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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “The bombing will be massive but will be limited to a specific target,”

    get those flags out and hoisted up the pole

  3. From earlier post for CA:

    It’s a combination of Regular Salt + No Salt. Fucking up the quantity and dilution will kill you so I will leave that part out. Do your homework on creating electrolyte formulas that work. More information can be found by searching for snake diet group on Faceberg, but be warned it’s cultish and somewhat retarded at times (as is all Fb).

    Personal fast of over a month in my case before a refeed then more fasting (i was fat). You will lose muscle too on a fast but that’s ok you can build that back. Keto/restricted eating window/IF into the fast to train body to burn fat for fuel then cut off the gas pump (your mouth). If you have a food storage locker you can literally live on that, you just need to mange your electrolytes so you don’t cramp the fck out. Additionally you will sleep like a baby. Hard fasting is not for everyone but it DOES work well. If you have a physical job you will likely need to do more of the Intermittent fast to survive this. You can do full fasts on the weekends.

  4. Donny Corleone

    I love the Woodpile Report, but Ol’ Remus needs to quit glorifying the second World War. This war destroyed White Europe and spread communism throughout the continent.
    The Wrong Side Won!
    Quit glorifying the defeat of Germany. It was a tragedy for whites and we have never recovered from it.

    • NorthGunner

      That’s something that I noticed too and
      it’s bugged me for quite some time.

      It’s why I share the following with anyone who’s genuinely
      interested in learning the truth of the matter:

      The Bad War – The Truth NEVER Taught About WW2 M.S. King

      Interview with Hitler – An Educational Parody M.S. King

      Mein Side of the Story – Key WW2 Addresses of Adolf Hitler M.S. King
      (If you’ve ever wondered why the old newsreels DIDN’T have
      any accurate or proper translation of what he was saying,
      well, now you know)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “This war destroyed White Europe . . . Quit glorifying the defeat of Germany. It was a tragedy for whites and we have never recovered from it. ”

      Of course, the Germans did a significant part of that destruction themselves. They slaughtered white Poles and Slavs in wholesale numbers. Interesting how many of the people who wish Germany had won WWII also bow before Putin “because he is protecting whites and Christians”. Well, had the Germans won, those exact same whites and Christians that Putin is “protecting” would have been annihilated.

    • I read some Pat Buchanan years ago – and started having those same thoughts.

      The last few years – with the infusion of hordes of Africans into Europe – and the rampant communism running amuck over here in the US: I fully agree. WW2 finished what WW1 started, the destruction of Europe. Those wars also ushered in the “progressive” era in the US , which has steadily and successfully destroyed what this country once was.

      It’s also good to point out to people when they start bitching about the birth rates: Hard to make a baby boom: when all of the prime men are dead and buried in the ground.

    • Agreed. Basically a rehash of everything else out there with his boomer take on it all.

    • I’m assuming you’ve forgotten (or ignored wholly) that we didn’t declare war on Germany first, they declared war on the U.S. first. You could look it up.
      And then they lost that war.
      Boo frickin’ hoo for them.

      The only tragedy about WWII is that our in-house socialist gave the International Socialists a pass, after wiping out the National Socialists.
      If we’d kept going to beyond the Urals, using nuclear weapons, it would have been a great start, and very educational for whatever animal life survived there afterwards.

      Germany only got most of what they had coming. Personally, I think we went too easy on them, and should have made Dresden the model for all their cities. After two wars in one century, your living in Europe privileges should be revoked. The real pity was stopping short, with the job only half-finished.

      Revisionism and shoddy historical recall is a poor substitute for a functioning brain.
      As is sh*t.

      Either stop giving Hitler and the Nazis a tongue-bath, or peddle that twaddle over at Stormfront.

      All you’re doing here is shitting in the punchbowl, because you can.

    • Word!

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “They might point guns. But knowing what they are up against, they dare not shoot.”

    Oh wait, you’re serious. In that case, let me laugh even harder.
    – History

  6. Hmm, I’m still speaking English, I’m fine with that.