The Leeches In The Limelight

Some great quotes here.


– We’re screwed
– There’s gonna be a fight
– No one is coming to save us
– Let’s win

Any questions?

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  1. -Nicholas Powers. Man was I enlightened on some issues just a little bit more today.

  2. “Anyone who seeks publicity is a loyalty risk.”

    Money quote right there!

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    “No-one is coming to save us”


    We have each other.

    No-one is coming to save them.

    • lastmanstanding

      That is what I’m thinking.

    • I like the feelz, it gives one hope, but hope is a tool for the enemy to pry apart one’s resolve. Hope is the world women live in, it is the world they must have if they are to endure the hardships of bearing the future on their shoulders. Cold resolve will take one closer to one’s goal than Hope ever will.
      It is a cruel and unforgiving world, the 1950s are dead and gone; not because of Fudds and Boomers that let it die, but because it was cleverly taken from them. Kruchev said they would hang us with the rope we sold to them. The West blindly rebuilt the world after WW2 and at the same time cut the legs out of Western Empire, look at what they did to OZ/NZ and the Pacific… destroyed that economy to bolster Japan/Korea. Turned Africa back into Africa, undid 100 years of civilization by Europe. I still remember that CARE commercial on TV “We brought them seeds to plant, they ate the seeds. Please send your children there to save them from cannibalism” (implied).

  4. “There is no movement, there are only truths to be shared. We live in a collapsing decadent Empire that is in denial about where it is heading.”

    au contraire

    there is movement alright

    the smart have moved out of shitholia aka murka

    c ya

    wouldn’t want to b ya

    leaving murka is the only rational movement

    slaves will be slaves

    it’s all they know

    • Sgt. Friday

      Tfat, for someone so rich and well liked, don’t you have a life? You spend so much time here. You’re so unhappy.

      • i’ve done just about everything there is to do

        i’ve owned just about everything there is to own

        i’ve fucked just about every whore that i cared to

        i refuse to have children with the garbage grade females that infests the FUSA

        at this point, there is nothing or nowhere i want to do or go because there are just too many lowlifes roaming free these days

        there is nothing worse than spending $ and having to share time and space with all the scum that infects this planet

        i’d be on the water if the weather hadn’t shit out for the entire year so far- the fucking snow only melted a month ago and everything is flooded and still muck

        rain like a motherfucker and cold temps like i have never seen before

        still, there is no better place than where i am right now

        very few people here to pollute and ruin everything they touch- no noise or scummy retarded children screaming, the only sounds i hear are the wind, waves, and cows moooing

        humans will need to go extinct

        they are no good

    • Up your med by 1/10grn and you’ll be a saint

  5. …..

    Fury – Crossroads

    The legalized ability to speak out AGAINST those
    who want you to agree with them or at least be silent
    – and be SAFE against reprisal …. is a recent

    Are you going to let the sound of freedom
    vanish forever?

    Are you going to hold the crossroad?

    YES or NO?


  6. Christopher Cantwell is one of the most honest people in the dissident right, and did nothing wrong at Charlottesville. He used pepper spray in self-defense against violent, anti-white communist agitators and was charged with spraying two *other* people who weren’t associated with that incident, as camera footage has shown.

    He and I have followed a similar political progression in search of the truth, from libertarianism, to anarcho-capitalism, and now to the dissident or “alt” right. I’d stake my life on the brutal and always open honesty of his word, and I’d stand by him against the left again, anyday. I was only feet away from the statue that night in Charlottesville, and I trust my own eyes, ears, and conscience over some anonymous online-only shitposter who simply bitches that it somehow wasn’t enough.

    • Rusty? OilfieldRusty?

    • Thank you. Eyewitness accounts are valuable.

      I am curious what the linked author’s reasons are for suggesting Cantwell is an informant.

      • Cantwell factually did cooperate with the FBI, as he’s openly admitted and fully explained several times now. His reasoning was that the FBI was already going after the rightwing guys who were present–who committed no crimes, and that the only way the leftwing agitators and criminals would face consequences was if some on our side pressed charges and gave evidence against the leftists. And as he’s also said, he couldn’t turn on our allies who were at Charlottesville even if he wanted to, because everything we did was legal and he, Richard Spencer, and others were (trying to) work with the Charlottesville Police from the very beginning anyway.

        • NorthGunner


          That is why I support Dr. David Duke, even though most of
          the pantywaists, crybabies and whiny mangina simps that
          are part and parcel of ‘their’ ‘patriotard’ movement continually
          attempt to throw him under their thinly disguised commie pc

          The article write comes off as nothing more than one
          of their megaphones.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. We are screwed!

    But, there won’t be a fight. Why would there be a fight if Red team is winning HUGELY without risking anything?

    Have you not studied Sun Tzu? Do you not see they are winning in a manner Tzu advocated?

    By all means, Pete, keep posting about Ebola and the upcoming non-fight.

  8. Bonaventure

    As Ann B. states:

    11. What politicians do you support?

    None. They are all psychopaths and whores. ALL OF THEM. The culture has degraded such that seeking and/or holding office, especially national-level office, is, in and of itself, proof that a given person is psychologically and morally unfit to hold public office.

    Same applies to just about anyone who puts their head up in this game of Whack-a-Mole.

    Trust no one who seeks the limelight.

    No. One.

  9. This only changes the window available to prep and pray

    • dmv gringo

      Here’s your prep and pray.
      That’ll stop the communists.
      Give it another shot, right in the nuts!

    • your weak god has failed you again

      as it always has

      as it always will

      ha ha ha ha


      tfA-t has enlightened you

      • Only men fail, but I guess you never got the memo

      • No, you have failed God; Life is a test and a passing grade ensures entry as a warrior in the ultimate battle against evil!

        • what a CUCK

          your god is a total loser

          that is why the christians will all be killed

          and the world will be a better place because of it



  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. dmv gringo

  12. The Usual Suspect

    We have some of those, think they are DOG or some such shit .

  13. Question:
    What does win mean to people here?
    Really curious.

    • restitution of the remnant

    • The establishment in North America of a predominantly white, middle-class, English-speaking, law-abiding and law-enforcing society, capable of exercising sovereignty over its territory and willing to use the force required to do so, respectful of its own fellow citizens, remaining true to the principles of its creation.

      • NorthGunner


        And would add,”and not being involved in ANY
        fashion with invasive foreign parasites such as
        israel and it’s jews as they do NOT love or care
        for America and it’s white people and civilization.”

        That works for me!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. Build your own tribes, look to your own in group leaders who care about the micro and not the macro.

    You had better all be situationally aware, and wise. Some kid wandering around ambushing other kid assholes with a smartphone stuck on a pole is giant douchebag indicator. None of those names mean shit to me except Duke. Always was a con artist piece of shit. Lesson learned before you precucks were shat out by your syphilitic whore wombyns.

    Give it time.

    Eventually you won’t call yourself anything but religious, areligious or agnostic. Nothing else will matter, unless of course your own penis is god and you live on an island in your mind. Then, well, there is warm liquid asparagus electrolyte in your future.

    • . Then, well, there is warm liquid asparagus electrolyte in your future.
      Rhodenderon is the favored flavor here

  15. Man I just got through arguing with people I actually really like at another place about CW2. What kicks it off, why, yada yada. My concern, issue, we have no command and control people. WTF? The electoral college is abolished. Fuck that, I’m in full kit, kiss the wife good bye. Now what? Nobodies thinking this thru or getting prepared. Tell me I’m wrong and prove it so I can sleep at night.

    • Electoral College? In ’16, I was one of 14 people in my Congressional District running for the position of Elector. I came in 7th. 1’st place went to a drunk Indian from Tacoma. The Alternate Delegate was a Thai ladyboy who wasn’t even a citizen. At the appointed time, the siwash voted for some pipeline protester in the Dakotas, rather than Hildabeast. There were zero consequences for betraying every motherfucker in this Congressional District. Look it up. TINVOWOOT.

      • NorthGunner

        Just a ‘micro clownworld’ on display for you
        to learn from.

        ALL politics is ‘Kabuki Theater’..haven’t
        you figured that out yet?…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • B Rad, lot’s of people are ready. More every day around here. Arming up. The government doesn’t take kindly to leaders that they don’t control. So potential leaders are not making targets of themselves.

  16. robroysimmons

    Does this mean that the Boomercon Cucks after watching a Desert Storm victory porn marathon on AHC won’t be able to save the American Empire of “kickin butt?”


      Maybe. Maybe not. A few of us still work, train, and are ready to stand and fight. However in my A/O, I spend most of my time going about my business quietly. The Cuck/Normie/Sheeple lifestyle here in Rawles Land is still quite pervasive. I am hoping when the “refugees” over in Spokanistan start coughing up blood on the Cosmic White Marxists and the Orc and Orcette minions, the Lee Greenwood acolytes over here will get a clue. I will not hold my breath.