Aesop: Told Ya So

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  1. This concerns me, greatly.


  2. Dead Fred ∆

    I confirmed with CBP last week that there is no special screening, extra scrutiny, or quarantine required of those coming from African countries more than from anywhere else.


    • Plankton67

      May those who brought them here, paid their way and smoothed the path for them precede off this mortal coil in minecraft. They are exercising biological warfare against Americans with 2-legged vectors in minecraft.

  3. freeillinois

    Ok; Since everyone is coming to live in Our country, where the hell are we supposed to live?
    Assuming we will be allowed to live.

    • Plankton67

      Your assumption is invalid, even in minecraft. America is leaving a legacy of ashes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Assuming we will be allowed to live.”

      Well, that’s your first obvious mistake, Comrade.
      – The Elites

      • Exactly you don’t need to worry about a thing we have big plans for you…
        The Elites
        Still the same ol shit day in and day out on here I see…Sad That…

  4. Detroit III

    Not our concern. Said it in 2014 while the chicken-littles here were running around with their heads cut-off

    • Plankton67

      It will be when the latter day Thomas Eric Duncan goes walkabout in Detroit. I suspect people will not keep calm this time should something like that happen.

      Is it conceivable that the venomous progressive snakes are going to ensure an outbreak of Ebola within our home nation in order to sow chaos and make the next election, such as it will be, even more insane?

      If anyone doubts such a thing is in the realm of possibility, just search “Operation NORTHWOODS”
      and here for the document

      What better way to force America to tear itself apart than to intentionally set loose 2 legged vectors who are on the search for eternal gibsmedats? They did not succeed despite serious effort so far, this may be TPTB pulling out all the stops.

      2 concepts come to mind:
      1) BLOAT
      2) Blieb ubrig

      • Jimmy the Saint

        BLOAT ain’t gonna help. You’re going to need to use it, and sterilize everything after the fact.

        • NorthGunner

          “BLOAT ain’t gonna help. You’re going to need to use it, and sterilize everything after the fact.”

          Yup, and mere bleach and Isopropyl alcohol ISN’T
          going to cut it!!

          You’re going to have to burn the infected and anything
          they came into contact with!

          XL18 Flamethrower Trailer

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


        Ja, doch. Bleib ubrig!

    • Keep your head up your ass…that way it will be easy to see where all that blood is coming from.

      • Statement of fact. Aesop and Pete were running around in 2014 like chicken little while I correctly said it wasn’t the threat to us they said it was.

        • Or, we were sharing information about a serious situation that thankfully didn’t go full disaster.

          You were right.

          We were wrong.

          That time.

          • How about let’s take a poll in Dallas and NYFC, of people who lived there in 2014, and see how big a deal they think Ebola was, and who was right, and who was wrong.

            I mean, hell, taking out Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, a paltry 875-bed primary regional hospital, including completely shutting down its ER and ICU for months, probably didn’t impact the city of Dallas, or kill anyone because of longer transport times or fewer beds, right?

            And if it did, hey, fuck ’em, because neither those bitter Bible-toting gun-clinging rednecks in Texas and those pussy communist liberal assholes in New York Fucking City are real Americans, amirite?

            And shit howdy, boys, several metric fucktons of highly infectious Ebola-soaked waste both places, that nobody knew what to do with, sitting around all those months, probably wasn’t any threat to anyone at all.

            Or maybe somebody thinks walking a tightrope over the abyss and getting away with it, once, is the same thing as being immortal.

            As if.

            The entire fucking continent was exactly two active Ebola patients from everywhere in this hemisphere becoming Liberia.

            Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

          • OverMountainMan

            I recall CA saying something apologetic to me and a few others leaning on my pickup truck at Brock’s, about some possible degree of over-reaction to that Ebola event. And I distinctly remember thinking, “this guy has nothing to apologize to ME about.”

            I’ve disagreed with him more than once, but if Pete says to take cover, I’m not going to be the knucklehead looking around for Detroit’s nod of validation.

        • Grenadier1

          You rolled the dice and got lucky.
          But FYI, the odds are not in your favor. The roll will come up red.

  5. Donny Corleone

    Not to worry folks. Fedgov has got this shit.
    Sit back and relax now. That’s it. Right there. Doesn’t that feel good? We’ll just put the tip in.

  6. Just think how well this is going to go in our heavily homeless and illegal infested, shit covered, urban areas. If the Ebola doesn’t kill you, and the looters don’t either, the follow on typhus just might.

    • the hysterical Aesop,

      who told us that “Trump will build the Wall!”, and

      who claimed that Hurrican Prunella was going to drown us all,

      now slanders the lovely Ebola-chan,

      who adores white people and only wants to kill niggers. If,

      as ZofD suggests, Ebola-chan wants to de-coon ‘Murka’s fetid cities,

      Haxo says:

      go to it, Ebola-chan!

      • Grenadier1

        Ebola-chan is not racially pure, she will pair with any swinging dick that responds to her. If it gets here in numbers it can very easily get out of control. At that point it will burn until it burns itself out… not having anyone left in an area to kill.

  7. Oh great tfA-t

    hear our pleas

    bring the wonderful ebola to the cities of murka

    infect the masses and deliver justice to your righteous followers

    and tfA-t saw this was good and he made it so

    the peepul danced and cheered with light hearts

    and the ebola went forth and prospered

    300 million+

    • Oh great tFa-t make it so!

      If you only could, I might consider not working for that Jewish Carpenter.

      Dude sometimes your shit, lately, is spot on. I went back into the archives and looked at how you used to comment. Did you take the brown mesclun they warned us about? What happened to your point of view, I’m serious here.


      • i’ve had enough of murka and it’s fools

        even the so-call professionals are useless and dumb

        ever try to get any banking or credit card info from one of those idiots?

        tradesman are no longer very good and most have no talent

        even the Doctors are FUBAR

        there is no saving any of it

        too many want to have it the way it was

        i want to be 18 again

        it cannot ever be

        the only way thru is the total destruction of the land and it’s peepul

        it’s gods and leaders must die along with it

        the strong will survive- as it should have always been

        tfA-t is wise beyond his years

  8. Old Gray Wolf

    Bringing in hundreds of useless eaters from places where a deadly virus outbreak is currently ongoing and dumping them in US cities without screening or quarantine is only one possible thing. The PTB are hoping for a crisis to develop here. Perhaps it is a calculated risk by Trump to drag the left into his camp on there being a border crisis. Dump potential Ebola carriers into blue hives, suddenly the New Yawk Slimes is screeching about a crisis as the southern border. On the “other” side, there is a contingent that wants depopulation, and wants to start with the whites. It is one of the two, but it is neither accident or coincidence. Bank on that. And plan accordingly.

    • Plankton67

      You have an interesting take on this I had not considered. That would be one hell of a madman plan, but it is possible.

      • madmen are in charge. there is no such term as ‘evil’ in their lexicon.
        anything…ANYTHING…is possible.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Bill Gate and Prince Charles have stated for yrs now they want depopulation, how else to do it, and not be called a mass murderer? A few harmless refugees here and there, and they walk away with clean hands.
      And the dumbmasses are helping in their own extermination.

    • the pandemic version Cloward-Piven. I think you’re spot on.

    • Perhaps “they” already have a cure or vax. Let them eat monkey!

    • Yep, all according to someone’s plan

    • So how did the Africans make from the Congo to San Antonio Texas? Who paid their way? Coyotes ain’t cheap, ditto air fare and a host of other expenses. Average annual income in the region is about $840 dollars per annum. Answer those questions and you will have a pretty good idea about what the end game plans are.

      • Grenadier1

        Well the good news there is if they made their way via a long process and they were infected we will see a chain of infections pop up in those countries over the next few weeks. Then we will know that those fuckers need to get rounded up Pronto!
        Bad news is, if they were brought directly here we will not.

      • Bonaventure

        ^—— This.

        This is all coordinated and deliberate.

  9. MAGA! Cheeto Jesus is gonna build a WALL! He’s gonna’ PRO-TEC our gunz. He gonna do a lot a shit. THREE DEE CHESS, just takes longer to play or sumtin’. Then he gonna kick out the 30 million little brown brothers he just let in.(NOT) What I’d like to know is why you MAGA hatters are not screaming bloody murder while trump and the (R) +(D) party fuck you up the ass. Why the fuck are you all so stupid? Trump is the biggest con in history. Every thing he ever said he would do is bullshit. HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO HELP AMERICA IN ANY WAY. We are being FUCKED. And you can knock off the “Well at least he’s better than Hillary” NO , HE’s NOT. He is doing exactly the same thing she would have done ,if she had lived to take office. Aliens, Gun confiscation, ALL OF IT. The only reason you are not having to shoot cops to keep your guns right now is because, the people that run Trump are afraid Hillary might die before the 2020 election, and leave no one for people like me to vote against. Trump will send troops for the guns after 2020. Then its off to the camps with you white boy. They are already bringing your replacement across the Mexican border from Africa.

  10. anyone or anything that wears a uniform, name tag, or a murkan rag is a “must eliminate” target

    remember, these are not your friends OR countrymen

    they are paid order takers and trigger pullers

    they are drones of the state

    they are NOT human

    their families are NOT human

    it is OK to rid the world of their threat

    tfA-t speaks TRUTH and WISDOM

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Never fear. A new Improved Stopett Spray will take
    care of that ebola. The elites are working on it, in secret,
    in one of their many bunkers.

  13. Recent survey indicated that 200 million Africans wanted to get into the US.

  14. Shinmen Takezo

    Ebola to spread wildly throughout Africa?!
    Can someone please point out the problem with this for me.

    • They don’t stay there.

      Don’t be a fuckwit about that obvious reality; you’re smarter than that. I’ve seen it.

      But hey, when it’s up the block from you, let us know how you feel about it.

      That’s like the guy cheering the entire forest on fire, as long as it burns his idiot neighbor’s house down first.
      Genius, right there.

  15. How exactly does a fourth-world congalese get from the congo into say, Boulder, CO?

    I think that’s a question worth asking.

    It’s racist to worry about all this anyway, so we’ll get back to consuming.

    • Horry Cllap you actually made an informed post

    • “How exactly does a fourth…”
      They get to The Republic of Boulder because they are “sponsored” by Catholic Charities or another caring and compassionate group of dysfunctional,evil,manipulative,murdering cocksuckers.
      Hope that helps.

  16. who cares. whitey deserves to burn. did this to himself. mankind in general, has outlived his usefullness. i’m tired of all the usa doom porn. heading out for an alaska cruise.

    • You first, ya lil’ shit

    • TheAlaskan

      Jeez…you “cruisers.”

      Bring money and your daughters.

      We’ll flip ya a salmon for your trouble.

      • yup. it sucks. just like when i have to put up with snowbirds for half the year. just tryin to enjoy the decline

        • i just hope that those retards are souf when the balloon goes up and are trapped there to be put into FEMA Camps and be turned into supplements

          we hate the weak sun followers too

          it’s so peaceful here until the morons return and begin to make their wretched noise and quick movements

      • Alaskan, damm it, I spit my coffee up, you a funny man!. Good one.


  17. hmm, maybe that’s why Amazon wants to do delivery by drone?

  18. Karen Carpenter sang like an angel. Compare to that foul whore Madonna.
    Karen actually played an instrument, wrote songs, and could sing the birds out of the trees.

  19. Hot Zone, ebola episode

  20. They told us not to worry about ebola from the Congolese immigrants crossing the southern border because they came from Eastern Congo.
    Well guess what, Uganda is on the Eastern border of Congo.
    Three definite cases in Uganda, one, the 5 year old boy, is dead now, his 3 y/o brother and grandmother are confirmed infections, twelve more suspected.
    As for the US vaccine, good luck with that, 330 million plus here, and they don’t even have a fraction of the 400,000 doses they would want/need before even considering vaccinating the civilians.
    And yes, we have a great health care infrastructure, right up to the point that everybody in the clinics and hospitals say “They don’t pay me near enough for this shit!” Especially if you can’t get a vaccination!
    Apparently they are already having staff absense/defection from the hospital in Uganda.
    You don’t care for the sick with ebola, you avoid them! Flaming gasoline is the best readily available disinfectant but I advise respiratory isolation in order to get close enough to administer it.
    Or, roll a few molotov cocktails over and “detonate” them with a well placed shot.
    And protect your “compound” with wireless comms and at least two or three night vision equipped automatic rifles.
    You do have wireless comm and night vision don’t you?

  21. Yolonda Kurtis

  22. As a white South African I must point out some things Ebola is infectious mainly because blacks have no idea of personal space or hygiene. They also use doctors as a last resort preferring witchdoctors and voodoo. No doubt multiple Ebola cases in the states would cause trouble and shut some hospitals down but I doubt it would spread at the rate it does among the zots.

    • Except the Blue Hives in America are packed with 10,000s of drug addicts and whores that fill every public space, they behave worse than Africans, Dark Age diseases has already appeared in this vile petri dish

    • oregon farmer

      On the East Coast I can see it spreading freely via things like the New York subways at rush hour: people packed together, bumping into each other, that kind of thing. On the West Coast it will spread like wildfire among the homeless but otherwise be limited by the car culture and high personal space culture. Unless it goes airborne…I think there was an airborne variant that almost escaped from a lab in Germany that was doing things with monkeys, or was that Marburg virus?? At any rate we all know the script, thanks to decades of Hollyweird predictive programming. Maybe Prince Phillip is right: a good hard cull is exactly what the herd needs…

    • Yes, that’s why nobody else caught it with full isolation precautions in a world-class ICU in Dallas…oh fuck, that never happened.

      What’s your next theory of how we can handle this?

      Just curious, it’s not like we watched this whole slow-motion shitshow just five years ago or anything.

      In 2014, with full precautions, it doubled in Dallas in exactly 21 days.
      Just like it does in Ebolaville with zero precautions.

      Pull the other one; it’s got bells on.

  23. robroysimmons

    In better news, maybe, in 2014 the comments were the usual Boomercon whine and gripes, in 2019 a good many of the comments are about letting blue hives burn, and laughing about it.

    Question for you Boomercon Consteetushonialists, if the blue hives go tits up into anarchy because of perhaps disease and shit and the blue hive moralist fuckwads have to get in their expensive cars and drive outside the wire of police stooge protection is it permissible to take their shit in an unauthorized “soshalist” asset equalization operation?

    Asking for a friend of course, I would never do that I am a conservative man of virtue and principles, an shit.


      rrs: The Blue Hive moralist fuckwads already have their plans in place to move outside the wire. Their destinations will beNew Zealand, Patagonia, Jackson Hole, and Sandpoint to name a few. They are treasonous, Godless, and totally morally bankrupt. They are not stupid.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” if the blue hives go tits up into anarchy because of perhaps disease ”

      If that happens, you’re already fucked, so looting assets is kind of irrelevant. People from rural areas still work in those cities, so they’ll bring the disease to you. People travel, so they’ll bring it to you. Goods are transported for ports and shipping centers, they’ll bring it to you. If it goes widespread, odds are pretty good that there will be animals that can host it without succumbing to it – say, mosquitoes, maybe — they’ll bring it to you.

      The point with Ebola has always been that it’s a potential slate-wiper for humans. Should it go pandemic, then, as Edgar Allan Poe put it: “the red death held sway over all.”

  24. Look, bigots…bleeding from every orifice and melting down into a puddle of BSL4 goo is a small price to pay to prove you are not a racist.

    • Indeed

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Except that you’ll be found to have done it in a racist manner. Bleeding out on a Serta Perfect Sleeper instead of a WHO tent? White privilege!!!

  25. They’ve become the Babylon Beeb.

  26. Grenadier1

    SOOOOO….Something else to consider……What if it gets used to make you demand a vaccination?
    A Vaccination that has something nasty in it, like sterilization, or a tracking chip?
    Little Alex Jones for ya?

    On another note, I vote rather than Iran we need to convince the Deep State / MIC that West Africa has oil and gold and is ripe with infections that are a direct threat to the US including Islam. They are just asking to get metric tons of freedom dropped on them from high altitudes. Really expensive tons of freedom. Followed by a very long and infrastructure heavy occupation that kills lots of civilians and burns lots of forests to control said viruses.
    Its coming either way, so we might as well get a much more productive waste of lives and treasure.

  27. Hmmmmm…..,”And nothing cleanses like fire”.
    Matthias,The Omega Man

  28. Sgt. Friday

    But some of my best friends are honest police officers.

  29. They’re about out of vaccine now.
    130,000 doses in, after 10 months’ effort, and it’s still doubling in weeks.
    That whole containment strategy is about to run aground, because they apparently can’t out-produce the virus fast enough.

    Sheeyit, 130K doses would barely vaccinate Peoria.

    And we don’t have enough metric fucktons of freedom to get the job done, even if we used the entire arsenal, times twenty lifetimes.

  30. oregon farmer

    The twisted funny part (for me, at least) is how this latest viral shit show somehow all boils down to NEGROES, just like it always does….I mean it’s so hilariously consistent, so fucked up. It’s always the blacks, preferably in their native environment.
    ‘Refrain from eating bats’!!