But…But…Who Will Pay The Road Pirates?

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  1. Old Gray Wolf

    Oughta see the looks on people’s faces when I explain that, in any normal world, when an armed man chases you to a stop and takes your wealth, it is robbery, no matter who told him he can do it. Don’t stop for him and see what happens. The guns come out, and you will be stopped and likely killed for your insubordination. The thin veneer of legitimacy that modern law enforcement abuses is granted by people too cowardly or too stupid to think about a situation in a logical sense.

    When I further explain that, since there is a threat of attack and robbery by armed men if one does not pay the taxes demanded, taxation is simply armed robbery, and those accepting the monies acquired by that robbery are thieves as well, having received stolen property. Simply put, if anyone takes another’s wealth without that wealth being voluntarily given, it is a criminal act, and nothing anyone does or says makes it legitimate. When a threat of force is added, then it is armed robbery, and lethal force would be justified in defending against it. Retiring your wealth from those who accepted it from the initial robbers should also be acceptable. Clownworld, indeed.

    • Now you know why “Live by the sword, die by the sword” means.

      In other words:
      “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.”
      – Polybius

      “Every man to his family and his possessions”

    • Thats why I laugh my Ass off when I hear the Cuck-servitives as well as most of the Libtards say “I’m a US citizen (or “MuriKan) I Pay My Taxes”.
      NO! – Your a Fucking Gullible SLAVE – Who enjoys taking it up the ass.

      MuriKa! Home of the Fee and land of the Best Most Docile Slaves.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Man, you’re not very patriotic. 😦

        Yeah, I really hate being straightened out about my tax resistance by the biggest slaves known in the modern world, but there’s no sense arguing with someone who will fight to the death to keep his chains, and convince himself he’s free!
        And they won’t even listen to where “their” tax money actually goes.
        There is no hope for these retards.


    Res ipsa loquitur.

  3. “…and when they tell you to get on your knees and suck their dicks, or bend over and take it up the ass, well you just submit and comply… I mean, hell, you can always work it out later in court, right? I mean, don’t ya think that the Vast Majority are good guys just tryin’ to do the right thing? I mean, sure they might fuck up once in a while, they’re human too. They might sodomize the wrong man with a baton, but they mean well when they do it!

    Submit and comply!


    SUBMIT! SUBMIT! It’s what FREE MEN do!

    • being retired poopoo, I often see exactly what your see. With that said,

      LongBow, what’s your solution, asking for 320 million associates.


      • Dirt,

        The solution FIRST, is Local, Local, Local. Sheriffs are elected. A Sheriff’s office SHOULD be small and deputies should be hired and sworn, temporarily, on an as needed basis. Law Imposement, as a profession has become the Standing Army, which is “dangerous to liberty” the founders warned us of. Fewer laws, just laws, would not need “enforcing”.

        For example, no free man should ever be made to beg permission from the State in order to exercise a right. This is common law turned on its head (commercial law, and guess who).

        A man has a right to travel in his own country by a privately owned means of conveyance. He doesn’t need to beg permission from the State to “operate a motor vehicle…” in “traffic” or “commerce”…or to ride a horse, or a skateboard, or a little red wagon, motorized or not.

        A man has a right to be armed with common use weapons, most specifically in our time and for the past three hundred years, with a handgun. A man shouldn’t be made to beg permission from the State in order to exercise that right. When a man is begging permission, he is NOT exercising his right. He is playing the role of a SLAVE.

        Now, about the Vast Majority, what kind of a man goes to work every day and runs up and down the road looking for reasons to fuck with his neighbors? What kind of a man stands by and allows his partner to murder one of his neighbors and does nothing about it? Officer Brailsford murdering Daniel Shaver comes to mind. This demonstrates his Gang membership means more to him than truth, justice, right and wrong, etc… Jack Yantis was murdered by two County Deputies. When that happened, the local people should have disarmed the thugs, taken them into custody, and demanded justice for their murdered neighbor. When Jose Guerena was murdered in his own home by a gang of thugs dressed in Soldier costume, his neighbors should have done the same. Recently, when an innocent couple, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, was murdered by Gang members in Houston, the neighborhood should have turned out, armed, and demanded the Gangsters betaken into custody and prosecuted (check out the most recent information on that case). A few years ago, a pair of women was stopped by Texas DPS troopers and forcibly finger fucked by a female Gang member. The Vast Majority stood by and let it happen. If my wife, daughter, mother or sister were to be digitally raped on the side of the road, I would hunt down the rapist and eliminate them myself. It would not matter to me that the rapist wore a Super Hero Costumed and a Magic Shield.

        What kind of a decrepit people have we become when we see the professional Gang members behave they way they do, like bullies and thugs, and we the people do nothing about it? Settle it in court? The Courts are part of the Gang system. The prosecutors rely on the Gang, so they protect them. The judges, understand that they cannot allow mere peons, mere mortals, to have their way with The Gang, lest the lose their power.

        This isn’t a comment, it’s a rant. If there were fewer “laws” and an adherence to common law, life and law would be simple.

        What is the whole plan? I don’t have it. One step would be to stop worshiping at the feet of Thugs. If a thug puts on a Super hero Costume and pins on a Magic Shield, he does not automatically become “good”. He is still a thug. In simple terms it is putting lipstick on a pig (no pun intended).

      • As a retired ‘poopoo’, you have to have seen multiple bureaucrats, deciding how our tax money should be spent. D for detectives vs P for patrol. M for maintenance, N for new equipment, T for training, or B for the new crime theory of the month. What neighborhood should patrol emphasize? The rich neighborhoods where taxes come from or poor neighborhoods where more crime happens? I could on, the point being is that we are forced to pay for something we have no actual control over.

        What if each person contracted for the level of police protection each wanted from competing private companies? If you want a patrol car sitting outside your house each night, you pay for that. Want patrol to drive by your house 4 times a day, then contract for that. Want more detectives to catch criminals that commit crime? Are you unhappy with the service of Company A? Fire them and hire Company B.

        Try telling the local police you’re firing them. They will laugh in your face, “You can’t fire us, serf. Pay your taxes, serf, or we will throw you in jail.”

  4. anyone who respects pig cops have earned a place alongside them in a fucking ditch

    fuck you

    cops and those who lick their balls

  5. Berglander

    Even in the worst places on the planet, there are power structures and what you could call laws and governments (tribal systems, honor codes, unwritten constitutions, the local cartel, etc.)

  6. Well thats just it. Anarchy. Insufficiently recognized as such. The globalist cabal are anarchists in no uncertain terms.

    This cabal label their power structure a “global village” along with other necessary propaganda such as the “European Union”, the “United States of America”, the “United Nations”, and all their various subgroups.
    This as we know and believe as intended, is a most attractive litter of palatable euphemism’s for what is nothing but organized crime on a hemisphere and growing scale, thus the term “globalism”, as the ultimate goal of this cabal of crime syndicates.
    This, “The Big Lie,” that which lies within it, a body within, exists a structure of malicious order of deceit, along with a system of graduating smaller all encompassing lies, assisted by a system of social engineering, that has created acceptance as legitimate, what we know as every day government.

    Yeah it is a global size village, because they treat what they have raw naked power over as if it was a village and they the divine lords who oversee and command without interfearence it’s day to day activities, basically, a global encompassing power structure run by an elitist cabal of anarchists who have created an organized form of anarchy wholly suited to their desires and system of control through which they manage another system of conduits of strip mining the wealth creating body of dirt people of the tangible wealth their productivity creates.
    A form of anarchical servitude, indenture, economic slavery of the masses no less.
    It is proper to label this anarchy no matter the seeming contradictions in terms and the counterintuitive appearing perceived veneer in general, applied to the forms of legitimate State power we dirt people live and work under.
    In my dirt person vernacular, all it really is is a global spanning factional group of various organized crime syndicates who have brilliantly contrived, and operate day to day, under an illusion of forms of what appears on the surface as legitimate government as know it.
    For instance, and I think this can be applied more or less to all the syndicates various organized crime activities in a general sense, the various Central banking cartels who control the fiat monopoly money system, the dollar per say, together constitute the king pins of the loan sharking operations of the group of syndicates comprising what we call the deep state and the shadow, or permanent, government. Exemplifying this theory I think it is safe to contend Bob Mueler, Comey, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Obama regime of actors and minions, the actors within the various intelligence bureaus of the “federal” government, the 5th column known as the fake media, essentially the group along with the factions within the swamp who are actively involved in ousting President Trump, are the visible elements we can witness in the open of the whole of the organized crime operation, the usurpers of governance over us dirt people.

    Yeah, I know, this is obvious to any of us with a functioning braincell or two who are concerned with understanding the truth and realities of our civilization.

    Yet no matter how obvious, it is of paramount importance it is stated out in the open and not just quietly held perception and insight, by as many of us dirt people it takes to rip away the veil of legitimacy along with the illusion of power over us this underlying syndicate, this regime, posing as our masters who meddle in our every affair, steal our wealth from us, extort us via the barrel of their minions guns, the threat of which, ultimately, we will be served with violent force or death if we refuse to comply with their rules and diktat.

    The trespasses and system of indenture imposed upon those of us who borrow money from these loan sharks mentioned above, are proscriptions and conditions similar to victims of loan sharking that say for instance a NY Mafioso crime family would be involved in administering.
    The proscriptions that come with borrowing money today thru the approved official banking system, are literally documented and structured as inalienable laws, very critical distinction this last, and as regulations of this illusionary government, a con, a grift to gull us, providing the facade here of such extortionary, structured usury really, ie criminal money loaning and its punishments, with an appearance of sanctions by a legitimate government. Which in itself is an oxymoron of epic proportions.

    Look here: we got ourselves a make believe Constitutional government of rule of men, dressed in whole cloth of rule of law that does not exist in practice, putting a phony rubber stamp of fake legitimacy, on a criminal loan sharking system, where at any moment in this spurious “contract”, the rules change or applied as needed for any or all benefit of the unaccountable untouchable shadow body of a cabal of actors who are no more or no less a hedonistic arrogant outright robbers, con artists, tin pot potentates, grifters, extortionists, criminal gang members, major drug traffickers and arms smugglers, organ leggers of dead baby parts, and sexually perverted child and or human sex slavers and satanic ritual murderers of children and other victims who they select for human sacrifices.

    Regardless of my accuracy and veracity in describing what I am able to deduce, my intentions are genuine in nature, I have no agenda nor intent that is anything but concern for the truth, and thru discovery of the truth, the necessary tools to effect positive change within the scope of my freedom and rightful Liberty, as is my natural birth right, my natural primal right to defend and protect myself, my family, my culture, my fruits of my prosperity, as a man of honor and prudence of Christian values and heart held precepts of my western culture and its codes and morals, regardless if I “get It” and understand or perceive the precise realities, the who is who and what is what, regardless of the petty details, this fucking bullshit going down with these clowns and fools running shit are fucking criminals. They are dirty stinking rotten evil no good one way fucking pricks.
    Nothing or nobody can bullshit me or convince me otherwise.
    I am sick to death of this crap these assholes dump on me, on all of us like me who care.
    All my life I have been a “law” abiding moral decent man who has always put my best foot forward, turned the other cheek, give benefit of the doubt as the prudent and valorous manner in which a Christian Man of The West should comport himself with honor and humble dignity.

    I hope with all my heart I am in verey good company. That men of our caliber are legion in numbers. That very soon here, we share a zietgeist in which we have that great epiphany, a sea change in thinking, a preference cascade, that presages the moment in time in which we transform from a legion of such Men into A legion of Men of The West who put paid the to the sonofabitches ending their reign of power and crimes.

    In other words, BFYTW.

    You may ask well, what happens after? What do we do after we win? After all what is the point in the first place if we jump from the frying pan into the fire ending back up in the same darn situation again. Like what went down after winning Liberty from the tyranny and tyrants of the British Empire?

    Yeah, it is a most pertinent question. Well I tell you to the best of my knowledge and ability what I believe is possible, if for no other reason than it was working before the rug was pulled out from under us dirt people, and what has a very high chance of being acceptable to enough of us where as a determined plurality of Freemen with our ideals hopes and dreams of something better, not only for ourselves burt for our children, and their children, we can realize something of it that is viable and with some good hard work we can make it for ourselves.

    As I discover the myriad of insights and avenues, paths which provide glimpses into historical truths of “government”, it is become clear there has not been any government but with one single exception, in our American history which was not dominated by organized crime powers.
    The exception that so far from what I can determine that has been genuine government of for and by the dirt people, the closet actual working system of governance, was the Compact of Confederation of the 13 individual sovereign nation states viably functioning and working deliberately with each-other with the intent to create 13 unique governments which cooperated together, for mutual support and benefit in areas, interests, and activities the individual nation states could not accomplish singly, to figure out the inherent problems and eliminate that which threatened their systems of controlling criminal organized usurpation. Usurpation is the key element that is most injurious and destructive to the common good of the peoples themselves, and their system of self home rule and determination.
    Human nature as it is, the specie of mankind will never be free of scalawags, tyrants, and other criminals. This is a constant, nothing can eliminate this in entirety. So the idea is to not become entangled in or subject to these human foibles to begin with. Yes, easier said than done. But you have to at least try something to effect this reality in positive ways in order to at the least discover what does not work so you can figure out what does work the way intended. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
    But, the idea within the Compact, was to inhibit in a way beneficial to the people living within the sovereign borders of each of these small, unique, individual, nation states, the intent was inhibiting advent of organized usurpation of these nation states by “criminal” interests and influence, the selfishness of the mob, the collective usurpations and singular interests of majority power, influence racketeering, gerrymander, defacto and inalienable law or attainder of writ. Above all centralism and regulatory tyranny. These last two the root of evil within ordered civilization and the existential enemy of Liberty and Freemen.
    Be they these usurpers as organized political corruption or straight out organized crime operations, or obviously any tyrant, petty criminal, blackmailer, to raw naked totalitarian diktator intent upon raw naked power. A system of grass roots up to precinct/county self rule and accountability, seems time and time again to be the single remedy if government of for and by the people themselves is to be successful and thrive.
    Anything of which that can supplant the ideals of the compact theory and it the blessings, prosperity, wealth, and hapiness, the unfettered economic activity of the individual themselves as the paramount directive, the bailiwick of the people, living unfettered liberty, self home determination beginning on the family level, up thru to the precinct captain and county justice of the piece system, and it’s activities, ie “Blessings of Liberty”, absent any and all centralized power above the family/tribe/community/village/precinct/county upside down pyramid structure, must be the sole purview and responsibility of the people, and only the people themselves. The imperative implied here last but not least, is the crux of viability of such a compact of confederation. Everything stems from this grass roots open source duty and honor of determination. It all, everything, begins with each of us. The buck begins and ends with each of us. Let each man sweep his own steps, therefore we as men of responsibility in all matters share the common ground and bonds necessary for us to have the strength as a civilization to never permit anything no matter its diminutive or innocuous seeming beginnings to escape us and become a cross too heavy to bear. A burden which escapes our just legitimate powers to inhibit before it destroys us.

    These imperatives I have listed last, in their absence have become the bane of our current existence, their absence is detrimental to all other virtue and duty, in dealing with the issues of our time, in the realization of our natural rights and our Liberty. I think the lack of prudence by so many is the singular underlying inhibitor of primal rights, the vector of tyranny, the conduit of raw naked power breathing down our throats.

    To say there are no easy answers or ways out of this mess for we who would choose to be, who behave and think, in every way feasible to live and act unfettered and free, is an understatement which implies in no uncertain terms, unequivocally, permitting no excuse or beating around any bush, the great imperative of pulling ourselves up by our druthers and doing what needs done, or get busy being slaves to this tyranny.
    We can no longer pass the buck and employ blame on other forces and evil, It is get off the pot or shit, fish or cut bait time. And the way we get there is together. No need for everyone to agree on everything. The simple goal of unfettered economic activity and the blessings there of is the fulcrum of Liberty. To get to the goal, this is the path we must go down. All else follows. All else becomes self evident. Choosing this path and it is our murder weapon and the foundation from which all else of the dream of Liberty springs from. It is the key to all the doors which have been locked and denied us what is natural and rightful. It is the territory from which we construct a base in which we become undeniable and indomitable.
    Unfettered free, unrestrained, economic activity.
    What is more legitimate than this?
    In what other way can we realize our potential, attain happiness and prosperity? How else can one live free?

    Doesn’t it make sense that in order to control us, in order to realize unlimited greed or avarice at our expense and loss, in order to rule over us with an iron fist, to deny us our fruits of our labors and creativity, to intolerably in-debt us, turn us into indentured serfs, slaves who can never work or buy our way out of this system of the unrestricted influential and the Uber rich control of all economic activity, why we are taxed 6 ways to Sunday of every penny we earn, taxes upon taxes within taxes, taxes on taxes, every tangible thing is taxed over and over at every stage of its journey till it reaches our possession, then it is taxed over again for the priviledge of being permitted to keep what we gained by the fruits of our labors, or taken from us if we refuse to be subject to extortion if we refuse to pay that last tax? Of tyranny of unlimited centralized power and its meddling in and over every facet of the sphere of our lives?
    Does it make sense what is being done to us is exactly what it is?

  7. It’s funny because it’s true. Still working on a 1000 yd load for my 300

  8. ghostsniper

    I got no use for any gov’t employees, never have. Worse than parasites. Fuk em ded. 90 million in the first 3 months. The burn-off will be glorious.

  9. A.B Prosper

    Do we have corruption problems? Hell yes.

    Do we have bad cops? Hell yes

    Do we need cops? Sorry but yes.

    Well unless you are an open borders type whose OK with Ebola. We are failing at keeping Congolese out now because policing is limited. You actually need more border enforcement

    Also are you planning to be OK with people selling dope to your kids or do you have enough guys to take on a cartel?

    Unless you have a private vengeance squad or something , there is no detternet from someone shooting you first than robbing afterwards , especially knowing you’ll shoot them and while its a bit like this in Texas, that ain’t paradise

    Unless you have some magic serum that makes everyone moral, you need laws and a systems to enforce them

    The good thing though is you set the rules and the laws they enforce.

    So if you don’t want an admin state and its bullshit . Fine

    Same with legal heroin or prostitution or whatever

    You decide the rules and if you are willing to eat the consequences, you can have that too.

    You can’t have anarchy though or minrachy. the former id simply not possible and ther later requires a homogeneous and highly moral population which you don’t have

  10. Donny Corleone

    Mr. Prosper I do think that law enforcement and cops are part of the problem. I believe that if they would get out of the way that we could make it very uncomfortable for illegals to cross the border. A few thousand dedicated men could shut the border down in a few weeks.
    It just takes the right men willing to do what must be done.

    • Donny, interesting view.

      Explain to me what exactly must be done, please. I’m always looking for solutions, let’s not mince words, how would you and a few thousand ” right” men solve the problem.

      My recollection is that their are 20.000 men women on the border right now. Yet the wet backs keep coming.


      • Donny Corleone

        Dirk, it is simple. 20,000 men and women catching (sometimes) and releasing people into the united states.
        If one was unconstrained by these rules, then lethal force could be used.
        I can’t be any more clear. Even you should be able to understand that.

      • Donny Corleone

        Of course my solution is just hypothetical. I would NEVER suggest that we should do this. Perish the thought! That would be something that the Nazis would do. We are all much too civilized for that!

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Geez, Dirk. Surely you can grasp the effectiveness of simple wooden stakes driven in along the border, with the heads of past invaders mounted on each, at relatively close intervals. The knowledge that there are an unknown number of hunters scattered along the border and evidence of their success posted every little bit along it, would have a strong deterrent effect on further intrusion. A Bouncing Betty or string of claymores here and there would only add to the effect. Make a trip to America a life or death adventure, and lots of folks wouldn’t risk it. Nothing saying getting through the gauntlet at the border has to mean you are home free, either. Add a dimension of uncertainty to the equation. People hate uncertainty.

        Or you could simply stop the freebies and turn the public loose on those who employ criminal immigrants. Make it much less comfortable and much less profitable to come, and they won’t. No free healthcare, no driver’s license, no food stamps, no housing, nothing. More palatable to the masses than snipers putting heads on pikes, perhaps? Take away the incentives, the bad behavior stops.

      • ghostsniper

        Don’t confuse gov’t employees with men. You know better than that. Real men would make a border a very uninviting place for criminals. Govt employees get paid whether they get the job done or not.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “A few thousand dedicated men could shut the border down in a few weeks.”

      The length of the US-Mexico border is a bit under 2,000 miles, much of it is rather rugged terrain, too. Not really sure how effective 1 dude every 3/4 of a mile or so would be. Your going to need more along the lines of tens-of-thousands. And that still leaves the waterborne avenues unchecked….

      • Donny Corleone

        Jimmy, a few is more than two or three. You don’t have to catch all of the speeders to make everyone else slow down. I stated in an earlier comment (which has at this time not made it through moderation) that this is purely an opinion on a hypothetical situation. I would never consider doing this. It is too punitive on people who are just committing an “act of love.”

      • ghostsniper

        Shoot em in place, let the bodies rot.
        The vultures circling overhead would serve as a signal to the others, that the border was not where they want to be. In a week that 2000 mile line in the sand would be the most unpopular place on the planet.

  11. All . gov especially cops know that given a free hand the deplorables would wipe the slate clean. But they are a gang which services the parasite class, and gangs don’t like other gangs stomping on their turf.
    So this continues as long as the debtbux ponzi does.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I don’t know about some of you people, there’ just way toooo many non-conformists hanging out here.
      Next thing you know the proles will be getting ideas in their heads.

  12. The road pirates got me the other day.
    The puffed pirate said signing the ticket isn’t an admission of guilt.
    But, you have to pay before such and such date. If not, a warrent is issued.
    I love muh roads.
    Support the blue, the insurance companies, and the glorious points system.

  13. Question.

    Why is the George H. W. Bush presidential library, and grave, located in Texas?

    Shouldn’t we insist it be relocated to Massachusetts where he was born?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      How about Saudi Arabia?

      • lastmanstanding

        Or Iraq? Probably to much depleted uranium still floating around.

        How about Cuba? Wonder if Zapata Oil is still in biz.

        JFK is unavailable for comment.

  14. A new critique of CW2:

    • lastmanstanding

      Who TF has time or will to listen to this shit?

      Get a life and start living it.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Fuck cops. My liberty is curtailed each day by cops far more than by (other) criminals. I’m at least allowed to defend myself against criminals! I lose a quarter of my income each year, not to muggers or burglars, but to the king’s men.

    Muggers don’t make me triple-check my back pocket to make sure my various licenses and permits are on my person before I leave the house. Burglars don’t make me submit myself, my fingerprints, and my money to simply carry a gun. Muggers aren’t the ones flooding my country with tens of millions of savages from shit-hole countries, and it’s not burglars who forcibly prevent the populace from expelling them–that’s the king’s men.

  17. A.B Prosper

    The current system stinks but do you have a better idea?

    One thing clown world does better than than folks here is understand that most of the US citizenry are idiots and while clown world had a part in making them that way , most people are stupid because they choose stupid

    Problem around these parts is that folks here assume people around them are moral, religious, disciplined and have their shit together

    This is not even remotely true and when you run society if you want it to work , you have to paraphrase former Sec Def Rumsefeld have a society with the people you have not necessarily the ones you want

    Even if the Left and foreigners are purged the US will still be peopled by the broken and the idiots for generations

    This means whoever is in charge has to be set a rules set that prevents those people being a problem for other people .

    And yes driving too fast for your skill and the conditions , while distracracted or exhausted or especially on almost any drug endangers others

    This would be under common law a sort of reckless endangerment and would merit fine and or prison time

    This is why we have the system we do. And yes the system sucks as does mandatory insurance. Problem is, you don’t have that, you will get people running away from responsibility

    Hit and run is quite common now, I can’t imagine how much more common it would be without mitigation of it being a serious crime an dmost peopel having insurance

    In many states especially where I live in California, massive amounts of drug use makes the already difficult road situation nigh impossible and lethal collision and near accidents are a daily occurance

    After you’ve displaced the State, don’t assume drugs are going anywhere. Less cops, more dope and more dope use.

    In order for the commons, i.e the roads to work, they have to be well maintained (Cali roads are meh) sufficient in capacity (we are not there) and drivers have to know what they doing which is maybe 20% of drivers

    This means if your guys are in charge, you have to make it work

    Also note, while unpleasant methods can guarantee an ethnically homogeneous population you may never get a more moral or religious population in any reasonable time frame.

    The foundation of our society, its social glue is Christianity and if enough people have decided its nonsense, you no longer have the free social capital it gives you

    best you be prepared either to run a rump country in the Middle somewhere or figure out how to run an increasingly less moral nation with as few laws as possible and without it turning into a sewer,

    You figure out how to do that, juggle those balls you’re a better man than I am Gunga Din