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  1. Pete, Black Pigeon’s YouTube channel has been terminated.

      • Brian in Chicago

        Thank goodness for his Bitchute channel still being up. (For now, anyway.)

        When that platform become more popular, we’ll see what happens when it starts getting the squeeze.


      He committed high treason. He told the truth in an empire of bald-faced lies. This is another very large straw in the wind. Just wait until the Leviathan decides to shut down all social media for “public safety concerns.”
      A few more incidents directed against the FEDGOV Orcs and Orcettes of the US Marshal’s service, vis-à-vis what just happened in Memphis(the crowd assembled due to communication on social media), and the stuff will really hit the fan. Good entertainment if you are not living in a Blue Hive. But, you must still plan accordingly.

      • A really good book to read is Out of the Mountains that goes into detail about situations like the one in Memphis…When I read it I put myself in the bad guys shoes and saw how easy it would of been to defeat the opposing force if the bad guys had any long term plans for a large force coming after them…Of course all of them were third world morons that had some cunning but not much else and they still did a damn good job of holding off those that wanted to kill them…To bad Freefor can’t pull it’s head out of it’s ass and start setting up its own kingdoms within the empire…Sad That…

  2. Be brutally honest with yourself and your team about what, who, and how long you can actually defend. Feelz do not expand your team’s actual abilities, especially against a determined foe.

    That is a masthead with a great deal of truth. Same for comms and supply.

    • dmv gringo

      Yeah, because everyone knows that
      unless you can absolutely answer that
      question in the affirmative, 100% across
      the board, nothing can be done to the
      communists, statist, criminal, treasonous
      shitbags, except to watch them and their
      foot-soldiers rampage the fuck over
      every thing decent and destroy it.

      • Tell you what Cav Med you want to talk solutions come to the DSR and you can tell us all about it…Like I told NG I will even pay your fare out there ..I’m guessing like him though you won’t show though because all you have in you is to talk tough online…Sad That…

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Dirk’s already bribed me with some Scotch and IPA, guess I’ll have to make it so the beer doesn’t go warm. Besides, I’m only over the mtn’s.
          Gotta find a reliable babysitter for the 4legged kids however.

          • You better be there I’ve got a bottle waiting on you as well and since I don’t drink you get it all to yourself 😉

  3. Someday soon too much ammo won’t be enough.

  4. LOL…. Funny

    Meanwhile, The following dives deeper into the
    current events
    Try to follow through here:

  5. The smalls add up.This is true whether learning a new skill/skills,adding a couple of cans to the pantry/buying a box a week of ammo/going for a walk and making it a mile instead of 3/4’s,you all get the idea.

    We cannot all be raised a Grizzly Adams lifestyle with special ops combat tours thrown into the mix(a grizzly that was your bud would be way cool!)but we can all become a little more self sufficient.I get that many have families/jobs ect. but try and include family in activities that are fun and may in tougher times prove helpful,ie gardening/hunting/hiking ect.Try and also help someone new to a activity be it working on their car/shooting/canning ect.,the more folks we have with skills the better.

    To folks new to readying for potentially tougher times whether man made/natural/personal until it hits you have time to do it,just try and do a little thing each day towards that goal and trust me,you will be amazed how it all builds up,enjoy the weekend all.

    • James that’s all well and good but if you’re not in a place that has others doing the same thing then all you will be is a resupply point for the enemy…So that should be your first priority above all else…

      • Lineman,do work with a few folks locally,that said,every person that is just a bit stronger works for the country.As for a resupply point,would in last ditch hit the propane tank out,leave em nothing of value.

        As I mentioned,what I suggest is also for a personal SHTF situation,job loss ect. can be less damaging,easier to pick up the pieces.

        I see a lot of folks starting to realize things can go very wrong and want to encourage em to just do something,as I said,it adds up quick.

    • Someone here gets it. As I say, …”big things are built on little things’….always. What strikes me (at almost 73 now) is whenever I have attempted to start something ‘new’ (mechanical, work related, cooking, etc.), I always felt somewhat of a loser (probably based on my father) but keeping at it (whatever it was), in the end I persisted, worked toward if not excellence but doing the absolutely best and to date if necessary could live just fine in the 1800’s style of life. Yes, I do have the tools and know how to make it ……… sadly, most (either around my local or otherwise) do not and that will probably be everyone’s downfall.

      • Worker,tis why I suggest to those willing to learn pass along knowledge ect.I as a carpenter learned a lot from others/others books/video ect.,a lot more then just carpentry.I feel helping/teaching others is the best thing we can do assume those folks want to learn.

        A example for me new is someone teaching me reload basics,just something I have never done,in return,am introducing him to shooting a bow,his son saw me shooting bow and was fascinated and he now wants to learn and do it with his son and daughter,tis a good thing.

  6. “It turned out that passing around “information” among computers was just a video game for adults. It wasted vast amounts of time, produced nothing, and caused living standards to fall faster than a whore’s drawers” [Victoria Chapter 28]

    • Peter

      reading Victoria now. Interesting story. the orcs don’t hold all the cards.

      • Once I got started reading I couldn’t stop. I enjoyed it immensely. I have other quotes but I didn’t start taking them right away so there are some good ones at the start.

        But my favourite book of the genre is 1 second after. When I finished that book I raced out and bought a stockpile of food. A years worth to be precise. Now I’m just padding out that stockpile so my family isn’t eating just plain rice flavoured with daffodils.

        “Yes, we can listen. But remember, das Wesentlich ist die Tat. We will only be satisfied with actions and with results, not intentions.” [Victoria Chapter 27]


    t least 85,000 law enforcement officers across the USA have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past decade, an investigation by USA TODAY Network found.

    Officers have beaten members of the public, planted evidence and used their badges to harass women. They have lied, stolen, dealt drugs, driven drunk and abused their spouses.

    Despite their role as public servants, the men and women who swear an oath to keep communities safe can generally avoid public scrutiny for their misdeeds.

    The records of their misconduct are filed away, rarely seen by anyone outside their departments. Police unions and their political allies have worked to put special protections in place ensuring some records are shielded from public view, or even destroyed.

    Reporters from USA TODAY, its 100-plus affiliated newsrooms and the nonprofit Invisible Institute in Chicago have spent more than a year creating the biggest collection of police misconduct records.

    Obtained from thousands of state agencies, prosecutors, police departments and sheriffs, the records detail at least 200,000 incidents of alleged misconduct, much of it previously unreported. The records obtained include more than 110,000 internal affairs investigations by hundreds of individual departments and more than 30,000 officers who were decertified by 44 state oversight agencies.

    cops suck nigger dick

    they are corrupt beyond the pale

    they are everyone’s #1 ENEMY

    • The people that seek power over others: including but not limited to politicians, bureaucrats, police, are not public servants but public masters.

      The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    • Sgt. Friday

      Tfat, you’re only angry because they caught you red handed. No pun intended.

      • Walkingdude

        Hey little bitch sheep, Tfat is correct on this. You have got to be a complete fucking moron to think and believe anything other wise. Police were/and will never be your friend, asshole! By your stage name you must be/or were of the bitches in blue and as such you have been added to the pile. Who did you shake down you fucking CLOWN IN A BADGE bitch?

        • Pissed at cops? As Joe points out; it’s just a natural reaction to getting caught doing sumpfin out of bounds. Nobody likes getting called on their mess. I’ve been just as pissed as anyone else. As for one or the other crooked cops that firmly believe the sun shines out of their tarnished copper asshole, in the wee second-third hour of bootcamp I learned; behavior of 10% of any group, screw things up for the remaining 90%. Sadly, keeping “Ten Percenters” in check makes for the “Ninety’s” never ending Tour.

  8. Johnny Paratrooper

    I am in Cody, Wyoming if anyone wants to have a beer.

    Also, Iran did it.

  9. 0321, I get it, the forests have been heavily controlled. Corporations have heavily lobbied for exclusive access. Govt, has over enforced it.

    What I’m trying to say is. The 9th has overturned any all laws regarding camping on publically owned land.

    At least on the left coast, agencies are reading the tea leaves and being advised by admin and the courts, that they no longer have statutory authority to cite or remove citizens.

    I forwarded a piece to Pete, yesterday, hoping he would post for all to review.

    This is a HUGE win for the people. This is how it should have been all along.

    There are court rulings in multiple cities and states directly reflecting the public lands issues.

    That the 9th ruled on it is a good thing for once. They got it right.

    What the ruling doesn’t address is free wood cutting, or trash littering. iE, at what point is the garbage pile litter, and where can trash be deposited.

    An example. Piles of trash left in a stream or in a flood plain will be challenged, in due course. That trash eventually impact the general population down stream. I support enforcement for these pigs leaving their garbage, old cars discarded in the woods.

    I’m not so worried about ” Urban Campers” which is the NEW phrase for homeless, in cities and towns.

    I do stress over the mountains of crap they leave. Totally irresponsible. To not enforce some sort of littering reg will be unconstitutional.

    Us property owners are generally responsible, keeping our property’s clean and trash free. If we don’t city police or their representatives will eventually show up and force private property to be cleaned. If not their is a consequence, fines and court.

    To allow transients to cause health and safety issues with their trash. Can’t hold one class/ group accountable, and not another.

    I know it happens daily.

    Like it or not, the system is the system it’s cumbersome, and out or touch often, but this finding has been a long time coming.

    My nephews telling me the federal Forestry and BLM enforcement rangers are fucking pissed. Fuck them.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to get permission from the Feds, to sue the Feds. The federal enforcement side are well aware of this. Which is why they demonstrate such a cavalier attitude.

    0321, this is a WIN, for We The People. Will take a few years to,sort the parameters out.

    I’m in the woods pretty much weekly. I’ve never seen an enforcement ranger out their ever. And we camp where we dam well please. However we pack out what we packed in.

    We’re diligent about fire rings, and making dam sure our fires are dead, cleaning forest floor duff away before we make fires. You know good safe forest practices.

    Have a great weekend, I’m headed out on the lake for the weekend.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Firewooding should be free, they allow thousands of acres to burn and if I cut a cord of dead trees 50 ft from the fire’s edge, ticket time! As we all say here, we should be paid for cleaning up all the dead trees, not fined. Jackson Hole had free firewood permits for several yrs, on our side it’s $7.50/cord. Why even issue permits, just let folks cut and haul all the dead trees away, we’re doing a public service, on OUR forests.
      It’s all about people control, has nothing to do with logic.

      Going kayaking in the park (GTNP) again Sunday, last weekend we still had snow falling. Snake River is really running hard now.

  10. Black Pigeon Speaks is back on Goo Toob!

  11. Grenadier1

    Apparently Black Pigeon is back up today.

    on another note, I missed the opportunity to comment last night on a post by A.B. Prosper

    “Optionally, you decide what the rules are and regulate the crap out of all the people who want to hurt you.”

    Who then doubled down in a follow up post that the biggest threat today was from Big tech and not Fed gov. and that we should be demanding more regulation to stop said big tech.

    What the fuck do you think is happening here?
    Mr. Forest let me introduce you to Mr. Trees.


    Big Tech IS deciding what the rules are and regulating the crap out of us and its not because they are out of control corporations, (they are but that’s a symptom) its because they are an extension of Big Government!!!

    Demanding more big government to stop the big tech is like asking one rape gang member to please stop another rape gang member from violating you in the butthole.

    The entirety of your two posts can be summed up as,
    “I don’t have a problem with rape gangs, as long as my guys are doing the raping”

    Big tech has become the private arm of the deep state. They collect intelligence on everyone. They process that intelligence passing along what needs to be passed along to their deep state allies and turning the meta-data into actionable resources. Then they use that to shape the human terrain by social engineering, controlling narratives and memes. They regulate the discord by purging specific people and conversations.
    And if you really get down into the weeds you can see that there is an awful lot of time wasted by people running down false information and disinformation threads that Big tech and the Intel community ASSURES us comes from foreign sources….This false information provides an easy way for “legitimate” agents of information (read that to be in the pay of big tech) to build their credibility by debunking or dismissing the info in a wide spread manner. Its all part of the game to pull people back into controlled sources of media since people have gone off the farm and stopped believing the bullshit mainstream media is pushing us (deep state propaganda).

    This is not even getting into the surveillance operations that big tech carries out on behalf of the deep state without legal due process. They don’t bother with that because they have no intention of prosecuting you, its all about blackmailing the target to get in line with whatever the DS wants. This is how everyone elected to public office is brought to heel. Even if you go in relatively clean how long can you maintain that? When you have to assume that every conversation that you are having outside of your head is monitored can you be assured that you will never say anything that could be used against you the make you look bad or corrupted? That’s assuming you dismiss some of the stories about how its possible they actually CAN look inside your head.

    Big Tech is not a new kid on the block that must be brought down by expanding government power. It’s already and expanded government power.

    We don’t win unless we break everything.
    Now maybe you will understand the enormity of what we are dealing with, and maybe some others will understand how it is MASSIVELY important we fight on our terms and now allow ourselves to be manipulated into attacking a false target.

  12. Augusto Pintobean

    In an effort to make heads explode, and hobble any progressive movement of any kind, I propose the abolition of non-profits. Yes, that would mean religious orgs lose their tax status too.

    Their existence originates with earlier masters of the universe control. And before you criticize my proposal, ask yourself, has your favorite fix-this-disease charity or whatever solved their problem/purpose that would thereby null the purpose of their existence?

    • Bonaventure

      ‘Non-Profit’ is nothing but a tax-exempt status. Get rid of taxation, and non-profits cease to exist.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The notion that I can apply for a 501c3 for nearly any reason and be approved is absurd.

      I can apply for a Church of Satan 501c3 and under religious protection I can film Pornography without paying taxes on the umbrella business.

      I would obviously have to pay all sales taxes, lisences, fines, and fees.

      But the big picture would be a Satanic Resort free of government oversight.

      Literally 100% legal…

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Plankton67

    Ayo, hol up… read this and then consider wat do if they find some poor sot in the holding pen has de Ebola?

    The optics problems with that will, should it occur, tear the news cycle to shreds and serious badness would follow.

  15. Plankton67

    Consider what encounters like this mean for society as a whole:

    Pro Tip… while they are out, maybe that is a good time to give them a quick frisk? or perhaps cuff them? As a bystander, I would prefer that so I don’t get caught in the aftermath. In minecraft.

  16. Plankton67

    3rd NYPD officer does own self in in last 9 days. What is going on in NYC???

    Oh, and in the firefighter/police bus passenger vid, go to about 26:00 for the chaos.