Best To Have Some Alternate Plans For 2020

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. SW Richmond

    Whoever wins the 2020 elections, the other side will not acvept the result.

    • I beg to differ. The maga militias are neutered paper tigers who will just complain on the internet and vote harder next time. The other side will burn cities down. They have somewhat of a proven track record.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Right will ultimately go along with it if the Left wins. It’s what they do.

  3. Trump was and is a con job. He is just another servant of whatever demonic force is actually in power. The browns will not be stopped. The wall will not be built. The Guns WILL be taken. Whites will get a free train ride, with a nice shower at the end. No one is coming to save you. The only vote you have left that any one in FedGov , can be forced to respect is the one in the magazine of a rifle. You fuckers can do as you like. But voting for Trump in 2020 will no more change what is going on in the world than voting for Chimp ears did, for the left.” They” have a plan. It progresses. Only armed violence can stop it. ALL OTHER OPTIONS have been tried..and have failed. Live free or die.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      You should commit suicide then you defeatist coward.

      • Oh fuck you, you (R) sucking idiot. You are nothing but another FED-GOV. Troll Bot propaganda hit …THING. Fight or get on the train. Voting is useless unless you use a rifle to do it. BFYTW! We fight or we die. Now crawl back under your rock. Cat turd.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Does it hurt when you try to think, or just given up completely?
        Appears both your brain cells went on strike and the default mode kicked in.

      • no, braindeaddaze: Ray understands the obvious:

        Drumpf had vastly energized and catalyzed the urban Jew/shitskin hardLeft and now (((they))) want our blood…

        …and has been a complete disaster of the flyover country White/Right.

        4 more years of Drumpf (currently allowing 10,000+ illegal shitskins per day over the vaporized border) and White America is burnt toast.

        if, however, the Reds win the election, the White hardRight catalyzes, metastizes, and – when the Jewbuck dies – can still win CW2.

        fortunately, it looks like Drumpf is in a lotta trouble: Quinnipiac has him down 19% to Joe the Pedo; about half that is demoncrat over-sampling, which still leaves Drumpf down by 10…in any case, no generic Republican can win a the national pop vote now, and Drumpf will lose that by 3 to 6 million. Ditto the EC: thanks to all his betrayals (and the ongoing “demographic change”) Drumpf will win no state that he did not win in 2016. He will certainly lose both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; the former because the dems simply negelected to steal it via the fake-Philly Blackvote in ’16, and Wisconsin because the dems will actually campaign there this time instead of taking it for granted. That puts Drumpf @ 278 in the EC. If just one of these states flips – Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, either Carolina – Drumpf is history.

        and good fucking riddance to him.

        • Chad Thundercock

          You know you’ve got a problem when the most banned commenter on the interwebs agrees with you. No one give a shit what you think Haxo Asswipe.

    • Donny Corleone

      What Ray said. People will literally shout you down if you point this out.
      Trump is a proven pathological liar who has used this personality flaw to fool the people whom he is supposed to serve.
      As I have said before, if you tell people what they want to hear, then they will disregard the proof to the contrary which is right before their eyes.
      My own wife agrees with me on 90% of what I observe but will hear no ill words about Trump. She watches Fox News most of the time and believes that the bullshit they spew is gospel.
      The majority of the right is cucked beyond redemption. You can’t tell them, they have to be shown. And they will be.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Why is his entire crew continuously jumping ship on him? There is something strange going on, since nobody wants to finish the mission with him. And the fact half of his crew is still swamp dwellers. He has no intention of cleaning up the Fed and IRS, the wall is a joke and we’re seeing more illegals than ever before. He could have strung up temporary barbed wire, but even that never got done. It’s all a fukn smokescreen.
        I keep wanting to trust the guy and say the voters are right, stick with him, but something is very fishy about that guy.
        Gut feeling says no.

        • tfA-t called drumpf out before the selection

          tfA-t sees things as they are

          ALL HAIL tfA-t!

          • Trump is not what a lot of people thought he was. But what is he really? And why the Deep State effort for a “coup”? If no one goes to jail, then it’s all just a well played act. If people go to jail, then what are we to conclude? Is Trump one of them, or just an incompetent? He is clearly his own worst enemy. BLOAT.

            • a lot of people- no MOST people are fucking stewput

              it’s all a show

              politics are nothing but a distraction for the non-thinking

              the ending hasn’t been changed

              tfA-t isn’t fooled by hucksters

              he understands humans are basically scumbags

              he grew up in detroit

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Is he really a chess master, or just a tweeting idiot. I still want to know.
              He’s got enough dirt on Waters, Pelosi, Clinton, etc that he could have locked them up last year (El Chapo gave quite a list of his bribe money, along with those involved with the Mexican president), and instead they’re running free and stirring up more false charges against him every day, WTF? I don’t understand this lackadaisical approach to taking out the enemy, it’s almost as if he’s giving them a free pass.

        • NorthGunner

          “I keep wanting to trust the guy and say the voters are right, stick with him, but something is very fishy about that guy.
          Gut feeling says no.”

          I’m thinking that more and more of the folks that
          voted for him in 2016 are echoing Reid in the
          video below:

          Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

          Anyone who says, “Take their guns first, due process comes
          later” is someone I will NEVER trust in any fashion!

          Chump has shown where his loyalties lie,…israel
          and it’s parasitic hordes.

          It’s amazing that others don’t yet see and understand that.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Berglander

      I wish you were wrong-however I believe that you are right.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Only armed violence can stop it. ALL OTHER OPTIONS have been tried..and have failed. ”

      So, we’ll be hearing from you on the evening news in the very near future then, I take it?

      • Another play ground bright boy shouting YOU GO FIRST IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS. So does that mean that you like most internet hero’s don’t ,and never will stand up for freedom? Yes IT DOES! If you are to gutless to jump, get out of the way. PUSSY.–Ray

    • St.Maur1066

      Agree 100%. And I will hasten the trial by fire and vote ANTI-TRUMP!

    • Live free then die.

      The first is an option, the second an inevitability.

      When are you going to shoot t-fAp in the dick?

  4. This isn’t news, or anything close.
    We knew all that on November the 9th, 2016.
    It’s as likely (or unlikely) now as it was then.

    What’s also changed that calculus has been record low unemployment, particularly among minorities, and wholesale defection of the sane fraction from the Moonbat Party, making repeating their performance from 2016 and adding to it commensurately unlikely.

    Speculatively, it’s just as likely Trump runs the table and takes 47 states in 2020.
    Doubly so, looking at the short bus of retarded kids running against him.

    And that’s before we take into account “vote-mining” AKA ballot-box stuffing, a long-time fave DNC trick going back decades.

    So who cares?
    The results change the timetable, and the trajectory, but not the ultimate result. Things as they are, good and bad, cannot continue. Things returning to an even better time is virtually impossible without rivers of blood, one way or another.

    Plan and prepare for either outcome. And live your life.
    There are no certainties or guarantees, and no one gets out of this alive.
    But they generally fare better if they don’t walk around in a fog of stupidity 24/7.

    • you simping CUCK

      go die and rot away

      • Now now, don’t step out of character Handjob.

      • Go back to sucking your diapers, Teabag.

        Nobody’s buying your bullshit, and most never did.
        All you do here is provide entertainment but smashing a steaming shitpie in your face every day.

        Change your handle to Comedy Relief.

    • kypartisan

      “particularly among minorities”

      what does this matter? they will vote democrat anyway.

      • Really?

        How’d that work out for Shrillary in 2016?
        Just curious to test your theory…

        The fact that Trump’s been getting consistent positive reviews from minorities has had the DNC shitting kittens for 2 1/2 years, but you say it isn’t so.

        Either way, win or lose, he definitely isn’t going to be in the job by Jan. 21, 2025.

        You’ve had 2 1/2 years to get serious, you’ve got about 1 1/2 left, minimum, and 5 1/2 maximum.
        Best be about it, right?

        • kypartisan

          some of them may like him sure, but will they vote for him if the vote at all? im unsure.

  5. mister-sigint

    If you are doing anything in preparation your odds are better than average. If not, well then too bad.

  6. Old Gray Wolf

    All I ever expected from Trump, at most, was another few years to BLOAT and learn. If that’s all I got, good enough. If I get another few, it’s just worse for the enemy when they finally get to meet me. The fight is coming. Not maybe. Is. And the longer it weighs, the more equipped and skilled I will be. Today, tomorrow, or years from now, it’ll just be a vicious effort to kill as many of the enemy as possible. Until then, I’ll use the time available.

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    Waits, not weighs..

    • It’s also time to let the enemy keep revealing itself and others of like mind to join our team.
      Red pill on.


  8. colddeadhandsdays

    He hasn’t done much on the court issues but I will take four more years to prepare for what’s coming after. Anyone who thinks otherwise is An enemy of American Civilization and as far as I’m concerned no better than a red.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Core issues.

      • at the rate Drumpf is letting murderous, anti-White shitskins across the border he vaporized, Whites will be a minority in ‘Murka BEFORE 2030.

        at that point, mere numbers – esp. since half the Whites are now so pozzed they accept extinction in return for their daily warm shower of Jewbucks – dictate that the JudeoCommunists win CW2.

        for more years of Drumpf-style “preparation”, and White American Civilization is dead.

        you silly cuck

  9. Florida also allowed non-violent felons to vote. How many of the 1.5mil Florida felons are non-violent? How many will vote for Trump?

    • 2020 might already be over because Florida enfranchised felons. Eighty percent of them are black (i.e., Democrats). The Republicans won last year’s gubernatorial and Senate races by less than 1%… and that was without the felon vote.

      If Trump loses Florida in 2020, he’s finished. He can’t win without it.

  10. Johnny Paratrooper

    The Walmart in Cody, Wyoming has cross-eyed Afghan’s working at it.

    I see some winning.

    You need to drive across country to see it.

    But the notion that a Caliphate is building in Cody Wyoming is absurd.

    • Berglander

      There are plenty of leftoids in Cody who are willing to sell out to allow Afghans to repopulate Wyoming.

  11. Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

    • baseball cap- check

      long hair- check

      beard- check

      t-shirt- check

      fucking murkin cuck

      • case of jerkins – check
        freezer full of Hotpockets – check
        room full of video games – check
        open invitation to village children to said gameroom – check
        hefty supply of assorted candies – check
        multiple prescriptions for Rohypnol in the name of dead hookers – check
        hidden sliding door to soundproof romper room – check
        multiple boats each with supply of deck bleach – check
        tide charts and gps- check

  12. My strategy as a preparedness thinking member of the honorable resistance and plank holder of The 500 Year Leap, as FreeFor, is to think like GloboHomo. What Would I do to assure GlobaHomo Clown Power is absolute?

    The precursors of immediate future TINVOWOOT: how to nullify the vote of hundreds of thousands in key precincts in order to nullify an entire election.
    AKA Election by vote fraud.
    The base narrative was established, 2016 did not represent the vote of the people, the old dead white toxic slave masters system of racism and repression is broken. The replacement narrative is the mob must rule, the mob is legitimate, the mob is the voice of the people. No mob in key precincts and jerrymandered districts, create such with altered, fake, and cartons of just in case counterfeit alternate ballots.
    We witnessed this blatant usurpation in the 2018 election cycle. Clumsy, incompetent, poorly executed, but this is fine when the dead elephants remain passive aggressive enablers at the table of power.
    Key take away there exists prepositioned funds, materials, and personal, the plans, and knowledge of how to minimally grant plausible deniability of vote fraud and gerrymander, in order to be successful. The fake media provides another layer of plausible deniability. Further more de-platform, sensor, proscribe from social media and alt-media platforms all respected or prominent thought leaders and voices of FreeFor, proscribe key phrases, words, symbols, and alt-agitprop, banish all memes, depriving viral sharing of news and events pertaining to election by vote fraud.
    A margin of redundancy will be calculated into the process of the physical vote tampering. The polls and punditry will inflate the percentages and margins of chosen usurpers in concert with the margin of vote fraud executed, providing the masses with a narrative of closely contested races, therefore creating a picture of legitimacy of the social divisions between 2 party politics illusion.

    Or Plan B, cause so much trouble, create so much turmoil, construct a narrative, declare the 2020 election a consteetooshunull crisis as a means, employ deep state/shadow government Continuity of Power contingency, install ruling elite GlobHomo puppet, Begin immediate liquidation of all the dirt people.

    This is graphic:

    ‘Stealing the 2020 Election’

    Essentially the prime directive there is to be no repeats of 2016 allowed, no matter what it takes.
    There is another imperative here. The lightbringer had 8 years to jump the Overton Window. To say he and his minions dropped the ball is an understatement. They had it in the grasp ofb their meathooks and totally blew it. The Great Fuck You and Trump as murder weapon should never have had even a fart in a mitten of chance to start with.
    The fact the dirt people had a color revolution on 11/8/2016 is a profound tell they existentially underestimate us. We where thought all but finished off. By 2016 a mere foot note in the long march. We where not even a minority factor. All was left was our dis-armament, and our 3rd world shithole replacement.

    Past is prologue: After the debacle of 1980, no more Ronny Raygun’s. By 2016 they became complacent, blinded by the hubris of delusions of assured continuity of power.
    How can such divine overlords of the universe be denied their royal staff of absolute rightful power? The cat was in the bag.

    Obvious in retrospect and hindsight?
    Yet the truth of how FUBAR the FUSA is always must be spoken plainly, accepted in proportion to its depravity, the inherent dangers given the direct mark 1 eyeball, for proper perspective required to survive and win.
    One must know his enemy.
    In war one must know what his enemy holds dear.
    Unfettered unlimited political power to destroy FreeFor.
    This is the singular goal from 1776 to now.
    Believe it or not, it is the Deplorable’s, the Bitter Clinger’s, the `LeVoy Finnicum’s and Randy Weavers, the Andrew Breitbart’s and Sarah Palin’s, the Organized Militia’s, the dirt people of the honorable resistance, who are the bulwark against one world power.
    As long as we exist they can never obtain their agenda. We literally stand in their path to hemisphere spanning absolute power.
    If you can not wrap your head around this truth, ask yourself then why do they hate us so much, why such relentless blood feud contempt for us, why the class and culture pogrom, why wage all this white genocide against us, name us Nazi’s, racists, deplorable, bitter, fascists who cling to outmoded ways, family, traditions, guns, bibles, our culture and our history? Why is our Christianity, and especially it’s precepts, morals, taboo’s and codes so reviled, and why go to the perversions and extremes to undermine, subvert and destroy it?

    If we where not in their way why all the bother?

    If not, why are they so afraid of our rifles?

    What is underway is the 3rd major go around. Four, if you count the bizarre outlier war of 1812, a funny military action more than anything.
    But never the less three times the charm. These are the opening days of no going back. The die was cast in 2018. From now till the end of hostilities.
    The stakes are thus:
    There will be only one survivor.
    There can only be one survivor.
    It was inevitable.
    It is how these things go.

    GloboHomo’s minions, useful dupes, it’s horde of cannon fodder, perceives all opposition as illegitimate. All losses it suffers, due to enemy corruption and never it’s gross defects.
    FreeFor is the enemy.
    The dirt people are the root of all perceived social evils.
    This is their liminal excuse.
    Accept the reality no matter how depraved or insane, how far past the pale or deranged. Embrace the reality it is collective insanity. Underlying all exists self destructive tendencies, a human self extinction movement. Where else is it heading? Utopia does not exist. But dystopia sure as hell does.
    It is what it is.
    Prepare for being on the sharp end.
    Only Winning Counts.

    • Plankton67


      Why not both? Plan a & Plan B may be complementary, providing added distraction and smoke screen. The Chinese idea of “Cheng” & ‘Chi”. In normie warfare, every force maintains a reserve, and other units get complementary objectives. I am not convinced they have the juice to do that, but it is worth considering. As soon as things heat up, it will be well past time to even mull over what they might be up to.

      pic semi related :

      • Well yeah. Absolutely. The pattern of usurpation is clear. You throw everything possible at it. That is all the swamp is. One platform out of many for the purposes and benefit of the ruling elites.
        There is no “legislation” going on or passed. It is a device of tyranny where an illusion of some sort of legitimacy exists to advance corrupt and tyrannical objectives. The swamp provides whatever is required the good tyranny housekeeping seal of approval.

        Somebody throws in an occasional treat for the trained seals, who bark arrf and squeal, slapping their fins together, and everyone is happy for a spell.

        There is a profound time factor involved. I’m not sure what it entails. But time is running out, that is clear, the clock is running out on the total usurpation of freedom. Is it monetary resources? Has an inflection point arrived where too many dirt people are cognizant of what is being done to them? And that once a number threshold is crossed it is too late? Too many cause and effect, unintended consequences, certain dynamics are on the verge of effectively changing the dialectic?

        It is of late that the particularly odious extreme advancement of destroying the last vestiges of consteentooshunull written sanctions, as rapidly as literally possible, against what the governments of the feds and states can not do are beaten to a pulp, and the race of time before too many “awaken” to control. Their power is limited. It’s akillies heel is plausible deniability and existential dependence on the illusion of legitimate powers. Both are fading quickly. They are frantic. This hurry up police state is a symptom of the increasing loss of facade of legitimacy. A crisis of illegitimacy is at hand. They have to beat their illegitimacy to the finish line or they are toast and all they have then is threat of force and use of deadly violence. Not the best option by far. One guaranteed to fail even if it extends power a little longer.

        The jokes on these clowns.
        They have this contemptuous notion where by they undermine remove alter and destroy the “official” documented concepts of things like the bill of rights, constitutional protections, the idea, knowledge, and history of Liberty and it’s blessings, you under stand I’m sure, that they make those natural and primal, and Unalienable rights and freedoms disappear.

        They exist in the hearts and minds of people. The parchments are only a reminder for those who would destroy them.

        It is ludicrous.
        The depth of depravity and glorious heights of the preposterous.

        Unalienable things can not be taken away by an act of usurpation, by any one or anything. The only thing you can do to deny Unalienable rights and freedoms from people who refuse to comply with your diktat is shoot em.
        Those who withdraw Consent and refuse to comply are always Freemen, they are living their Liberty, it is impossible to take such a thing away from a person, only they can give it up, they die free men, they are incarcerated in gulag or concentration camp as free men.
        They have choice.
        They choose to be Freemen, or dead men.
        The fact it is choice, the power to comply or not comply with these scalawags is is the crux.

        But what is so delicious, and I sit here every day looking forward to the time, when my choice will be exercised as the most powerful weapon ever devised by man.
        It already is exercised in effect because I am not complying. I have zero intentions to grant my consent. I am fighting for that too.
        The swamp and all the minions of the ruling class have to at a stage in the festivities go for it. They have to go full retard. There are too many of us who will not comply, we have too many weapons, we control too much territory, and we are too aware or intelligent to fall for the ruses and con’s.
        We also no what these clowns ARE doing. Of course the cherade was never for us, it was for the fence sitters and the useful dupes, to keep them feeling safe and coddled so they don’t get any ideas. That is what the concept of totalitarianism is for, it produces a majority who will give up their freedom and liberty for a feeling of safety, that they will be left alone if they go along and keep their pie holes shut. The rest who refuse to go along, who defy, who withdraw their consent, then stick out like sore thumbs.

        The swamp is the bird dog. The idiocy they foist thru inalienable “laws”, regulatory and administrative, diktatorial centralism, ie tyranny, is to isolate and locate all who say BFYTW and will fight to remain Freemen.

        The reality is the swamp and the deep state’s minions in the various “governments” have no power over free men. They never have. At best all they ever wrangled out of the dirt people is compliance, and even then it is scoff compliance to a high degree.
        Nobody can tell me most people who are, are just “awakening”. Don’t bullshit me. What they have done is face the cold hard truth instead of ignoring it. All our lives we have witnessed uncountable acts of tyranny’s existence. Just the simple truth there are two sets of “laws” in this country belies an awakening.
        Everyone with a functioning brain cell knows the whole construct is total fucking bullshit. Up till about now, it has simply been easier to put up with it. Tolerate it. Prudence is a very good survival trait. It is also what separates the adults from the savages.

  13. singlestack

    Ok you don’t like Trump. Fine, neither do I. I’ve followed his career since he came into the public light in the early 70s.
    I think he’s a piece of shit.
    I was a never-Trumper until the Dems chose Felonia von Pantsuit for their nominee. Otherwise I’d have done as usual and voted for one of the third party candidates. I had to ask myself, do I want a third Ogabe term and the finalization of the commie destruction of our society in the next four years or do I want someone who will give the commies a terminal case of the vapors. So I voted for Trump, who I despise.
    Fortunately, he has done a far better job in the office than I ever thought he would do. He has fucked up a lot and done some pretty stupid shit (as I expected) but overall he’s a net positive, especially when compared to the alternative.
    The question before us in 20 is, do we want someone who will continue to disrupt the status quo, increase the madness of the leftards to the point of complete mental breakdown, and monkeywrench the commies plans, or do we want to just give up and willingly climb into the boxcars.
    Personally, I want to buy time for more people to wake up. Nothing that has been a century in the making can be turned around in just a few years.

    • if Hiligula had won in 2016,

      we’d be in a state of hot Civil War NOW,

      while FreeFor still has a demographic chance to win.

      by 2025, at the rate the (((Kushner)))-Drumpf regime is insourcing shitskins,

      no chance.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Doesn’t matter how many million more voters turn out for the Trump vote, the game is rigged, Dems will make sure millions more dead people show up at the polls.
        Trump came as a surprise last time, 2020 will have them ready x10, they’ll pull every dirty trick out they can, while the naive conservatives will get steamrolled because they don’t know how to fight back and play dirty.
        And just when folks won’t know which sorry ass Democrat to pick, they’ll throw Mosseknuckles out for a slam-dunk. Guaranfuknteed.

  14. 2020 will be no different from 2016 or 2012. You’re delusional if you think otherwise.

  15. 20 acres, 20 grand. All dirt people in a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. One of you peckerwoods needs to score this one.

  16. Hahahahaaa!

    And… #RedNationRising! #RedWave!

    And… But, but, but… the map is almost all RED! That means… the, the, that means… uh… erp… derp… means…


    Trump Abandons ‘America First’ Reforms: ‘We Need’ More Immigration to Grow Business Profits
    Donald Trump Cites ‘Need’ for More Immigration at Event Promoting American Worker
    Foreign Workers Outpace Native-Born Americans in Job Growth for Six Months
    Surge of Illegal Immigration ‘Undercutting’ Trump’s Wage Hikes for Working Class
    Latest Trump H-2B Increase Again Betrays American Workers, says CIS
    CBP Agent: Border Crisis ‘So Far Out of Hand You Wouldn’t Believe It’
    DHS Nielsen OK’s Visas for 30,000 Extra H-2B Workers
    Border Patrol begins releasing migrant families on the streets of Yuma
    U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population this Year
    DHS Releases 24K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Two Weeks
    ICE Union: ‘Thousands of Illegal Aliens Are Being Released into U.S.’ with ‘Catch and Release in Overdrive’
    At Least 1.1K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. over Weekend
    DHS to Release 1.8K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. over Weekend
    Border Rush: Guards to Release Migrants Without Detention, Ankle Monitors
    DHS Releases 84.5K Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Two Months
    1.7M Central American, Mexican Illegal Aliens Living in U.S. Despite Deportation Orders
    Migrants Using Nearly 2X the Welfare of Native-Born Americans
    ICE: 2,287 Migrants in Quarantine Around U.S. for Communicable Disease Outbreaks
    DHS Continues Busing Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens into U.S. for Release
    US Expands ‘Catch and Release’ Amid Surge in Migrants
    Texas cities now overwhelmed with tens of thousands of invading migrants
    Trump backs off threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border
    ‘Catch and Release’ Nightmare: 17K+ Aliens Set Free in U.S. — in 12 Days!
    llegal Immigration Levels May Reach Half a Million over Next Three Months
    Obama-era Border Patrol Chief: “Immigration crisis ‘at a magnitude never seen in modern times.”
    Trump administration nearly doubles H-2B guest visa program, which brings many Mexican workers
    While Trump Talks Tough About “The Border”, He Goes To Jared To Help Open The Border More
    Border Agents Forced to Act as Uber Drivers for Illegal Immigrants and Migrants
    Border Patrol Chief: U.S. Admits Caravan of Migrants Every Week
    DHS Releases Nearly 8,000 Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens in One Week
    Illegal Immigration Levels Projected to Outpace Every Year of Bush, Return U.S. to Clinton Era Crisis
    Trump considering releasing immigrants into sanctuary cities
    ‘Large’ Migrant Groups Continue to Exploit Outdated Border Barriers, Say Feds
    Trump’s DHS Releases 12,500 Illegal Aliens into U.S. in One Week
    1600 Migrants Released in One New Mexico City over 10 Days
    2 US Army troops were disarmed, detained by Mexican troops in TX
    FBI arrests leader of New Mexico militia that recently detained illegal immigrants
    1,600 Migrants Dumped In New Mexico; City Forced To Spend $75K For “Humanitarian Assistance”
    DHS Releases 7K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Five Days; 1.4K Released Every Day
    Mexico Reports 300,000 Migrants from Around World Passing Through to USA
    Hundreds of illegal immigrants streaming into the country to awaiting buses for processing
    TaxPayers Taken For $75,000 to Supply “Humanitarian Assistance” As 1,600 Migrants Dumped In New Mexico
    Border Patrol is now releasing migrant families directly in Tucson
    Chamber of Commerce Demands More Immigration: ‘U.S. Is Out of People’
    Census Bureau: Immigration Driving Half of U.S. Population Growth
    Pentagon Approves $7.4M for Troops to Feed, Care for Border Crossers
    DHS Releases 8.2K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in a Week, 1.2K Released Every Day
    Federally Funded Rescue Organization Seeks Mother’s Day Gifts for Migrants on U.S. Border
    Border Patrol Agents Getting Extremely SICK From Illegal Aliens Bringing Over Diseases
    Deported Sex Offenders Continue Exploitation of Unsecured Border
    Feds: Immigration top US crime, one-third of all sentencings
    U.S. Border Patrol officials are now using air transportation to move migrants from overcrowded processing centers to lesser-impacted facilities
    Texas border agents say 5,500 migrants a day are illegally entering US
    Homeland Security Releases 9K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 8 Days
    Customs and Border Patrol Chief: 50% of Border Patrol’s Time Not Spent on Border Security
    But … Trump Is Not Reducing Annual Immigration Numbers
    Immigration to U.S. Drives ‘Highest Level’ of Foreign Workers Since 1996
    Not Just Florida: Border Patrol To Fly Thousands Of Illegal Migrants To San Diego
    ‘We’ve Lost Control of the Border,’ Says Border Patrol Agent
    Border Agents Dropping Migrants at Bus Stations
    Commerce Department Chokes Job Outsourcing to Chinese Tech Workers
    Cuban Illegal Border Crossings Up 1600 Percent in One Texas Sector
    Migrants’ Remittances Drain $150 Billion a Year from Economy
    DHS Keeps Mileage of Newly Built Border Wall a Mystery
    DHS: ‘100 %’ Border Crossers with Children Being Released into U.S., Given Work Permits
    DHS Flying Illegal Aliens to U.S. Cities, Releasing Them into Communities
    DHS Releases 5K Illegal Aliens into U.S. Over Memorial Day Weekend
    Nearly 9-in-10 Illegals Released into U.S. Skip Court Hearings
    Trump Admin Works With Mexico To Align On Asylum – US Citizens Get Shafted
    Migrant Apprehensions at Border Hit 144K in May, Says CBP
    Surge on Open Border Illegal Immigration Soars to Clinton-Era Levels 1M Aliens Expected this Year
    1,072,000 ILLEGALS THIS YEAR
    TSA allowing illegals to fly without proper documents
    VIDEO: Massive mob WALKS AROUND border wall
    Surge of African migrants continues
    DHS Frees 5.5K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in a Week; 196K Released in 5 Months
    Average of 124K Anchor Babies Born in U.S. This Year So Far
    Border Patrol Chief on migrant crisis: We’re seeing ‘increase after increase,’ no signs of slowing
    Homeland Security Releases 196,000 Illegal Aliens Into The Population, Many Receiving Work Permits
    VIDEO: Border agents allow illegals to hand children UNDER wall
    Hundreds From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumped in Texas
    550 African migrants were just caught in Texas. DHS head says they aren’t being screened for Ebola
    U.S. Cities Overwhelmed With Numbers of Illegal Migrants Arriving From Ebola-Stricken Countries
    Illegals Crawl Out of Manhole in US Border Town Located less than half mile from US-Mexico border
    DHS Frees 8.5K Illegal Aliens in Eight Days; 204.5K Released in Half a Year
    5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for exposure to mumps or chicken pox

  17. Walter Sobchak

    My AO, my vote definitely dosen’t count. My state is a lock for Trump regardless of if I vote or not. The only reason I might vote for Trump in 2020, indeed why I think anyone should is that I believe the ballot stuffing and fraud by team commie will reach a new level. Like I said I’m aware that my vote doesn’t matter. Trump has been more anti gun than Obama, I do believe that the criticism of Trump expressed by many here is valid and accurate. If he buys us more time to prep, that’s as much as anyone can hope for. Trumps ability to trigger the moonbats might just make him the dark horse to accelerate the endarkenment more than any other candidate.

  18. Cheer up, it can be worse 🙂

    “In a stunning revelation, a series of photos have surfaced today on the World Wide Web that claim to depict a young Bernie Sanders swimming naked and sexually harassing a young female reveler at the Woodstock music, sex and drugs festival in 1960s upstate New York somewhere.”

    H/T EoT

  19. Texas is forecasted to turn purple in 2028, I know this as I live here and need to know when to leave it; but if texas is a swing state in 2028, there are going to be a lot more that were not swing states in 2016 that will be in 2020 due to “immigration” and that’s going to be increased by all those leaving NY, NJ and CA; yet still voting democrat wherever they land.
    Trump may win 2020 if the economy is good; but that’s it. imo, 2028 and beyond is all democrats/socialism/communism/tyranny and 65 million trumpers isn’t stopping it.

    • Sgt. Schulz

      Get packin. I lived in Texas most of my life as have most relatives for generations. We “immigrated” there from Georgia after the war of Northern Aggression. Family cemetary near Ranger has 14 Confederate flags in it for the vets of that conflict. Texas is being over run and not a shot fired in defense. I pulled the ejection handle a year and a half ago to move to the redoubt. Tough decision but one I thought prudent in light of what i was, and am seeing.

  20. Hmmm….,seems like tough times coming to us as citizens.

    I will try and prep/learn more but more importantly try and share info./skills ect. with others and work with the few folks who are willing to work with me.

    On a side note,will also while prepping for tomorrow will try and enjoy the day I have at moment,so,hope the end of world as we know it holds off a few months,have concerts/another wedding ect. to attend,if not,so be it but a pause in the insanity would be appreciated,hopefully see you all on other side.

  21. For your consideration; the Berger, Little Egypt war, armored trucks, aerial bombing, WROL, the full bugaloo!

    • NorthGunner


      Looks like jewtube had a hissyfit and just
      memoryholed the video you tried to link.

      Any alternative links? Bitchute, etc?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  22. Are you growing food? Are you lifting heavy things? Become more self sufficient every day. The learning curve can be painful but it’s less so if you do the transition incrementally vs. wholesale. That is also coincidentally the strategy the reds are using. Incremental death. Fuckem.