NYT: U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

This will end well.


Buy lots of food this week.

51 responses to “NYT: U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

  1. dmv gringo

    “BLOFTW.” Yeah, that’ll show them.

    The elites who own America only respect – also known as “fear” – cultures clutching their beliefs fervently enough to kill, destroy and\or disrupt the normal social order to advance them. Other, less dogmatic people, are nothing more than serfs – to be brushed aside with no fear of complications or retaliation. Surface nuisances to be disregarded and laughed at within the ranks of “proper company.”

    If you and the members of your culture are unwilling to be uncivil – and (GASP) even extremely violent – in defense of your values, then you patently don’t hold them dearly – and your belief structure deserves to be ground underfoot by those willing assert their will at the point of a sharp stick.

    Oh… you voted for your favored false paradigm last election…. and you gave some money with pay-pal… bitched on Reddit some… and then signed an internet petition… how sickeningly sweet… how delightfully and wholly… useless.

    • humans understand one thing

      and one thing only


      hurt them

      torture them

      kill them

      • Tfat, Pete says you’re just kidding. Pete says you have a plan. It appears that Pete agrees with your plan. Pete may have his taste buds in his rear end.

        • Or Pete might just believe that folks who freak out over words comprised of ones and zeros by strangers need to harden up in time for the Flaming Twenties and the North American Murderous Exchange of Resentments and Racially-Beneficial Rearrangement of Society.

          Coming soon to a neighborhood near all of us.

          Godspeed, brother.

          • dmv gringo

          • CA, peace and love, cousin. Still doesn’t make sense to me. He could just articulate his points as an adult rather than as an emotionally disturbed teen. What does it do for those that only visit to read and learn?

            • I get it.

              I really do.

              But as long as the Bad People are restricting speech and everything else, this place will be a place where, unless a post in moderation is going to get the poster and/or me locked up, people can say what’s on their mind.

              Even if that is ugly.

            • personally, i’m past the point of trying to reason and rationalize..

              you are still a too comfy BOOMER! in your wittle cul de sac

              that too will end

              your cucking and ‘obeying the law’ is why murka has fallen

              OWN IT

              the only road thru is lined with pain, suffering, betrayal, and death

              mostly in that order 🙂

              300 million is a good round number


              • Past the point”…??

                You’ve never even been in the same time zone as reason and rationality.
                You should probably go visit it sometime.

                In the meantime your posts are your own worst enemy.
                The less you post, the smarter you’d sound.

                But then that OCD kicks in, and more and more people just tune you out as nothing but ass-gas with a keyboard. All you bring to any post is the pungent and familiar smell of a baby with a full diaper. You couldn’t even sell your shit to dung beetles.

                If CA just did an open thread and asked for pointless off-topic drivel repeated endlessly, everyone else here could just knock off for the day, and let you do nothing but post your same three or four OCD rants, in answer to yourself. Like you do anyways.

                What’s funny is that you think you’re doing anything besides walking around with 20 pounds of diaper spackle dribbling down your leg.

                You’re the poster child for That Guy.

                • What a cohencidence! That Code Brown Blowout is your job, nursie poo!

                • blow it out your ass some more

                  go hug and embrace your back-stabbing greedy jealous lousy human counterparts who WILL sell you out for a bread chit and a pat on the head

                  people, especially murkin people are the lowest form of scum the earth has ever produced

                  that goes double for the murkin whore cunt vermin who wish to identified as wymin

                  your all delusional

                  there is NO god

                  that fact alone puts anyone who believes in that lie in the retard and ‘not to be trusted’ category

                  god? pffft

                  my turds have more powerful magic

          • dmv gringo

            They refuse to accept, in their craven cucking hearts, that not all fights can be BS’d clear of, especially the necessary and required one’s.

      • Holy shit. I half-agree with Handjob. Someone slap me, hard.

        I would add one thing: humans that understand pain and suffering also understand and value its release and safety from it. Tension/release. Threat/safety. Hunger/satiety.

        t-fAp is the very illustration of that concept. Imagine what he does in his meatspace releases….or not…yeah best not.

        • Berglander

          T-fat says a lot of things that make sense.

          • A lot of things? He’s a misanthropic lunatic fapping away in a padded cell of his own creation. I bet he drinks water too.

            • tfA-t pulls away the soft fuzzies and exposes the harsh and pointed thorns of reality

              you’re conditioned cuckoldness forbids you from embracing your primal instincts to kill and destroy

              do you wear panties?

              i bet they’re pink with white frillies

      • Pain is the only universal language.

    • “…you voted for your favored false paradigm last election…. and you gave some money with pay-pal… bitched on Reddit some… and then signed an internet petition… how sickeningly sweet… how delightfully and wholly… useless.”

      That was good – I’m going to save that quote.

    • St.Maur1066

      The number 2 thing they fear is a lone acting, intelligent, determined man with a plan. The number 1 thing they fear is 100 of them.

  2. Can’r read it. Paywall. Someone have a synopsis?

  3. Lol, these geniuses gave Bolton the keys to the castle. Of course he’s going to burn it down.

  4. Berglander

    We need to “defend forward…” lol wtf? “These paratroopers aren’t invading-they’re only defending forward!”

    Where do these folks come up with this? “Hey guise, lets do some provocative stuff but call it defend forward so our slack-jawed tongue-chewing retards will be okayz with it.”

  5. Why?

    It is like a punk kid doing shitty things just to see if he can get away with it.

    • Which is the “punk kid”?

      • The guy with the orange hairplug I think. Hard to tell these days. At least he got the wall built and stopped the illegals from pouring into fusa,….ooh wait. MAMA 2020! Make America Mexican Again!<—-realizes this is a historically incorrect joke, doesn't fuking care it's a joke fuckweed.

  6. robroysimmons

    Some of this is probably true, but more than likely this is to drive Trump into another losing war effort, so he gets the bounce in 2020 since most Boomers are more social security tit babies than fierce patriotic war at any costs for freedum folk.

    I know a former grid operator, he has a portable generator and talks about being self sufficient, ymmv. And it is very, very centralized, his control of generator assets was unbelievable.

  7. “…since most Boomers are more social security tit babies than fierce patriotic war at any costs for freedum folk.”

    Yup, their more worried about College Football and Basketball stats, and flying all the college banners like they are still part of the frat they never got into.

    The good quotes are going strong today.

    • these super-cucked 60 and over murkin bowl floaters think they can talk and reason their way to peace, security, and love so they can enjoy their old age and spend that SS and pension

      like anyone under the age of 30 gives one rats asshole about what they think or want

      fuck i’m in my early 50s and i don’t even give a fuck about them

      civilized and mature exchange of dialog?

      how about FUCK YOU! BOOMERS

      fucking idiots and their BS politicaly correct ways are the ones who brought us all here

      don’t listen to those asswipes or you’ll be supporting the blew and waving old gory on hallmark holidays

  8. Funny how its always Okay and “Patriotic” if We do it to someone else (Hacking, Voter Intimidation, Vote Rigging, Installing Puppet Leaders), But God Forbid and damn them all to the depths of hell if someone dares even think of doing the same to our esteemed cluster fucked system.

    Hypocrite Central.

    • …and this ladies, gentlemen and children is just clearly stated, Alright for me but not for thee. Also seems to work for inside the US of A also. Word games each and everyone of ‘them’ all having to do with money, control and power. As I have stated before: sorry present, rules are for you and not for me (you know, the ‘club’ which you are not part of at least yet). Update your lists, take notes and when the time comes, move fast and sure..

  9. 1st, it’s the fkn NYTs, a Globalist front out to destroy Trump!
    2nd, look at their sources, fkn Globalists out to destroy Trump!
    Look at the American grid, it is riddled with cancer, back doors, ancient, one of a kind equipment much of which is built in Europe.
    Look at Russia, it’s even worse.
    I place little faith in this BS article

    • This.

    • Wait, you meant the NYSlimes isn’t a reliable source?
      That they’ve peddled fake news for a century and more??
      That they would sacrifice their own children on an altar and rip out their beating hearts to hurt or discredit Trump???
      That they’ve been in the tank for outright communism here since the Russian Revolution????


    • dmv gringo

      Fuck drump, and the statist, communist, Uniparty shitbags, seeking to destroy and profit from his “Presidency.”
      You stupid bastards would vote for Mr. Hanky
      if the jingoism is just right. You stupid fuck.

  10. Mike Bishop

    The Atlanticist power bloc hates Russia because of Orthodoxy, and how it stands as an alternative to globohomo, both in a spiritual and ideological (traditional) sense.

  11. IF this article is true…. IF IF IF it isn’t some anti-trump hard-on piss-ant post to stir up trouble, then some serious investigating needs to go into finding this leaker and terminate hi/her freedoms. If this article is false, it proves once again how the entrenched overlords are pulling out the stops to re-rail their NWO.

  12. Like children playing with matches when they live in a straw hut…

  13. The grid is the Achilles heel of western civilization. Anyone who has lived through a grid down situation knows this. https://apnews.com/a29b1da1a91542faa91d68cf8e97a34d

    It will at some point fail whether it be due to sabotage, solar flare or lack of fossil fuels. Read One Second After if this topic is new two you or visit South Florida during the next hurricane. Commerce stops. Food spoils. Water stops being pumped. Sewage backs up. If it is not restored in a few days, the game is over.

    • LOL.
      My biggest concern is that my bread and circus is not going to work! :

      “This is the biggest blackout in history, I don’t remember anything like this in Uruguay,” said Valentina Giménez, a resident of the capital, Montevideo. She said her biggest concern was that electricity be restored in time to watch the national team play in the Copa America football tournament Sunday evening.”

  14. dmv gringo

    South America blackout leaves tens of millions without power
    “Voters cast ballots by the light of cell phones in gubernatorial elections.”
    This is the heart of the article, the incident, but
    it’s barely mentioned as an “oh, by the way,”
    in the second paragraph.
    And coming on the heels of the revelation by the Old Gray Whore, Synchronicity is at play.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. anybody else notice main power switchstations being lit up with blue lights? the main for the small city i live in has blue lights shing into it and up, you could see it with from a satellite with naked eye. an ultralite with a paintcan could blow it up.

  17. The Power Grid is at the same Time the Most Important, and Most Vulnerable part of (((their))) Control Grid. Every Enemy of the (j)USSA Knows This, and is Able to ‘Turn Out the Lights’ if Pushed Hard Enough.
    We should consider ourselves Lucky if that is the method of Attack against the ZOG, as opposed to Full-On Nukewar.
    Of Course, a couple of those “Tsar Bombs” on D.C. and New York wouldn’t Hurt….

  18. Wow! This was THE most mentally defective comment section EVER! We have the nut house inmate (aTfat) and the CIA (dmv gringo) both vying to out crazy each other while the bullshit laced propaganda piles in ever growing heaps by the outhouse door. I TOTALY agree with CA however. You ether have free speech or–you don’t. I myself don’t care WHY, or HOW TEOTWAWKI comes. I just know that it will. Because it always has. T Rex was just munching his favorite steak the day his world ended. ATFAT will be screaming abuse as he beats off and types, DMV Groot (wrong movie) will be doing whatever black propaganda spy’s do. The old commandos will be raging about who’s gun can kill more Chinamen on the day our world –ENDS. As we know it. See how utterly pointless that all was? NO? YOU WILL. At least for a moment. Maybe.

  19. Okay, someone explain to me again: why are we going to war with WHITE ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS?? Did I miss a memo? Has the entire Mooslim expando-place been completely raptured? If FUSA needs to kill more Americans, shouldn’t there be a set criteria? Like membership in Bloomberg Mums or Parkland GimmeDats? There must be a way to reduce population besides infanticide. Did New Zealand run out of survival farmland?