Aesop: Trust But Verify

His latest.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. FUCK










    • Talk about your schizophrenia

    • Your comment, has absolutely Nothing to do with the story. We ALL know, you hate the Police, We get it. I have to ask, is your real name Abner Louima ?? There really is a Lot of Hatred, towards the PO PO.

      • His real name is Spanky McHam, Lord of Wank; King of the Lotion Islands, Abuser of Genitals and Other Reproductive Simulacra, Pounder of Hams Unlimited, Exalted Hairy-Palmed Blind Jerker

    • kekistantrans

      I sure wish you would stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel…

    • Sgt. Friday

      Tfat, the police can help you. Call them and they will come and help.

    • Teabag is merely a parasitic infection. Like Ebola.

      He can’t get any attention with his own fecund shit (or he’d blog it).

      The only way anyone will ever see his OCD ranting is by piggybacking it onto legitimate contributions, like mine or those of others, only getting away with even that on one of the few actually free speech sites left on the net, because everyone else would just hammer-ban him in perpetuity.
      (Haxo, call your office.)

      It’s also why everyone can safely conclude (and nearly everyone has) that his whole backstory is just a Walter Mitty delusionary fapfest.
      No one’s buying that anymore, so he’s devolved to these syphilitic rants.

      It is pathetic, but that’s pretty much how he rolls, since ever.
      Cue him doubling down with the sort of dazzling high-brow repartee that got people cock-punched in second grade, in 3,2,…

      He reminds me of something I occasionally pick up on my shoe in the gutter, very unpleasant on a hot day…

      • go to werk loser

        what an assclown

        what’s it like to be poor?


        • Good comeback, Potsie!

          As for being poor, you’d have to ask a poor person.
          That wouldn’t be me.
          And I don’t have to fantasize about it.

          Go back to playing with your diaper spackle, and suckling on the taxpayer’s teat. Nobody’s buying your bullshit.

        • It’s great being poor! I’m on no ones radar because I’m not worth watching. You on the other hand, Mr tFat, if you are all you say you are then you are on multiple radars. Many deep staters are interested in you…unless you are one of their paid shills. Even in that case they are still watching to make sure you stay on message.

    • Charley Waite

      I actually like Sting and they had some good songs. Why the hate?

  3. Detroit III

    You guys are no different than the big state. I questioned you in 2014 and you attacked me.

    Try and be intellectually honest at all times.

    • Oh, I get it, your imitating someone who has had a mental break, right? Right??

    • Sometimes I think, ‘intellectually honest’ is so passé’ (as in a long gone idea). On the plus side, reading the ‘comments section’ of web-sites like this can be more interesting that the actual articles themselves ……… at least one gets somewhat of an idea of what’s out there …….
      What I do find potentially interesting if there was a way to make actual contact with some of the folks that inhabit sites like this (at least the ones who you can relate to and make significant contributes in their posting): that really would be interesting ……….

  4. Blazing Apostle

    Dang. tfAt is under medicated again.

    • The Ebolas infected a sore on his groin while he was copulating with a fruit bat. Cray-CRAY!

      • go wave your fucked up flag loser

        • Sgt. Friday

          Tfat, can I give you a cavity search tonight?

        • No thanks, I would rather urinate asparagus gonorrhea on the alleyway toilet pig wino off his meds. That would be you.

          Face it. We’re the only people on Earth that have fun in your presence. Not counting the people you pay like street walkers and PornHub.

  5. What do any of these comments have to do with ebola? Fur s hizzle bizzle snap aroodle. Yikes.

    Yes still pushing this. The guy is apparently a real doctor.

  6. keith park

    So what was the original topic of this thread?

  7. Geezus Kryste.

    Is there some way to ban tfart?

    Every now and then when he’s on his meds he actually makes some good points.

    But the intervening weeks of constant repetitious rants that are all the same – makes it not worth waiting for the brief moment of lucidity.

    It’s like having a really hot chick around – that you can count on getting maybe two good bangs a year out of her….. while the rest of the time is full of senseless female ranting and insanity.

    The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze………..

  8. i see reality

    most do not

    most here DO NOT

    they still believe in huge lies


    i hope with all my might ebola ravishes the murka

    fuck everyone of you

    no mercy on cucks

    just pry to your weak loser god

    tfA-t never holds the reins of power

    you are worthless non-thinking working scum

    now pay your taxes


    • Sir would you like the contact information for my ex? I think you two would hit it off wonderfully as she is a full bore Cluster B on her good days and bipolar on her bad. I think you two would greatly resemble the red wasps the other commenter mentions. You would have to relocate to Elkton, Virginia but what a small sacrifice for LOVE!

    • TeaPhAgg was doing so good there for a little while. Then he remembered that time Hognose banned him and his ass turned all red, sore and chapped

      Goddamn that was funny.

      Hey teephatt, remember when you fucked up your little sock puppet experiment and were so busy jerking yourself off trying to answer posts here with “different” handles? Probably the closest to Pete throwing your ass out, that right there. Did you get a stern talking to? That was inept and pathetic of you, probably why you were only a pogue.

      As ever, fuck your three grandmas
      His Grace, The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

  9. Well I see you all have allowed Mr. Fat to dominate and de-rail the conversation AGAIN. I must admit he does play you like marionette puppets. Just ignore him, quit feeding his retorts! Or is it a friggin game, like sportz ball, you all like to play.



  10. One day two of my teenage sons were arguing. The argument devolved into a scuffle and then a fight. I broke it up before it got worse and had them follow me into the barn. We stood under the open ridge of the barn where a red wasp nest was located. I told them to stand still and watch the nest. It was only a matter of a few seconds when two of the red wasps began picking at each other over whatever irritates them. The next thing that happened I had witnessed over and over during the summer. The two wasps kept picking at each other and finally tangled and fell off the nest. Locked together and unable to fly, the wasps spiraled down to the dirt floor, whereupon I quickly stomped them and ground my foot left and right.
    I told my sons to learn the lesson of fighting each other. If you don’t pull together and work out your differences during critical times, someone will stomp you both and probably will kill you.
    Psychopaths and sociopaths will get theirs first.

    • tFat doesn’t like anybody.

      Without even knowing him and just going on past experience I’d hazard a guess that nobody likes him back.

      tFat thinks 300 million Murcans’ should be dead. He may be right. I can’t say I completely disagree.

      The thing is : if you’ve pissed off 300 million people and you’re an Army of one, you’re going to lose. He has to win 300 million times. It only takes one of those 300 million winning once to get rid of tFat.

      Those aren’t very good odds.

      I’m pretty sure if the balloon goes up the big boot is coming for tFat.

    • Good analogy Brother… Problem is you are there Dad who has authority over them so they will listen hopefully to your words of advice… Freefor on the other hand despise authority and would never submit to even just authority so will be stomped on by someone that does understand that…

  11. Well, so much for even a retard-level discussion regarding Ebola.

    BTW, T-fag, I agree with you about EVERYTHING. Oh, and I’m Jewish. And I never lie.