Inside The Jalisco Cartel Training Camps

To the non-state actors, you are what’s for dinner.

Plan accordingly.

12 responses to “Inside The Jalisco Cartel Training Camps

  1. This is how the communists would shanghai unsuspecting young men and enroll them into their guerrilla organizations back in the 70’s and 80’s in Latin America. One story I read years ago, circa early 1980’s, was about a young man from Honduras, promised an “education”, was sent to Cuba, put through basic training and re-infilled into Olancho Province in Honduras to be part of the new Liberation Army. That movement was eventually put to bed by the Honduran army and 7th SFG. Same techniques were used to recruit and indoctrinate. Same threats of death to person and families if non compliant. This is evil run amok.

  2. ah

    the School of the America’s

    the good old days

  3. So these guys eat human flesh to become insensitive. Americans eat fast food and have diabeetus, heart disease and need mobility scooters. I wonder how this will all play out.

  4. Initiate Action Protocol SOS…

    Shoot on Sight

  5. keith park

    Nice printing on the shirts.

  6. why do you think Sen. Leland Lee was helping arming the Asians Gangs with Small Arms and Rockets. The all know the signs, they lived it prior to becoming US Citz. They know the brown people will not care about yellow people when shit goes down.

  7. Standard fare in all shit hole pseudo nations for the past 9000 years. These fear driven and brainwashed conscripts are in the US in the 10,000s already, they get a text on their Obama phones and they become active (as in blowing-up a refinery or drive-bys). They are here, they are trained, they are armed and they have a plan. Can you say the same?

  8. Mike Bishop

    If you think pols are oppressive, just wait until the lights go out, and you’re introduced to your new local Warlord.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. St.Maur1066

    Mexican’s taste like chicken!

  11. Selkirkian

    I recently attended a case-study presentation on the MS-13 presence and activity in California. Joining the gang requires the commission of 3 murders in the presence of MS-13 witnesses, and the murders are likely to be committed on camera. MS-13 does not hide the bodies of its victims..they display them for maximum effect. They indoctrinate their children from birth. They are spreading quickly throughout the USA (mixed in with the pobrecitos).