CHS: The Self-Destructive Trajectory of Overly Successful Empires

Deputy Commissar For Public Delusion Greenwood says not to read this demoralizing piece.

America will always be the greatest nation on Earth.

Just like Britain.

Or Rome.

30 responses to “CHS: The Self-Destructive Trajectory of Overly Successful Empires

  1. I hope this doesn’t sound “divisive” but Democrats are the Spawn of Satan.

    • if there is no god

      how can there be a satan?

      and there is NO god

      the murkins need to up their game

      it’s 2019 and the truth is out there

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “how can there be a satan?”

        Because Mr. and Mrs. Satan fucked and had a son they named Miroslav, and that’s just one example.

    • democrats, republicans, and Jews

      are the spawn of Satan.

      you silly cuck

  2. Nat Geo is soon to air Season Two of The Hot Zone, this season will cover the 1984 outbreak in TX as justification for Deep State Martial Law and suspension of investigation into DS, Globalist activities by the Trump administration.

  3. Yeah that’s fine. Just turn off a good portion of people you are trying to reach. I understand. Some. But do they? Not sure. ‘Bout that pard.

    This sort of thing reminds me of this.

    Not a fan.

    Not going to be here indefinitely. Of course not. Who ever said that was even an option? But we fight. Nonetheless. Because we do not know. When. Or how.
    Because when this light goes out…

    The Gael

  4. Sir John Glubb wrote the definitive essay on collapsing empires.

  5. Not sure I get your drift.

    The America of our youth is gone. Forever.

    What has replaced it is a morally and fiscally bankrupt shell in the form of the old country, but not the substance.

    Is that sitrep factually incorrect?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Too many here still live inside the bubble of their youth, refusing to see the corruption as they grow older, and instead blame the messenger for their own inability to see reality for what it is.
      Keep up the good work Pete, many more have opened their eyes and minds thru this site. The haters can continue to live in their world of denial.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Nations wax and wane. A country will appear moribund, only to have a dynamic king or leader rise and renew them. Then eventually that spirit fades, and they weaken again. Sometimes they get conquered and destroyed, other times, they rebuild. France and England have done it for centuries. Ditto the Chinese, and so did the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, until they finally got wiped out.


    I’m still waiting for the big crash. If you look at the previous empires described by Mr. Smith, the salient fact is while they did crumble, they did not get wiped off the face of the earth. Rome fell. Rural Italy kept on and on. Britannia no longer rules the waves, but it is still upright and breathing, complete with its corrupt, degenerate political class parading around in their Nutcracker costumes.
    I am almost through with Selco’s SHTF stories. The people who suffered the worst were the ones who were NOT prepared in any way, shape or form. There is a big lesson here. Things may go to the Devil in the Blue Hives. They are already well on their way in Kalifornia, Chicongo, Seattle, etc.(and check out what happened in Memphis last night).
    Contrary to scenarios portrayed in LUCIFER’S HAMMER, I just do not see this corrupt, syphilitic country vanishing, unless there is a Deus ex Machina event, vis-à-vis a Divine chastisement over the murder of 60 million innocent American babies. As Mr. Twain opined: History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Bleib ubrig.

    • DTW, I see what you see. It’s coming, we will survive.

      Not being the policeman of the world may just prove to be a good thing.

      Preparedness is key.
      location is also key.

      While I sing the US’s praise, I do see the decline. I’m just not going to let it get my down, or angry.

      I chose to focus on the things I can change for me my family, and my local community.

      Hoping to meet you in Cody.


      • dmv gringo

        When you have the time, after removing your tongue from drumpf’s sphincter, sift through this comment, you simping shitbag.
        DHS: Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. Without Undergoing Disease Tests

        • DMV Dildooooooooo, afternoon looser. Seems a bit early for you to be up and ” on it”

          Actually DMV, I have reviewed it. I flick you shit, but I agree with a lot of what you post.

          So be a good lil homo and go clean the dog shit in yer moms back yard!

          Don’t forget I’m taking, Trump TrumpTrump and The U.S. For 5000.00 Alex.

          Turd boy you coming to Cody. Love to buy you a beer.



        Dirk: I cannot make it to Cody. The family reunion which was supposed to happen in Prineville last year was cancelled due to the accidental death of a young cousin. I will be headed to Curry County on family-related business that weekend and then up to Wilsonville for the reunion.
        This will probably be the last time I will see any of my nieces and nephews and their children, due to my age and ongoing health issues. We are scattered from Hell to breakfast. Enjoy the fellowship. Bleib ubrig.

    • We could learn something from Memphis is we had any sense but I’m guessing the lesson will pass right over most…Hope you’re doing well Brother…

      • Memphis?

        I’m well, MRI this afternoon, headed your way hoping around the 20th, with a few nights in Salmon, ID..

        See you in Cody.


      • that did it. I will now search

        “what happened in Memphis last night”

        • apparently some cops good’d a ‘groid, then
          the ‘groids burned some stuff and
          injured some cops.


          • Yea Hexo, that’s what happened. I actually had to search, then lineman got back to me.

            Say Hexo, I’d like your thoughts on exactly this scene HOW should this have been handled. School me. How would you handle it, seriously.


  7. Hey Long Bow and Anon42, read your follow up post, outstanding. Have zero problems with your suggestions. I get it, I own it, the way my career went, we clearly didn’t get it right. The problem is systemic across the board.

    I’m just asking folks to share potential solutions instead of continuing to pound on the obvious. Thank you.


    I had asked Donnie his thoughts on the solution at the border aswell. Hopefully he will share his thoughts on solutions.

    • The solution is to be the only one standing at the end

    • Donny Corleone

      Dirk, I did reply to you in an earlier thread. As long as fedgov is in charge of the border and will not allow a solution then the matter is moot.
      I offered a theoretical solution which was liked by some and some thought was junk. Glad to see that you want a dialogue on the subject.

  8. Mr. Smith’s point is factual:
    “I have long held that America’s Deep State–the permanent, un-elected government and its many proxies and public-private partnerships–is riven by warring elites. There is no purpose in making the conflict public, so the battles are waged in private, behind closed doors.”

    Estado Profundo Hundiéndose

    Don’t do as they do……

  9. My “trad” brothers are likely already familiar with the prophesies of Alois Irimaier (1894-1959).

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s human nature. Romans were happy to fight civil wars prior to the Imperial days, though they were fewer in number.

    Look also at the end of the Third Reich – when it was clear that all was lost and that being in a higher position only guaranteed you an earlier spot in line for the hangman’s noose, people were still trying to unseat their superiors and gain whatever power and prestige could be held for the moment.

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