Grinding Flax And Other Bread-Making Lore

A nice piece from Frank and Fern.

How do you make bread or its equivalent in your place?

Open food thread.

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  1. I have a good friend who is a custom harvester. He gleams from south Texas to Alberta. Every year he brings me a couple millers bags of hard red winter wheat and various types of corn,- yellow, popcorn, red, blue, barley, milo etc….

    We grind these grains with a Country Living mill as needed. We rarely use as much as he gives us so over the years we’ve built up several 55 gallon drums of storage of the various grains.

    • Can you grind a proper bread flour with those Country Living mills, King Arthur style per say?
      I live at 3000 ft elv, the heavier flours, especially if they are ground from the whole berry, are almost impossible to get a yeast rise where you don’t end up with a loaf that provides a slice like off a concrete block.

  2. I built a three roller grain crusher. Employs knurled rollers, 2 side by side, with an adjustable gap, and a third just over the center on the two lower rollers, this has a gap adjustment too. I use the crusher first, then run the corn thru a cast iron grinder I got at a yard sale. Grinds much easier this way. Less work grinding to the “flour” stage.
    The crusher was originally for crushing grain for home made beer mash. It just worked out for grinding corn.

    I been raising a “hulless” Oat too. Comes from the Ukrain.
    Run the oats thru the grain crusher, cooks up similar to steel cut oats, but with no inedible hull it is very tender and wholesome tasting. It grinds into a flour too. My wife likes it in her bread.
    I raise the oats with yellow clover as a nurse crop. It brings in zillions of pollinators too. And is a 1st rate good soil builder, and the oats provide large volumes of organic matter when you turn it in. Like tons per acre.
    I have little really flat land, and this combo helps build up the soil when we terrace a section of hillside. We go three years with the Yellow Clover Oat mix, then turn it under and plant another crop to harvest.
    We have discovered you have to use sustainable methods, the multi-use crops are labor savers and put back more in the soil than you take out. This is a must if your going to survive off your land using hand labor and traditional non industrial farming techniques. It also is how you grow food with the highest nutritional value. Store bought veggies and fruits have become devoid of vitamins and minerals they once contained, they look nice, but the industrial farming methods have depleted the essential elements that naturally occur.

    Two years back started raising White Hickory King corn. Old timey grinding/meal and feed corn. It was for a long time the only corn everyone grew in this part of WV. Interesting variety, grows 16-18 ft high, has a 3-4 week milk stage, the ears get up to 18 inches long. Popular moonshine corn. Grinds into the best corn meal I ever ate. We keep it in the freezer and it doesn’t go rancid even after two years. Similar to Bloody Butcher in flavor. It is the most useful corn I have used. Every part has high nutritional value.
    The stalks are busting with juice. Even after the ears are dry on the stalks.
    The cows and pigs go freakin’ bonkers over any part you feed then, have to chop it first because the stalks are real rugged.
    The kernels can be as large as your thumb. If everything is really good, weather, water soil, some stalks will grow 4 ears. It is a field corn and not a sweet eating corn. But it makes a top shelf roasting corn on the grill cooked in the husk. I like it raw right off the stalk at the peak of milk. Has such a tight husk the corn worms rarely bore thru. It actually dries faster on the stalk if you go down the rows bend the ear down so the birds can’t get at it. Believe me, first year I lost 60% of the crop to birds and crows. In about 5 days. They know when its ready.

    From what I can tell, these old timey corn varieties where phased out by the seed companies by changing the size of their seed corn, the seed planter manufacturers discontinued making plates or seeders that can handle the size and varying sizes of heirloom corn seeds.
    Now they are back to not sizing their seed corn. Funny how that works.

    • Growing up working a dairy farm cured me of full-time farming.

      • Growing up on a small self reliant subsistence family farm taught me the values of agrarian life. I could not imagine living another way.
        My wonderful wife was raised in the suburbs. At first it was difficult for her to understand and enjoy the benefits, now she speaks quite often how she could never go back to her earlier way of life.

        Had cousins who ran a commercial apple orchard and a chicken egg farm, they had a rather large 4 season farm stand, sold everything from hard cider to beef, they ran 20 head of Holstein’s for milk cows, enough for a commercial homogenizer and power milkers, all the usual diversification that was feasible where families could make a semi profitable living back then.
        I know what your saying. It was seriously hard work, an all hands family commitment. I worked on their farm growing up, learned quite a bit and know I’m lucky to be blessed with the experience. Yet even as a kid I could tell it wasn’t the agrarian way of life I wanted because it was totally time consuming. Planting tilling, then cutting and chopping corn for silage, cleaning chicken manure out of the hen houses, caring for bee hives, chasing baby pigs and cows in all weather to nut them, shoveling cow flops out of tie-ups, then shoveling it into a spreader. I couldn’t imagine the work of a dedicated dairy farm in my future life. All the hay you have to bail and stack for the cows. My arms feel tired thinking about heaving ton after ton of square bales up into the lofts. But back then there wasn’t the insane meddling and regulatory tyranny out of .gov potentates there is today.

        We have basically a truck garden spread out in various size spots due to our land is mostly hillside. We grow a lot of perennial crops, fruit and berries which makes good use of the geography as it lays. Almost all our garden is from terraced spots. I learned from my earlier experiences how to work smarter not hard. A more holistic approach. I have to make it work in the future tense, as we get up in our elderly years.
        (Our “farm” also qualifies us for WV Homestead status. An old timey body of traditional farm exemption codes)
        The work smart not hard goal has led to building a 4 season Hi Tunnel/Greenhouse, so we can have a continuous crop of fresh food most of the year, not a big ol’ harvest that arrives during a month’s time and it’s mad minute for 30 days taking in and processing everything. Except for large area intensive crops, corn, dry beans, roots, winter squash and sourgum. But it is for 2 people, and extra for barter and charity, and back up when a crop failure occurs.
        We barter and trade with a couple farmer neighbors too. It is rather low key all said and done. Our land was naturalizing various berry and cane fruits when we bought it. helping along that process has achieved a state where another season our two we will have enough extra berries after our use and barter/charity, to sell. High bush blue berries and especially black raspberries are alway in high demand. Investing that back into our farm will be a great force multiplier.

        These days I would not care to have to come up with the cash to store buy an equivalent of all this largess like beef and pork, eggs, veggies and fruits. I can see why it consumes such a high percentage of city peoples incomes. Crazy prices. If there is a reset that is truly needed, it is the middle man usury system in the food pipeline. Direct farm to table has so many positive aspects. It would create a renaissance in small sustainable farming. WV Dept of Agriculture and the state senate is pushing this.
        They state something around 4 billion in food spending leaves the state every year and never comes back.
        Some of the stuff they advocate smells very much like corruption and cronyism dressed up as helping “the little guy”. Though a few useful things slip past the gate keepers.
        The consteetooshunull weapons “law” they passed is pretty sweet. They abolished just about every inalienable diktat making natural Unalienable rights to arms rule of law, in a world gone full retard rule of men.

        Of course the hoplophobes, along with the WV State Police criminal gang oligarchy, and the carry permitting culture screamed it would be the harbinger of rivers of blood and every kind of mayhem.
        The exact opposite happened of course. “An armed society is a polite society” is dead to nuts correct. Not that most hill folk ever paid much attention to inalienable weapons tresspasses to begin with.

        But the point here is it seems to have had a positive effect on the idea, and dynamics, of unfettered human activity, ie eliminating government from meddling in peoples affairs. All the fear mongering has proven total BS that it is. The positive effects are subtle, but it is happening, there seems to be a core of secessionism thinking, mostly from the rural reps, they where the ones who did not back down one iota from hoplophobe cabal, abolishing state disarmament diktat. It was a sight let me tell you. Hopefully this nascent roll on order effect that keeps going. Every bit is a good thing. Negative laws effect positive change all outside their diminutive exteriors.
        The contrast to the negative influences of inalienable defacto laws is profound. I can see why TPTB go to desperate measures to proscribe any and all negative rule of law. Instant death to the illusion of legitimate power over every facet in the sphere of our lives.

        If we become a nation of small farmers, craftsman, home schooling, self reliant people nobody can mess with us. There is enough federal land sitting there idling to enable a renaissance of homesteading on a scale that can transform our civilization. A second age of Agrarianism. This is what made possible the creation of living Liberty and secession from tyranny that birthed our nation.
        Unfettered economic activity and agrarian culture. TPTB obtained their shadow government state thru eliminating both these elemental aspects of living Liberty and freedom. The negative implications and dichotomy inherent are immense, they define what is so evil about the state of affairs these scalawags have created.

        If there is a way to win Liberty, to abolish the tyrants and their police state, aside from employing the power of the barrels of our rifles, even more so both together, it is the hoe and shovel, the tractor and our seed corn.
        This is not a difficult choice for more than enough of us. The viability and scope of benefits of agrarian self reliance has always been our major source of resistance to tyranny. The other blessings and benefits make this a self supporting, open source, honorable resistance and insurgency.
        It is a win win.
        Consider, in order to defy, resist and eliminate the tyranny breathing down our necks, to win something that in the final product, in the end, you have to have something viable and tangible, or all that has happened is an empty phyricc victory. Everyone without the essential basic requirements of life like food?
        Make no mistake, the weaponization of everything just about pre-ordains the weaponizing of food by TPTB as a weapon of raw naked totalitarian power.
        Very hard to accomplish across the entire landscape of “The Unsecured Spaces” of a self reliant agrarian countryside, with all the other self determining elements of this culture.
        The Revolutionary war would never have been possible and won otherwise. It was the country side of small family farms and other associated agrarian elements, the dirt people of this countryside who made up the larger part of who did the actual fighting and won. Same thing in the war of northern aggression. The North did not “win” the war in actual combat terms, in fact the north was about the last Police State to win against indigenous partisans in any sense of the meaning of winning total war. It was attrition that won. The unrevised historical record shows time and time again small infantry units, employing the essential irrefutable tactics of combat along with 4th Generation warfare combat tactics, where in-defeatable given the minimum of materiel and support from the countryside. Captain John Stark’s Rangers during the French Indian wars, thru the American Revolution where the same Roger’s Rangers small unit infantry, 4th G warfare tactics where employed, Ben Comee, The Green Mountain Boy’s, Robert E Lee’s father and his company of patriots on Kings Mtn, fighting leaders John Mosby and Nathan Bedford Forrest, in all these warriors mostly came from agrarian roots and countryside.

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  4. Flax. Xenoesgtrogens, the other white meat. Enjoy your bitch tits and new vag.

    The modern ‘Murican diet (like our healthcare system) is designed to neuter and kill you. Choose wisely Spartan.

  5. sorry forgot the linky. there’s plenty out there regarding t binding and flax. hint you want t flowing through your veins like a fucking viking. flax is counter purpose. think real food. red meat, clean source. liver n onions once per week. fckin cranberry juice daily. interesting how they made jokes against that in the departed eh. get on your period juice now.

    • Grey Ghost


      Stick with the testosterone boosting food and let your wife eat the flaxseed bread. I eat damn little to no bread and keep my other carbs and sugar very LOW every day. I stopped the cranberry juice… too much sugar no matter the producer. Stay away from corn and soybean/soy sauce as these items are the two biggest GMO products on the planet. Consider BPA free plastic water containers for your ruck. Let your wife drink water from any plastic, hell, BPA is an estrogen mimicker and it’ll help her but kills your testosterone.

      I’m with tFat… this country is easily in the obese category and needs to go on a serious damn diet. Just go to the local walmart grocery the first five days of the month and watch the people coming through the check out line for 15 minutes. If that obese parade of freaks and illegals on food stamps doesn’t make you puke your breakfast nothing will. 100 million.

  6. Detroit III

    Hahahahaba…haahahahahahaha….who called this?

    I did. Pete erroneously had hope in these catamites while I said nothing would come of this.

    Hahahaba! Proven right….again

    • Grey Ghost

      Yea well the “dear leader” hung up his vest. It remains to be seen if the rest follow his lead or say fuck it and continue putting a burr up Macrons ass. Ultimately you may be right but one guy and one day does not necessarily end the yellow vests. Hell it may morph into something more violent or not… time will tell. Don’t be so quick to claim victory (one man one day) … you may have to eat those words at DSR west over a scotch.

    • Tyrants and their sycophants are renown for making the mistake of counting out grass roots open source insurgencies. History is graveyard of that ignorance and arrogance. Colonel Boydd was always right.
      You just keep right on supporting that hubris with your glee.
      Us Freemen and our cause appreciate all the help we can get no matter it’s source.
      Pete is right in ways you are incapable of understanding with your resistance against The State is futile mind set.
      But please don’t let me stop you. Your doing a great job.

  7. The squaw just baked a 7 grain loaf today . We grind our own grains except flax with an old Marathon Uni-Mill stone mill we got years ago at a garage sale for $100 . If you see one , buy it . It will grind super fine at a good 100 pounds an hour . Flax meal is always one of the grains we use both for the flavor and nutrition.Funny how the left has turned the term Squaw into a derogatory term now . In her Cherokee family it is a term of honor and endearment . The Cherokees were a Matriarchal society . The kids belonged to the Mother as did the land , teepee , and belongings . I have caught hell from several leftists for calling her the Squaw . I get a great deal of fun from fucking with them though and I have no plans on changing . Making a list and checking it twice .

  8. A second for ‘County Living Mill’ (us from Leaman’s number of years ago). Planted one of our fields (20 acres) with ‘winter wheat’ for bailing (horses and cows): saved some of the ‘seed’ and also harvested some of the field grown for home use (non-GMO). First: you have to be willing to put in the work to harvest and grind – second: and most important, you have to not be a dumb ass and know how to make bread (flat types, quick breads, leavened breads (i.e. bread made with yeast either commercial or home made sourdough) and have the skill set to do all of the above. As an added bonus, wheat (and corn) can be used as the basis for making ETOH (illegal I know but wink and smile) – so, think practical and long term …… sorry good EBIT folks, Wal-Mart will not be around when the lights go out ……….
    Me? I like the idea of not having to rely on others for my basic life needs but what do I know? I’m just a dumb ‘merrik’, dirt person in flyover country (thank God).

  9. Flour, salt, water, yeast, tad of sugar. Nothing else. Tastes great.

  10. Join the “Don’t Marry Movement”. There are 3 main points:

    -Never legally marry an American woman
    -Never have children with an American woman
    -If you are married to an American woman, never buy a house so she cannot steal it from you in divorce

    Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here:

    • Old Gray Wolf.

      Frigging beta males, all. You know you aren’t man enough to keep a woman loving the shit out of you, or to raise your children into successful and intelligent adults, so you kindly remove your sorry asses from the gene pool. For that I thank you. We have enough idiots and defectives already. But I curse you all for helping the replacement effort, which simply adds proof of your stupidity and unfitness to breed. Do us a solid, stop wasting food and go drown yourselves.

      • Thumbs up.
        Gamma’s, built in cannon fodder of the human self extinction movement.

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  12. Old Gray Wolf

    I second, or third, or whatever the Country Living mill. Built like a tank, grinds as fine as you like, can grind beans, corn, oats, wheat, coffee, whatever. And can be powered by motor, bicycle, hand, or other methods. We don’t eat much bread anymore, though. A few tortillas, a batch of biscuits on the weekend sometimes. You want to be healthy and fit, bread is not your friend. Meat and vegetables, lots of leafy greens and some berries. All of which is easy to grow, but hard to store. So we have wheat, popcorn, oats, rice and beans stored along with oils and spices, some sugar and whatnot, to supplement calories if needed. Grains work for stretching meat or vegetables in lean times or when you are feeding more mouths than planned for. Good to have some, not so good to eat the stuff everyday when there is plenty of other good food available.