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  1. I love you.

    (No homo)

  2. Thinking back to the Paris Commune: The legit .guv controlled the country side. The Commies controlled the City of Paris and all it’s arms. Today the Commies control the cities so if they learn from history they will come for the ruralites (with Legit Nukes?) This will make disabling urban infrastructure to generate collapse a pressing matter. Something to think about.

    • St.Maur1066

      Bridges and tunnels are key transport arteries for all cities

    • Matt Bracken

      Yes, indeed. Interesting that Goolag/YooToob took that Paris Commune video down for unspecified “violence” reasons. Here is The Last White Man responding to the removal of the Paris Commune video:
      “Notice to Our Subscribers” (The Last White Man on the Paris Commune video removal.)

      Note that The Last White Man uses YT “frequency hopping” to keep ahead of the SJW censors. Last month, he was Vertigo Politix. He already has his next YT channel set up.
      “The Seventh Veil.”
      In one recent video, he says he used to be a writer for Black Pigeon Speaks. He also says he’s not backing up on low-def outlets like Bitchute. He’s trying to game YT and stay ahead of their bans. It’s an interesting experiment.

  3. Practical Man

    Related: A field guide to transmission lines


  4. Prairie Fire

    I smell the attribution as being from one of the increasingly rare here, coherent and on-topic commenters. Good stuff in the link.

    The sender is likely a “worker.” Anybody else notice the new scheme on road construction signage, where what was once “men working ahead” has been displaced by “workers ahead?” Words matter. Methinks that there’s Commies involved in the changing of the dialect, right in your home state as those signs are made by supposedly Normie people in the highway department shops.

    I caught a glimpse of the wording process as I worked my last job a few years ago doing a new elementary school, $12 million or so out here in flyover country. Partway through it there was a deluge of bad homemade treats and thank-you notes from the little kids (on demand, I’m sure, from their public school Commie teachers.) The treats were mostly bad. What was worse, was their hand-written thanks to what they called us as “workers.” Commies gotta commie and they have their need to spread their shit to (your) kids in the government education system.

    Back to power poles: I wonder how many of the “workers” are going to keep showing up to keep the water running and the lights lit, once they realize that the Ebola thing has come close enough for a decision to be made. Could be that Soviet-style heroic motivational posters should be made in order to motivate the “workers” to do their duty.

    I’ll be seeing some of you folks in Cody in a while.

  5. desertoakie

    Pity that the weak point of all digital networks is power supply.

  6. I would offer that the detail is interesting, but if I intend to blot out services my weapon of choice would be a chain saw not cable cutters. So maybe we need a course in ‘tree’ felling?

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Who was Alexander Graham Dombrowski? The first telephone Pole.

    Thank you, try the veal!

  8. Don’t focus on poles if your goal is infrastructure at most you would take down a neighborhood in a city and maybe a small town in the rural areas…

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. I kind of think that if you don’t have any armor piercing (AP) ammo stored or have at least the know how to develop/make explosives you are seriously behind the curve – not that I would ever encourage or promote such behavior. As an aside, whatever became of the incident a number of years ago in northern CA where a group (never I think identified) that carried out a well organized attack on an electrical sub-station?

  11. my everyday bike ride goes right past a local power substation. The lack of security is simply appaling. There’s a yuge transformer 20 feet from the fence. One well-thrown cocktail could KO the place in seconds…and where and how far the outages would ramify is anybody’s guess.

  12. Working in a blue hive recently and passed a substation that was fortified like the fed res.
    A good arm and a little creativity…
    They’ve been fortifying the cell towers along the highway in similar fashion.
    It must get redundant trying to protect that which can’t be protected.
    The day of 9/11, The Nat Guard showed up to protect a gas pipeline.
    Then they left.
    It’s all so fucking vulnerable.
    Plan accordingly.

  13. Your diagram does not depict the rabbis’ magic wire.

    There is no Separation of Synagogue & State in innumerable U.S. jurisdictions where Jews define public property as their domicile.

    more insanity of Talmudic Judaism — Eruv the magic rabbinical wire!


  14. Mark Matis

    When “sporty” time really comes, the targets should be the very high voltage transmission lines. Those are generally NOT on “joint poles”.

  15. Networks of New York: An Illustrated Field Guide to Urban Internet Infrastructure by Ingrid Burrington

    Book Comment:
    A guided tour of the physical Internet, as seen on, above, and below the city’s streets

    What does the Internet look like?

    It’s the single most essentail aspect of modern life, and yet, for many of us, the Internet looks like an open browser, or the black mirrors of our phones and computers. But in Networks of New York, Ingrid Burrington lifts our eyes from our screens to the streets, showing us that the Internet is everywhere around us, all the time—we just have to know where to look.

    Using New York as her point of reference and more than fifty color illustrations as her map, Burrington takes us on a tour of the urban network: She decodes spray-painted sidewalk markings, reveals the history behind cryptic manhole covers, shuffles us past subway cameras and giant carrier hotels, and peppers our journey with background stories about the NYPD’s surveillance apparatus, twentieth-century telecommunication monopolies, high frequency trading on Wall Street, and the downtown building that houses the offices of both Google and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

    From a rising star in the field of tech jounalism, Networks of New York is a smart, funny, and beautifully designed guide to the endlessly fascinating networks of urban Internet infrastructure.

    The Internet, Burrington shows us, is hiding in plain sight.

    Here is a news article https://theintercept.com/2016/09/24/a-walking-tour-of-new-yorks-massive-surveillance-network/

  16. Interesting about the Coo’s bay tower. Early this morning the city of Chemult Oregon, in Northern Klamath County Oregon, had a transformer shot up.

    17 rounds into the transformer, knocking the area out. Somehow the security camera’s at the Transformer site had been disabled. No casings recovered, no film, and no tire tracks.

    Their referring to it as an act of ” Vandalism”. My Ass.

    Tic Toc.


  17. Interesting research leads:
    Satanist Cults Prepare Blacks for Race War
    June 22, 2018

  18. You got it almost correct. NYC traffic signals are ALL buried. The thick one you labeled traffic signals is telephone cable.

  19. If everybody knew the state of generation. Actually knew the hidden from public facts, they would be very concerned. It’s showing it’s ugly head by design currently. Have a plan b through h. It’s coming.

  20. It indeed shall be on the final exam – initially in a disruptive way, and later during the “putting necessary stuff back together” phase of ending the coming endarkenment. Thankfully, I have a brother who knows all this – almost as if it was his profession…

  21. Chad Harris

    Most will leave rural areas to enter the cities, some contagion or contamination will be announced and people will voluntarily go….

  22. A good add to this kind of post would be, the dimensions of things we see everyday driving around or walking.


    Just sayin.

  23. John Freeman

  24. Join the “Don’t Marry Movement”. There are 3 main points:

    -Never legally marry an American woman
    -Never have children with an American woman
    -If you are married to an American woman, never buy a house so she cannot steal it from you in divorce

    Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here: https://womenarestupid.site/blog/the-don-t-marry-movement

  25. dmv gringo

    The communists taste defeat (minor setback for now) in Maryland. Not that most of my fellow wrsa commentariat were following along. Regardless, here it is: Supreme Court upholds cross on public land in Maryland
    “The Supreme Court says a World War I memorial in the shape of a 40-foot-tall cross can continue to stand on public land in Maryland.”

  26. NorthGunner

    Just remember that “loss of power/electrical infrastructure”
    is a double-edged knife that cuts both ways…

    And ‘normie’ and his family and friends WON’T be feeling
    sympathetic/supporting to ‘Team Freefor’ for ‘cutting the
    juice’ to his home or community…especially if one of his
    family members, especially a kid happens to have diabetes
    and that insulin NEEDS to be kept in a working fridge to
    help that kid stay alive.

    Read “One Second After” if you haven’t..heck re-read it
    and the following two novels anyway!

    Here’s a link to it via pdf format:


    Here’s a link to a EMP Survival handbook (also
    useful during any other interruption of electricity
    that goes on for an extended period of time that’s
    not EMP related):

    One Second After the Lights Go Out:
    An EMP Survival Handbook – Lisa Bedford

    Obviously there is definitely a need for incorporating
    alternate means/methods of generating and storing
    electrical power for one’s kith and kin..and that needs
    to be done BEFORE an ‘event’ happens (same with
    storing stabilized fuel if one’s going to use a generator
    for any length of time).

    Of course tFat wil most likely already have his place totally
    EMP protected and Farady-caged, so the above information
    doesn’t apply to him but it definitely WILL apply to all the
    rest of us and our kith and kin.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  27. Cities are natural death traps. Cut the food and water. then just wait. In America all that would take is enough old tires and wood to burn the interstate road bridges. (cement bridges will fall after any good hot fire is lit under or on them. Tire fires are very hot and almost impossible to put out). Destroy the treatment plants for any city’s water distribution and they are drinking sewer(river) water in less than three days. Destroy the transformers for the cities and they starve in the cold and dark . Without the interstate system the food and gas are gone from the stores on day one. The stuff in most homes will run out in seven days or less. Then what do you think a Dindu tribesman is going to eat? You cannot supply a modern city by air. Do the same with the rail road bridges leading into the cities. BUT: DO NOT cut the rail net in the country side. You’ll want that later. Kill the cities and every professor at every university and 90% of your communist, and your ethnic problem is solved. Forever. Once the Dindu’s, and communists are starved you can deal with the survivors as you will at the local level.

  28. the power co doesn’t sell or leave thos epoles any longer

    i could use several to bridge a ravine here at the compound to allow easier and closer access to my other section of land

    that said

    there is certainly no damn god coming to save anyone’s ass so you better be re-locating or preparing to die in place

    the murkins…