The Fatal Flaw

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The problem is with third-world immigration per se.

Import the third world.

Become the third world.

Look, Martha, more of those lovely Congolese people

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    • NorthGunner

      Hopefully the 2 legged congoturds WON’T be possibly
      meeting up with (read: cross infecting with Ebola, etc)
      any of the herds of wild boar that are also in Texas.
      (They should ALL be shot and left strung on the mex
      side as a clear statement!)

      It’d be a real shame to loose all that great boar meat
      because of bushmeat savoring congo shitheads!!

      These vids are from Florida, but the hogs in Texas
      are just the same (and just as delicious…for now):

      DIY! Hog Hunt, Skin and Quarter! FireArm Friday!! Deer Meat For Dinner!!

      DIY How to process a Wild Hog

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • dmv gringo

      The “border patrol” arrested jack-shit.
      They made small talk and had a short discussion with the ebolaholers, before letting them go on their merry way, soon after the shitholers easily walked into “America,” immediately accruing the benefits of citizenship forthwith and forevermore.

  1. Maga.

  2. Here me a little more
    Maga for those not convinced

    They just waltz right in….

  3. thetinfoilhatsociety

    I will never understand how these people get the money to travel like this. I have an advanced degree and own a business but I can’t afford to take a vacation, let alone travel the world as they have to get here.

    • They also allllll have cell phones….

    • Bonaventure

      I will never understand how these people get the money to travel like this.

      Answer: Cabal.

      ‘Cuz I can guarantee you these people aren’t ponying it up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I will never understand how these people get the money to travel like this. ”

      You pay for them to. We all do – indirectly. If you’re paying taxes, you’re funding some of it. Give at church? An awful lot of churches fund stuff like that. Donate to charity? Guess where some of it goes….

    • kypartisan

      I’m sure you could afford a one way trip to Europe if you saw it as necessary. they likely spent all the wealth they had to get here.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Still haven’t figured it out yet?
        Our gov’t pays to bring them in, seriously, no joke.
        Then gives them a few thousand a month to sit around and do nothing. Why work when you get a job like that.

        And I’ve been fighting the VA almost 3 yrs for some benefits.
        On top of that, VA sends me to civilian hospital for treatment/tests (I live over 300 miles from the nearest VA Hosp), a month later I get a bill from hospital, PAYMENT DENIED! Got another one today. Looks like the VA and I are going to court as I now have 3 of these and a collection agency after me from a yr ago.
        And some of you wonder why I don’t trust this gov’t anymore?

        • kypartisan

          I know they pay them. NGOs and “””charities”””” too but what i said is true, alot of these people will pay anything to get here to get their handouts and live off the dole. including their own kids (but more often other’s kids).

          My grandfather is fighting the VA right now too. he got into agent orange in Vietnam and it led to his cancer (gone now thank god). they were spraying it everywhere where he was stationed. he said the practically bathed in it while he was there. the VA is fighting him tooth and nail over this.

        • NorthGunner

          And soros and the rest of the (((Tribe))) have VERY
          deep pockets!!

          Also don’t forget their NGO’s…Israaid and H.I.A.S.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Grey Ghost

          @KYPartisan… dude you are definitely hanging out in the wrong place if you seriously believe that line of shit. You must be listening to that freak Glenn Beck or others of his ilk. Stop that shit and start thinking for yourself with the question WHY? Bottom line: They ARE being paid to come to America by wealthy leftist globalists, think ((George Soros)) and others AND the USA welfare system does the rest. Additionally, YOUR chamber of commerce lobbies/lines the pockets of both Rs and Ds to keep the southern border wide open. Go home and take a red pill, watch The Matrix and come back tomorrow.

          @SemperFi 0321 Let’s see… the LAST day I trusted the US gov’t was a sunny day in the summer of 1988 in the PG before GW1. Flyin’ a briefed FONOP against Iran. I was given a vector towards Iran with instructions to continue until told to turn away. Well the directions to turn away were NEVER given by either shipboard or airborne controllers. I had the radar operator in the back give me distance “to the beach” every 0.1NM. I turned the aircraft at the very last moment with no “order” to turn given as I had been told would be. Landed back aboard ship… then some tense words between me and the CO and the shipboard radar operators/controllers. Finally the CO said why are you getting so upset there were two F14s in a “loaded” CAP station a very short distance away from me at all times. I walked away shaking my head thinking they wanted me to start some shit with Iran and get my ass shot off in the process. That was the last day I trusted ANY .mil/govt official.

          Good luck fighting the VA. I think you have a good case especially since they SENT you to a “civilian” hospital.

          Grey Ghost

  4. I’m confused. CNN told me it was just a few Mexican migrants at the border. There’s no crisis, no “invasion” and certainly no re-introduction of long eradicated diseases or other third world problems. I didn’t know Mexico had Congolese populations to be able to migrate a little northward.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. burn the entire mother fucker to the ground

    don’t leave nothing for the dinks

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Pretty soon there won’t be any other choice, if they decide they want a full blown biowar.

      • Quarantines are raaaaacisss, you know….

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I keep harping on about self quarantine, something entirely unknown among the masses. Grandma can’t wait to hug all the kids, even when she’s sick. One of my hiking buddies has to go all over town sharing his germs at the coffee shops and public meeting places whenever he’s sick, which is frequently, can’t stay home.
          After my 7 week bout with the flu 2 yrs ago that almost did me in, I’m ready to kill any sick motherfucker that comes near me, one day it will end up at gunpoint to maintain my isolation from idiots.

          • even worse is the broke fucks who have to drag themselves into work when they are contagious so they can pay their phone and teevee bill…

            fucking losers

            i hate going into town

            nothing but

            L O S E R S

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “one day it will end up at gunpoint to maintain my isolation from idiots.”

            Depending on what the guy at gunpoint has, you may well be doing him a favor, and condemning yourself to infection, by shooting him.

        • Berglander

          “Quarantines are raaaaacisss, you know….”

          In that case, we’re gonna need at least a thousand camps.

  7. TheAlaskan

    I think it’s great they’re all going to San Antonio.

    San Francisco has more room on their sidewalks.

    Chicago needs more targets. They’re losing dindu nuffins by the scores daily.

    Or they could just be ushered to the northern border to blend into Quebec…Trudeau will give them all a hug, I’m sure of it.

  8. dmv gringo

    Video of armed cartel member walking illegals into the USA. He’s packing a gun in waist, then walks back into Mexico

  9. St.Maur1066

    I’ve been woke since 1974. I never gave up on you guys here. I knew you would come around.

  10. Dead Fred ∆

    Well I’ve already died of Heebola ebolavirus and living in S. Texas, I’m speaking from experience. Rumor is the San Antonio ebolaniggers arrived by plane in Guatemala, bused to the border and were shipped to Seattle from SA.

    No one represents they were held by DHS for three weeks, tested for Zaire ebolavirus or vaccinated against any disease while in detention nor arrived with vaccination certificates. It’s even possible there are recovered Ebola victims in the herd. So don’t fuck any niggers or suck their titties or lick a leaking eyeball of said humanoids. That’s hard to avoid, I know.

    Forget contact tracing. Forget ring vaccination if the border isn’t shut down with napalm. If just one even slighlty symptomatic nigger vectored in Zaire ebolavirus all you motherfurckers are scheduled to join me in Valhalla.

    • “Rumor is the San Antonio ebolaniggers arrived by plane in Guatemala, bused to the border and were shipped to Seattle from SA”
      didn’t want to hear that bit of news. when did this happen?

      • Heard on the Alex Jones show 6/10/2019. Can’t remember the exact hour. AJ is in Austin which is about 70 miles from SA, he sent his whole crew down there to fuck with maricon waiters and SJW twats. Fun times.

  11. “Import the third world, Become the third world.” – that is inevitable and now happening fast. diseases the usa had wiped away from the country are now coming back, cities with billion dollar budgets look like some ragtag city in central America. at some point, it will not be safe to drink the water(oh wait, I forgot about flint Michigan)