Codevilla: The Tipping Point

Rise of the Permanent (Losing) War Class.

Fortunately, the PRC just faded away, along with MacArthur.

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  1. Well, Codevilla does not say it, but the explanation as to why we quit trying to win wars in 1951 is simple. Korea was the tipping point between an American nationalist foreign policy and an American imperial foreign policy.

    A nationalist foreign policy seeks to win to advance a nation’s interests. An imperial foreign policy becomes a policing operation that seeks to maintain the status quo of the empire, maintain stability, and provide security from threats outside the Empire’s territory.

    After 1945, Japan and Europe became de facto American protectorates. In Europe, the policy was “containment” — i.e., maintaining the status quo at the end of World War II. The UN was created as a cloak for American imperial interests, and in 1948 Israel was established (it might as well be the 51st state today) because the Jewish Lobby was able to influence American power to reestablish the Zionist Entity for the first time in two millenia.

    Eisenhower bitched a fit at the UK, France and Israel over the 1956 Suez Crisis because they acted without the consent of the imperial master in Washington. They quickly withdrew.

    Korea and Vietnam were imperial policing operations on the frontiers of American influence, intended to keep the barbarians from attacking the Empire. The same is true of Afghanistan, which is why we’ve had troops there for EIGHTEEN YEARS with no end in sight and no real goal of winning.

    • Codevilla has said that (imperial foreign policy) thing before in other articles.

      A TRUE nationalist foreign policy for this country would be one akin to the one recommended by the founders: No fucking foreign wars.

      The US has been twisted and manipulated into being a host for the imperialist intentions of the ruling class since at least the late 1800’s.

      Anybody who understands why the militia system existed – and hence why it was gotten rid of in favor of the “National Guard” – knows that this imperialist process started well before the 50’s

    • Why would Israel downgrade to being the 51st state and have 2 senators, when they now have $Billions in “aid” and 100 senators?

  2. I think it is all well and good, insightful thought leaders on “The Right” like Angelo Codevilla mean well and all. Angelo’s masterpiece ‘The Ruling Class And The Perils of Revolution’ is one of the best.
    The virtue of searching for peaceful ordered rational redress to the plainly insane tyranny breathing down our dirt people necks can not be exemplified too much. There can never be too many decent folks speaking out rationally.
    Be this as it may, and this in no way is intended as an indictment of any kind regarding the above virtues. But these well intention thought leaders do not get what us Deplorable’s and Bitter Clinger’s long ago have understood. There is gonna be a fight. A fight because it is either us dirt people or them. This is the 3rd major go-around we have had, it is blatantly clear this time they mean business, there will be no “reconstruction”, they intend to exterminate us dirt people once and for all, to simply solve the problem of bulwark to their raw naked power over the human race us dirt people are and have been for 240 years.
    A legion of us in this honorable resistance know to our bones what is coming. We number in the near hundreds of millions, a very powerful yet unorganized plurality who will eventually become A Legion.
    It can be stated till the cows come home, millions of us are not up arming themselves with superb small unit infantry combat small arms and gear, along with 4th G warfare combat training, because it is some fad like collecting beanie babies.
    Millions of us dirt people are preparing or are prepared in mind body and heart for this existential battle barreling down the pike at us. It don’t get anymore obvious.
    It is no secret we are this silent forgotten demographic, who have lived for decades with less as part and parcel of the ruling class’s attempts to disenfranchise, impoverish, undermine and cause people to loose faith and dignity of self and culture.
    It is a really dirty set of tricks they have played on us, all the while getting fatter and richer off the skin of our backs. No small number of us have learned to do more with this less, how to live not just survival, but “surthrival” We are rightfully armed in ways our forebears could never imagine, we have revived many of the old ways, getting right with Faith, family, kith and tribe, this changes the dialectic. We grow our own, learn new skills, create tangible things, learn or develop new trades, crafts, methods, alternatives, we adapt we home school and are discovering our history as it really is, deprive the bloodsuckers eating out our existence of every piece of silver possible. Because of the contempt and hate the ruling class has for us, who make no bones of not letting us forget how they hold us as the unwashed white trailer trash and dirty underclass of untouchables, in such derision, they are not entirely cognizant of the perils of revolution they so cavalierly expound they have waged upon us. Because many of us do well in meat space, we understand open source, grass roots insurgency, living just below the radar, we Defy.
    They Have No Idea The World Of Hurt Waiting For Them, as more and more, everyday, keep their ear to the ground, their cards close and use the time given us to plan wisely and sharpen our hatchets. In spite of the approved narratives we are some form of rusted out bitter ineffectual “white” racist minority, the truth of us is rather different. But they don’t need to know, nor could they understand anyways. More the better.
    Our great strength lies in our natural propensity for a unique form of unorganized leaderless resistance, something that is claimed to be impossible and futile.
    But we are people who come from a long line of highly successful self reliant improvisational creative independent people, we are ourselves are our own leaders, we don’t need anyone to order us how to fight, and as generations of us are of true grass roots ground level movement, in every facet and endeavor of life, it is how this civilization was created. We do exceptionally well in such things.
    That we are today portrayed as people who no longer exist nor are remembered as actual dirt level stake holders of 80 percent of the territory that constitutes the US, is a blessing in disguise. Holding vast territory is a most advantageous place from which to fight for ones liberty and freedom. We certainly ain’t no kind of ISIS.

    4th Generation American Style Warfare waged by the dirt people against the ruling class and their minions is unlike any form of war ever waged in the human history of conflict. There are no precedences for it. Not when you consider the vastness of geography, the breadth of culture, and the numbers involved.
    When it begins nobody is going to be more surprised than the smug smart ass’s who think we are already defeated.
    Take your Fat Lady and shove it.

    Can’t speak for anyone but me. But I have no doubts I’m in the good company of millions of my fellow dirt people who are going to deprive the clowns running things of that notion we are toast in the most rude and final ways imaginable.


    • And again: This is why your militias were eliminated in favor of the National Guard.

      Can’t have the dirt people already trained and organized to fight back against the imperialist ruling class can we?

      • Who knows better that all political power grows from the barrel of the gun?
        Those with political power.
        Little late to put the primal right of self defense Genie back in its bottle.
        They talk a big story, yet notice they tread lightly. They must not disturb the sleeping beast past it’s tolerance.
        The reality is they are outnumbered thousands to 1.

        • They must not disturb the sleeping beast past it’s tolerance…
          So the question is what can we do to make them wake the sleeping beast since it’s apparent that we aren’t having to much luck in doing so…

        • Yes but…………. thousands of words of spent here on WRSA talking about how to train out of sight of the overlords. Over at Zman’s place – who CA posts links to quite frequently ….. the white nationalist crowd bemoans the fact that we don’t have “white countries” any more – and they talk incessantly about how to make connections so they can fight back against the globohomo order.

          My point is: we once had that. It was subverted ON PURPOSE, in order to enable that imperialist project that Codevilla’s article talks about.

          I occasionally vacation on Peaks Island (Portland Harbor ME). On that island are the 5th Maine Regiment museum and the 8th Maine Regiment lodge and museum.

          Walk thru these places and you can sense that they were established by a group of men who were bonded and part of a greater thing.

          Somewhere in my travels I once read that one of the big reasons the militia was disbanded in favor of the National Guard (They’re NOT the same thing) – was because the militia had become “clubs” – and were not “militarily proficient ” any more. Sounds like a typical leftist progressive excuse to me. Got to get rid of those “clubs” where MEN got together and got to know intimately the other members of their community – (and were prevented by statute from being used overseas BTW) , and put something in place that would be more suited to the imperialist project then in it’s infancy.

          I believe you can’t fix a problem – unless you know where the problem started. Well to my understanding of history – the problem that we are currently stuck with is descended directly from the beginnings of the imperialist project – which started in the late 1800’s and which was followed by all of the machinations of the 1910s. What followed from that was not something different in kind – but only intensity. Like a the cancer cell you had when you were 35 that maybe itched a little – but grew over the intervening decades and one day ate thru the side of your belly.

          You got the cancer a LONG time ago – you just didn’t pay attention.

    • “When it begins nobody is going to be more surprised than the smug smart ass’s who think we are already defeated.”

      The dot gov has been ratcheting upwards on the political repression for decades. They are now interpreting our apparent relative silence as tacit consent. The millenials and SJWs are the worst for this. They act the way they do because they believe only slight resistance exists, and they believe silencing the opposition is the same thing as eliminating it.

      We are rational, and they are emotional. They do not understand what happens when we rationally decide the best thing for us to do is kill them.

      • The question is who at this point in time has time on their side…In other words as time goes on who gets weaker and who gets stronger…

  3. Re: “Two new books by popular historians Arthur Herman and H.W. Brands show that the clash between President Harry Truman and General Douglas MacArthur over the Korean war’s course was the tipping point between two eras of American statecraft”

    Codevilla’s examination is, not surprisingly, up to his usual high standard, but he fails to mention the critical event upon which events in Korea turned – the operational use of the first atomic weapons by U.S. in 1945 against the Japanese Empire. The invention and operational use of atomic weapons revolutionized warfare and marked one of the most-important inflection points in the long human history of warfare.

    The obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki instantly changed the moral/strategic calculus of conventional nation-state warfare forever.

    The brilliant scientists who invented the first workable atomic weapons and much of the technology required to manufacture them – well-understood the implications of their discoveries.

    J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), the wartime head of the Los Alamos Laboratory and one of the “fathers of the atomic bomb,” famously said as he watched the first success test detonation of an atomic device at Trinity on July 16, 1945, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds,” quoting from the ancient Hindu scripture of Bhagavad-Gita. Oppenheimer later admitted that he and his colleagues knew “the world would not be the same.”

    One of his colleagues on the Manhattan Project, Albert Einstein – “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    Any evaluation of the conduct of U.N. Supreme Commander General Douglas MacArthur and President Harry S Truman must take into account the fact that by the time of the Korean conflict, the U.S. was no longer the only world power armed with nuclear weapons. The Soviets had, in 1949, exploded their first atomic device, and were also members of the nuclear club.

    MacArthur’s desire to strike across the Yalu River and into China may have made sense under the ante bellum paradigm, pre-1949, but once the USSR – an ally of Red China and North Korea – exploded an atomic device, that option became a much-higher risk proposition. MacArthur was right when he said, “There is no substitute for victory,” but President Truman was also correct in understanding the implications of these powerful new weapons.

    The eminent military historian Martin Van Creveld has written that the invention of atomic weapons rendered warfare between major nation-states obsolete, at least when those states possess nukes or have allies that do. He also posits that “wars-by-proxy,” small wars and asymmetric conflict can all trace their recent rise to the post-Hiroshima era. If world powers, such as the USSR and the U.S., cold not face-off in open & conventional conflicts for fear of escalation to nuclear exchange, then they certainly could wage war via proxies, as was done in Korea and again in Vietnam.

    Non-nuclear armed nation-states could still fight major wars, as was proven by the series of large conflicts between India and Pakistan, Israel and her Arab neighbors, and Iran-Iraq in the 1980s, amongst others.

    • NorthGunner

      Please take time to watch Denis Wise’s third documentary,
      “Secret Masonic Victory of WW2”. Both FDR, Truman
      and Churchill were 33rd Degree Mason’s and Dennis’s work
      answers many questions about what really was going on behind
      the scenes during “The Bad War” and afterwards.

      Here’s the link:

      Secret Masonic Victory of WW2

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • “The buck stops here” Very interesting figure. Looks like Truman was his era’s Fabian GloboHomo shadow government leader. They had more latitude to control the narrative, there wasn’t much in the way of alt-media or internet.
      Pulitzer and Rhodes had created a pretty solid lock on approved 5th column Yellow Journalism.

  4. Codevilla as usual is awesome.

    This is a must read piece. The Democrat run ruling class has been destroying the country since at least the 1950’s. I personally would extend that back to WW1 – a war this country should never have been in – in the first place.

    There’s a fucking reason why the founders said NO FOREIGN WARS.

    Are you understanding yet?

    • NorthGunner

      I definitely understand it and have for quite some time.

      Unfortunately, America has been under quiet foreign
      occupation and control at least since 1913 when the
      nascant Internationalist Globohomo NWO was started
      by the Rothschilds and their fellow banksters that answered
      to them..the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Israel Saiefs,
      the Sassoon’s and others in Europe as well as their
      relatives in America such as the Rockerfeller’s.

      It was they who agitated for the 1st World War (after
      their agents murdered Arch-Duke Ferdinand and his
      wife) and since their elements already controlled the
      newspapers of the day in America it was easy for them
      to create war hysteria propaganda that would make
      WIlliam Randolph Hearst green with envy (he and
      that 4-eyed buck-toothed sociopathic criminal narcissist teddy
      Roosevelt, a relative of FDR’s would get America into
      a completely unnecessary war with Spain over Cuba).

      Listen to someone who was there at Paris who saw
      what happened and tried to warn America about zionism:

      Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)

      Friedman was a former zionist and jew and he wasn’t shy
      about speaking out about the evils that both zionism and
      communism presented.

      The wrong side won “The Bad War”!

    • Codevilla’s masterpiece. It still holds up pretty well:

      America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution
      By Angelo M. Codevilla
      July 2010

      Here is a true outlier:

      If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?
      November 10, 2014

      And this defines much about the GloboHobo managerial slave class. Kind of an Amerikan lower level government Nomenklatura:
      About the Corporate Slave Class


    One exceptional work by one who served during the Korean War is THIS KIND OF WAR, by T.R. Fehrenbach. It will hold your attention from the first page to the last. The author points out threat of the use of the 280MM Atomic Cannon was one of the ways the Norks were convinced to go back to the armistice talks. Read the book.

  6. The Old Guide

    Great summary by mtnforge. That’s a copy and paste. We do know what is coming.

  7. @ Calsdad

    Re: “This is a must read piece. The Democrat run ruling class has been destroying the country since at least the 1950’s. I personally would extend that back to WW1 – a war this country should never have been in – in the first place.”

    Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, has been called by some politically-incorrect historians as America’s first fascist president. While that is somewhat a matter of opinion, it is a matter of historical record that he was admired by Hitler, Mussolini and FDR – all of whom borrowed from his ideas and policies.

    As for your comment on foreign wars, the founders warned that the road to ruin lay in involving ourselves in the games of empire and needless foreign entanglements. Time has proven them right – in spades.

  8. It should be noted, yet not defined in the article, is the nature of warfare since WWII. There has not been a peer to peer battleline engagement since the cold war. Principally because the peers, US and Russia (and now the PRC) have yet to test how far a conventional conflict can go head to head before going nuclear. Nor do I think they wish to find out. Hence we have had a succession of wars by surrogates to avoid the possibility.

    The lone exception was Iraq I. It was not a peer foe engaged but one steeped in russian military doctrine. Situated in a posture similar what would be expected to unfold on the plains of germany. US kicked ass. There is a good chance that Iraq I will be the last such warfare of that type this century. When adversaries see whoopass they take note. They also figure out ways to achieve goals without being the next one in line for the same lesson.

    To be Rome one must act as a Roman. That is not a mental posture that Americans are situated to.

  9. thesouthwasrght

    Gen Lee stated his belief that fedgov would become more aggressive abroad and tyrannical at home after it’s ill gotten conquest. He was spot on.

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