CHS: There Is No Fixing The Present System


Money quote:

…Let’s review the central institutions of the nation:

1. Healthcare: a failed system doomed to bankrupt the nation.

2. Defense: a failed system of cartels and Pentagon fiefdoms that have saddled the nation with enormously costly failed weapons systems like the F-35 and the LCS.

3. Higher Education: a bloated, failed system that is bankrupting an entire generation while mis-educating them for productive roles in the emerging economy…

4. Foreign policy: Iraq: a disaster. Afghanistan: a disaster. Libya: a disaster. Syria: a disaster. Need I go on?

5. Political governance: a corrupt system of self-serving elites, lobbyists, pay-to-play, corporate puppet-masters, and sociopaths who see themselves as above the law…

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  1. Thank God I live in a neighborhood of pre-’75 belief Mormons. It took 10 years for them to talk to me, but those boys are dialed in to reality harder than any group of Americans I’ve ever met, including early ’80s Idaho panhandle. I had to go into the blue hive of Seattle yesterday – stow the flags on the truck and switch from Mossy Oak to urban camouflage – well worn Obama ’12 campaign gear from Goodwill. It’s a fucking nightmare up there.

    • Bonaventure

      … those boys are dialed in to reality harder than any group of Americans I’ve ever met…

      Um, their Mormons. They ain’t dialed into anything.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve lived around them in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming for over 45 yrs, was married to a Mormon woman and still know a few today. The older ones over 70 may have been survivalists, but the younger ones are as lazy and dumb as the rest, addicted to cell phones, most of them get knocked up out of wedlock more often than the Gentiles. Naive but not sharp, they’re constantly screwing each other over in trade deals, one of them hired a few of his brethren instead of me to remodel the house, got taken to the cleaners in every way by his own church members. They eat their own.
        They may have basements full of raw food stuffs, but I hardly know one that can make bread or meals from scratch, most of their meals involve macaroni, hot dogs and koolaid or sodas. Lots of powdered milk to stretch the real stuff with. Big families are hard to feed cheap.

      • Zion, such as it is. Not Zionism… I went to the local High School graduation last Wednesday. Senior class was 99+% White. Is yours?

      • NorthGunner

        “..Um, their Mormons. They ain’t dialed into anything..”

        Especially when their women get together and remind them that their testicles are in their purses!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Like the British royals, Mormons think they are the “lost tribe of Israel.” They are ZIONISTS. They are NUTS.

  2. Good article.

    Combine what Charles Smith lays out so clearly here – with what the majority of gets said over at Zman’s place….. – and realize that what the “white nationalism” Zman is aiming for is not looking to fix ANY of this , it’s only looking to make sure the darkies are booted out of the system and it’s run by something other than the current crop of lefists.

    • NorthGunner

      In other words, a thoroughly flaccid replay of
      the ‘Tea Party’; in this case WN’s talking about
      the threat to White people and Western Civ, but
      NOT willing to do what’s required to affect a true fix:

      1. Take women’s rights away
      2. End ALL welfare

      They won’t do #1 because the majority (especially Rawles
      and the other ‘Roman’s 13’ Tradcon’s) are thoroughly
      principled ‘White Knight’ simp cucks that just-won’t-go-there…
      and they won’t do #2 because (A) – their ‘civ-nat mythology
      again aligned with ‘muh principles*’ won’t allow them to take
      the appropriate and necessary prescriptive steps and actions
      and (B) – they DON’T want to ‘End Welfare’; they want to set
      up their own ‘Mini-Mordor’ and keep the ‘gibs’ for themselves
      and their ‘good little cucks’ that warrant a ‘prezzy’ to be gifted
      with from time to time for ‘good behavior’.

      In any case, as I mentioned before, this shit doesn’t end
      until MEN decide that it ends; the fact is that other men
      WILL oppose that because such ‘violates muh principles
      and muh constitooshun’ among other things.

      *This is also WHY Libertarians and anarchists like Larken
      Rose will NEVER be able so solve jack shit (except maybe
      in their own households..if that).

      As an example take a look at these two videos where
      Larken is talking about the issue of national border….
      he doesn’t even believe that such exist!!

      Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose – Open Borders

      Larken Rose vs Victor Pross – EPIC Anarchist Debate
      on Open Borders/Trump Travel Ban

      Hmmmm…wonder how Larken will feel when the
      ‘Twin Gifts’ of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Exotic Lethal Disease’
      are bestowed on him and his family in Pennsylvania
      by Ebola-Chan and her Congo border jumpers?

      Imho Larken has NO RIGHT to bitch and whine about
      principles and respecting other people’s boundaries
      when HE directly interfered and destroyed another man’s
      family by underhandedly approaching that man’s wife
      to commit adultery with her!


      Yes, this is where ‘Little Larken’ shat the bed where his
      principles and morality is concerned..this fucker is an
      out and out hipocrite and duplicitous liar and manipulator!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Might want to read Chuck Baldwin’s treatise on Romans 13 — TOTALLY different than so-called traditional ‘ teachings, which is basically the what led to the result you point out: Incorrect teachings of the chapter. Anyone who’d like to be contrarian to this point, I’d suggest reading the book first.

        Here’s a taste from his column on the subject: “It seems that every time someone such as myself attempts to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters to resist an unconstitutional or otherwise reprehensible government policy, we hear the retort, “What about Romans Chapter 13? We Christians must submit to government. Any government. Read your Bible, and leave me alone.” Or words to that effect.

        No doubt, some who use this argument are sincere. They are only repeating what they have heard their pastor and other religious leaders say. On the other hand, let’s be honest enough to admit that some who use this argument are just plain lazy, apathetic, and indifferent. And Romans 13 is their escape from responsibility. I suspect this is the much larger group, by the way.

        You can get the book here:!/Romans-13-The-True-Meaning-Of-Submission-Book-By-Dr-Chuck-Baldwin-and-Attorney-Tim-Baldwin/p/65572590/category=15986016

        Some may not agree (no, tell me it ain’t so…NOT here!!), but it’s the best explanation I’ve read on the subject. Ever.


      • Berglander

        It’s the kykes.

      • I’m laughing my ass off seriously you were so far up this guys butt when you were going through your anarchist phase post after post with how he was the best thing since sliced bread and if you didn’t see things his way then you didn’t know shit and were a statist now its how bad the Jews are or how Sex Dolls are the bomb…I wonder what you will go off chasing next…Sheesh you’re worse than a woman…

  3. Mark Matis

    And behind it all:

  4. Two gangs. That’s it, all that’s left. I watched tsome of the orlando MAGA rally last night and it’s truly astounding to see just how stupid people have become. Identical sides of the same shit covered coin.

    • Grenadier1

      Heat makes the slag rise to the top.

      Never ignore the power of the crucible. It is the process all men must undertake in their soul and occasionally it is carried out on a larger societal level.

      I have been binge watching videos from the Portland ANTIFA /Patriot Prayer conflict over the last few days.
      SO much stupid.
      There are idiots on all sides of the table and unfortunately they tend to be the ones on camera and garnering the most attention. Slag to the top…
      But the fire burns it all away and you then hammer it into proper shape.

  5. Europe, Asia, Central and South America are littered with the bones of failed empires. The evidence is all around us. The cycle of the rise and fall is as old as time. There is very little that we the people can do about it aside from looking to our personal provisions and security.

    • well put and accurate. it is our turn to, once again, demonstrate to a world apparently incapable of learning that ’empire’ is to be avoided at all costs. that we, and the world, have not learned this is apparent. the outcome of not learning this is becoming more evident with each passing day.

  6. I highly recommend watching the following:

    • NorthGunner

      One must remember that Jordan worked for the UN a while back and IS a ‘Gate-Keeper’ and ‘useful tool’ for the internationalist bankster Globohomo parasite class.

      He WILL be cast aside or ‘gulaged’ either virtually or in reality when his usefulness is no longer needed by them.

      The recent (temporary) banning of BPS by YT is what awaits Jordan and others like him, except that when it arrives it won’t be temporary.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. this is an excellent historical backgrounder into the bloody birth of paleo-communism:

  8. All true, don’t vote, see what happens.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      The last guy who cast a vote that mattered was Lee Harvey Oswald, and look what happened to him.

      But beyond that – look at how effective voting has been:

      Almost everywhere it has been put to a vote, gay marriage is a dead-bang loser, and yet we have it everywhere anyway.

      The public overwhelmingly favor immigration control – and yet we have nothing.

      The public was overwhelmingly against TARP and the other bailout programs of 2007 and 2008, and yet we got them anyway.

      So “don’t vote, see what happens” = same thing as what happens when you do vote.

      • Jimmy, so you hang your head and go home, fuck that. I get it, today in Oregon our communist heavy state govt, voted to allow wet backs ” illegals” to be issued driver’s licenses.

        Six years ago, they did the same thing. We The People via signature put the issue back on the ballot, and kicked leaderships asses literally two to one, stopping this fucked up idea.

        So they did it again anyway.

        This isn’t about driver’s licenses, this is about voter registration. In Oregon your automatically registered to vote when your issued a DL.

        I’m not sure that these legislators didn’t incorporate the emergency clause, which would foil us citizens ability to again push the vote via the citizenry, not legislation.

        What I’m saying is,WE have to use every fucking tool in our tool belts, to keep this fucker on the tracks.

        We owe at least that much to the men, families who fought for these freedoms.


      • NorthGunner

        “..The last guy who cast a vote that mattered was Lee Harvey Oswald, and look what happened to him..”

        LHO was only the convenient patsy for the actual one’s that dropped rounds on JFK at the behest of the internationalist bankster globohomo parasite class and their local tools, LBJ and Bushie Ver. 1.0 among others.

        Anyone that still believes the ‘official narrative’ that LHO was solely responsible courtesy of his ‘Trans-morphing’ Mauser-Carcano shouldn’t be allowed outside their home without their ‘Full Retard Downs Syndrome Concussion Helmet’ and their mandated drool bib and an ankle tracking bracelet before they ride their Big-Wheel down the sidewalk to the local store for their fatty fatty fat cakes..Honk!! Honk!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • dmv gringo

        What vote did Oswald cast?

    • Grey Ghost

      I (and a hell of a lot of pro gunners) didn’t vote for Mitt Romney for good reason and consequently the Bamster was reelected in 2012. The Bamster was unable to pass ANY gun control. Huh… how did that happen? Trump is elected and within two years we have a politically motivated swamp generated illegal bump stock ban. Not to mention Trumps statements about “take the guns first… and banning suppressors.” Dosen’t sound very Pro 2A like he said in his 2016 campaign. Most CONservatives hate it when you bring up that Reagan passed gun control and just what kind of CONservative is that? Yet he is some kinda great President.

      Trumps accomplishments:
      1. No wall to speak of on the southern border.
      2. No stopping illegals crossing the border. He could close the border and allow the .mil/BP to use deadly force.
      3. Hillary “Pay to play or we kill you” Clinton is still walking around free.
      4. The swamp is still full of leeches, the drain is STILL clogged.
      5. He put a leftist on SCOTUS (Kavanaugh)
      6. He has jacked the debt up over 1.5 Trillion federal reserve notes.
      7. No ONE from the deep state/swamp spying operation is in jail.
      8. There are a damn lot of people working.
      9. My taxes were supposed to go down but they went up!

      So go ahead and vote Trump. It’s your prerogative but please don’t think it will make much difference. In the end, it won’t. History is pretty clear about what happens from here on out.

      Grey Ghost

  9. How does it go?….

    “Be it ever so humble, there is no place
    like meatspace”


  10. I keep telling people that there is no voting our way out of this. Only some are willing to listen.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

  11. But it’s reparations day tho.

  12. mtnforgetnforge

    Some other truths than the FUBAR government and corporate cabal partnership of evil that prevails are what really matters.

    It is not obvious only to the willfully blind, it is with a high level of satisfaction to certain elements, the total fail of The State, and most of the states, exactly because of the 17th Amendment as intended, is a forgone conclusion. This state is exactly what is desired by those running things, from local building inspector tyrant to the upper levels of fiat bankster manipulation.

    What is relevant for us dirt people now is the inevitability of future conflict, where the State, and most of the states as their purpose as vassal’s and proxies, is to impose a never ending imposition of ever more raw naked power over we the “subject’s” of the FUSA and our every activity and thought. Goes without saying.

    The great question does the State and it’s vassal state’s have the resources to survive when the subject’s revolt?
    It has always been obvious the State does not, all it has ever possessed for power is the ability threaten, and to hurt.
    This is the weave of the illusion of legitimacy of the State’s power since 1860.
    Almost everything has changed since then. The State can barely survive it’s own illegitimacy.
    If anything is an indication as to the condition those running things have not the power to defeat a second civil secession from tyranny, there is the equation of diminishing return that exists in regards to surviving it’s own illegitimacy. Foremost, a most delicious conundrum the state finds itself in is it is an imperative of the highest order the State can not exist without consent of it’s subject’s. Tacit consent via free shit, indoctrination, ignorance, and via consent of throngs of the afraid who sell their freedom dear for the illusion they will remain safe and protected if they submit to, and disarm themselves, in subservience to the States system of totalitarianism and use of fear.

    Frankly this conglomeration of tyranny is barely capable of maintaining an infrastructure, it is essentially gone past bankruptcy, functioning on fiat of every kind, from “law” to helicopter money, and borrowed time of mortgaging the future prosperity of a nation with instruments of wealth transfer/strip mining.

    This is not the best position to work from in the face of the inevitable conflict it has set in motion with the subject’s. War waged by the State is very expensive. A very large component of it’s standing military is not an instrument of 4th Generation war, it’s equipment and strategies are geared towards 20th Century State power projection between the adversary nation State’s. In plain terms this is an enormous nut that can not be used, wasted wealth and resources not suitable to waging counter revolution on the small unit infantry combat, small arms scale, of a grass roots rebellion nature.
    It’s counter insurgency operations and resources are still geared towards power projection, along with use of indigenous proxies, with the intent of waging proxy war across the international theater.
    Home grown domestic counter insurgency operations is an entire different kettle of fish, regardless of the cross over elements suitable to use on domestic soil against natural born insurgency.
    The most important element in this last is every inch of American dirt is the FreeFor’s combat and insurgency areas of operations. It is the nature of 4rh Generation Warfare the G already occupies and operates within its enemies lines and in it’s “rear” by default.
    The State and it’s vassals do not enjoy an unreachable untouchable geographic center of gravity and resources it does waging COIN say as in Afghanistan.
    In waging war it is of absolute imperative you must know and understand what the enemy holds dear if you are to be successful.
    In the case of the cabal who have given us the FUSA, it is money. 2nd it is safe territory, it’s areas of operations from which it operates with impunity, untouchable, unaccountable. The 3rd is it’s actors and managerial, along with its leadership holds very dear it’s places of safe secure habitation. 4th it’s power to rule with impunity, unchallenged, it’s aura of omnipotence, and it’s ultimate power to employ force and violence against defiance to this omnipotence for refusing or failing to comply.

    For sure this is a beast of an entity. It spans an unbroken chain of links from various centers of state power, with the per ponderous appearance of a leviathan so large and all encompassing it is futile to resist or win against.
    But, it is all predicated on a certain level of consent of people. Even an illusion of consent is adequate to creating the force field of power.

    What is lesser understood, yet is gaining in understanding, is withdrawal of consent, and the realization, plus the actualization by doing, by action, is the simplest of all things: “I Won’t!”
    It comes down to the most basic idea, I choose not to comply any longer.
    I refuse.
    I choose to defy.
    I no longer will pay taxes by whatever means I am able to viably do so to evade the systematic theft and extortion of my creation of wealth.
    I scoff at “laws” that presume to usurp my natural rights and Liberty.

    This is a war of 4th Generation mind warfare before it is a physical war of weapons and killing.
    The State must wage COIN on both levels. It must win both, but it must win the war of hearts and minds before the war of weapons and killing.

    FreeFor holds the natural organic open source high ground. The moral and the numbers of insurgents verses the State’s similar resources.

    In terms of potential’s, advantage dirt people.
    Small arms, ie infantry personal combat weapons, rifles, advantage dirt people.
    Territory held, advantage dirt people.
    Tangible renewable resources in the hand, water, food, shelter, personnel, critical infrastructure and manufacturing, the bulk resides in dirt people land, advantage dirt people.
    In terms of brut physical concentrated hi tech hitting power, advantage the State.
    In relative terms of numbers of operatives facing each other, hands down, advantage dirt people.

    The State must wage offensive, and critical defensive operations, it must defend and protect it’s finite critical resources and centers of gravity, and it must maintain a continuity of its system of power to some degree in order to maintain it’s cohesion and ability to function in order to survive, never mind wage effective COIN, along with continued support of it’s proxies. At the same time FreeFor by nature, organically of a leaderless center-less resistance, it has no centralized centers of power, it has no use for iron fist grip on anything but it’s courage and perseverance, it’s faith to prevail, it’s righteousness of it’s cause, of it’s individual numbers. Advantage by orders of magnitude, dirt people.

    The State’s and by proxy the states power is predicated on a system where the little fish make the big fish possible, and the big fish provide the little fish safe harbor. It is a very vulnerable system of power. Break the links in the chain and the big fish begin to be denied it’s direct physical power to hurt. The big fish never get their hands dirty. The little fish do the big fish’s dirty work. The little fish have a very vested interest in working for the big fish. Remove the big fish’s ability to provide for the little fish, the little fish no longer receive what they are little fish for to begin with. The little fish begin to swim away to protect and defend what they have left. Home, family, tangible wealth. Staying alive.

    The State and it’s proxies create nothing tangible. They are by nature and structure takers of what others create.
    The State and it’s proxies operate on a just in time inventory of resources, usually with a note of considerable duration or promissory contract. It possesses zero specie, but maybe what may exist in Fort Knox and other depositories. This is debatable at best. Reason alone infers the State and it’s proxies have stolen our squandered this stored wealth decades ago.

    The State and it’s proxies, under the dynamics, duress, naturally occurring war footing limitations and austerity of 4th Generation war, operate with a much reduced capacity of income from it’s subjects. It must also not only support its military and political infrastructure but wage, maintain combat operations, potential for war in any location, across a battle field on the largest landmass ever in military history, all at once.
    Advantage dirt people.

    This was posted on reddit a week ago. Best to archive it before it is memory holed. Worth the read:

    Extensive analysis by anonymous “red team planner” of America’s next Civil War between left and right and how it would play out. (long and detailed)

    • kekistantrans

      “Extensive analysis by anonymous “red team planner” of America’s next Civil War between left and right and how it would play out. (long and detailed)”

      Link to video mentioned in latest Woodpile Report:

    • kekistantrans

      “Extensive analysis by anonymous “red team planner” of America’s next Civil War between left and right and how it would play out. (long and detailed)”

      Link to video on same topic mentioned in latest Woodpile Report:

    • NorthGunner


      What do you think about the following as
      it relates to the topic above?

      Mail: You’re Not a Libertarian

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • true power has always resided with ‘the people’, as distinguished from ‘the leaders’. unfortunately, not enough recognize this reality and history is full of those who suffer the consequences of this lack of realization.

    • ghostsniper

      I just read that link. It’s narrow minded and written from a naive child’s perspective. Did you even read it?

      “A significant majority–between 55 and 70%–of the military would defect to the side of the citizens.”

      Somebody hasn’t been paying attention.
      NO gov’t employee is going to give up their paycheck, what will they replace it with?

      I could rip it further but I already wasted enough time on this invalid topic.
      My time is best spent bettering my immediate environment.

      • Berglander


      • Jimmy the Saint

        “NO gov’t employee is going to give up their paycheck, what will they replace it with?”

        Plunder has been a reliable form of payment for soldiers for centuries. No reason it can’t return to that.

        • Berglander

          I’ve been wanting some Popeye’s lately…

        • NorthGunner

          “..Plunder has been a reliable form of payment for soldiers for centuries. No reason it can’t return to that..”

          Only for those that SURVIVE the attempt to satiate their greed and lusts my friend…that’s why the rule of ‘kill all that come’ applies.

          Going “Full Vlad” and staking the corpses of such vermin both openly and proactively will be a necessity (unless one’s a libertarian or anarchist or ‘it violates muhh principles!’).

          How else does one effectively say, “Get the fuck outta my area and stay out!!”

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • A further support point for the above is that for quite awhile now the military no longer teaches the duty to disobey unlawful orders. Started in the 90’s…then Katrina was the best evidence one could ask for on whether or not the military would disobey an unlawful order, such as ‘private weapons confiscation.’

        If the 29 Palms Survey was taken today, I’m betting the results would be about 180 degrees different.

      • The maths are bad.
        There are legit takeaways though, regarding choke points and cutting off hives.
        We’re >< this close imho.
        We should just pick a date and if clown world has accelerated…
        De-centralized, IRL 100 heads.
        Everyone here is slated for globohomo gulags so what’s to lose?
        If I get a night visit and don’t go Dorner,
        I’ll claim to be a transgendered, Congolese Jew (with Ebola) who has library storytime contracts with your fucking PTA and ask for reparations.

  13. I don’t doubt the premise, but the markers miss the point. Healthcare and education are not even part of the original political construct, yet there they are screwing it up. Governance tho part of the construct has been so warped as to be beyond repair. To the two legitimate functions left, defense and foreign policy the TPTB has screwed that up too.

    But even those 5 factors will not bring the USG down. What will is the inability of those pulling the levers to even be able to pull the levers anymore. Due to entitlements and third rail politics there is no means to eliminate deficit spending. We are riding a ship whose guidance system is locked onto the near shore of ruin.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We are riding a ship whose guidance system is locked onto the near shore of ruin.”

      A similar metaphor: the plane that is the US is going to fly right into a mountain. The political parties are just arguing over whether we should do it on afterburner (Dems) or merely FMP (GOP). No one is discussing climbing or turning.

  14. kekistantrans

    On another note, because there are some things we can personally control in our own sphere of influence even if the larger system is hopelessly screwed up and totally unable to be fixed and a lot of otherwise clueless and dependent people are going to die a horrible screaming death when it all collapses…

    There are various resources on YouTube (the evil Google-owned video platform that bans and de-platforms politically conservative videos) on alternative simple cooking. There is a series on “18th century cooking” on YouTube on what soldiers in more primitive times and places fixed and ate in the field…

    I found these YouTube videos doing a search for “ash cakes” mentioned previously by TS Adams:

    • Thanks for that link.

      Whenever calamity (man made, Act of God) befalls a large area, starvation follows. I’m hoping to ensure my family doesn’t starve. “One Second After” convinced me to prioritise food in my planning.

      My current favourite is Spam with Mac & cheese. My wife admitted recently she isn’t a fan of that. What would have been nice is being told when we tried it and not after I later bought up big. Ahh well Hunger is the best sauce.

    • This is an excellent channel. Much of the fare shown is superior to modern foods. The man is a national treasure

  15. Paul Bonneau

    Given enough time, all human institutions turn to shit.

    • I have a theory about why this is so. I suspect it’s because people work out how to exploit the system. How to do the least but extract the most. That coupled with people who are go getters that will seize the levers of power then loot the system for as much as they can get away with. In the latter stages that looting is “everything”.

  16. Sam knows something big is coming . One of my leftist kin out in California works for one of the secret alphabet agencies . He won’t even tell his Mom & Dad which one . He did tell us about his off-grid earth banked survival homestead up in the north extreme of the state he just purchased though . He refuses to talk about anything collapse related and denies any plans to survive the coming apocalypse . He says it’s his retirement dream . Yeah !


    The state and its vassal states WILL survive because the vast majority of Sheeple, Normies, Cucks, and assorted gimme-my-freebies grifters want it to survive. There are way too many out there that have no interest in liberty, self-sufficiency, morality, or cultural preservation. I have seen this with my own eyes for many, many years. FWIW, the Swamp Creatures are holding “reparation hearings” today. BOHICA.
    These fools will surrender every facet to their personal liberty for imagined security. Look at Mainland Chinese Society even as I write this. Look at the push for 5G, which could turn everyone into something similar to the movie: THEY LIVE.
    The economy will not crash. There will be more QE and printed debt bucks and everyone will agree to the rules of the rigged Monopoly Game. We are the Remnant. I will try to survive and protect my tribe as long as I possibly can. But, I hold no illusions of anything collapsing, except due to a massive, localized natural disaster.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Sure, the state will continue – the form will change, however. The ruling class may change – and everyone will get to re-learn the old lesson that the new guys are just as brutal and corrupt as the old ones.

    • no, the current Jewbuck will collapse as have all prior debt-larded paper (and now digital) currencies. The only question is when. One large, lost war on the part of the ZOG Empire might do it, as that will precipitate a global flight from the international Jewbuck which will flashback into domestic Jewbuck collapse. Please

      attack Iran, Drumpf, please…

      just…do it.

  18. I think the reddit poster presents too many undocumented assumptions as fact and then proceeds from there.

    Mtn Forge, it would seem you left out “nationwide technological surveillance and analysis of that information, massive advantage to the State.” The thing with this is can the State get to Total Information Awareness (and Control of the people) before the people get to resistance. Also the State has a large advantage in propaganda distribution with their media allies.

    In my opinion, there are too many players, from individuals to nation states to say very much about what will happen. And too many people are getting too fine grained in their analysis. BLOAT, local, local, local.

  19. Try asking the #MAGA-Fucks why they so desperately want term limits, when…

  20. Speed up the process of arming those that should be armed. Train them. Most are already armed. I’m just upgrading the fire power. Lawfully, of course.

  21. dmv gringo

    American Policing and the Coming Domestic Insurgency

    The federal government apparatus in America has federalized and militarized all police forces.
    All the cheap talk by the race hustlers of every pigmentation is fraudulent and disingenuous at best. It’s done already.
    There is no politician in Washington who has even challenged the narrative and script of any government supremacist edict in America that descends from the Feds. From the blunted secession movements of Vermont and Texas, to the Drug War, to the increasing militarization of the thin black and blue line, one thing becomes crystal clear: the police in the 19,000 departments across America are simply the pointy end (if not intellectually dull and diminished) of all politics. This isn’t simply an American phenomenon. It’s planet-wide and historically correct that absent these armed and uniformed thug forces, no treasonous, traitorous, seditious criminal shitbag “politician” could deprive one human being of their individual freedom.

    The news and the interwebs are packed with stories and analysis on the emerging violent and murderous police state that is blanketing America. I have written extensively, as has the brilliant William Grigg, on the bloody details of the police state in all of its grotesque and totalitarian glory.

    Now we hear the usual suspects in the government media complex mewling and writing in panic about a “war on police”. No such war exists, yet.

    As of this date, the cops have stacked up 846 corpses murdered this year in the streets (this number does not include what I suspect is a much larger corpse-count in the vast Federal gulag system across America. I have to make my standard disclaimer that I think this is highly suspect as a lower number due to intentioanl under and non-reporting by the media whores of state propaganda on these Helots murdered across the country. Of course, a British newspaper has to provide the numbers because the fiscally strapped and preoccupied media whores in America can’t bother with maintaining such a database of incidents in their own nation state.

    Be very careful combing these numbers, 43 Helots were murdered by police wielding “less than lethal” tasers during this same year and that number just so happens to be a little more than the number of line of duty deaths for cops in America for the year by their own admission. 29 cops have died as a result of criminal mayhem directed toward their person; the remaining figures have nothing to do with this to include 9/11 illnesses and vehicular pursuit. By their own admission, gunfire deaths are down 26% this year. Yet for every cop dead, approximately 30 civilians die for each one.

    Also keep in mind that the police will blame others for their own firearms mischief and apparent suicides will be ruled as “negligent discharge” to protect the insurance coverage of fallen armed bureaucrats.

    How do you know a cop is lying? His mandibles are moving. So I take all of these tabulations from the police with a grain of salt. It is in their interest to unnecessarily pump up their numbers. Remember, this is one of those curious lethal occupations where ALL investigations of misbehavior are overseen by the malefactors themselves in concert with a legal system that needs to protect the primary input vendor to keep the legal-incarceration complex running at peak capacity.

    Many observers have been watching for a shift in perception of the presence of police officers and it appears more Americans are waking up to the fact that the obese buzz-cutted, military-clad Officer Friendly preying on communities nation–wide are not the legendary peace officers of old (which I would suggested never existed). Some are speculating and egged on by the police community itself and its Leninist unions that a war on police is afoot. I would say that is not the case now but we are at the cusp of that becoming a reality.

    The conditions for an insurgency to emerge are many but two of the primary ingredients are legitimacy of the government and the perceived and real grievance by the mass base. One can suppose that the black community in the inner cities has been under siege for far longer than any of the other enclaves in America but ever since the national security state came into its own in 2001, with the beginning of the ‘War on Terror.’ US policing has taken on an even more savage offensive against all Americans, with the increasingly militarized escalation-domination rubric that has informed every cop’s behavior in 19,000 police department occupying the country from stem to stern. You can go elsewhere for thousands of videos and same number of essays and articles explaining in fine detail the anecdotal and increasing evidence of the police being the singular existential threat to all human liberty.

    An additional ingredient for success is who controls the narrative and now despite the MSM’s triumphalist monotone symphony on the virtuous statist police procedural even when the cops break the law to bring the perpetrator to justice is cracking under the strain of so many countervailing micro-videos and man-on-the-street cameras that are showing the media for the orchestrated state fellators they are. The emperor has no clothes. Lee Greenwood’s lousy song is being revealed to be the tired riff on the Soviet Internationale it always been.

    I simply want to observe that Newton’s Third Law per action and reaction is ironclad in many societal frameworks and this is one of those. When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. I suspect we are nearing this point in America in reaction to the barbarous policing regime extant across the land.

    The tipping point for random and deliberate acts of retaliation on police forces is real. There are seven million Americans presently on probation, parole and in a cage from the local to the Federal level, most for non-violent offenses and illegal vegetation. Now every one of those humans has extended families that are affected by the one person snared in the legal system. The cops are simply the violent concierges conducting a new-fangled fugitive slave patrol to keep the cages filled and the population cowed to obedience to the state.

    As a student of irregular warfare, one finds astonishing parallels in history and contemporary conflicts where the policing mechanism of a dominant polity created the condition for the insurgencies to flourish. That is in motion in the US as we speak. Historically, the “iron fist” reaction has never slowed down an insurgency and simply swelled its ranks. If the police in America do go “full retard” and get their war-face on to tackle this emerging phenomenon, there will be no retreat and the resistance will increase in size and the escalation-domination-kinetic complex that informs all American policing methodologies is going to lead to the emergence of some rather sporty activities for which they are not prepared.

    The police may wear the sexy combat kit with all the gifts rained on the departments by the Federal government to be “dressed to kill” but a large part of successful military action depends on training that realistically clones the anticipated conditions. This has not been the case. Every cop in America today wants to get their “operator” on and be there when the rounds fly to defend Team America from the terrorist hordes but the glimmering realization is that I stand a far greater chance of being struck by lightning twice and consumed by a Great White shark than being involved in a foreign-borne “terrorist incident”. But then again, I stand a much better chance of being maimed and killed by a cop than a criminal in America today because I carry a gun as a “turd” civilian.

    After all, Michael Collins did not strike a blow against the soldiers but English state police at the Castle in 1920 on Bloody Sunday (the first one not 1969).

    There are currently approximately a million state badged enforcers in the thin black and blue line and they have yet to encounter stiff resistance to their nation-wide terror campaigns. They even boast of a being a “wartime” department during the latest spate of police shootings where in turnabout they appear to be the hunted. And remember that if any of you have seen the movie The Great Escape, those fifty-murdered British/Dominion airman weren’t liquidated in cold blood by the Wehrmacht or the SS but the Gestapo and Kripo, German police organizations because the cops will do what their political masters order them to do. That is what all police forces are designed to do.

    This is just the beginning.

    When one peruses the historical case studies of insurgency, you discover that police forces were important trigger mechanism to create the conditions for resistance and rebellion. As the most visible and

    • “The police may wear the sexy combat kit with all the gifts rained on the departments by the Federal government to be “dressed to kill” but a large part of successful military action depends on training that realistically clones the anticipated conditions.”

      I would offer that “Red will be the New Black” if things do become sporty. Once things get rolling any LEO sporting the all-black kit of preference will see it turned blood red. Soon after you will find them wearing anything but black as in the typical urban landscape anything wearing black kit will be assumed to be the State enforcer.


      This. I see it all the time here in Rawles Land. This is why I STFU. Big, big spread in the Daily Fish Wrap today about our local “police heroes.” Keep in mind if things ever truly go south, vis-à-vis Venezuela or Ferfal’s Argentina, the “thin black and blue line” will still have money, needful things, and status, while the rest of us will be between a rock and a hard place.

    • DMV Dildo, your full of shit. Consider this, your opening of police have been federalized, is horse shit, your a fucking liar. Militarized, really a fuckimg humvee and an mrap, and their militarized. Grow up man.
      Play your cards right your crew mayyyyyy just end up with that piece of equipment.

      Which leads me to this. After one stupid lie why should ANYBODY believe the rest of your facts, which are likely accurate.

      Check your hate at the door, douche bag.

      Dude, you are so capable of doing fantastic research work, and you shoot yourself in the foot, with a lil white lie.

      Dude your better then that.


    • NorthGunner

      “..There is no politician in Washington who has even challenged the narrative and script of any government supremacist edict in America that descends from the Feds..”

      Exceptions being JFK and congressmen McFadden (1920’s-’30’s) and Dr. Ron Paul.

      The first two were eliminated via wetworks; Paul was marginalized and de-platformed.

      If voting REALLY ever accomplished anything that the parasite class and their enablers didn’t want in view of their own strategy and goals, do you think it’d still be legal/allowed?

      Also remember the ‘First Rule’ of voting: it doesn’t matter who casts their votes; only WHO’S counting them.
      — Zombie Joe Stalin

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner

      “..And remember that if any of you have seen the movie The Great Escape, those fifty-murdered British/Dominion airman weren’t liquidated in cold blood by the Wehrmacht or the SS but the Gestapo and Kripo, German police organizations because the cops will do what their political masters order them to do. That is what all police forces are designed to do..”

      It’s important to remember to NOT make any decisions based on fictional movies that are churned out by the parasite owned and controlled Hollywood auxiliary (like both ‘The Great Escape’ or ‘Swindler’s Fist’) for visual consumption by the lowest IQ denominator of what is called ‘the American People’.

      Why does one think that that ‘control tentacle’ continues to pump out visual drek that immortalizes BOTH the parasite contolled ‘American Military Empire’ and the home-based orcs and orcettes?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  22. Joe Postma

    Does anyone know if there is a mechanical device which has a rapidly reciprocating action which is driven by a spring and high-pressure gas impingement which is released from, say, a rapid chemical reaction which creates very high pressures? I was thinking that if such a device existed, one could fashion some sort of tube for it to propel small masses at high velocity, and then the reciprocating action could make it repeat this at a very high cycle rate? I just think it might be useful one day.

    • Oh I don’t think that what is lacking it’s what is behind it that makes the difference…

    • NorthGunner


      Sounds like it’d be both useful and practical.

      Don’t forget that approval of such is mandated by ‘Mommy’ and the parasites that long ago gave all the ‘Mommies’ the “right to vote”.

      “What do ya want one of those for?…you’ll put your eye out kid!”
      — Zombie mommified store Santa

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  23. Harald Balzac

    Sorry Joe, you dream…
    But if you ever figure somethin’ like out and can make it work consistently I bet you could sell a few of ’em…hell, I might even buy one just to see it.
    What’s it for?

  24. The best metric of how broken things are is how hard TheBetters are pushing for gun control.

    Not just as means of using violence in general but to make sure the right winners are selected given limited resources.

    These people aren’t stupid and they have access to all the data. When they say the “nation” is headed into a environment where the avg Joe can’t be armed, they mean to say they know they need the ability to kill the avg Joe.

    • Killing Joe is suboptimal as any former Soviet Stasi would tell you. The better tool is to shove Joe into a gulag. Joe wonders why he is in the gulag, his family wonders when he will get out. You control more members of the populace that way and no martyrs.

  25. Same as it ever was….

  26. St.Maur1066

    When the clowns come out juggling hand grenades,…………. don’t give advice, don’t try to save the clowns and their supporters, just stand way, way back and get down low and enjoy the show. ……Finish off clowns still standing.

  27. Jimmy the Saint

    “The best metric of how broken things are is how hard TheBetters are pushing for gun control.”

    Possibly – it could also be a good barometer for what they have planned for us, too.

    Usually, wars are fought because of scarcity – not enough of something to go around; the coming dust-up may well be one fought because of surplus. Specifically, the rulers have population beyond what they need to serve them.

  28. Alfred E. Neuman

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  29. went for a 15 mile run saturday, it took me by our county swat team garage. one huge apc, the kind you can shoot out the hydraulics, and lock the doors with a wedge shaped piece of metal. a trailer and thats about it.

  30. NorthGunner

    “Given enough time, all human institutions turn to shit.”

    Especially when and where women have been ‘given the right to vote’.

    Remember that women are all emotions based children and they approach the world from that aspect.

    Women function from a ‘care/nurturing’ basis while men function from a ‘defend/peovider’ basis and that men who don’t function on an emotion driven basis approach the world from a rational/logical point of view.

    Now are people starting to understand why it’s crucial to take women’s rights away before the other problems can be dealt with?

    Or is ‘muhh principles’ getting in the way again?….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!