15 Fighters: Eating Right As You Train

What foods to avoid?

What foods to add?

How about supplements?

Usual routine: what, why, where, links.


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    With summer here and the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables going lower, there is no excuse for not eating more of them and canning them for the off-season and hard times. Even if you do not have a lot of backyard space, herbs and a few tomato plants can add a lot of nutrition to your diet.
    In addition, we all have seen how the weather has seriously impacted farming operations in flyover country. A few cases of green beans, corn, diced tomatoes and canned fruit are always a wise move.
    Stay away from the mystery-meat/fast food obsession of most clueless Amerikan sheeple. I shudder every time I am out and about when I see the lines of vehicles wrapped around Mickey D’s, Taco Bell, and other houses of poison. These fools are keeping the health care industry in business. They will eventually reap the whirlwind. Bleib ubrig.

  2. HoundOfDoom

    I’m on the NSNG dier (No Sugar, No Grains), and am more fit now than I was in my 30’s. Not a fanatic about it, but I do work on keeping the carbs down. Am doing strength training 5x weekly + daily 1-2 mile hikes w/the pup.

    • A quick question if you wouldn’t mind answering, What carbs DO you eat while strength training? The reason I ask is that I too have gone the route of no grains/low carb, but when I get into the strength cycle I get bad hunger cravings that don’t go away until I have something like a sweet potato. Even then, after an hour of eating, I’m hungry again. You thoughts?

      • HoundOf Doom

        Hi Steve. I had to power through that be eating whey protein and re-kaged supplement. after workouts Also I’ll grab some salami for a quick hit when I’m hungry. Can also snack on nuts.You can get more tips at https://vinnietortorich.com

  3. Wild game (venison, turkey, rabbit/squirrel, fish, duck, elk, moose, etc.) are Always on the menu. Live it up. Same for fresh fruits/vegetables. Avoid adding salt, use a salt substitute like Kingsford Original No Salt seasoning (available in Walmart next to the salt). If you must buy pre-packaged food, look at the label and pick the item with the lowest salt content: Simply Jif creamy peanut butter has a low sodium content. Swiss cheese has a low salt content. This is all aimed at the older folks who need to watch their salt intake.

    • Kroger natural peanut butter (crunchy for me). It’s ingredients are just peanuts and salt, no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oil. You do have to stir it up and keep in fridge to prevent separation. Also very inexpensive, less than $2.00 for usual size for peanut butters.

  4. H. not-so-sapiens and the other great apes don’t synthesize Vitamin C. As in, a daily source is needed. The RDA ( 60 mg or so ) is just enough to mask frank scurvy. Under oxidative STRESS the necessary amount goes way up. Recommend powdered buffered C. Yea yea others are needed ( B-plex, D, some EFAs ) but C is essential. Cheap now, and you’ll be glad when your teeth don’t fall out. calories first, but don’t ignore supps.

  5. Armed and trained a young guy from the local area. He’s smart, in good shape, and he’s a fighter. We never had electronic communication. If he gets in a tight spot, he’s got a Chinaman. If you don’t know what that is, you don’t need to know. Next month I move on to the Serbs. Young fighters. My replacements. Call each other names. It’ll “harden your hearts”. Heh, heh. AMF.

  6. And you post a pic of S.O.S.???

    You evil, evil man.

    OT: Noted in passing:
    Kenya is now in the on-deck circle for Ebola.
    We should find out one way or the other within a day or so.
    Hope it’s just a false alarm.

  7. Eggs–fried, poached, boiled, scrambled, omelet–whatever. Better still, raise a flock of chickens and never be without. There are ways to preserve your egg-bounty medium-term as well without a fridge or even a cold spring house.

    More importantly–eat protein for breakfast. DO NOT gobble up the refined sugar in donuts, cookies, and pop-tarts to begin the day–your energy level will immediately spike and then fall off a cliff. Do protein–eggs, meat, fish.

    Alternate first day’s grub–oats. Cheap, filling, nutritious and easy to store.

    Various protein-powders out there as well for a quick morning “shake” to swallow.

    Avoid highly “processed” foods. If the grocer’s food label says “BEST BY: 2024” avoid it. You know the stuff–the smokies on the counter at the local gas station, etc.

    The more natural, the better. The crap they put in processed foods these days, IMHO–it’s lethal. If I don’t eat my daily ration of whole wheat bread, it goes bad very quickly since it’s made fresh with no preservatives. Nothing but wheat flour, yeast, water, and salt.

    Eat fresh if possible. Go heavy on fruits and veggies. Start a garden viable for your temp/sunshine zone. I’m water-logged here now–mebbe go “raised bed” this season.

    Supps? I take a daily multi-vitamin, heavy on the Vit C and an extra Zinc tab if I’m going out in public to avoid colds, flus, and coughs (the old Zicam deal) as it works for me. YMMV.

    Me and the boyz used to power-lift and pump the iron back-in-the-day with this menu. It ain’t failed me yet in 70+ years.

    P.S. Decent suds and a little Dago red won’t hurt ya.

    Believe me: Food matters. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

    • “DO NOT gobble up the refined sugar in donuts, cookies, and pop-tarts…”
      As I read the ingredients labels on processed foods, I have discovered that anything tagged “phosphate” will lay me out on the floor with a racing heart with zero energy. As a kid I ate “nutritious” Cream of Wheat, the result of which had the exact effect as you have described. Avoiding 99% of processed foods now I am doing much better. After reading several technical articles on pyrophosphate I am still not able to fully understand the medical reasons for the effect. If anyone reading this knows the connection, please comment. The point of my comment is to help others to make the connection between phosphate and loss of energy.

  8. Berglander

    I highly recommend fresh souls. Those from a worthy adversary are doubleplusgood.

  9. 1 suppertime meal a day- limit carbs

    snack on fruit and veggies the rest of the time

    the less you eat

    the longer you will live

    hunger increases hostility, anger, competitiveness

    and keeps you fit

    • there’s more shit and crap in this picture than i consume in an entire day

      i see nothing beneficial besides a few scraps of meat

      the rest is pure garbage not fit to be consumed by an unloved dog

    • St.Maur1066

      tfA-t………… Veggies?…………YOU using the word “veggies”???………………..LOL!………….I thought you were a tuff guy???……………..veggies…………hahahahahahaha!….. Time to go night-night………..LOL!!…….did you make a happy plate?…..hahahahahaha!!!……………oh fuck!…………hahahahahaha!

    • Harvey Schlepp

      I agree with tfA-t here. I told my dad many years ago to eat less overall. He started doing that when he was 56. Kept it up until the day he died at 91 and was always lean and hungry.

      • ah

        i see there is a wise and intelligent being amongst the dirks, wedges, and ensipoops, and asops..

        when in doubt ask yourself


    • St.Maur1066

      The U.S. is being invaded by an obvious organized enemy trying to destroy the Republic. There is no difference between an invasion of an organized and funded enemy army invading us and a invasion of people from foreign lands who take of their uniforms lay down their weapons , put on civilian clothes and overwhelm our borders.

  10. Irregular fighters who are not supported by a state actor had better train for the most common food they will get. None. Like ammo, you will only have what you can move ahead of the next raid. “Beans rice and roadkill” is the most realistic thing you can expect. Like the “humping an 85 pound ruck” fantasy. The MRE fantasy will soon give way to “whatever I can scrounge” AND THAT WON’T be much. The longer you go with little food the weaker you will get. Until in very short order , you will be unable to move much past your weapon, ammo, and bedroll. You guys set yourselves up to fail with the fantasy’s. The TRUTH is: You will only have the ammo you can carry. You will have the most of that on day one. You will only have the food you can carry/move. You will have the most you will ever get on day one. You will never see “good nutrition” after the fighting starts. You will be damn lucky to see one or two meals a day. IF YOU ARE LUCKY. If not hunger will be your friend. Without a mess kit you will be cooking/eating from an old tin can. TOSS THE UNSUPORTABLE FANTASY GEAR. Think about how far you can move EVERY DAY carrying your basic load. Now shitcan everything that takes batteries. In fact shitcan anything that you can’t use to treat a wound, eat shoot or cut with. EVERYTHING ELSE needs to be on a mules back or in the ditch.

  11. I go low carb, mostly vegetables but do eat seafood. Lost 100 pounds doing this. Honesty the best shape of my life.

    Carbs only when I’m busting ass on the homestead all day. Little to no processed foods.

    Do drink whiskey and enjoy the occasional stout.

  12. Having fresh inputs are a key to a good diet. —

    * Grow a Moringa tree or two if one is in the right climate. The leaves have practically every vitamin a human needs for good health. I grow it as an annual and reseed every year.
    * Sweet potato. Tuber for the carbs but even more important is the leaves. They are between 20-30% protein.
    * Elderberry or other dark fruited berry. Good source of vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants.
    * Dandelion, yeah the weed. There is not a single part of the plant that does not have a use. For example, the dried root can be ground as a substitute for tea.

    One can have a living vitamin/mineral supplements in a very small plot of land. Most will pass right by them and give no notice. That is a ‘hide in plain sight’ advantage during adverse times.

  13. Have you all ever read and researched the following?

  14. kypartisan

    After the 2016 election i decided to lose weight. I never was big on dieting so i decided to just eat less and eat better. i wasn’t going to force myself to eat salads and garbage like that. I did cut some foods from my diet though:

    Nearly all bread.
    French fries
    I also stopped eating out as much as i was (most of the week)
    sugary food

    I also restricted my meals to 1 a day. I found lunch worked out best for me since it splits the day evenly. My diet now consists of:

    Fried cabbage w/ sausage
    Homemade meatballs w/ a vegetable, usually peas and mashed potatoes
    sauerkraut, 1 can of soup beans and some salmon patties. (surprisingly low cal)
    Soups in winter. usually vegetable soup.
    Sometimes a pasta dish but i get that low carb pasta for diabetics.

    Snacks consist of
    fruits: grapes, strawberries and pineapple sometimes bananas
    Progresso light soup.

    Combined with exercise consisting of at a minimum of 5 miles of walking, with a goal of 5-8 miles of hiking in the mountains loaded with My pack that i keep some water in and a 500rd can of 5.56 for weight, my rifle and an old surplus load bearing vest.

    Doing the above has precipitated a loss of 200 pounds for me. so i know it works.

    • Outstanding testimonial Kypartisan! Ask any former grunt when they were the fittest in their life and it usually comes round to packing a ruck on their back in basic. 200 pounds is an accomplishment. I used a similar method to go from 250 to 185 in about 6 months. One thing I discovered was that when I weighted my pack to 35 pounds (hey I was 55 and in pathetic shape) and put in some mileage I shed weight consistently. When I started getting ambitious and running the weight up to 60-65 pounds I did not burn as much of the fat that I still needed to get rid of. My oldest son told me that was because I was going from an aerobic (with oxygen) state to anaerobic state (out of breath working hard) state. Apparently aerobic burns fat and anaerobic either burns muscle or any dietary changes made to meet the new demand. Good boots, a 35Lb pack, bottle of water, 8Lb SKS, leather gloves, my dog and some high desert trails. Good times. (For those that carrying a rifle on the trail would raise eyebrows try a weighted staff)

  15. I take the reverse approach. Eat whatever you want especially when starting an (new) exercise regime. If the food makes you feel bad, don’t eat it. At some point, if you keep exercising, you will be told by your body through lethargy or dullness of mind or both that the food you have consumed is counter to what your body needs. After eating you should feel refreshed, have increased energy, and want to participate in a group activity (no wise cracks). You should not feel tired, drained, needing of rest or dull in your senses. Those would indicate that you are eating the wrong things and too much of them.

    Fasting; Health Benefits, How to Get Started, and What to Expect

    I’ve been fasting off and on for several months now. Although you will eat less when fasting, fasting is not the same thing as eating less.

    It won’t always be this way. The amount food available today is not even close to normal. These are very clearly the good old days. Reversion to the mean is coming. Fasting can help you prepare for lower caloric intake while actually improving your overall health in the process.

    Several things happen when we fast. Among them are, since the ingestion of nutrients mean health, unused immune system functions kick on with a lack of food input. This makes you healthier in the long run to have these immune responses already up and running before times of stress or shortage. Mankind was accustomed to going shorts periods without food and some peoples still are in many regions. Our bodies are anthropology tuned to not eat for periods of time, so fasting for a day, say 3 or 4 times a month, causes natural body weight normalization. Also, if you suffer food withdraws during fasting, the most common symptoms of which are emotional distress or sadness, this condition can mean that you are sugar dependent. Cut the sugars out, get hard.

    Other health benefits include clearing and natural maintenance by our bodies, including the lower GI and colon. Fasting gives much needed rest and relief to major organs, especially the Kidneys and Liver, while not ingesting preservative laden foods and other poisons. You may experience, so called toxin dumps or as some call it, detox or cleanse effects. These can be hard on you if you don’t recognize what’s happening, but your organs will appreciate it as they clean themselves out. Some symptoms during the first time or two might be awareness problems along with; dizziness, sadness, general feeling of sluggishness, and feeling like you’re coming down with a cold. This is pretty normal the first few times you try it. You’re getting healthy, keep going as your body recovers from years of abuse.

    Also, and perhaps primarily, do it as a way to seek God. When you get hungry or have sugar withdrawals or toxin dumps take this time to pray.

    There are a couple of ways to do it. I prefer to go from dinner to breakfast two days later. So that would actually be 36 hours or so. The first time you do it you might try going from dinner to dinner. This 24 hour fast is easier because after rising in the morning and during the day you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, blessed dinner. I don’t like the juice only fast. Fruit and Vegetable juices spike my blood sugar causing worse cravings and withdraw than simply not eating during the fast.

    Tips for first timers – Some Dos and Don’ts:

    Do busy yourself with light physical activities especially walking or low impact aerobics. This will simulate exertion levels of historically food gathering peoples. When you eat again, go slow. Eat something light and don’t over eat. Eat fruit or some veggies, something healthy and full of water value and electrolytes. Wait a few hours before eating again. Your stomach shrinks even in one day so this is a chance recalibrate your total food intake levels in general. Speaking of water value, we get more moisture from our food than we realize. Drink plenty of water while fasting.

    Don’t do it the first time on a work day as your alertness may be lacking. But you do get used to it after a time or two. Don’t use chemicals or laxatives of any kind, this is counterproductive. Make your body work for it under its own power and recovery naturally. Don’t do it if you have hard exercise or labor planed. This could be dangerous the first time or two. Watch your attitude and anger as low blood sugar could cause you to say some things to loved ones that you might regret.

    And finally, here’s a refreshing statement; I don’t care if you consult your health care provider first.

  16. We practice biblical nutrition . Open pollinated plants and heirloom meats . Nothing hybrid if possible . Lots of wild plants and game . No we don’t have to . We simply believe the creator is smarter than we are . No doctors . No meds . Supplements are good . So is a Big Mac every now and then but no abuse .Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:9 if you are interested . I don’t push my belief system on others nor do I take any shit from them.

    • “We simply believe the creator is smarter than we are.”
      That is the first step toward wisdom.

  17. Old Gray Wolf

    Eat twice a day. Breakfast no earlier than 9am, preferably with some hard work preceding, and supper no later than 5pm. Sit no more than an hour per day. Sleep at least 8 hours a night if you can. Eat stuff you grow, catch or butcher yourself, or as close to that as you can get. On fishing and hunting, game is better, period. But try to source it right. Aka, deer from the woods, not the soybean field. Fish from clean water, not river full of mud and chemicals from farm runoff. It matters. Foraged wild plants are awesome. Dandelion, plantain, Wild Rose hips, Lamb’s Quarter, etc. dandelion and plantain chock full of nutrients, go great in a salad. Pick young leave to avoid bitterness. Or get to liking bitter foods. Generally good for you. Breakfast here always some variation of meat and eggs. May add biscuits, maybe gravy if hard day ahead. Usually not. Supper is meat vegetables and salad. Drink water or unsweet tea. Fruit, mostly berries is snack food or occasional dessert. Take a good multivitamin, add C and minerals. Calcium and potassium help muscles function. If you have extra weight, lose it. Worst thing for you. Unless you smoke or drink a lot. Eating right will put your weight where it belongs if you are healthy and active. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Easier said than done for some.

    • A good magnesium supplement is important. Prevents calcium from collecting in tissues and keeps soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, etc.supple and flexible. Typical diet has enough calcium, but not magnesium. Don’t use cheap mag oxide, but glycinate or malate. I’m 67 and still do heavy squats and deadlifts twice a week without the aches, soreness and stiffness I had back in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Very important for cardiac function….some enlightened cardiologists say 50% of heart attacks are low magnesium.

      Another thing, use grass-fed beef and butter…good fats. Sardines in water or olive oil too.

  18. Crysty Sock

    Don’t fear fats. Natural fats from natural sources. Lard, etc are fine in moderation. Avoid grain fed anything.

    Avoid processed anything. Anything white and sticky, like rice, potatoes, etc.

    Learn bad carbs from good carbs.

    Avoid HFCS, refined sugar = poison.

    USRDA is bunk. The FDA is not your friend.

  19. Being an old man with many past joint surgeries I had to solve the weight
    problem in times of need to bug out…with no mules available to carry my load.

    Problem solved with a game cart which carries loads up to 500lbs. But choose wisely and plan on a few tweeks on delivery to make them right for your situation.

    You can pull it off road faster than you patrol and almost as fast as you march. With two guys it’s easy. $100 to $150 will get one on amazon. Read the reviews.

    I will pick up one today from a local gun shop rated at 300lb and not need any upgrades. It will fold up and the wheels are replaceable—if you can find a spare set—probably on the net.

    A strong boy or woman could pull a game cart with a light 200lb load all day. Load it with food storage buckets with fixings for SOS and you’re good to go for CW II.

    And these would be life savers for moving wounded fighters fast.

    Think about it.

  20. You need fat to digest protein and carbs to replace spent energy burned up under stress–like fire fights and running for your life. The VC kicked our butts on a diet of rice and a few vegetables with occasional rat or dog on holidays. And tea.

    I’m going with ash cakes, rice, beans, oats and forest meat. I’m in deer, elk,
    goat, bear, lion and fish country. And of course black coffee and the occasional game warden if he’s white and things are getting lean.

  21. I won’t recommend which foods to eat, but do avoid high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and anything with soy anything. I also avoid when I can foods with too many (chemical) ingredients. I buy Hagen Dazs ice cream, ginger beer imported instead of (Canada Dry), Dave’s bread, whole bean coffee (still looking for a better class of losers) Yes brand soups, Cattle Drive and Stagg chili. Bison, ground and dogs, tuna in pouches and any fresh produce I can keep in the big rig.

  22. I take care of people who are elderly, recovering from surgery, etc. The number one Killer I see is no exercise. People fix breakfast and then want a nap. We are engineered to use our bodies-they respond positively to exercise in the physical sense and exercise of the mind.
    My blessed neighbor, Mary Ann, is nearly 90. She walks 5 miles a day, used to run 5 miles a day but she told me at 80 that she thought running was too hard on her knees anymore-so she walks. Eats veggies, meat, fruits. Still works 4 days a week at her church, so she is up at 5 am and doesn’t quit til 9pm. When her roof needs repair, Mary Ann brings her contractors ladder and skinnies up it like a monkey. I am in awe of this lady. When her new Chevy was rear ended, she bounced back like a 5yro. The fat bastard who hit her was shreiking for an ambulance: Mary Ann said she just told him to hold on while she called for one. I said, “you weren’t hurt?” “Me? Oh no-just whipped around a little.” The paramedics insisted that she go to the hospital and the ER doc couldn’t believe she was so healthy.
    The LazyBoy will kill you. A wheelchair, unless physically disabled, is NOT your friend. And the people I have seen who lie in bed all day might as well call the euthanasia people. You wouldn’t believe the number of elderly who willingly want me to push them through the house in their wheelchairs, that want to be in bed all day, and then wonder why they can’t even make it to the toilet after 6 weeks.
    Your mind needs constant challenges. Watching game shows, One Life to Live, and other assorted horse manure assures you a place in assisted living. Do crosswords, join a chess club, work on something, get social, whatever. But engage your noggin. Waiting to be entertained is a one way ticket to dementia.
    We are engineered to move and think. My grandfather practiced this and he lived to be over 100.

  23. St.Maur1066

    My enemies will be on my menu!


      Maybe not on my menu, but between my neighbors and my tribe, there are over 8 dogs. They need to be fed so they can perform their security duties. Marxist long pork will be their nourishment.

  24. Fat Loss
    Keto diet to start do for at least 5-7 days start.
    Follow up with restricted time window eating. (start skipping dinner, then lunch too)
    Goal is 3 hour eating window in the morning to get your calories for the day.
    Goal is keto @ 500 calories below your BMR (basal metabolic rate) eaten in a 3 hour window. Then start doing simple walking. You will lose fat and weight.

    Serious fat loss:
    FASTING. Real FASTING. No food. Seek out Snake juice group on FaceBerg. Also snake juice diet on Reddit.

    Homestead lifestyle:
    The Vertical Diet<—expensive but very worth it. For those on a budget look up his youtube video Komplettes.

  25. 1Timothy:4:1: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    1Tm:4:2: Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    1Tm:4:3: Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
    1Tm:4:4: For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
    1Tm:4:5: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

  26. The amount of BS in this thread is amazing. Sorry, but someone who NEEDED to lose 100# has lived very differently than I can even imagine, so I would look elsewhere.

    Fasting mythology is astonishing: know this, starvation quickly impairs your immunologic response. The idea that fasting will somehow ‘prime’ immune response is bizarre. And anytime someone starts throwing out “evolution” as rationale for some physiologic claim, they have invalidated themselves. Neo-Darwinian evolution is an utterly failed enterprise. The sharpest ATHEIST molecular biologists realize this, have written about it, and are quietly discussing their dire need for some new theory of origins. Ratios of hurtful/helpful mutation, energy costs of sustaining useless “non-harmful mutation for future use,” absolutely NO WAY for epigenetic information to suddenly appear yet is MANDATORY for new form, DNA sequencing showing the old phylogenetic trees (based on morphology) are all tangled up… and on and on.

    Look at cutting edge exercise physiology if you want to learn about humans under high-output stress states. Dietary plans (such as limiting carbs) are useful for many people WITH METABOLIC ISSUES under normal circumstances, but caloric malnutrition will be your #1 problem. Stockpile calories that can be readily assimilated.

    One of my goals was 1000 kcal/d for 10 people-years of things such as pasta, rice, beans, etc. Other foods, of course. Garden, of course. Meat from fresh, canned, frozen … of course. But having fresh vegies as you starve from insufficient calories isn’t that useful.

    Anyway, I realized the greatest need would be protecting farms, cows, and orchards near my place. More cows than people, this is actually a situation where armed men may be more necessary than food!

    Oh, to whomever it was baking whole wheat bread: I’ve been grinding fresh flour and baking bread for >10 years. Coconut oil is the trick: it retards mold extremely well. The bread generally won’t grow mold in a week (but usually is eaten sooner!). Try it!

  27. Harvey Schlepp

    I ate lots of complex carbs for years, when I was running 70 miles a week. I don’t need near as much of that now. I eat meat about 3 times a week now. I eat fats like EVOO, walnuts, and fish oil.

    World’s Healthiest Foods is a good, non-profit site with no ideological traps that I could find.

    I grow the following:
    Collard Greens
    Squash, summer
    Turnip greens

    From the pea family, I eat and store:
    Black beans
    Pinto beans
    Navy beans

    I store:
    Brown rice
    Whole wheat

    A PT program is essential, of course. I walk or run 10 miles a day. Ruck 5 to 10 miles with a 20 or 40 pound rucksack (goruck.com ruck plates), twice a week. Elliptical 90 minutes twice a week. Hit a 70-pound bag 20 minutes once or twice a week. Ride a racing bicycle 40 miles once a week. Lift free weights in my shop, twice a week. I’m 62 years old.

  28. Detroit III

    80% protein and 20% carbs.

    Or 15% carbs.

    Lay off of sugar and other shit. 2 beers max a day.

    Hike 8 miles a day minimum.

    Carry on.

  29. ALL of you blithering retards are going to die no matter what you eat. Assuming you have a choice in your Doomer Post Ebola Apocalypse:

    Eat food, mostly plant, not too much.

    Now fuck the Hell off.


  30. Curcumin. Before I started taking Curcumin, I would feel a little nicked up and sore a great deal of the time. My workouts consist of whole body weight training 3x week, BJJ, and what I call urban obstacle. Sprint, go to ground, climb fence, go to ground, sprint, etc… I started Curcumin and noticed all the little niggling aches washed away and felt as loose as a noodle. I take 2000 mg per day. Make sure your preparation has piperine in the formulation due to bioavailability. Well researched and tolerated well. https://draxe.com/turmeric-curcumin-benefits/

  31. Alfred E. Neuman

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  32. Lots of good advice here. Pretty much anything I could say has already been said.

  33. Things to avoid:

    Sodium nitrates/processed foods and processed meats, hot dogs, bologna, bacon, sausages, cold cuts, fast food, most all chain restaurant foods, deep fried foods = carcinogenic crap.

    Sugar which in just about everything most processed foods are laced with sugar candy, soda pop, most boxed breakfast cereals, birthday cake, pie gas station food etc etc

    Smoking anything cigarettes cigars pipes vaping is for trendys

    Liquor ie whiskey, vodka, scotch, wine, beer etc etc

    All these things are crap and keep people unhealthy and kids add/adhd.

  34. Things to avoid:

    Sodium nitrates/processed foods and processed meats, hot dogs, bologna, bacon, sausages, cold cuts, fast food, most all chain restaurant foods, deep fried foods = carcinogenic crap.

    Sugar which in just about everything most processed foods are laced with sugar candy, soda pop, most boxed breakfast cereals, birthday cake, pie gas station food etc etc

    Smoking anything cigarettes cigars pipes vaping is for trendys

    Liquor ie whiskey, vodka, scotch, wine, beer etc etc

    All these things are crap and keep people unhealthy and kids add/adhd.


      Agreed, except for the liquor. A shot(1- 1+oz.) per day of brandy is actually medicinal. Red wine(no more than one 4-oz glass) is also beneficial. Moderation is the key.

  35. Buy, cook, and eat real food. If it comes premade in a box or bag, avoid it. That being said, eat enough food to support training. Training should be strength focused. And not the pansy stuff you read in most fitness books, websites, and magazines. Squat, press, and deadlift. Supplement with chinups and high intensity, low impact cardiovascular training (think heavy kettlebells swings, rowing or air dyne style biking for hard, quick intervals). Push the weight every workout, every week, as often as you can for as long as you can. If you are lifting weights more than 3-4 days per week, you’re not lifting heavy enough. Food is fuel, you need to do something to justify eating, and your eating should be sufficient to fuel good, hard training. I’m currently pushing 260lbs, and while I don’t have visible abs, neither am I fat. Focus on strength, eat to support its pursuit, and don’t worry about an arbitrary number on a scale.

  36. Some rules of thumb:
    -An easy mnemonic is to avoid anything white: white rice, white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white bread.
    – if it comes in a package you probably shouldn’t eat it.
    Some things I learned from a registered dietician when I was changing my diet as part of the treatment regimen for a case of melanoma:
    – if it has more than 5 ingredients you probably shouldn’t eat it.
    – If it has ingredients on the label that you can’t buy yourself from the store you should avoid it.
    – Most of the crap on the store shelves is engineered to taste good, have a reasonable shelf life, and be easy to fix in 25 minutes. She said you have to resign yourself to spending more time in the kitchen, basically cooking like your great grandma did in 1905.
    A lot of current research is around control and stabilization of blood sugar levels even for non-diabetics. An interesting guy to read in this area is Dr. Peter Attia.

    • White rice is the easiest rice to store for the longest. It’s not the best rice, but it will be when the grid goes down and you bust open that bucket.

  37. “Where the fuck did all these sardines come from?”
    Never shop stoned.

  38. Thanks for the tips and tricks for a healthy meal plan. This and taking time EVERY DAY to get some exercise will help get you in shape. A little pain now will pay off big time in the future.

    A few ‘fasts’ wouldn’t be a bad idea. Always nice to know what it feels like to be truly hungry. Drink water of course but no food for a day or two.

  39. Howard Stukes

    …..a good SOS recipe…note the nostalgic responses https://www.cooks.com/recipe/pq0to7kz/sos-military-style-creamed-beef.html

  40. No links are needed for me (a medical professional) to start with:

    Stop smoking. That includes weed. No, your lungs weren’t meant to inhale smoke of any kind.

    Never drink soda.

    Never eat fast food or anything that resembles it.

    Anything you can do to reduce added sugar intake, do it.

    Same with sodium. Treat it like it’s almost as bad as added sugar. It is.

    If you have to, reduce your meals from three a day down to two a day, but no more than that.