GoV: Stoking Herkimer

The Baron takes a big-picture perspective on The Brave New World now under construction.

What are you doing now to teach resistance thought and skills to folks 20 or even 40 years younger than you?

Here’s one idea.

What are others?

Tempus fugit.

4 responses to “GoV: Stoking Herkimer

  1. the best government is NO government

    the best cops are NO cops

    the best criminals are NO criminals

    the best people are NO people

    most humans suck

    “We started tracking former President, Barrack Obama’s movements over 4 months ago and frankly, I am a bit worried with what we found…”

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “Population replacement is not something that the citizens of the West ever desired. They would never have approved of it, but their approval was never requested. It was simply imposed on them. For my entire adult life, opinion polls have consistently shown that a large majority of the public oppose mass immigration. Yet until Viktor Orbán and Donald Trump came along, no significant political leader ever seriously tried to put a stop to the immigration tsunami. You could vote Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Labour, Venstre or Socialdemokraterne; it didn’t matter — you got more mass immigration. ”

    Just goes to show that Stalin was wrong – it’s not the guy who counts the votes who has the power, it’s the guy who selects the candidates. Given the immigration example from the article, the elite who want increased immigration are happy to let the peasants vote for whomever they wish, since they’ve already made sure that every candidate will increase immigration.

  3. “Herkimer”?…spell it:

    Horkheimer, as in (((Max Horkheimer))).

    but, for some reason, (((GV))) just can’t

    name the Jew.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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