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The latest addition to the (sadly depleted due to death and fuggitall) WRSA blogroll gets a triple of links today:

Civil War II Weather Report: Spicy Time Coming

Big Swedish Coins, Italian Women Pole Vaulters, and the Future of Money, Part I

Currency Collapse Explained Using Sexy Bikini Girl Graphs, Part II

And while you’re at it, add Cold Fury to your daily web wanders if it’s not already there; Mike’s been at it a lo-o-ong time and still delivers the snark big-time on a consistent basis.


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  1. dmv gringo

    Your votes are completely meaningless. A profound squandering of your energy – providing you intend them as anything more than a protest – or as a tactic for sowing discord. Dempublican, Republocrat, it makes absolutely zero difference what spirt animal you choose to worship. You’re wasting your goddamned time, chasing around the same lies and horseshit, spun by different, (yet completely interchangeable), cunt-weasels in expensive suits. The votes are preordained, the elections rigged by candidate selection and representative government in the first world is every bit as meaningless as it is in the third. In truth, the only people “who matter” are the board of directors at Berkshire/Hathaway, Google, Goldman Sachs and their like.

    We won’t mince words here – until you the people are willing to get out there, start killing some cock-suckers and breaking some shit, not a single, solitary fucking thing will change. EVER.

  2. Counter Alt-Media Platforms Operations. Think Charlettesville:

  3. The Phedo elites planting phedo porn on Alex Jone’s servers, then sic the Phedo’s pet leg breakers the FBI investigate. Gee, why is that familliar?
    Oh yeah, the Steele “document”.


    Oh yeah, it is only the top brass in the FBI who are GloboHomo. The rest are such wonderful mom & apple pie Patriots.

  4. The contempt for Trad America writ large:


  5. Interesting. Instead of stone walling investigations for years which artfully circumnavigate the vital essential truths of who and how the palace coup originated, while ignoring the 800lb Gorilla in the room called the Clinton Crime Syndicate pay to play and their British mainland Fabian co-GloboHomo conspirators creating an entire fake narrative, could it be AG Barr is actually going straight for the coup leadership?
    After all Mueller never once looked at or mentioned the CIA/Intellegence community nor the Clinton links.


    Another caught red handed in a lie item:


    String the culprits by their necks down Pennsylvania Avenue. Burn their center of power to the ground. Drop a nuke on it. Salt the earth where it all stood.
    It is a start.

  6. arthurhsido

    John Wilder is a must read.

  7. Brittney Glaze is God’s gift to the South.

  8. Oldtradesman

    I could argue against the first article, but refuse to do so ’cause it’s a complete waste of time. I will say, however, that economic doom has been predicted since LBJ’s Great Society. Debt is now beyond what was considered to be “sustainable” in the 70’s & 80’s, yet here we are. Double-dippin’ gubermint retirees are still living large and diddling Manuel’s wife Juanita in the Laguna Hills-Aliso Viejo-Lake Forest axis without a fear in the world. We have much further to sink before “The Big Gulp.” Boomers won’t be alive when it happens. Oh,and one other thing: Fiat money is *overwhelmingly* paperless and metal-less nowadays. A keystroke winks m/billions of whatever they want into existence in less than a millisecond.

  9. The left isn’t just importing votes, They are importing fighters.

  10. I concur with the others who posit nothing happens til the debtbux takes a solid right cross and hits the canvass. I’m thinking we go to war before that ever happens. (not the war sought on the venerable wrsA wavelength, the other one where some third world shithole gets some freedumb). Weimar next stop, mind the gap please…..

  11. The stars and stripes gal needs to put some meat on those bones.

  12. John Wilder is drily hilarious.

    I found and added him a few months back.

    Anyone with the time should set aside a few hours, and start with his early stuff and read it all.

  13. dmv gringo

    Suck it, you degenerate faggots.
    You can do it the easy way, or the
    hard way. We have been more than

    Record number of African migrants coming to Mexican border
    “Many were bused to Portland, Maine, about as far as one can get from the Mexican border and still be in the continental United States.”
    “A total of 170 asylum seekers arrived in recent days. Hundreds more are expected in an influx that City Manager Jon Jennings called unprecedented. With one shelter already full, a basketball venue called the Portland Exposition Building was converted into an emergency shelter.

    Portland officials tweeted Thursday that rumors some of the migrants are carrying the Ebola virus “are patently false,” and said that as asylum seekers, they are in the United States legally.”
    That’s right, you cucking faggots, they’re
    here legally. Own it and suck it.

  14. dmv gringo

    Stealing the 2020 Election: How it Could (will) Happen (if FUSA makes it that far)


  15. I come here daily . . . And today I looked, and said, “Hey, that meme looks familiar.”

    Thanks so much!

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. TheAlaskan

    I choose the Dixie chick on the left. Cold fury hell!