Aesop: Latest Thoughts On Ebola

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Do The Math – 2019 Version

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  1. Can I put in a request that people _don’t_ derail this post? The last one was a mess. Yeah, I’ve been around long enough, I have preps. But Ebolachan isn’t in my city yet. So I’ve got time to add to my preps. I’ve got time to make plans and contingency plans. Or at the very least ensure the plans I have are as sound as can be.

    • Peter, from what I can gather from sources is that the symptoms come late to the patient yet the infectious phase is much earlier and longer. That makes quarantine that much harder to implement. Good luck with the preps.

    • NorthGunner

      Just hope that your internet ordered preps AREN’T
      delivered by a “AA – ‘Diversity Hire’ ” from the Congo
      in a FedEx or UPS truck,..and that he or she isn’t
      coughing or hacking shit up while handing you the
      e-clipboard to sign while speaking in French accented

      Otherwise it is definitely, “OOOOPs!”

      You DO have a flamethrower figured into your preps, dont you?….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Plankton67

      You are making an assumption it is not in your fair city. I think it is a reasonable one, but for how long? The border issues weep like a 2,500 mile festering wound. Time is not on our side here.

      • NorthGunner

        I assume nothing where our non-borders are concerned Plankton67.

        Thankfully my AO has not YET been ‘gifted’ with ‘deliveries of
        diversity/multiculturalism’..not saying that that can’t happen.

        I’m very aware that criminal illegals and their offspring are being
        actively dumped by immigration by the van loads in Blythe, California
        which is a little over an hour away from where I and my kith and kin
        are. I’ve already spoken to a couple of co-workers who do live in
        Blythe currently about the issue (that a local church is actively
        sponsoring the illegals until they get a way to go elsewhere in the
        country), to say the least neither of them are the least bit happy
        about it.

        Far from border, US cities feel effect of migrant releases

        “..The Border Patrol has also been releasing daily about 65 migrants in the highly remote desert town of Blythe in California. Riverside County spokeswoman Brooke Federico says more than 1,800 asylum seekers
        have arrived to the town of 20,000 since late March..”

        As Border Patrol releases migrants in Blythe, Riverside
        County acts as ‘first responders’

        Blythe church helps stranded immigrants
        (There is embedded video in the article – of course it’s the
        emotionally sappy “These are poor people caught in a bad
        situation and we have to help them!” angle..but what else
        would one expect from the LA Times?)

        Pure ‘Catch & Release’ in action!

        And who told ANY of the illegals to come here anyway?!?

        Even the Dali Lama has said openly, “They need to
        go back home.”

        Put an IMMEDIATE end to ALL ‘welfare’ and over 90%
        will either turn around and go home from where they’re
        currently stopped at and those already here will leave
        and go back.

        The ‘rule’ is: “stop at the first safe/stable country arrived
        at and ask for help/support there” – which would mean if
        they’re traveling from Guatemala or other points south,
        they stop in Mexico! If they’re Mexican – they STAY put
        and ‘clean their own porch’! Granted that the current
        regime in Mexico DOESN’T want or need them, but that’s
        Mexico’s problem, not ours!

        So, what happens at the Seventh Adventist Church in Blythe when the
        first van load containing French speaking Congolese drives up and disgorges them into the parking lot..and then floors it out of there asap?..especially when the newsies from LA Times or another commie news agency start noticing that the ‘new arrivals’ are coughing and hacking up blood? (something tells me that the newsies are going to make the fastest departure from Blythe via I-10 or the local airport in history)

        So yes, doing what I can to keep up with preps and keeping
        my eyes peeled and ears finely tuned to what’s going on both
        in my AO and nearby..I can’t afford not to.

        And one of the preps that’s seriously on the short list is an
        XL18 flamethrower – better to have and not need, than need
        and not have, as my late Father always told me.

        Where Ebola control is concerned, one ISN’T going to
        ‘Morbark’ anything!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • You really can’t make that statement. You don’t know if easy “E” is in your city or not. Don’t speculate.

      • NorthGunner


        Wrong palsy!

        I’m not taking ANYTHING for granted where the potential for this kind of biohazard is concerned, and neither should anyone else.

        If dealing with such ISN’T in your list of immediate priorities, you’re not paying attention because you’re too busy playing either ostrich with it’s head in the sand or Pollyanna.

        Far better to error on the side of caution and awareness than blythe indifference (no pun intended).

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Follow Aesop’s timeline and my best guess is that from patient alpha to total collapse of the US medical establishment is 90 days. A hospital without staff is as useful as a empty walmart store.

    • if Ebola-chan comes to ‘Murka, she will visit

      only one White(?) man(?):

      Aesop. Because he has

      slandered her benevolent killing of niggers.

      • Berglander

        Lol Thou Shalll Not Slander Ebola Chan.

      • You’re like a Rock of Stupidity and an Island Of Foolishness in a sea of people trying to be smarter every day.

        Way to stand against the tide of common sense and remain Full Retard.

        Never change.

  3. Israeli gas masks in the fallout shelter with three large oxygen bottles for total house containment plus 10k hits of potassium iodide . Two years food from the LDS warehouse in 20 year cans . Plenty of ammo to shoot anyone coming up the steep hill . The experts say no disease bacteria can survive being consumed by turkey buzzards which we have in abundance . Bring it on !

    • NorthGunner

      “.. The experts say no disease bacteria can survive being consumed by turkey buzzards which we have in abundance . Bring it on !”

      Ebola is a virus, not a bacteria. How much are you
      willing to bet that turkey vultures AREN’T immune
      to it or other viruses?…

      Also, who are those ‘experts’ and have they studied
      the effects of Ebola on the vultures native to the Congo
      that have possibly fed on corpses felled by Ebola?…

      Whistling past a graveyard brother,..just saying…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Plankton67

      Turkey Vultures, while having immensely strong digestive systems, will be covered in filth from eating carrion. Go look at them when you see th enext roadkill deer or possum. Hoping all Ebola disappears in the chemical sterilization of a buzzards’ gut is not a realistic plan, though I wish it was.
      Now, consider the flies. They will go from corpse to whatever, crapping as they go and infecting more. This really is a complex problem with no easy solutions.
      Got hydrated lime? Got Backhoe?

    • tfA-t only has to look at ebola and it will run, hide, and die

      tfA-t has the power of a 1000 gods

      tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t

  4. kekistantrans

    Specific advice what plans and preps would be greatly appreciated.

    I am assuming enough meds and food (and water and batteries and fuel for camping stoves and plastic bags for human waste once the electricity and / or pumping stations go offline) to last 6 – 8 weeks without leaving the house once the first or second case appears in my state?

    • 6 to 8 weeks? Read his work. The last blast lasted for 2 YEARS! Then the question is how is it going to affect the USA long term? Will our climate and critters cause it to be worse here than it ever was in Africa? If you hunt a deer or feral pig will you get the Big E just like they do in Africa eating monkeys? Do we live in interesting times, or what!

    • 6-8 weeks…?

      The West Africa Outbreak lasted from December 2013-January 2016: 25 months.
      The current one in DRC, and now Uganda, has been going on since last August, and like Al Pacino in Sent of A Woman:

      Think that over for a bit.

  5. John M Johnson

    Res ipsa loquitur. If you are not prepping for this, you’re doing yourself and your tribe a fatal disservice. I would not even bother discussing this matter with your tribal members to any great extent, due to normalcy bias issues. Just do your research and quietly accumulate what you need to accumulate. Oh, and STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “Oh, and STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS!”
      What you mean is stay away from friends and family, they will be the first to come running home and contaminate your airspace. You live among idiots. Use some common sense here.


        Mein freund: In order for family and friends to come running home, they would have to negotiate many obstacles. One of the more relevant scenarios in the Rawles tome: PATRIOTS were the roadblocks and firefights his heroes and heroines had to overcome in order to get to the Redoubt.
        If any “refugees” make it to my A/O, they better not be exhibiting and symptoms. I have no illusions about what will happen. My range card is all filled out, vis-à-vis the open fields which face my back yard. Spokanistan is not that far away, and they will be coming along the railroad bed which is about 200 yards west of me. I try not to think about such things too much, as I endeavor to enjoy each day I am above ground. The Good Book tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Today has enough troubles of its own. Bleib ubrig.

  6. with any luck ebola will wipe out most of the murkins

    may they die a horrible and painful death

    fuck them

    • a follower

      There is no such word,
      in the Bible!
      Now go on with yet another childish rant, we have come to expect it.

    • That’s kinda low energy for you TFAG, gotta hang-over?
      Ebola Chan might be the best thing that could happen to straight wite Christians in the USA; just keep your women from interacting w/ the affected demographic, no charity work etc. Let the commies clean-up their own mess and die a horrible death 21 days later. BTW those folks throwing milk shakes today will be throwing blood-shakes tomorrow and dying…. I’m at the point where a mass die-off in the urban heart land seems to be a preferential conclusion to the Blue Hives. New Zealand anyone?

    • Sgt. Friday

      Skinny, 50 ish losers are most vulnerable.

    • kekistantrans

      Also this video to show the perspective of the World War 2 German army (the Wehrmacht) from German side here:

      • St.Maur1066

        The one and only true commie killers. You Nation supported the communists, thats all you need to know. THE TRUTH IS ETERNAL!

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. dmv gringo

    Prep on it!
    Meme it!
    drumpf 2020 it!
    Pray on it!
    Vote on it!
    Protest with placards on it!
    Boomer cuck Born to Lose on!
    Call and/or write your Congressional representative on it!
    You stupid bastards.

    African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across America

    • Preach on brother, preach on! When you call out boomer cucks my chest swells with pride! I was born in ‘60 I’ll shout it far and wide! Placing blame on others, such a foolish game, man looks in a mirror, he don’t even know his name! Hard times are comin of that we can be sure, you never know when a boomer cuck might be your cure! Lol. I wouldn’t waste a bullet for you.

    • NorthGunner

      Here’s where some of them are heading.

      Looking at the line up, it could get ‘interesting’
      from a health standpoint very quickly if ANY of
      them are in the early infectious stage.

      Btw, just finished running a copy of “Outbreak” for a
      couple of friends tonight. They both think as many
      people should see it as possible, especially first-responders,
      which in essence could be anyone of us.

      Stay well – stay safe – stay away from crowds!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. The story made it to Zero Hedge and the misinformation in the comments section is astounding. Most folks don’t have a clue as to the seriousness of Ebola:

  10. Like Neil Diamond said: “Their commin’ to America, today!”

  11. Grenadier1

    My previous suggestion was perhaps not clear in its magnitude. It seems people thought Metric Shit tons of Freedom ™ came only in conventional flavors. OH no chaps I was including the glow in the dark flavor as well.

    Just saying it’s still a an option.

    • Unfortunately, we could expend all remaining and not put a dent in the problem.

      Next idea.

      Anything involving land mines, flamethrowers, miniguns, naval and air kinetic interdiction, and summary curbside hangings of certain bureaucrats would probably work much better, and be a far more efficient use of resources on hand.

      Just saying.

  12. kekistantrans

    The world’s second-biggest Ebola outbreak is still raging. Here’s why.
    By Nadia Drake
    Photographs by Nichole Sobecki
    PUBLISHED May 24, 2019

    Meet the scientist who took on the first Ebola scare in the U.S.
    Army veterinarian Nancy Jaax shares her experiences from the front lines of an alarming appearance of the virus in a Virginia lab.
    By Catherine Zuckerman
    PUBLISHED May 2, 2019

    • Here’s your two takeaways from an article written 3 months ago, and published three weeks ago, before it (predictably) blew containment inside DRC:

      …over 30 percent of the cases have been identified as deaths in the community,” Damon says. “There’s a longer period of time when there’s potential additional transmission to others who cared for these individuals before their death.

      That’s an outbreak out of control. The secondary and tertiary infections aren’t “potential”, they’re what’s driving the bus. That’s why they’re surprised at who pops infected next, and can’t track a contact three steps away a week after that 30% of the time.

      Like we told you, they’ve long since lost any hope of control over this outbreak. Uganda was first, and it’s only a matter of time for neighboring countries. Once it gets to a megapolis with an international airport, cancel Christmas.

      Also, despite NatGeo trying to happygas the situation, the total number of Ebola treatment centers attacked is 42, not “several”, and they’ve killed or injured 80+ people in those attacks. That’s why over 25% of the Hot Zone areas have zero WHO/MSF response presence.

      I really think if we could test people closer to home, then that would change an awful lot,” she says. “We could deploy the vaccine in a more simple manner. We could get much more quickly on top of the epidemic…. Right now, we can’t follow the chains of transmission, we don’t really know where the next case is going to appear.

      Well, no shit, Sherlock.
      It would probably also help if they didn’t have a mean IQ of 75, didn’t die at home, didn’t keep infecting twenty other people before anyone knew they were even sick, and didn’t keep killing the people trying to save them.
      Since we’re busy wishing.

      Plan B: It would also be helpful to simply quarantine the entire hot zone, nothing in or out, but that would require 20,000,000 troops and shoot to kill orders. Other than manpower and logistics, there’s not really a downside.
      Darwinism in action.

      Plan C would be to simply cut off all aid, and let Ebola kill everyone there it can, and deal with the smart ones who survive, but invariably some @$$hole do-gooders will import the infection back to the West, like they always do.

      As per continent-wide protocol, DRC keeps eating the missionaries, and everyone’s stumped as fuck as to why this thing is blazing out of control, and has now jumped international borders 50 miles from the next nearest case.

      That entire region is fucked, and has been for at least 6000 years.

      Hope that no Duncans make it out of the region, and bring it here.
      Because right now, hope is all you’ve got.
      And Hope ain’t a plan.

      It’s gotten out of DRC.
      It’s going to do so again.
      And there’s no control whatsoever of the open sore-border from San Diego to Brownsville.
      >100,000 crossings/month, and they’re doing deliberate catch-and-release, with zero Ebola screening, even fever, which is worthless in itself >50% of Ebola cases.
      So, which one of those 100,000 dice rolls is going to come up snake eyes for Ebola?
      Wait and see.
      It only has to get lucky once.

      Just like in 2014.
      Except this time, it’s Duncan x 100,000.

      Sleep tight.
      Nothing to see here.

  13. Like I said the TV drama, The Hot Zone is conveniently featuring the same woman~Jaax in the story