Very sad.

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  1. murka is in stage 4 cancer

    anyone who is capable of thought, no matter how wrong-headed, has already died or is dying off

    and no, there is not a place you go to afterwards to reunite with loved ones

    that’s recockulous

    you make it happen here and now or you simply never will

    tfA-t has done his part, savored his victories, and seen his foe’s vanquished

    his conscience is clear

    he will live out his days laughing and celebrating in comfort while those who failed in life pin their hopes on worthless ungrateful children, a phony god, and a make-believe paradise in the sky,

    tfA-t and wisdom are synonymous

    • To Baron: God be with you and bless your departed loved one.

      To Our Alleyway Lunatic Wino: That you would take her place.

  2. Detroit III

    Agreed, RIP

  3. I’ll second what Matt said over at the Gate.
    Very sad,indeed.

  4. Horrible. She seemed like such a lovely person, even her chiding of readers was gentle and brief. Blessings to her family.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Sad news.

    In the early post-9/11 days they were absolutely key as a place fostering very freewheeling discussions of nearly anything connected to the overall topic of “WTF is going on”. I was a fairly regular commenter there for a while.

    Looking back on that now, it was a tremendously naive and optimistic time.

    They made some enemies and had some disagreements. By and large the enemies proved themselves bad or untrustworthy. The disagreements often weren’t fully resolved, but not all disagreements need to be.

    One of Glenn Reynolds’ worst public moments was when he trusted the Little Green Footballs guy and threw them under the bus as RacissNaziWhatever. He did apologize for that once LGF went visibly hard-left, but then never linked to them again. It was instructive.

  7. This is horrible news. GoV fan and avid reader for years, very useful for bringing ground level truth to EUCOM J2 offices back a few years ago. She will be missed, and prayers for the Baron and family.

  8. Seneca III

    Likewise. I add my most sincere condolences to all of the above and the many others on other sites.