Z Blog: Regulating The Public Space

Changes in form.

The socialist substance remains the same.


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  1. dmv gringo

    • Grenadier1

      I was just about to post this..

      • NorthGunner

        This is from Henrik and Lana at Red Ice:

        The Censorship Will Not Stop

        Yes, jfk was a shithead, but he was right about this.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • lastmanstanding

        12 seconds was about all I could take.

        You fucking guys spend way to much time on the web.

        Try meatspace.

  2. Join the “Don’t Marry Movement”. There are 3 main points:

    -Never legally marry an American woman
    -Never have children with an American woman
    -If you are married to an American woman, never buy a house so she cannot steal it from you in divorce

    Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here: https://womenarestupid.site/blog/the-don-t-marry-movement

    • Bonaventure

      ^—— Loser.

    • Bobby, sounds like you got burned bad. My condolences. Most Women are not evil.

      Might talk to One of the fella’s here. He’s got a “HOT” blow Up doll. Might be able to set you up with his girls, sister!. Granted they don’t say much, god help you, it your caught cheating on em.

      What the hell it takes all kinds.


      • you cuck

        most wymin ARE rotten

        you’re just so fucking old you have no clue about reality today

        the generation gap is now a vast expanse

        most of you over 60 old timers have no idea what’s out there now

        that’s why you all still believe in murka

        when you folks die it will be a good thing

        • I have a great idea tee, why don’t you boys, you lady haters here, get together, see about a group buy on your Barbie BlowUp Dolls.

          Isn’t that exciting? Hey hit your doc up for a dozen lil blue pills, my god, what a action packed evening with your very own custom blow up Barbie.

          Nirvana !


          • you’re so old

            just fucking die

            what’s the point old timer?

            no one cares about you

            no one likes you

            you’re just a turd taking up space

        • Bonaventure

          Ha ha. He who thinks of himself so high and mighty, couldn’t properly choose a wife, not once, but twice.* He with no mating skills, get to the back of the line. This place is for Alphas.

          *In reality, one gets married once, and only once. Anything after your first and only wife is simply adultery.

          • oh fuck you and your pathetic fucking god bullshit

            can’t wait till you all are hunted down and crucified

      • NorthGunner

        Ok, Dirt, since you decided to ‘go there’ let’s
        take that bit of an illustrative walk together buddy.


        You won “the lottery” in that your first wife DIDN’T go
        mentally goat-fuck on you and falsely accuse you of
        EITHER ‘domestic violence’ or “Rape”…women back
        then were riding the cock carousel so hard that the
        wheels and top came off..they still do now but they’re
        totally empowered by gynocentrism and ‘turd wave’
        “Feminism” and WILL happily accuse ANY man
        of imaginary crimes if it will either give them attention
        or enrich them…happens with disgusting regularity now.

        If your current wife hasn’t shown ANY of the behaviors
        below that ‘normal American women’ exhibit, say prayers
        of thanks, NEVER go to Las Vegas (you used up your luck!!)
        and NEVER let your wife watch “The View”, “Wendy” or
        similar “Feminist agitprop”.

        Congratulate yourself on getting an ACTUAL ‘Unicorn’..as
        women go they’re truly the rarest of the rare!!

        Bravo, Well Done!!

        For everyone else –
        (And no, getting a ‘foreign woman’ ISN’T the answer;
        the ‘State Dept.’ ever since the end of “The Bad War”
        has made it their mission under the UN to ’empower
        and liberate women around the world’ – Japan was
        merely the first test case)

        Let’s see…

        False accusations of domestic violence.
        False accusations of “RAPE”.
        High probability of contracting any number of STD’s
        (and there’s now a VERY resistant strain of Gonorrreha
        AND the flesh-eating STD known as donovanosis [granuloma inguinale]
        making the rounds…joy oh joy…NOT!!)

        High probability of being falsely accused of “inappropriately touching”
        ANY woman..even if you’re several feet away from her – and being
        “Meetooed” by both the gyno police AND the media (ask neil degrasse tyson how this works..he’s currently being sued by SEVERAL women with
        NO proof/police reports in evidence of their claims)

        Since over 1/3 of ALL women in America HAVE been diagnosed with
        at least one major mental health issue if not a combination of several,
        there’s a VERY HIGH potentiality of coming into contact with women
        who are fully in the throws of “Cluster B” drama if not “Borderline” insanity
        that CAN and WILL morph into “inexplicable” homicidal rage that will be
        acted out on the man that she’s currently with (Travis Alexander IS NOT available for comment!!).

        Less dangerous but just as mentally exhausting and draining is
        contemporary woman’s total dedication to operating solely by her
        ‘fee-fee’s’ and not to be outdone by her multiplicity of emotionally
        childish bullshit games/actions (remember women ARE children!!).

        And if one has had ANY children with a woman that’s gone fully
        ‘mango-batshit-I want a divorce NOW!!’ realize that unless there’s
        extremely extenuating circumstances (she’s a provable dangerous
        drug addict OR that she has a violent criminal history) ‘Family Court’
        WILL award her custody of all minor children AND slap the ‘child-
        support’ slave collar firmly down onto the man involved. And that’s
        on top of him most likely loosing his job, his bank account, his home
        and his car..and he’s still expected to PAY for said ‘child support’!!!

        There’s very good reasons that men going through the last element
        have a VERY high suicide rate.

        So, with “Feminism/Gynocentrism” fully empowered and weaponized
        what ARE men’s options?…..

        Option 1: Suck it up and ‘Fall on the Sword’.
        Option 2: Save oneself by seeing reality for what it is
        and deciding to self-actualize and self-validate as MGTOW

        Something that can help men in the second option, if they feel
        that they need the satisfaction physically of being with a woman
        WITHOUT engendering ANY of the risks is to follow MGTOW
        TFM’s wise advice:

        “Just get a Doll!”

        And with selections available like these, it’s like stepping
        into a virtual ‘Victoria’s Secret’ that solely caters to making
        men happy!

        Definitely NOT having to accept/make do with
        what ‘Granpappy’ had as an option, a cheap
        totally unrealistic ‘party balloon’ that last appeared
        in ‘Animal House’.

        Technology and artistry have definitely advanced
        way beyond that, to many men’s satisfaction and
        enjoyment. That’s borne out by the various
        choices in dolls showcased below:

        Sanhui 156cm ‘Cecilia’

        Sanhui 156cm ‘Severine’

        WM 166cm C-cup ‘Constance’

        YL Doll 140cm

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        WM Doll 168cm E-Cup Anastasia

        All of the enjoyment…NONE of the risks/headaches/disadvantages!
        (just have to remember to apply a monthly rub down of mineral
        oil to keep the tpe or silicone elastic and then a gentle powdering
        with corn starch to remove ‘tackiness’..such a chore,… 8^}

        We men DO have a choice!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        P.S. No, I have not yet been able to get any of these
        lovely silicone or tpe ladies; getting necessary preps
        first, priorities, remember, but when I can it’s going to
        be at least one of the 158cm Sanhui’s and a WM Doll..
        the ‘Anastasia’ most likely although the ‘Hannah’ model
        is definitely a ’10 for 10′ visually, at least to me..redheads…

        YMMV of course….

        • i’m going to get a couple of them just to sit around the Bar to let the cunts see what they’re expected to look like

          i have several always chasing me, none of them are worthy- they never are

          i’ll put $ on Dirts chirrun being hayseed fudds like he is

          no thanks, don’t want that on my conscience

          i always pay my attention to the older whores anyways- they appreciate a good man more than the bimbos, and they have their own money

          fact is, there aren’t even a handful of decent females in a hundred these days


          • NorthGunner

            Here’s the links to two different but related vendors:

            The DC Dollhouse

            TFM is partnered with DC Dollhouse (Phil)

            The San Antonio Dollhouse

            If one’s going to spend money on a gal, might as well do it this way and pay only once!

            Plus since so many women today already are ‘enhanced with silicone’ might as well go all the way and get a doll or two..at least they WON’T age or sag! (and the ‘regular maintenance rubdowns with mineral oil and pat downs with corn starch can be a fun treat in itself!).

            As to the realism (ok,..’jiggle factor’) this video from YouTube will give one an idea – it’s showcasing the WM 155cm dolls. BTW the video isn’t ‘work safe’ (especially if you have hyper feminist co-workers or cucked beta males who are White Knight rats).

            Art and tech have come a long way!!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Man I pity you it must really suck to be in your shoes…

        • For once in my life, I’m actually at a loss for words.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Boring, repetitive spam is boring and repetitive.

      • “Bobby” Is one of several names for a spam bot websight.

        • NorthGunner

          Spambots – No bueno amigo!
          Fembots?.. Si’!, especially if they can make tasty sammiches and whip up some huevos and chili reyenos with bacon and a cup of joe!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Sorry Bobby but you selected the wrong target. The bitch was just the trigger. Nor is the bitch being American have anything to do with it The thief is the equity (family) court system as defined in the various States. Spend your effort attempting to fix that, and good luck because there are way too many players profiting from it.

      I would also ask — how many red flags did you ignore because you were keeping the little head wet?

      • NorthGunner

        There is no ‘fixing’ the “Temple of Gynocentrisim” aka ‘Family Court’; Men’s Rights Activists (MRA’s) have been attempting that for over 40 yeas to no avail – women will NOT allow ANY challenge to their politically created and wholly un-earned privileges.

        As long as women can run rampant with both Gynocentrisim and Hypergamy in full force without any checks on either,
        things remain on the clown world track.

        This is WHY women’s rights must be taken away and Patriarchy restored!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. Grenadier1

    “The point of all this is not that libertarians are right that the market will magically sort out the problem for us. All of this could have been avoided if the government had done its job and cracked down on these oligopolies a long time ago. The natural disaggregation of the public space will not happen without help from the state either. It’s that wide open public forums cannot last. It was tried decades ago by smarter people and a much smarter user base. Eventually, peaceful separation became the only alternative.”

    This has me scratching my head a bit. You start off by saying that Libertarians are incorrect asserting that the market will sort it out, then you express a desire for the government to put its hand in the mix, because the market cant sort itself out, then you reference an example of the early internet where the market did indeed sort itself out, and then assert that the market will eventually sort itself out.

    Yes I agree that the big tech companies need to decide if they are publishers of content or if they are simply carriers of content and they need to act accordingly. I am open to the idea that the government probably should look into them and question if they have utilized some form of unfair business practices as there is no doubt that they are coordinating efforts to blacklist specific individuals and this is a problem and is clearly in violation of legitimate government consumer protections. I am however very hesitant to encourage government to get itself any more involved with big tech in the form of regulations. This would be far to easy for the big tech companies and big government to exploit and create a situation via regulation that allows big tech to write itself into a legal monopoly and a forever partnership with big government. Far from breaking up the tech companies, big government could enshrine them in a position that the market could not touch because a new start up would find it impossible to meet all of the regulations that big tech has lobbied to have written into law.
    I think we have to wait and let alternative providers rise to meet the demand that is building. I think that’s happening already and thus the market is indeed sorting itself out.

    • First the free market has been strangled, the ‘social media’ works to stop alternatives from being born, ‘social media’ is part and parcel of the NWO ie. tyrants whose purpose is to monitor and oppress you. ‘The State’ is sustained by this oppression~just look at China. “create a problem, install a solution that furthers State Power over the citizenry”. We will have to go back to tin cans and string, couriers and drop points, pre-computer cars, to avoid electronic surveillance

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “the big tech companies need to decide if they are publishers of content or if they are simply carriers of content ”

      They will avoid doing that until literally the last possible second. By keeping it blurry, they get the best of both worlds – the ability to police thought, but no corresponding liability for content that they don’t police. Expect them to fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are – nothing short of a Supreme Court decision is likely to force a change.

    • Zcuck is a snake oil salesman. You gotta hear the whole pitch and then comes the call to action: “Only $5/month and you can keep hearing my pseudo-intellectual clap trap.”

      • He just recently started the pleas for money.

        I’ve been reading Zman for quite some time now.

        The snake oil that’s getting peddled over isn’t financial.

        It’s ideological. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the people who populate that site , Zman included – are lefties. They’re selling a good line – but in the end it’s just the next iteration of Neoconnery to take in the conservative rubes.

      • Pro tip:

        anyone asking for $ is a loser

        they are less than dogshit

        fuck them

        i just cannot remember a time i asked for $


    • As I’ve already said here in the comment section of WRSA:

      I’d be very careful of believing the line of BS that is getting thrown around over at Zman’s place.

      I REALLY don’t think what most of the denizens over there are looking for – matches up very closely with what the WRSA crowd imagines as a future to look forward to.

      Here’s a money quote from the Zman in the comment section to that blog post:

      ” But our problem is not too much government,”

      Yeah , ok Zman – this country’s problem is that it doesn’t have enough government.

  4. “Stay tuned… next week the candidates will pledge to protect the Vatican’s right to exist, agree to send them $10 million a day, and fight those who hate Christianity.”

    • Bonaventure

      It’s almost as if it were all scripted. Nah,could never happen.

      • NorthGunner

        Scripted like Hoggy boi’s statements about the ‘Parkland Shooting’
        and of course they all ‘took the Pledge’ (only way they were
        going to get any of those tasty sheckels!!).

        ‘gov’, as it currently exists in America, exists to fulfill
        the needs and desires of the communist/zionist elites
        from the Rothschild’s on down…we deplorables, dirt-
        people, working people, etc are merely the ‘productive
        element’ that they economically and militarily reach
        for as ‘groceries on the shelf’ and also the willing
        conduit thru which their century plus debtbux shell
        game is legitimized and sourced as a debt/loan
        financial pump engine for them.

        When their counterfeit debtbux looses it’s legitimacy
        with us – the game is over for them (how many cops
        and military will knowingly accept worthless paper
        for service..especially service which may result in their
        immediate crippiling or death?).

        Once they print debtbux’s round the clock in
        amounts spat out that make Niagara Falls
        look like a garden hose (especially to possibly
        pay for Corey’s ‘reparations’) then they will
        hyperinflate and make the economic hell that
        German people went through in the early ’20’s
        look like a day at the park.

        Once the debtbux dies, it’s definitely on
        like Donkey Kong — and there’s nothing
        that the parasite class can do to stop it.

        And z is nothing more than a droning
        anesthetizing cuck..a ‘gate-keeper’
        just like Alex Jones.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Pro tip:

      anyone who would vote for a master can eat shit and die

      just look at all these scumbags

      yeah sure

      i want one of you shitstains to make choices for me- NOT!

      fuck ALL government

      statists must be tortured and killed along with their infected families

  5. Interesting article. Having not been to many other web sites other then WRSA, and a couple survival sites, I have no idea what’s going on. I like it that way.

    Apparently their’s a new ” language” going around exclusive to the computer world for instance Cuck? Are you calling some one a nut/crazy?
    Then there’s queselling. Isn’t that a baby bird?

    Where have the days of men speaking ones mind, using an agreed upon language, gone.

    This new lingo sounds like left wing gibberish. Men my age or close using this childish shit need to rethink their past and their present.

    I’m pretty happy with my world. I’ll not use the language of the left to describe anything. Your new language, your new ways are not endearing for me or mine.

    It’s hip to be square.


    • you just made my point above

      you have no fucking clue what is going on in 2019

      you’re old- you live in the late 1900s still

      you should quit with your out-dated opinions and views

      thankfully, they will die along with your generation

      and not a moment too soon

    • NorthGunner

      Yep, ignorance is bliss Dirt, but…it’s still ignorance.

      Let’s see what the term ‘cuck’ derives from and
      how it applies here.

      Cuck, from cuckold.

      1. noun
      the husband of an unfaithful wife.

      2. verb (used with object)
      to make a cuckold of (a husband).

      milksop, pushover, coward, wimp, crybaby, namby-pamby,
      baby, pantywaist, chicken, pansy, daisy, wuss, jellyfish

      It also directly refers to the actions by the cuckoo bird
      and it’s parasitism on other birds by laying it’s own eggs
      in their nests and getting them to unknowingly raise
      their young at the expense of their own offspring.

      So, bearing the above definition in mind, a cuck is anyone
      that enables and validates the parasitism by the so-called
      ‘elites’ upon themselves or others while they contend that
      the situation is normal and the indoctrinated social order
      is legitimate and working for their interests, hence they
      ALWAYS ‘vote’ for more of the same.

      The pic below is representative.

      And that concludes today’s lesson in reality kids!
      Don’t forget to vote…it REALLY works!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Joe Postma

    You have to realize that all News, all TV stations, all social media, all TV programming…is the same thing as signing up to some advertiser’s newsletter, except you’re signing up to have your entire existence micro-managed by said advertiser.

    When you consume and use these “services”, you are signing a contract that says that these corporations now have executive privilege in managing your life. They will manage your emotions, they will manage your thoughts, they will manage the emotions and thoughts which you are exposed to, and they will ensure that you have “the best products” which they of course offer for you to buy to make yourself feel better.

    They will ensure that you drink sufficient caffeine so that you are almost always jacked up in a state of fight or flight; they will show you some murders that happened somewhere and some kids that were killed, then they will switch to some feel-good story about some charity you can donate to (which they run), then they will show you some products you can buy which will make you feel better about life; they will ensure that you are exposed to the “political ideas” that they want you to believe in, while ensuring that you are never exposed to alternative ideas (which they call hate-speech, queuing of course on your emotionally-caffeinated state of flight or fight).

    They will ensure that you have the emotions that they want you to have, and the (limited) thoughts they want you to have (no matter the degree of cognitive dissonance – more is better!), they will ensure that you have the correct political affiliation, and most of all, thus, they will ensure that you purchase the products that they want you to purchase.

    And they will be able to time and extrapolate exactly when you will make those purchases so that with nano-second trading on the stock market they can further “profit” off of every single purchase affecting a stock valuation at the micro-cent level.

    The global Media System is an advertising agency to which you sign the deed of your life over to. It offers to micro-manage every aspect of your life so that you don’t have to.

    It is like you’re signing your signature to some high-pressure used car salesman, or time-share program, or gym membership…but in this case you’re signing on to have your entire existence managed by the salesman. HE has the best stuff after all, and he’ll take care of you, etc.

    • NorthGunner

      “…They will ensure that you have the emotions that they want you to have, and the (limited) thoughts they want you to have (no matter the degree of cognitive dissonance – more is better!), they will ensure that you have the correct political affiliation, and most of all, thus, they will ensure that you purchase the products that they want you to purchase.

      And they will be able to time and extrapolate exactly when you will make those purchases so that with nano-second trading on the stock market they can further “profit” off of every single purchase affecting a stock valuation at the micro-cent level…”

      Kind of like this….

      Minority Report – Personal Advertising in the Future

      The sanctity of one’s own mind is it’s privacy.
      Once that privacy has been breached, one
      no longer owns oneself.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Among so many other things that could be said, the name of Britain’s “home secretary “ currently is Sakij Javid. Clown world.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. On top of all the censorship take a look into what is called the TAPS Act AKA the minority report pre crime act.

    Another bad one is the equality act

    Why is there only a handful of people reporting or talking about these issues….

  10. A.B Prosper

    Z’s point was that there is no Libertarian or Liberty minded future out there to be had. Technology and human nature makes it impossible

    Too much networked technology, too many computers and too many people with too little morality or religion.

    You do not have and never will again have a homogenous, moral and religious population that you will leave other alone, caveat you kill everyone in your new nation who is non compliant and somehow close the doors to outsiders who want to run your shit

    If you do not regulate , what will happen is big data and banks team up to disarm you by refusing any services to anyone who gives you services , i.e our database suggests you might own an assault rifle and unless you submit to a regular search and an affidavit you own no firearms , you may not use bank services and anyone else using bank services who does business with you while on the blacklist will not have bank services.

    Thus you can’t buy anything, gas, foods pay your mortgage, anything and no one will take your cash for fear they’ll not get bank services It’s a fully voluntary , fully privatized mark of the beast , no “government” involved

    And sure big banks will lose money. They don’t care and can always get the government to bail them out

    Optionally, you decide what the rules are and regulate the crap out of all the people who want to hurt you.

    You use state force to make people leave people alone.

    • Good luck with that Brother…No one wants to win or hold power it’s so much easier to just bitch and complain online don’t you know…Sad That…

      • A.B Prosper

        This is the biggest problem with the militia right, cucked by fake Liberty

        What they don’t understand is that they have more freedom from the government save a few caveats, guns to some degree and a regulatory state than people have in 50 years and in some areas, a hundred years or more

        Big business and the private sector are the main oppressors not Fed Gov

        Hell half the problems we have , especially the border are the State not doing its job properly in fact.

        Its ugly to say but limited government is gone for good in a world where people can make genetic engineered polio at home

        This suggests to me that the militia right if it ever acts up and I doubt it will do much is just a temper tantrum like a 4 year old screaming “leave me alone.”

        This is pointless when the real question is “when I get what i want will we allow abortion or gay marriage?” or any of a hundred other questions.

        You break it you buy it.

        Now I know we both are regular visitors to Z’s blog ,at least the Dissident Right gets this . Someone will be in charge, like it or not. It had better be you.

        The trick is figuring out what you want and what you’ll pay for it.

        The way I figure it, restored America needs to be a great place to have a family and raise kids. All policy flows from that.

        Otherwise modernity will sterilize your society and while your cargo cult is waiting on the invisible hand, the only people left will be Amish.

        • The trick is figuring out what you want and what you’ll pay for it..
          Oh Brother I’ve already got all that figured out the whole thing from top to bottom but I can’t clone myself yet so implementing it is the tricky part…

        • SemperFi, 0321

          “Big business and the private sector are the main oppressors not Fed Gov”

          Please tell us what you’re sniffing, the rest of us need some too.

          • NorthGunner

            Must be smoking some REALLY good buds..probably AK47 or similar…

            And not sharing?…

            That’s just not right!!

            Even Oddball would be offended by such negative waves and anti-social behavior!
            (He’s not the only one who wants his own Tiger tank!)

            Woof! Woof! Woof!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. My nephew, a resident deputy in NorCal, was telling me a few weeks ago, that SCOTUS, very recently has shut the Feds down regarding citizens being on ANY public property.

    He’s in Placer County, Foresthill, all the way to Norden, when the roads are open” . He explained that the fed cops ” Forstry and BLM” are still forcing a move every sixty days. The nexus being the need to clean the garbage up.

    I’ve not researched the SCOTUS findings for comformation. I will and get back to you all.

    I’d been told that in many forests in Ca, the Feds were citing campers who were not in designated camping grounds. I’d never heard of such bullshit. It’s We The People’s , land.

    Regulating public space appears to have gotten fixed for now.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      No Dirk, it’s here. You used to be able to camp anywhere in the Nat’ Forest, go north of Sun Valley ID towards Stanley, (giant yuppie playground for jogging/x country skiing, etc) everything is posted and closed off, no dogs off leash, no camping except in designated campgrounds, etc, and we’re seeing it now coming to NW Wyoming too. The woods Nazis are everywhere, just looking to issue citations.
      It’s not public, it belongs to Big Brother. But you can rent it, with the proper credentials, being a liberal communist helps.

      • they did that in MI almost 10 years ago

        fell trees over the trails and staked-in brown plastic signs banning ORVs, motor vehicles, camping…

      • NorthGunner

        “..The woods Nazis are everywhere, just looking to issue citations.
        It’s not public, it belongs to Big Brother…”

        So what happens AFTER the jew debtbux hyperinflates and then implodes and a couple of thuggish twigpigs hassle the wrong group of people who are camping and just want to be ‘left alone’?…

        Especially after those folks leave and the twigpigs are found stripped, hung and gutted like a couple of Whitetails and their ‘service vehicle’ is similarly left a whee-less frame after being scavenged?…and the locals shrug their shoulders and don’t make a point of saying shit to any responding ‘uniforms’ about it.

        In such a time, the remaining twigpigs WILL see the ‘handwriting on the wall’ and decide that “the pay ain’t worth that shit!” and pack it in, especially since “official help” will NOT be forthcoming as ‘Unca Sugar’ is going to have all the major resources and manpower dedicated to protecting ‘Blue Hive Central’ aka DC and maybe a few other key areas…God forbid they actually send any agents or personnel into the Appalachian region or ‘fly-over land’ to ‘ensure compliance’..that’d be a ‘make sure wifey signed the life insurance policy because you and the rest of the team AIN’T coming back!’ situation.

        Team International Globohomo DOESN’T have the necessary police or military manpower to enforce jack shit nationwide when, not if, things go tits up.

        Here’s an analysis by John Mark:

        CIVIL WAR 2 in America – WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

        Keep, prepping, training and remember that life is to be lived and enjoyed if at all possible.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. These “master of the universe” oligarchs who are banning conservative speech they either don’t agree with or don’t like are handing the FTC an engraved, gold plated invitation that says “REGULATE ME”. There are things that the platform owners should regulate, like child porn and NAMBLA and other things that they don’t currently do a good job at, however banning conservative speech, which they have jumped on with gusto recently, is shooting them selves in the foot in the long run. It’s driving switching to sites Gab and others mentioned in the article. Nothing like creating your competition through stupidly implementing your personal politics through your public business.