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Going Off-Grid With Solar, Part I: An Overview

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  2. I have a standalone system for my radio shack. I have 620 watts of solar that feed my 100 amp hour battery in the shack. You can see it at the link below for QRZ.

    I’ve also got a portable 100W panel and charge controller for field work. Been playing with NVIS for communications with the grid down. Can cover 12 miles on 1W to my buddies house on 60m.

    I’m working on solar for the house right now. I have 7.4kW of solar panels that will be finished as soon as it quits raining and drys out. I need to run a trench from the panels to the house and it would just turn into a moat right now.

    The system is grid tied but it has a 2kW standalone feature that will keep the freezer and the refrigerator running even with the grid down.