Forced Urbanization & You

From a reader:

Forced Urbanization: How Socialists Can Defeat Insurgencies

One of the main reasons why the Communists won the Russian Civil War was because they controlled Leningrad and Moscow, the two centers of political and industrial power in Russia. Within these cities, political workers’ unions could maintain control over the crowds, while the NKVD could make midnight arrests. When the Communists took over parts of the Russian countryside, they would often empty the villages and send anyone who wasn’t scheduled for execution to be resettled the cities. Thus, the possibility of a rural insurgency rapidly disappeared.

In contrast, this process never took place in Afghanistan. The Soviets made large sweeps through the countryside, but did not forcibly separate the civilian population from the guerrillas. The Mujahedeen were mountain-fighters, rather than urban specialists, and so long as they could hide among civilians, they could escape surveillance. The civilians also remained in their villages, which were bombarded into rubble, and were then left to pick up the pieces. Needless to say, this did not endear them to working with the Soviets, nor intimidate them into cooperation.

Although America is not forcibly urbanizing Afghanistan, the process is happening organically. Within the past year alone, Kabul’s population went from 3 million to 4 million (source: ). Although this appears small in a country of approximately 37 million[ Hyperlink: ], the trend towards dramatic, mass urbanization is global, and will strengthen the position of the socialists. Cities provide vast wealth and manpower resources, and are easy to control with digital interconnection, concrete barriers, and checkpoints [Hyperlink: ].

From the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution, urban areas have been the base of socialist movements, and they can readily be converted into giant prisons. As one officer put it, rather than fish in the sea, insurgents become fish in a barrel.

Thus, any attempts to resist socialism from the countryside must have a plan to avoid forced urbanization. If the Stasi or National Guard shows up and orders you to relocate to a “Safe” Zone, what will you do? What forms of prevention will you take? Once you’re on the trains, your chances of escape will drop dramatically.

If the socialists succeed in removing the population, what are FREEFOR’s plans for operating in the face of scorched-Earth tactics, both physical and demographic?

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  1. Nothing good ever happens at point B. Don’t let yourself be abducted. True in personal defense as well as this scenario.

    • A.B Prosper

      Join or Die.

      Personal defense is useless in such scenarios. They’ll just send a SWAT team while you are sleeping or a couple of people with a molotov and a motorcycle

      You need to have militia, large groups if possible, small groups if not, well vetted (Right Wing people often fail to vet anyone) for reliability with Intel on enemies and plans to make it cost too much for the bad guys to try this shit

      There is no use whatever for rugged individualists or me and my family, F-U types except as speed bump as paraphrasing our wise founders, you hang together or you hang separately

      Ans use gear and training are useful, they are not as important as being well organized

      Also as is said here somany times, harden your heart

  2. Most Americans seem to be suffering from terminal cognitive dissonance. The side effect is denial.


      Word! Masthead!

    • more like suffering from mental retardation

      there is no dumber a peepul than the murkins

      nothing but disgust and contempt for them

      what a shithole

    • NorthGunner

      The side effect won’t be just denial, but fatal,
      especially for other people that put their trust
      and faith in such spineless marshmellows!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. As I understand it (living in a small rural ranching/farming community) this is already happening to some degree in the USA if not by design then by happenstance. With the increasing corporate/global farming operations and Team Fed making it almost impossible for the small producers to exist (think regulations/tax’s and such), small out of the way communities are dying and large metropolitan areas are only getting larger; we see it in our location. The one wild care (as I see it) is if (just if) there are food shortages (not out of the realm of possibilities at this point due to weather) and/or financial collapse, then it is game on ………..

    • Recalibrate. Quite the opposite is about to happen.

      Places like NYC, CHI, ATL are emptying because a typical middle class family can’t afford to live there. And rich folk are realizing they can conduct business anywhere and lower their cost basis at the sametime by relocating.

      • Recalibrate. No, they are getting bigger when when includes immigrants. Americans leaving the cities pale in comparison to both legal and illegal aliens moving to the cities.

      • Where are they going? Legit question.
        Possible a place like Las Cruces, NM. Huge building boom (on the east side of town). Can sell a 1950’s style tract house for (how much now?) and purchase a new custom built abode for less than half the sale amount. Of course there’s virtually no work there other than retail (minimal) and service industry but what the hell ….. escape from NY or CA I suppose. Coupled with the aging of the population and retirement/SS perhaps that is what’s happening. On a personal note, ‘they’ can move anywhere ‘they’ want as long as it is not where I live. Maybe, I hear there are beautiful islands in the north that are isolated with minimal folks (abet somewhat ‘off) living there ………. one can hope ………..

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It is by design.
      UN Agenda 21.
      It’s going on all around the world, make people debt slaves thru cell phone bills and credit cards, they move to the cities to find work and pay off their debt, gov’t now has control of them. In Mongolia the youth have had to sell off their horse and goat herds thru stupidity, all because of cell phone debt.

      The masses refuse to see this is being done deliberately to them, the elites get richer every day and the poor end up in ghettos, under gov’t control. Try taking a cell phone away from someone, they’ll fight to the death to protect their enforced slave system.

      • phones?

        what moron gives a fuck about a phone?

        it’s always the complete assholes who are addicted to a damn phone

        i don’t ever carry one, unless i’m gone from the island

        • …maybe also cut off from the internet? God (there’s that word) forbid that you could not put out your message of a brave new world (that for dull minds is somewhat of a pun) ………. BTW, what are the land prices on your island? Inquiring minds would like to know ………..

    • lastmanstanding

      We have eliminated the big guys from our food chain. We get everything we need locally.

      Except Kettle crinkle cut black pepper and Tim’s regular or salt n vinegar chips. Best potato chips evah!!!

      • Berglander

        Largely the same here. I really struggle with the hippies at the Farmer‘s Market; really enjoy talking to the ranchers and hobby farmers and craftsmen who peddle their wares here.

  4. Isn’t that exactly the point of Agenda 21? Climate Change, Global Warming, and whatever assorted bullshit of the UN??? Once animals, fauna, dirt, and “sustainability” become the only holy grail, then humans are easily moved to the prisons of the Blue Hives. After all-it’s “illegal” to live near a forest, swamp, or mountain. The Communists have cloaked their BS in cushy feely crap for a long time, all in the name of GOODNESS. Drones, cameras, electronic surveillance, and the ever watchful eye of Sauron for all Citizens of the World.
    When I first started reading and studying the mrder of the Czar and the take over of Russia, I was naive enough to wonder why people didn’t just leave. The Russians, even the still wealthy ones, could not take a long trip to a fishing town and quietly leave port, there was no staying at a hotel on vacation- and then wandering around to sightsee, and no one could book one way tickets to Alaska. It’s “papers, please”, and no one is taking their boat off the shoreline. I’m sure that the forests were scouted daily for the bourgeoisie. When the Communists started their blood baths, Upper classes: Royalty, nobility, higher clergy: 12.5 per cent. Middle classes: Merchants, bureaucrats, professionals: 1.5 per cent. Working classes: Factory workers, artisans, soldiers, sailors: 4 per cent. Peasants: Landed and landless farmers: 82 per cent. NOW do we understand why we are being swamped with uneducated, third world peasants??
    This is why the Blue Hives will experience tremedous upheaval, if for no other reason than self preservation. Destroyed cities can’t exercise control.

  5. Desert Rat

    The English ended the Boer war by resettling the Boers into concentration camps and then effectively fencing off the country using a system of fortified block houses sited within supporting distance of one another. The Boer fighters had no places of refuge and were simply worn down.

    Don’t underestimate the enemy. They are committed, ruthless and just as capable of squeezing a trigger as anyone else. Not all of them are tatted soy boys and freak feminists.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. That’s a real eye opener.

    Living rural is not enough. You need to have a serious stash and an escape plan to get into the really rough country.

    And that’s just for survival much less resistance.

    • lastmanstanding

      No offense Leonard but there is no living on the run.

      If you are where you want to be…your fucked.

  8. dmv gringo

    For a select group of booming cucks
    and belching queefs that need a reminder.

    Why Vote “LET IT BURN?”
    By J.M.B. | AUGUST 9, 2015
    So “WHY TRUMP” we’ve been interrogated. Why “LET IT BURN!?”
    Fair enough. I’ll answer, but be prepared for some background.

    • ^THIS^
      Good reminder dmv. I remember that well.

      • dmv gringo

        This is what should have posted, to
        demonstrate the content of the article
        and what GOP voting (all voting for the duration) has reaped.

  9. The higher the concentration of the enemy, the easier to control or disrupt the food supply to that location.

    Corollary: know the edible plants in your area.

    Three common ones around here: garlic mustard, purslane, lamb’s quarter. For the past couple months or so those have been our main vegetables here – we just go out and pick it up; the stuff grows everywhere. It’s as good as spinach. Purslane in particular is very high in omega-3 oils.

    Even dandelions are good vegetables, though the leaves turn really bitter if you don’t get them before they flower.

    Sign of the times: the local newspaper’s letters to the editor page is starting to sound like an internet comment section – increasingly vehement attacks back and forth. On the net, of course, after a while the smarter people realize there is no point in continuing to try talking with the other side and fall silent, saving their efforts for a more decisive time. When it’s interaction with near-neighbors, however, the “I’m not gonna bother talking anymore” implies something more drastic.

    • lastmanstanding

      We got Morels here in Montana. Other additional fungi as well.

      A friend is growing some delicious oyster shrooms. We dry the choice tops and make shroom broth out of the stumps and pressure can it.

  10. Not to put across my comment as calling out bullshit on the author personally, but in a general sense, I call bullshit on anyone who makes predictions as to what is going to happen with FreeFor.

    Nobody, and I mean totally no one knows how it is going to pan out.
    The only constant. The only proven, undeniable, historical and generational, predictive history here is the one which is the root and foundation of why and how we reach this point in history and time.

    From the start, the resistance to tyranny by American’s has defied every historical constant and previous context of the human race. It is this that is the exceptionalism that defines us dirt people. Though we tend towards being people who are too humble, too prudent, too faithful, too charitable, to recognize it as such.
    It is just the way it is and how we are. We always try to put our best foot forwards, and we are the most indomitably stubborn people imaginable when an outside force attempts to bend us to something outside our humble bailiwicks.

    The dirt people, who comprise the people not of any ruling class or elitist cabal or organization, talking every day mom & pop common citizen outside the statist quo political governmental complex which has existed then or now. A steady reliable, constant, core of dirt people have never co-operated or submitted their wrists willingly, to the chains of totalitarian power. Nor has this constant generational core of self reliant audacious natural born Freemen with histories track record of rejecting wholesale, quietly, discreetly, subjugation, serfdom, or slavery to anything including any and all entities, outside the sphere of natural Liberty and primal God given rights. Every sort of potentate, mandarin, con artist, usurper or tyrant political, corporate baron, and bankster has tried as it is their want.

    But, the existence of this cabal of actors, and their myriad of grifts, their usurpations and diktat, defacto laws and attainders of writ, their ill gotten wealth, nor their influences does not change the truth of us dirt people in any way shape or form. We are the constant, the bedrock, the legacy, and patriachy of the 5000 Year Leap. We gave birth to this leap of living practical Liberty. You must kill everyone of us, scorch God’s green Earth where we lived in order to win this 240 year war against our natural sovereignty. And you best make sure not a one of us slip thru your dragnet. All it takes is one dirt people with the idea of Liberty in their blood and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    I am no different then anyone who wishes to know the future. In all honesty, I have zero knowledge of what the future holds.
    But I am a dirt person in all things and all tradition. I can say to you with reverence for the great gifts of natural rights and blessings of a Freeman in mind, I will never submit to these tyrants. I will to the best of my ability and my courage not only resist, but I will be an offensive force defending what is rightfully mine.
    I will do so because not only is it the right thing, the manly thing, not only because it is my accepted duty and part and parcel a matter of honor, I will do so because if I do not, some other guy is going to have to fight for my liberty and my natural rights in order to preserve his own.
    That right there is the crux of the dirt people.
    Do you grasp the implications and the indomitable nature of such being?
    Do you understand the scope and scale of such diminutive action?
    Can you perceive the inherent power in such belief.

    The constant inherent is us Freeman can not be stopped. You have to kill us individually, every last one of us. You can not even in death stop what we are made of, our courage and our convictions. You only stop that individual free man. You do not stop what that man is about.

    To say I will be that last man is the nut of this legitimate power unlike any.
    I require no justification of specific unalienable rights such as property, prosperity, and life itself.
    This is where us dirt people stand out. We are the legitimate. Our existence to begin with is the legitimate. It is natural to us to defend ourselves and our unalienable rights. All these elements constitute the whole. Thus the whole is legitimate in all defense of its parts and its sum.

    To parse out, to pick and choose which parts to proscribe, which parts to permit the act of the impossible and where our enemies make their worst error, the underestimate us and our natural born unalienable resolve.

    The point here is not to belabor the points of the Freeman, but to attempt to breakdown the futility of tyranny against us.
    In the most basic sentiment, you can not stop us. You do not have the means, nor the power, not the resources, and not the will to defeat us.

    If you did you would not have lost in the beginning, lost all thru our constant struggle, and you do not have the capability now to defeat us.
    We would have lost in 1862, even though you won the battles, you never subdued and enslaved our individual liberty. You lost the ideological war of hearts and minds. You have not come close to winning that war. Your minions abound, but they are exactly that which defines everything, they are minions to begin with. This in no way confers upon you superiority in this war, nor a victory, it only confers upon you those who are willing slaves, which where never a factor in the war of hearts and minds, they are non participating people to start with. Moot.

    We are too many. We are legion. The geographical scope and scale of our territory is beyond your capability to subdue and control with your iron fist. You require too many tacit slaves to create your illusion of legitimate power, thus the perceived resources to genocide us. It is illusion. Based on illusion.

    Look, one can say all they wish about the perceived illusion of the legitimacy of the state, it’s “power” and it’s potential.
    The fact remains, it has never achieved it’s aims of absolute power over all. The State can barely control the willing slaves within it’s sphere of raw naked power, it does not posses the resources to control more than it already does. The State has bankrupted itself reaching the stage of existence it holds currently. Every assault on it’s illusion of legitimacy from outside sources requires a per-ponderous amount of resources to counter. Even now The State expends a very high percentage of its resources in surviving its illegitimacy, imprisoning it’s tacit and willing slave classes. The State’s proxies are a product of shit rolls down hill government. Proxies who are entirely depended on the largess of the greater State. Proxies who operate under the umbrella of the administrative tyranny of centralism and its system of wealth creation strip mining.
    It is a system of tyranny yes, but it is one which creates nothing but the requirements of taking what others have, which in itself is a whole layer of a system which requires resources it itself is incapable of creating itself.

    You can make every sort of prediction of the future in which the State is omnipotent and is triumphant in its quest for unfettered absolute raw naked power over every man woman and child and every facet of the sphere of their activity and their lives.
    But, you must account for the resources the State requires to reach it’s state of totalitarian power.

    Fact is it can hardly maintain it’s holding as they exist currently. There is a diminishing return baked into its existence. The more it acquires under it’s iron fist of control the more resources it requires in holding it’s acquisitions.

    And we have not even explored the state of mind of its rank & file minions on the “sharp end” who are the functional arm of the elitists who control these minions through their Neo-Nomenklatura upper management slave class.
    What do these proxy enforcers fight for. What higher power, or idealistic reward, material or monetary gains motivates and sustains such individuals that provides them with the personal means to carry out the deeds of their masters necessary to subdue, pogrom, and liquidate hundreds of millions of fellow American’s who wish not to comply and become slaves or worse of the The State?

    In order to fight ones enemy one must first know what ones enemy holds dearest. This works both ways. Know They Enemy.

    I believe it is a fairly safe assumption to state where 64 million Deplorable’s outsmarted The State at it’s own game on November 8, 2016, The State does not know it’s existential enemy the dirt people, nor what they hold dear to begin with. The State thinks, in it’s hubris it knows enough. This is an own worst enemy feature, not a mistake of the State.
    It denotes rigid inflexible mindset and perception on the part of the cabal and it’s human infrastructure. Not exactly the best foundation of leadership and control to start with to wage counter insurgency war of extermination against a natural born 4th Generation open source insurgency that is preparing itself to survive and possibly fight to the tooth and holds approximately 70% of the territory across the battle space in the coming conflict. In war, in order to win territory, a pre-requisite of defeating ones enemy across a vast geographical war zone, and prohibiting ones enemy from future warfare, one must take then hold, control physically the enemies territory.
    The inverse in this equation is to be a legitimate entity, in this war of internecine civil/class 4th Generation warfare, you must be holders of territory, you must own your territory, without territory you become a band of outlaw guerrilla’s, you will not have ready access to the resources territory can provide, nor the support in scale owing such territory grants.

    On the balance of territory, it’s resources and advantages, hearts & minds, and cause, potential numbers of combatives and support of the countryside, it is the advantage of the dirt people who refuse to be slaves or worse to The State.
    The state yes has in most ways ideologically subdued vast numbers of slaves in the urban and metro enclaves.
    The preponderance of vital resources does not, contrary to the author of the essay posted states, does not reside in these enclaves, and those resources that do, are mostly entirely dependent in their resources to areas and resources outside those enclaves.

    In this war, the dirt people are naturally defensive in posture, we rarely are required to commit to more than our passive defense as things stand over the last hundred years.
    On the other hand The State has to operate on an offensive stance in order to make inroads and gains into dirt people territory, yet in many places in this so called “Unsecured Spaces”, the State holds a symbolic posture, while all around it many who reside in such locations merrily bypass and defy the State, forcing it to make symbolic examples of dirt people in order to project it’s illusion of legitimacy through use of threat of force and application of violence. It also must cherry pick it’s targets, overwhelm it with superior, violent force in numbers, at a time/place of it’s choosing to maximize it’s shock value and ability to project the appearance of superior force, and limit it’s iunherent vulnerabilities.
    The execution of LeVoy Finnicum is a perfect example of creating a fraudulent superiority of force and power thru setting up an entire flase flag event, soup to nuts, and edit the resulting charade in order to present a picture of absolute undeniable power of The state and in particular The State’s most valued militaristic police state proxies. Then thru the activities of the yellow journalism of it’s media complex present the contrived narrative as legitimate actions against terroristic traitors of The State.

    Yet for all its resources and monopoly on violence and shaping the narrative, it failed catastrophically to convict the rounded up political prisoners and hang them in it’s kangaroo courts by the most humble of means, jury nullification.
    So after untold millions spent, uncounted thousands of minions and sycophants, involved in the production of this false flag charade, the inherent absolute power of The State behind this production of illusion of legitimacy and power, it failed. Cowed no oine. If anything created more honorable resister’s out of dirt people, and made a mockery of itself.

    This is The State that is going to come on my land and take everything I love?

    I don’t think so motherfucker.

    I watched LeVoy Finnicum die. I recognize beyond the shadow of a doubt LeVoy died a Freeman, he never gave up nor bent his knee. BFYTW
    LeVoy never quit. He never said Die. LeVoy refused to submit to the last.
    The State won nothing.
    That is how I will go if at all possible.
    With my last dying breath, BFYTW.

    This is The State I’m supposed to quiver in my boots over?
    Shake with blind terror?
    Bow to like a slave?
    Over my dead fucking body. Not. Over their dead bodies stack like cordwood if I have anything to do with it before my cold dead hands release their grip on my rifle defending mine and myself from The State.

    • A.B Prosper

      I like your spirit but me and mine types aren’t going to accomplish your goals and like LeVoy Finicum will die for nothing.

      No matter what John Wayne movies or Audie Murphy for that matter tell you, fighting is a group activity and everyone from the lowly file clerk to the SpecOps spooks have a role to play

      You might maybe be able annoy the beast and no doubt you’ll hit way above weight class but the bad guys are organized and have trained men too. They’ll happily Lon Horuchi you without a qualm.

      Get organized or get stomped.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “They’ll happily Lon Horuchi you without a qualm. ”

        They call out Lon if they’re feeling frugal. If they aren’t, it’s more Ranch Hand/Arc Light.

      • So what. Thats your fucking business. Whats your problem?
        I’m not cramming nothin up your arse.
        What was your point other than to piss and moan?

  11. Red in OleVirginny

    Agree up to a point.
    “From the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution, urban areas have been the base of socialist movements, and they can readily be converted into giant prisons.”
    They can also be converted into giant graveyards for commies and pinkos.
    Men with rifles don’t get loaded into boxcars.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They can also be converted into giant graveyards for commies and pinkos.”

      Using what means, exactly? Sure, they can be made unpleasant. However, while cities may lose people, they are pretty resilient as a whole, unless you’re really willing to invest *a lot* of resources into reducing them. Leningrad showed how hard it is to starve a city into submission. (If you want a successful example, look at Vicksburg, but that required the besieging forces to be vastly superior to the defenders.) Sarajevo showed how hard it is to terrorize one into submission. So unless you’ve got some big armies, or quite a bit of fissile material lying about, the cities will probably outlast you. And unless you’ve got considerable air/naval assets, you’re not going to be overly effective in annihilating them, since most of America’s largest cities would easily be able to resupply via water..

      • A.B Prosper

        Well said. The future more resembles that Philippines hit video that was making the rounds here only as nauseum on both sides

        Its about each side applying consequences to the other sides human capital through whatever means they can manage to come up with while the State ways in.

        Sure there will be dirty tricks like destroying power plants , water and such this isn’t going to bring the cities to their knees. It will make them more determined to stomp the rural areas.

        You might be able to force the other side out of say the middle of the nation and then control it but that still leaves the East and West coasts, maybe a bit more impoverished but powerful trade routes

        There is no warfare recipe that will you plink a few bad guys and go home

        It’s the end of an empire and war that drags on an on , basically just like all of human history rinse, repeat

        well alright a screw up could end up with Ebola in the cities or something , but a few rural militia men, hell a million rural militia men can’t just trash the cities , take a victory lap and go home

        There is no go home to the redoubt option. You are now in charge and must make sure there is no counter revolution and that shit works or your own people will turn on you.

        Another important thing . Let’s say you win this thing by one means or another and its more than possible, they city isn’t going anywhere.

        er . Society is 80% urban now and that is with an unhappy diverse population .I’d wager that if cities suddenly became more homogeneous and safe, they’ll get bigger and they’ll shift to vertical farming and other techniques to reduce the need for the the countryside.

        Eventually they won’t need the countryside period and basically no one will live there as there are no jobs, no future and no reason to be there,

        90% urban is doable, maybe 95% . You now are in charge of a nation that entirely lives in cities , with urban though not Left values and urban needs,

        The only way you are going to reinvigorate small towns is through regulation, no you can’t build outside economic action zones and that smacks of the central planning you abhor so much

        Otherwise, if you win, get used to cities and city values as they will be going on and on till we run out of energy and if we get smarter and higher trust do to homogeneity , that centuries

        We live in a cyberpunk world and in those worlds the country doesn’t matter

  12. You need to plan TO FIGHT! When the federals show up. KILL.THEM. ALL. Don’t wait for permission and don’t wait for someone to lead you. If you don’t plan to fight for your freedom . What the fuck did you buy all those worthless ass AR-15’s for in the first place? Right now we have useless troll dogshit using the childish playground bullshit. “YOU GO FIRST IF YOU”R SO TOUGH.” Yes! they are right. If the uniformed trash come to force you to go ANYWHERE. SHOOT. THEM. Once you get on the train or in the truck. Your next stop is a gas chamber. They are coming to kill you no matter what you do. If you burry your guns they will kill you. If you don’t burry your guns they will kill you. Grow some balls or give that M14SA to someone better than you ,who will actually use it. Kill them or DIE. The communist will not allow any thing else.

    • Berglander

      It’s just a shower, man. No gas chamber-just a wooden door! All the gas would leak out! Trust us. See? There’s even a swimming pool out back!

  13. The United States Empire will not be conquered. It will collapse under its own weight. Devolution is under way. Money is not an issue. A trillion can be created by a single mouse click. What matters is the ever increasing levels of complexity that serves as a massive energy sink while at the same time energy production declines. Exxon Mobil and the other oil majors are ending their exploration for more oil reserves. The reason they are doing that is that the world has been thoroughly explored for oil and what remains is kerogen and bitumen. The extraction of these two oil substitutes cannot be sustained by the current economies. The level of surplus energy provided by billions of barrels of light sweet crude is no longer obtainable. That energy surplus is what built everything we see around us. Without it the empire collapses.

    Home Land Security has been telling the populace to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse for more than a decade. The deep state knows that the vast majority will ignore their warning. That is why Home Land Security bought billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition. They know that the real zombies will be desperate people willing to do anything to feed their starving children. That is why the deep state moved it nerve center to Utah. The Mormons are better positioned to survive what is coming. They maintain their own security forces and they warehouse enough provisions to carry their membership for a year in the event of a collapse. No other group has achieved their level of preparedness.
    Look to your own people, their provisions and their security.

    • Texas fracking and the newly discovered oil fields of the Cambrian basin says differently. That oil field is bigger than the oil fields of the entire Middle East.


  14. Grenadier1

    Couple this with the fact that if you plant your G camp in a remote location and they find it…Does a JDAM make a loud bang if no one is around to hear it?

    Might want to think about that rural area being just a place for your family to be safe and for you to go to rest and recover from wounds.

  15. @ DMV Gringo: You do know that nobody is reading your crazed bullshit. Right? You shot yourself in the ass around here about ten exit’s back. Half of these guys think you ate tfA-t and the other half are divided between you being a federal agent or a zoophile. (because you are an idiot I’ll tell you what the big word means)

    • Matt Bracken

      T-Fat and DMVGringo take turns on swing shifts at the same fusion center troll desk.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Ponder this;
          How is it the Juden can pass thousands of laws around the world making anti-semitism illegal, but white folks aren’t allowed to say one word in their own defense? They’re vilified for it.
          Possibly because THEY ARE the chosen ones? No one will defy them for fear of being called an anti-semite.
          Funny how that shit works, in their favor.

          • Berglander

            That’s a lot of knowing, goyim…

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Sorta came by accident, one of those long drives across Wyoming……

              Interesting who controls the levers of power, and no one questions their policies, or censorship, ever.

          • “With the exception of Whites, the rule among the peoples of the world, whether residing in their homelands or settled in Western democracies, is ethnocentrism and moral particularism: they stick together and good means what is good for their ethnic group.”

      • you’re a cuck

      • dmv gringo

        Eat shit, you retarded registered voter.
        And as always………..

        “You #MAGA idiots, on the other hand, also won’t stop giving Trump fellatio for yet another fold. The line forms here and I’m going to sell kneepads.”

    • dmv gringo

      Cause’ two is better than one.

      • Psssssstttt, hey DMV Dildo, guess what, I’m a voter, after Trumps re elected your dumb ass can call it a day. Well get the next four secure for you.

        Folks like you amuse me, all the clips and phrases, all the knowledge, just how does a per ported right leaning folk act and speak like the left.

        We use to have a decent retired mil SGT here, who correctly taugh us this.

        Once you speak THEIR language, you have become THEM.

        In your case I think the nexus is made, take a knee sport. Go hump some other sites fucking leg.


  16. There are certain features in the post pic of this squad which are very informative.
    Similar features shared by all the shots I have seen of swat and mall ninja State armed badged leg breakers and door kickers.
    I know it is a picture, no contextual information provided.
    I’m seeing zero signs of situational awareness.
    They are formed up too close together.
    Their focus individually shows no sign of combat overwatch in the sectors of possible enemy fire.
    They have violated just about every rule of small unit infantry combat in a hold up position.
    One can say its only a picture. Sure.
    But they have guns. They are armed for violence. Obviously they are armed minions of The State.
    This automatically creates combat conditions. Their armed presence creates a combat potential zone around them.

    This squad is a sitting duck. They appear to be gathered up with no easily reached cover. Urban combat environments hold a wealth of cover and concealment for OpFor.
    They look pretty. Got all the Gucci gear.
    But can they fight their way out of the situation they have set themselves up in? How quickly can they react to contact?
    Looks like a target rich environment for OpFor.

    There is a steep learning curve ahead. This will go far in reducing relatively, on a wide and rapid scale, the number of effectives the State presently enjoys with no OpFor combat operations to oppose their current monopoly of violence.
    They are mostly trained to, and geared up for, interdicting criminal, and other violent, but non small unit infantry combat orientated elements.
    Change from present circumstances and the needed orientation into small unit infantry combat requirements will most likely be rapid and utterly violent on a level only live combat creates.
    In this acid test of 4th G combat conditions the author is trying to convey, not taking into account combat casualties, how many of these “law enforcement” officers will make combat effective fighters, how many are there out of the present numbers in the aggregate once urban combat operations against OpFor are called for?
    Do they have the combat casualty care resources?
    How about resupply, of ammo, weapons, effective transport, replacement personal, command and control, protecting vital centers of operations and power, intelligence operations, fortified bases, food, water, cold winter gear, how about support from the community, then there are the continuity of essential services which support the dense population you have created?
    Once water, food, power, is lost or they are not provided in quantity which provides for the most basic of needs, how do these police state forces control the population desperate for these absolute basic essentials for survival, and sustain combat operations fighting OpFor? Not to mention repair, maintenance, protection, of these most essential resources.
    Fort example, how does police state forces protect 150+ miles of Aqueduct from the Ashoken watershed to NYC? Bridges. Railways. Tunnels. Substations. High voltage transmission lines. Protect trucking delivery food and medical supplies. How about gasoline, diesel, fuel oil for heating?
    Protecting natural gas pipelines say up the NorthEast corridor, which supply not only energy for heating, but power generation.

    These mall ninja’s are going to do all this?
    Who replaces and reinforces their starting numbers?
    These proxies of The State have never faced dedicated small unit infantry combat operations directed specifically at them. They have no active, prepared, equipped, street level counter 4th Generation warfare operations in place capable of dealing with a general armed uprising and resistance against them.
    Sure they have Fusion Centers, vast spying networks, facial recognition and cellphone interdiction systems, paper estimates and they wargame various counter insurgency scenarios. You still have to have boots on the ground, preposition bullets beans and bandages, in place ready to go.

    The clowns running this country are too busy stealing everything. They surely provide for their own protection and bugout. Beyond that?

    Whats going to happen to Boston Police SWAT when they run out of ammo? When 25% of them are dead, another 25% are wounded? And just how many present police state actors will stick around and put their arses on the line when things drop in the pot?
    How many are going to bugout with all the nice high end combat toys and weapons they been acquiring? They have family, property, interests, to protect and safeguard. How many within this category skeedaddle at the first live round goes past their head from FreeFor fire?

    They can barely maintain a hold on places like NYC and Baltimore. The political clowns running San Fransisco, LA, Chicago Atlanta Denver don’t have resource one or mindset to control open live combat within their domains. They already exist in a state of barely contained anarchy, by choice no less. This is about as far away from an all dominate police state that will control this country from coast to coast with an iron fist.
    The elites are too busy doing other things, they have diverted, stolen and squandered all resources and money that could go towards such a situation.
    Anybody really think these clowns are going to change their spots on a dime?

    The core leadership of this future police state failed to pull off a palace coup against Orangemanbad while holding a total monopoly on every resource and entity within the massive centralized state, plus the entire 5th column of the fake media, along with the monopoly of a suborned corporate tech platform control system.

    How in the hell is this same clown show going to be SUCCESSFUL in enslaving my ass or waging genocide on me and my family, my tribe? And accomplish this across the entire FUSA, a country that is arming itself to the teeth for just such a thing?

    • Matt Bracken

      I’m with you on this thread. Roger all.

    • Michael Gladius

      That’s the point of this article.

      What can they do? They can enforce a no-go zone around these vital corridors, and relocate the entire population within 50 miles of them into “safe zones” surrounded by 12-ft high concrete barriers. They can use the same barriers and barbed wire to build protective walls for the workers and surveillance cameras. Just like in Iraq, except this time the opposition doesn’t have more RPGs than teeth.

      When they come to relocate everybody, there will be hundreds of buses and troops on the ground, National Guardsmen included. Even if their tactics are police rather than infantry, is FREEFOR going to start a firefight in the middle of a civilian evacuation? If so, how will you make sure you aren’t picked off one-by-one, or avoid losing the moral high ground? Are you capable of ambushing the column enroute? This needs to be planned before, not during, the event.

      If the reds are smart, they’ll be methodical. They won’t try to out-swim the guerrillas, they’ll simply drain the sea and create ghost towns. When FREEFOR is literally the only humans within 50 miles, how will they avoid sticking out like a sore thumb? How will they resupply? Fabian tactics work both ways.

      • So fucking what. They where always going to do all that stupid bullshit. It doesn’t make them more powerful or harder to beat. If it is reason enough for you to quit before you even begin to fight, why are you jawboning it is impossible to fight and win in the first place. What is your point here. You want me not to fight for my liberty because you think its futile? What planet you live on? Why don’t you give up now? Save yourself a lot of hard work. If resistance is so futile why are you even reading this thread?
        So you can come up with excuses why its futile to fight for what I believe in?
        It is not yours to determine.

    • That’s one of your best comments ever, Mountain Man!

      I’m with you and Matt. all the way.

      I’m so sick and tired of the candy assed cowards around here with their constant drumbeat of defeat I could just as soon kill some of them.

      Your last paragraph says it all:

      “How in the hell is this same clown show going to be SUCCESSFUL in enslaving my ass or waging genocide on me and my family, my tribe? And accomplish this across the entire FUSA, a country that is arming itself to the teeth for just such a thing?”

      Claire Wolff’s classic conundrum is answered… it’s time to shoot the bastards.

  17. Western Nevada: Reno, Washoe county, Story county, Carson city, Douglas county, Lyon county, & Churchill county. Has its population balloon in the last FEW years. What was recently rural or semi-rural is now ever expanding and pressurizing new urban. There will be no bus to get on, the destination is coming to us. This is not unique to western Nevada. Look around!

    • Uhoh, California with their mental illness HAS moved into Western Nv. I spend a fair amount of time in aroumd Reno.. I’m amused when two old timers meet and greet.

      First or second question is ” Battle Born” or Battle Bred”, which is why I have faith in you guys. The native whites ain’t gonna take any sass out of a bunch of ” Puta” Californians, thinking their taking over.

      Na, when the times right you guys will Spank em, send em home.

      You guys read California legislatures, just voted in free medical benifits for “scratch backs” ,, wet backs, between 18 and 25. Unreal. Their telling their white population to fuck off, shut up, do what their told.

      Alot to like about Nevada. Very defendable state, especially from Ca.


      • the white race is dead

        nobody likes them

        they are the virus of the earth

        good bye to bad rubbish

        they can’t even win at their own games anymore


  18. BIG J.
    Everybody needs to go and watch ‘Jericho ‘ again; for the first time !!

    • Berglander

      Loved that scene when they stood up to Ravenwood…by concentrating on the bridge and stopping them on the far side. Dumbass Hollywood.

  19. Gone two days deep sea fishing, and I come home to this. You guys are something else.

    It’s good to get away from this non sense, three four weeks a month. WRSA, is my drug, I read this stuff and laugh and chuckle for days.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you “Homo’s”, who are coming to Cody.

    The nightlY war stories are going to be fascinating.

    Pete what’s the word on Cody.

    My offers still on the table. Until roughly the 20th, then we’re slowly rolling that direction. Fishing rafting, along the way.


  20. Yes, the move to big cities will continue by design, but what a terribly fragile thing the grid is.

  21. Still comes down to Numbers… Not enough thugpigs, troops, or U.N. Blue Helmets to make it Happen. And SWO is Correct, loss of Power turns ANY City into a Hell -Hole that becomes Impossible to Control, in less than a Week.

  22. kekistantrans


    Context for picture.

    ‘It’s a warzone in the US’: Indiana sheriff explains why he deployed heavy armor in his county
    Published time: 9 Jun, 2014 16:40

  23. kekistantrans

    More context (search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect in Watertown, MA):

    The Images Of SWAT Teams In Boston Suburbs Are Terrifying
    Geoffrey Ingersoll Apr. 21, 2013, 9:22 PM

  24. Plankton67

    Is this too far off the mark of what will go on at “Point B”?

  25. Just a Thought

    Only when you people stop posturing and start kicking in doors at o dark thirty will things change. Until then you are a target every time you leave your protected area. The road pirates and other assorted pigs love to pull you over on the side of the highway all by yourself when they have 20 armed and armored thugs to surround you and steal your property. Stop bickering among your selves and band together. Stand up to these pigs.. In 2018 only 43 poorlease men died NATIONWIDE! but 2300 or so citizens died at the hands of government thugs. If you truly want to be freemen, then those numbers must flip fast. Every pig should fear the average citizen. Do not fear these pigs. Bar your doors and sleep with your armor on. Stand watches 24/7/365. Be vigilant and STAND YOUR GROUND! Form whatever groups you want but band together and fight these tyrannical idiots. Or don’t and watch your sons and daughters serve these “public servants”. Free will is a b@#ch.

  26. What a bunch of morons, well only two to be exact, if two can be a bunch. One fantasizes about being “Jon” from the 80’s on a motorcycle and the other thinks he is some kind of Aztec “god” or something. Hint, this ain’t Russia, and I’m not some unarmed peasant. I’m a “boomer cuck”, bite me Fonz

  27. Oldtradesman

    A little off-topic. I’ve spoken to two white, Los Angeles area LEOs over the past few days about the potential for violence during/after the next presidential election. These ostensibly “conservative” clowns fear far right nationalist violence more than a general chimpout by local orcs and orcettes. They actually believe far right whites with military training might enter their peaceful suburban neighborhoods to take shit. This disconnect from reality is absolutely the result of ADL and media brainwashing. Keep this in mind.

  28. The hives are susceptible to power failure . What control can be implemented without electric . Can you pump gas in your squad car without electric ? Can you unlock the electric locks on most jail/prison doors gates ? Has anyone noticed the online maps do not show those huge power lines snaking across the countryside to feed the power hungry hives ? Go to any of the online maps . Look for a powerline . They aren’t showing them on maps for a reason. That is fusa’s brittle bone that will prevent them taking over society . I fly ultralite all over this side of the country . I can take off and land wherever there is 50 feet of grass or dirt . I know where each and every line is located because I typically fly low and slow . Around 50 mph and under 200 feet most times . That necessitates avoiding powerlines if you don’t want to die . Just a couple guy wires on a windy day and the hives are out of business . They have roped themselves in with electric technology . Have you ? Get off the grid and off the interwebz with all coms and gatherings . My local underground church went dark several years ago . Maybe you should ?