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    African Swine Fever? Fall Armyworm? Massive agricultural losses? CIA?

    • Grey Ghost

      If you want to keep a LOT of people under control… use food or manipulate the food markets. From what I read, African swine fever (pig ebola) is rampaging through Asia and a shit ton of pigs have been wiped out.

      I put nothing… absolutely nothing past the CIA. Hell they had a communist running the damn place under the Bamster. Not that the FBI is any better than the CIA… two peas in a pod one for domestic spying and one for foreign spying.

      Grey Ghost

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. That picture illustrates perfectly how far we have fallen. I thought it was people on a picnic! The cloth laid out on the ground, everyone using their manners and the food arranged in an orderly fashion. Yet, it’s migrant workers taking a lunch break. Imagine Shaneiqua,Shantel, Juan, or Obadomorrah using the same set up. Yeah-no. POC indeed.