War With Russia?

ZH: Is The US Preparing For War With Russia?


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    “Also at the behest of the Trump administration, roughly 500,000 bump stock owners continue to be outlaws, while challenges to their ex post facto regulatory ban continue to drag on through the courts.

    Lastly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi loaded the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization with reams of gun control — and Republicans may sign off on it.

    Under section 801 and 802, everyone you’ve ever dated could bring a secret ex parte proceeding to strip you of your guns — and of your Fourth, Fifth and 14th Amendment rights as well.

    Donald Trump promised us he would be the best pro-Second Amendment president in history. Thus far, that’s not been the case.”


    • kypartisan

      dont fool with thots until after the collapse.

    • Bonaventure

      This is gonna be awesome! The great tFat, having dicked over so, so many wymyn in the past, all for his instant narcissistic gratification, will now have one (or more!) file a complaint against him, and poof! No more guns for tFat! Ain’t karma something? No wonder you’ve run away to some far-off island to live like Kurtz.

    • kekistantrans

    • “…14th Amendment rights as well.”
      Ummm, The 14th does not give any Right – What tit does do is let you know that ALL U.S. citizens are now Slaves to the Corporate “Federal” Bank Run Government. Pay Up Suckers.

      American Nationals are outside of this jurisdiction.

  2. Plankton67

    Consider for a moment the past 2+ years and “Muh Russia” in American political discourse. Now, we have this… where we are contemplating doing things to others. The American population needs to come to grips that this is how much conflict is waged. It is expected that other nations influence habbendings in other nations in methods short of war. Now, if Americans do not understand in some depth that American foreign policy and other operations are at times less than unicorns farting rainbows, they need to get wise and open their eyes. The world is not really that nice of a place, and there are a lot of entities out there that not only can, but will take your lunch (or more) if not actively deterred from doing so.

  3. NorthGunner

    “Is israel and it’s foreign agent influence agencies, the adl,
    j-street and other’s preparing it’s anesthetized cash cow
    proxy state the fusa for a chabadist talmudic/kabbalic/zoharan
    messianic war with Russia?”

    There, fixed it to accurately reflect the reality of the subject.
    ZH doesn’t even have to thank me. ;^)

    James Perloff 2019 “War and Deception”

    Don’t forget, bushie Ver. 2.0 DID make the ‘Noahide Laws’
    apply to America (even though such clearly violates ‘muhh
    constitooshun and muh bill ‘o rights)

    Anti-Semitism Czar Press Conference Analysis

    (Adam mentioned to watch this video before
    viewing the below video – it’s part 1

    Chabad & Noahide Laws EXPOSED –
    Know More News – Adam Green

    Look familiar?…..

    This will NOT work out well for America and it’s dirt people..us!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner

      “Don’t forget, bushie Ver. 2.0 DID make the ‘Noahide Laws’
      apply to America (even though such clearly violates ‘muhh
      constitooshun and muh bill ‘o rights)”

      Correction: As Adam Green stated in the video above,
      it was actually Carter that got the ball rolling on that.
      It doesn’t disavow bushie Ver. 2.0 from being a moron..
      he also said, “islam is a religion of peace” with moslem
      brotherhood operatives posed around him.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • And Yet 99% of “Christians” will continue to suck jIsrael to a full happy ending.

      • There ain’t no middle ground. I’ve not heard of any Jews cutting off Christians heads! Muslims, yes. Who do you support?

        • NorthGunner


          They are both shitty murderous semetic ‘birds of a feather’!

          Why do you think that Queen Isabela and King Ferdinand
          IMMEDIATELY upon their ascent to the throne said, “Marano’s
          your choices are: convert (and we WILL be watching you VERY
          closely from here on out!) OR LEAVE Spain asap!!”

          They and other Spaniards remembered that it was the jew Marano’s
          that acted as a fatal 5th Column against Spain – read up on
          how the jews there betrayed the cities of Toledo and Cordoba
          by opening the gates to the invading moslem moors..in fact
          there were jewish calvery elements flying the blue and white
          6 pointed star of Ramphan that rode in with the attacking moslems!

          In point of fact, the term marano is still used by Spanish
          speaking people to denote something or someone who
          is filthy, diseased and not to be tolerated or trusted.

          It’s like the old choice..you have a enemy before you
          and a traitor; your pistol has one bullet left and you
          have a knife to hand.

          Who get’s the bullet?
          The smart decision is that the traitor get’s the bullet!

          Need I say more, or do you need more convincing
          with historical documentation? It’s out there for
          those willing to put out a bit of honest effort, including
          the self-damning testimony of the jews from their own
          lips in their brags and other statements.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Additionally:
      The US President is NOT the same as the President of The United States of America,
      The US Congress is NOT the same as the Congress of The United States of America.

      1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871.

      28 U.S. Code § 3002
      (15) “United States” means—
      (A) a Federal corporation;
      (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
      (C) an instrumentality of the United States.


    • Plankton67

      Imagine the hilarity that can ensue if you LARP as a Chabad Lubavicher! Oh, the mischief… it is possible to infiltrate them. Have to study them first, don’t go in cold. Have fun with it!

  4. Notice how all the federal intelligence agencies advance the whole Russia regime change since at least the Clinton regime has run the state department? Think: meddling in the Ukraine and their elections.
    Typical. They accuse their American enemies of what they are guilty of. SOP.

    Military Intelligence Department has never bought into the whole stalinist neo-con Russia is the boogeyman false flag. The approved fifth column media narratives say otherwise. It ain’t buying the Iran/orangemanbad as warmongor’s narrative. That is the lightbringer’s, and his tool called Lurch manipulations. Remember who went full retard on Libya, Egypt, who has alway’s been in treason with the musloid brotherhood, who created and supplied ISIS, instigated the Syrian civil war, stoked the fire for 8 years?

    If you don’t get it you may never get it. It’s all right there plain as day.

    Follow the money.
    Clinton Mueller and associates run deep state collusion and corruption operations with Russian organized crime oilgarchy, ie a Russian version of the Chamber of Commerce, for Uranium One and other sales of our resources, BLM is a front for orchestrating the land grabs, the FBI are the leg breakers and other dirty tricks like framing targets, setting up false flag events, they have been feeding the fake media talking points for the approved narrative for decades, not just since they where part of the palace coup against President Trump.
    Think Indian tribes and legacy grazing rights of western cattle ranchers are in the way: think Bundy Ranch, Burns Oregon/Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and the decades of federal police state actions against ranchers and farmers, independent mining operations thruout the midwest and Rockies where the wealth of our nation resides in the earth: Clinton crime syndicate orders FBI contract hit on LeVoy Finnicum: LeVoy and fellow Patriots are exposing thru media attention things too close to Clinton corruption, occupiers discover the Clinton’s corruption play to play natural resources on federal lands racketeering left on Malheur refuge computers when federal actors abandon the protest site. Town of Burns Oregon is essentially a federal deep state actor Potemkin Village. They play musical chairs in federal prosecution cases against ranchers, as jurors, county sheriffs, mayors etc, victims of domestic terrorists aka Ranchers, the whole nine yards of false flag false narrative crisis as a means operations.

    It is all about huge money. Beyond monetary wealth. This is about absolute absolute power. Iron fist control of natural resources. The building blocks of all wealth creation. Proscribe this you control wealth creation.
    Follow. The. Money>
    All roads lead to Clinton Crime Syndicate and associates in the GloboHomo one world order land grab intended to lock up all natural resources for their sole present and future benefit across the “Unsecured Spaces” of America.
    It is wealth unlike any place on Earth, except, Russia. Remeber the loyalists, those who became the Fabian’s, far as they are concerned, the new world and all its vast riches was stolen from them by a basket of Deplorable’s, rebels, terrorists. they never forgot, they never forgave, for 240 years their goal is the extermination of the dirt people of America. They want their gold mine back.
    Russia is a big ol’ puss pocket, a nasty boil right smack dab in the middle of the western hemisphere. And Putin made Nationalism Great Again. It is a prime imperative Trump & Putin never get together and become populist allies. Putin made Christianity a household name again. Last week he ordered the renaming of all national airports, gave them names of past great Christian leaders. Putin stopped dead in its tracks the western usurpation of the Levant. No pipelines to Europe thru Syria. The only land path for them.

    Think the myriad of interests, the money at stake, those pipeline represent feeding the European Continent, and represent if they do not exist. The slave labor and serf class of these lands.
    Who has the largest interests?
    Saudi Arabia.
    The largest interest is the consortium of organized crime syndicates running Europe and America. Brussel’s and the deep state. We call the one world order.
    The plan is Agenda 21.
    As in get it done by the 21st Century.
    Wink. Wink.

    Imagine the wealth of having total control of the natural resources of North America and Russia, for generations of your children and their children and so on as a one world power? A thousand year oligarchy.
    A dream of empires since the dawn of time.
    Control the water, the farming land, the extraction of natural resources, and in this age, all that energy. The most valuable and critical of all resources.

    The rest you weaponize, food, water, timber for housing, electricity from hydro power and petro/coal, prohibit the existence of individual land holders, read Kill The Kulaks, everyone becomes a serf. You control everyone. Everything.
    The ultimate Water Empire.

    Us dirt people are in their way. No matter how many times, no matter what nasty awful shit they pull, we are still in their way.
    And we will keep right on keeping on being in their way.
    None of their agenda is possible.
    It doesn’t stop them from trying.
    It is all coming to a head.

    • NorthGunner

      “..Clinton Mueller and associates run deep state collusion and corruption operations with Russian organized crime oilgarchy..”

      Except, they weren’t “Russian”. They are jewish.

      The Russian Oligarchs

      TO COME, by Dr Lasha Darkmoon
      (Yes, the article came out in 2013, that doesn’t
      make it any less factual or important to the discussion)

      Definitely makes one wonder how the Pritzker’s and
      Kushner’s could be involved in the above, doesn’t it?….
      The Rothschild’s certainly are..in one fashion or another….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner


      You and others here will hopefully find this both
      informative and useful:

      (Courtesy of Brother Nathanael)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Sir: Your money quote: …”follow the money”. Period – end of statement, end of everything. It is always (ALWAYS) about the money. And if for some reason, ‘money’ does not seem to be in the picture/argument/proposal (or what the fuck ever) it is because it is hidden or otherwise regulated to some dim place (much like the collective IQ of the America public). The club: only some are in it but know for a fact that you are not. Most do not even have a clue they are being herded/lead like rally dumb animals. What a joke ……..
      maybe tFat is right (perish the thought) after all …………..

      • In that last respect, what tFat is right about is gazing at his navel.
        So what about the cannon fodder and useful idiots? Thats beating a dead horse died long ago. They are a hopeless cause at best. Self extinction at worst.
        regardless that has no bearing on how all of us who are going to fight for what matters, how we comport ourselves. Those idiots don’t tell us who we are. They are like self gassing Jews. Don’t interrupt them.

        And whats getting that last buck? What path is it? It is the 4 great evil sins is what it is:
        Throw hubris in there someplace it fits everywhere. It is what comes before the fall.

        • fuck you you overweight over the hill hillbilly

          your long winded line of crap is recockulous at best

          nobody reads your tripe but yourself – FOOL

          S C R O L L

          was never used so much…

          tfA-t is ALL wise and ALL knowing

          tfA-t RULES

          tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t tfA-t

          this is what your last dying thought should and will be- tfA-t

      • NorthGunner

        “It’s always about the money”…EXCEPT when one
        OWNS the ‘printing presses’ via the fake ‘Federal Reserve’.

        Then “It’s about CONTROL, and money is merely
        the bribe to maintain the sembalance of legitimacy”.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Everything is connected

    The Democrats’ Sinister Strategy to Win in 2020

  6. Join the “Don’t Marry Movement”. There are 3 main points:

    -Never legally marry an American woman
    -Never have children with an American woman
    -If you are married to an American woman, never buy a house so she cannot steal it from you in divorce

    Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here: https://womenarestupid.site/blog/the-don-t-marry-movement

    • NorthGunner

      Out!! Out foul spambot!! Begone to the ‘Nether-Regions
      of the Internet Abyss!! Out I say!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Are you bipolar? Weren’t you just advocating to switch over to Sex Dolls?

        • NorthGunner

          Nope, sorry to prematurely burst your bubble Lineman.
          Not bi-polar in the least.

          Just letting ‘Dogbert’ do his ‘thing’ where such spambots
          as “Bobby” are concerned…

          And yes I still do advocate to men who have made the informed
          and conscious choice of going MGTOW to seriously think
          about purchasing a professionally engineered and technologically
          advanced Sex Doll, IF and I stress IF such won’t put them in
          financial hardship (NEEDS always take priority over mere ‘wants’)
          especially where continuing to acquire needed preps such as
          water storage/provision/sterilization, non-perishable food that
          stores for long periods of time without nutritional degredation,
          medical preps and quality books on basic/intermediate medicine,
          heirloom vegetable and fruit seeds and methods to grow them,
          alternate sources of electric power (generators, solar, wind,
          batteries deepcycle and otherwise) basic tools and some that
          are battery powered, guns, ammo, more ammo, and more ammo,
          and if possible training and then more training.

          Oh and don’t forget optics for the long guns, night vision gear,
          thermal vision, season specific clothing and keeping the car
          or truck topped off with fuel with a stabilizer like PRI-G or D
          and have it in as good running condition as possible.

          Also don’t forget to get any dental or similar concerns dealt
          with now, while it’s still technologically possible to do so, including
          the 10 year booster for Tetanus.

          A 10 to 12 year old Class A RV motor home in very good
          condition with all major systems and appliances in good
          to excellent working order..and a car or truck towed as
          a ‘dinghy’.

          Whew,…that’s a lot of NEEDS..but how much does one want to
          keep one’s current body attached to one’s soul..let alone make
          sure that one’s kith and kin are looked after too (or as Mal said
          to ‘Patience’ in the first Firefly episode, “That bar will feed an
          entire family for a month – maybe longer if they don’t like the kids
          that much.”).

          So, if after that our theoretical MGTOW prepper has $$$$ still
          left, here’s some examples of what is potentially in his budget
          (about $2,500 – $3,000 conservatively speaking):

          A high quality doll made with premium medical grade silicone
          and an advanced internal skeleton allowing life-like range of
          motion OR a high quality doll made of TPE (a less advanced
          blend of medical grade rubber but still excellent properties)
          with an equally advanced internal skeleton with the same
          range of motion possibilities.

          If he’s been truly frugal he might..and I stress might be able to
          afford at most two ‘virtual’ girlfriends (and two women are what
          men historically have been able to live with for any given period
          without being driven totally batshit via their back and forth childish
          petulance and game playing..in the case of two Sex Dolls, that
          issue doesn’t even thankfully exist, lol).

          So, given that ALL (or at least the top 90 – 95% of the ‘NEEDS’
          have been acquired and accounted for, here’s some of the
          current dolls that are available (and remember, the technology
          is constantly improving both in materials and features/functionality –
          who knows what might be possible in less than say, 10 years?
          Think of the advances in the personal computing industry/market
          from the early 1980’s to late 1990’s as an example).

          Here are just four examples of what is possible (they’re
          all models that are currently available) – there are literally
          hundreds of potential different variations, so literally there’s
          something in existence to make any MGTOW happy..even
          some ‘large assed, wide hipped BBW’s’ (which thankfully
          I’ll pass on – NOT my type and frankly I don’t need to make
          my chiropractor any richer than he already is, lol!)

          Hope that answers your question regarding this.

          The fictional character of Dr. Mc’Coy certainly didn’t mind
          the attentions of two far more sophisticated Sex Dolls as
          seen here.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  7. John M Johnson

    Be careful what you wish for, Amerika. The Rand Corporation, which has been exposed as a Deep State minion by more than just Daniel Ellsberg, is part of the sinister, Godless, NWO Illuminati agenda. One of the comments on the ZH site said it all: This is the agenda not of the USA, but of Israel.

  8. Trump is a NEO-CON. Exactly like Bush or Clinton. Every president since Reagan has been a NEO-CON. We have one party government. INCOMPETENT one party government. Russia would whip our military ass in seven days WITHOUT nukes. EVERYTHING in the arsenal is + 35 years old. Used up, and worn out from endless fighting in endless “bush wars”. We have the worst manpower shortage that the military has faced since the 1930’s. The people we do have are poorly trained ,and the best of them are looking for the exit. (True story) The “kid” across the street and his brother both enlisted. One 12 years ago, one 8 years ago. Both left the service because: “they only want faggots and squats” That’s two decorated combat NCO’s who started out wanting career’s, lost to a PC system. Without a military draft they will never get them back . Trump wants universal gun confiscation. IMO he would sign it after winning in 2020. But if it looks like he is going to tank the next one he WILL sign a confiscation law now. Trump hates guns and gun owners as bad or maybe worse than Obama does. Then we find out how many cranky old farts who comment on “alt-right” blogs have balls. Because if the CWII is ever going to start ,A federal red flag law is the match to light the powder.

    • Donny Corleone

      Well Ray, once again I can’t find a single thing to disagree with you on.
      Trump is a poser and a demagogue. He would have never been allowed to assume the office of the Presidency given his razor thin margins of victory in some swing states if he wasn’t a jewish shill and member of the “club”.
      He will oversee the seizure of your guns if given enough time.

    • the murkin militardy farces are a fucking joke

      fat, lazy, and stewput is not an army you would want to field

      i have more respect for MS-13

  9. The number one reason I had for picking Trump over Clinton was that I was absolutely convinced Clinton was going to stumble into a ground war (and subsequent nuclear war) with Russia over Ukraine, because she’s too goddamned stupid to understand consequences that don’t depend on Beltway politics.

    Trump talked a good game on other matters but avoiding a totally unnecessary nuclear war with Russia was something I thought I had stopped worrying about 20 years ago, it had no business coming back, and was the absolute top priority.

    The authors of this document are deep state swamp things, doing their thing, and are not necessarily representative of administration policy. That said, if Trump and his administration bend the knee to them on this topic, he is of no use at all and will need to be replaced, by absolutely any candidate whatsoever, up to and including Chairman Mao.

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    Too much good information here today.
    Normie’s heads are going to explode, contradicts everything they were ever told. Corruption is the name of the game, anything for power and money.
    Sad thing is most of them will never read it, too far over their closed minds.

  11. Oldtradesman

    There is no movement. If Trump was ever serious about his 2016 program he could have exploited his rallies to call for volunteers and create a genuine “boots on ground” movement, then used his tweeting on Twatter for propaganda purposes.

    The deplatforming of the Right’s keyboard warrior contingent was inevitable. There are no “free market” alternatives. Efforts to create “alternatives” to Fuckbook and Twatter et al are distinctly second-tier. Such geekery is only of use insofar as it supports the Main Mission. That Mission is to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    A thought experiment…

    There are 47 million unregistered whites of voting age living in USA – lower middle class, underclass, students, and elderly. Trump can expand his base by attracting and mobilizing a significant fraction of these millions. If only 10 million of them are registered and brought to the polls, Trump will win the 2020 election.

    There are 3,141 counties in USA. In 2016 Trump won somewhere between 2,600 – 3,080 of these counties. If Trump renewed his pledge to the 2016 program and asked for 50 volunteers from 3,000 of these counties, this would raise an army of 150,000 political soldiers.

    What would these soldiers do? For a start:

    1) 50,000 illuminated sign trailers.
    2) 1,000+ Harley cross country rides.
    3) 1,000+ boat regattas.
    4) 3,000 aircraft banner pulls.
    5) Carbon-arc searchlights at rallies/events.
    6) Door-to-door and nursing home canvassing with flyers and voter registration forms.

    The above are instrumentalities designed to reach the specifically targeted 47 million unregistered whites of voting age in red fly-over country and in rural areas of blue states.

    Trump will probably lose Florida in 2020. Trump’s electoral strategy should be to construct an electoral map that can win without Florida. Emphasis to be placed on:

    1) Wisconsin – Michigan – Pennsylvania
    2) Minnesota – Virginia – New Hampshire – Maine
    3) Nevada – Arizona – Colorado

    Secondary priority to be placed on winnable, largely rural Congressional districts in blue states.

    Of course, this army of political soldiers would not be disbanded following the election – no matter how the election went. They would form the above-ground core for all that follows.

    • Oldtradesman

      Waiting for shit to break down has been the faux Right, bowel movement’s excuse for doing absolutely nothing but whine about unfairness for the past 55 years. if we do nothing, then between now and break down all wannabe keyboard “warlords” will be silenced and picked off. We will surely lose the propaganda war, have zero civil legitimacy, and have little logistical support beyond what is in our homes, bunker, or compounds. Your AO will consist of nothing more than the truly libertarian “Me, Myself, and I.” Demographic change and AI will ensure that resistance to the Zionist regime is limited to what is in your heads and nothing more.

      There is no voting our way out of this at the national level. Not even with a Trump win in 2020. But politics is critical to acquiring local civil legitimacy, building a resistance movement, and revolution. If we can’t wrap our minds around this and support it, then we’re LARPing.

  12. No more brother wars.

  13. Meanwhile, Aleksandr Dugin. Russia is not a friend to our society and culture, never has been, and never will be.


  14. Old Gray Wolf

    I look at what people say, then watch what they do to form my view of them. Trump’s statements on guns are damning. His actions relative to those statements are more damning. His deeds relative to guns closely mirror his statements on same from before he ever ran for president. That shows a long term philosophy that is unlikely to change, despite all the campaign promises to the contrary. Speaking of promises. You see a wall that Mexico paid for? He promised a wall. We get hundreds of unscreened dindus from ebola land dumped in our cities. We get thousands, if not millions, of new troublemakers every year. The replacement continues not only unabated, but likely increased. Campaign promises. Same as ever. Believe at your own risk.

    I don’t know if we can ever take our country back to where we think it should have stayed. Lots of water under that bridge. But guns are my issue, for one reason. No matter what happens, the people who want to kill me have to deal with this: they have weapons and might be able to kill me, but I have weapons too, and I can kill them back. And I will. I can not determine whether or not we go to war. I cannot fix the schools. I cannot close the border. But I can and will defend myself and mine. The guns are non-negotiable. I will have them, and if it makes sense, I will use them.

    At the end of the day, we make our own lives. Spending energy being angry about things we cannot control takes away from making our own lives. You know how you beat the machine? You live well. And when you get old and die, you leave progeny that live well, and understand their world. All the machine wants is to milk you until it kills you. All you gotta do to beat it is live, and live well. And stomp the shit out of whatever gets in the way of that.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. There is an important distinction to be made here. Lets make it clear:
    It is not “Is The Us Preparing For War With Russia?”
    It is not )))”us”(((, or (((“we”))) either.
    It is as asinine a lie as Mayor Bloomberg stating “I think )))”We”((( have too many guns”

    Go fuck a flyin’ rollin’ donut you self gassing jew.

    In The Matrix, the analogy “It is the machines” as Morpheus put it.
    The analogy is appropriate. Those of the machine no longer are part of the human race consisting of us dirt people. You know the part of the human race who ain’t got any truck with anyone.
    “They” have evolved into a special kind of madness. Only possible once the Atom Bomb was let out of pandora’s box.

    When your GloboHomo elitists and your one world order shit ain’t going your way the world is Hiroshima and your Enola Gay.

    It would be no surprise to me the FBI handles delivering a parachute delayed, 2 stage, dial a yield ex Soviet Russian warhead modified to roll off the ramp of a Lockheed Hercules out of the CIA’s fleet of secret squirrel regime change aircraft right smack dab over the Straights of Humous. Most likely the same hit team who set up the ambush on LeVoy Finnicum, provided the logistic’s for Oklahoma City, who where the controller’s of the Saudi musloids on 911, Huriochi and his pals who pushed the go button and incinerated 76 woman and children in the bunker at Waco, and later put the hit on the Bikers on DC leadership at the Waco Ihop parking lot.
    The FBI who is trying to pull of a palace coupe and oust President Trump because they are all wee wee’d up 64 million Deplorable’s said BFYTW.

    I can guarantee you this collection of psycopaths are so fucking sick in the fucking head there are those among these insane elitists who believe they can survive a multiple nation nuclear exchange. Fuck the rest of the specie’s. We got our’s. They don’t have a word for this kind of cookoo in the head.
    These worthies believe they have control of the unintended consequences and the unknown unknowns. This is the galactic epitome of biblical hubris of self styled self anointed and appointed gods who are nothing but deranged fucking organized crime bosses. At best.

    This diabolical out of control human species suicide club, is so fucking crazy, in order to grab control of the last fucking buck they will plunge the entire planet into Nuclear Ragnorak if that is what is required rather than not get their fucking blood soaked rancid meathooks on that last fucking buck.

    Telling you this is what it is come to.

    • NorthGunner

      You’re spot on!

      It’s horrifying to contemplate but there ARE some
      ‘things’ that inhabit what appears outwardly to be
      a human form that are that insanely evil!

      An “evil” that defies both space and time…
      Moving amongst us, seen..and yet unseen,
      except when “it” wishes….

      Live long enough and you WILL encounter one
      or more of “them”…and you wonder why your
      blood runs cold and the hairs on the back of
      your neck bristle as you pass them…if you have
      a dog with you, she or he ominously growls ‘out
      of character’ and then immediately tries to get behind you…
      your heartbeat pounding in your ears as a warning….

      And if you meet “their” gaze, there is an abyssal
      unnatural darkness that emanates deep from
      within..far deeper than anything that should
      rightfully exist..standing in the heart of an
      abandoned coal mine underground sheds
      more light and warmth than you receive from
      “their” notice…

      Being in “their” presence seems to slowly
      drain the light and life out of you..it’s subtle,
      but it’s perceptible…and it takes everything
      you have to break “their” gaze and leave quickly…

      And you sweat profusely even when it’s a cold night,
      glad when such an unnatural chance meeting is
      over, hopefully not to be encountered again.

      H.P. Lovecraft dared only whisper, and only in broad
      daylight, of such beings….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. A former employee had a side business in NYC. He would escort Hassidic Jews to and from meetings. Being a convicted felon prevented him from owning a firearm,let alone concealed carry. Two brothers who raised themselves on the streets of Queens had a good gig. They both carried razor sharp machetes,wore kevlar gloves and a cup.
    The yids are a strange breed but no fucking stranger than the mooselimb,mackeral snapper,hindu or other cults.
    Hasids seem to think the sidewalks belong to them. Next to the folks suffering from ADS(asian driving syndrome),the Hasids are the worst drivers.
    The picture of Trump and the hebes could have been taken one hundred times.You do not become a property developer in NYC without dealing with hebes. Trump is a self-promoting ,reality television star. What the fuck did you expect?
    Liquidate,carry no debt,and personally own nothing. Dig a fucking hole and bury some stuff. Train your deserving chosen few. You better be laughing at most of this stupid shit. Enjoy life. This is a quick journey we are on.

  18. Who cares? There isn’t any difference between the two parties.

  19. tfA-t