    A true crisis of legitimacy is evolving.
    Think Water Empires and Chinese Mandate of Heaven.
    Withdrawal of consent for these elitist clowns and and their minions, which is a real doozy of a Paradigm in itself.
    It would be most beneficial if justice through rule of law is served for us as a civilization of dirt people. Long have we tolerated these crimes and corruption, the trespasses against our liberty and dignity, and this is nothing new, it is only the latest and most blatant acts of tyranny in an unbroken line since at least 1860.

    The internet age has begun to change the dialectic. There are no secrets on the web. Regardless of the massive attempts to control and censor “the message”, hide the truth, and socially engineer the populous, consent has become ever more critical to these powers that be.

    Withdrawal of consent is the most legitimate, and most powerful element in all this. When withdrawal of consent attains a certain stage of plurality, aside from threat and use of force and violence, the illegitimacy of those who have lost consent of the people can not survive without implementing totalitarian action against people who refuse to consent to such actors and their usurped powers.
    The thing is these various factions of tyranny function within a closed secretive environment, wearing a fig leaf of legitimacy contrived through the illusion of a legitimate form of government, or cover really of an illusion of legitimate government, where they are the people who run it legitimately. Regardless they must have consent, tacit, false crafted thru their media complex, or otherwise in order to operate unfettered.
    There really is not much they can do to thwart a plurality of people who withdraw their consent, so the idea is to not end up in this conundrum to begin with. But once a certain level of consent is withdrawn the power of the people become undeniable, and indomitable once such a legion of people have rejected the statist quo.

    I guess the question here is what is the pivotal point? We are undoubtably fast approaching such a sea change in perceptions and thinking, a preference cascade if you will, where this question of consent and legitimacy becomes the operative and defining dynamic.

    It is really fascinating watching this situation unfold.
    I always liked the theory of the water empire for the deep state/shadow government, I think it fits very well. Where an empire of a totalitarian nature which controls a, or a number of, crucial resources, like water, they can go on for 100’s of years, seeming untouchable, undefeatable because of the monopoly of power they wield.
    But, underneath they are vulnerable to outside influences, unforeseen, unknown unknowns, and black swan events, unintended consequences in particular, like 64 million Deplorable’s who defy the punditry by keeping their voting choice close to their chest, and have themselves a pretty awesome color revolution, and against all odds predicted, win the day denying the anointed chosen ones their throne of power, absolutely totally to their horror and chagrin.

    In the water empire analogy all it can take is one push, from something unforeseen and outside its power to control and the empire begins to collapse catastrophically. Of course there is much momentum to the empire, it’s impetus takes time to catch up with its collapse.
    It sure looks like this analogy to me right now. These elements of long usurpation of the republic by the day, are having to spend more and more energy trying to survive it’s own illegitimacy, reaching a stage in the not too distant future where it expends all its resources just to keep its nose above the water. The whole charade looks like it is in disarray, it is playing cover its arse, it is having to react more and more to circumstances and consequences instead of dictating its power.
    There is an inflection point in this somewhere. A point it passes where it’s own demise is inevitable. If it has not reached this point it is awful close.
    And I believe it is the ever growing withdrawal of consent by the people which will seal its fate.

    Nothing lasts forever. Certainly something so illegitimate and evil as this deep/shadow state and it’s actors. The law of unintended consequences is absolute. Irrefutable. They can only be delayed or staved off for limited time frames. Eventually the inevitable happens.
    And nothing can accelerate this inevitability like these desperate absolute usurpers to hold onto their power and influence absolutely.

  11. Grenadier1

    Honk honk!

  12. There truly is no way to vote ourselves out of the cultural, political, and monetary nihilism our elected officials helped create, and we complied with. They ( the indoctrinated garden variety Marxists) hate the European ancestry that fought for freedom because they can’t utilize that freedom for good, only for their greed, debauchery, and hate. Violence will ultimately solve everything. Sad but true.

  13. Keep honking, I’m reloading!

  14. St.Maur1066

    Fuck the NRA, Fuck anti 2nd amendment / red flag orange man. I’m voting for the craziest Dem in 2020 in order to get this party started! Remember , you cant vote your way outa this mess, but you sure can vote crazy to hasten the kick off!