Three From Mosby

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Developing an Effective Pre-Disposition for Violence


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. John paratrooper,

    I’m happy to bring a few Extra ammo cans if you need say two three. Let me know.

    Trucks getting full between white water boats bikes, smokers, BBQs tables chairs and ice chests.


  3. Go hunting and kill large game. Food on the table while training for hard times.

  4. Old Gray Wolf

    That last link is chock full of good thinking. Never understood the reticence to drop an aggressor. Never had any of it myself, and while I know it exists, have not really seen it in any of the people I ever ran with. Of course, I usually ran with some pretty rough folks, most of the time. Perhaps not the best sample group.

  5. Developing an Effective Pre-Disposition for Violence….

    Just read the links and comments provided here daily. Scan the world news.

    Look around your ao……

    Get your fury on.

  6. I am glad that mountainguerilla began the Campfire Chat posts, they are a great way to impart experience with the readers giving additional feedback. I hope he continues writing them and appreciate the time it takes for him to write it, taking time away from his family and everyday life.