On The Road/Open Thread

Intermittent posting for a few days, then a bit more up-tempo.

I’ll keep comments moderated to the extent possible with local comms.

Have at it.

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  1. Confederate miner

    What do you guys think would be more effective.
    Dorner×1000 or

  2. 20 kilotons canned sunshine over DC

  3. As a vet I can and will state this, STAY THE FU*K OUT OF OTHER COUNTRIES AND THEIR BUSINESS AND THIS TYPE OF CRAP WON’T HAPPEN! Then again it’s probley a false flag…

    • Dan in Ohio

      Agreed. But that will not bring it Israel.

    • Dan in Ohio

      Agreed. But that will not benefit Israel.

    • I’m thinking that’s why it was called off. The found out Kerry actually shot the drone down.

    • Jimmy the Saint


      Remind us, again, what we did to Germany before either WWI or WWII….
      – Belgium

  4. Berglander

    Attacking Iran is in (((American))) best interest.

  5. Donny Corleone

    There was an interesting post from Frank over at Frank and Fern’s yesterday.
    Frank wrote that from what he saw, the country was In serious trouble and I perceived a lot of anger in his writing. He even used some strong language (for him) in his rant.
    These seem to be some good and peace loving people from what I have read from them, but his tone and the direction of his post was pretty confrontational.
    If people like Frank and Fern are getting to this point, then maybe normie is waking up.
    Just an observation. YMMV.

  6. To busy deporting millions I suppose. So much winning.

  7. dmv gringo

    Good listening begins at 19:40, or listen to it all if you choose.

  8. I forgot in the Poles post that Major Von Dach, in the always recommended Total Resistance has a section on attacking a power substation. And how to ground out electric train wires too. And now on to the …

    Book Reviews

    Hidden Persuasion by Andrews, van Leeuwen, and van Baaren

    Presents 33 social influence techniques, mostly advertising via electronic media and salesmen. Each technique is short, about five ebook pages, with text describing the technique, actual advertising examples, the psychology, when to use and when not to use, and a summary. Cynics like me easily catch techniques like “But wait! There’s more!” but it is good to read why it is good (or bad). And there were some techniques that were new to me. I discovered why I remembered commercials but could not recall for the life of me what they were advertising. The techniques do not need to be read in order.

    This book would be useful when seeking resources from friendly patriots or neutrals. Also useful in normal life to identify when someone is trying to manipulate you. Recommended.

    Security Culture: a handbook for activists

    A Canadian left-wing activist pamphlet about security problems and counter-measures. More for small scale cells/tribes than national movements. Bad behaviors such as lying, gossiping, bragging. Talks about infiltrators, informers, the unwitting informer, provocateurs, and how regime propaganda agents can poison the atmosphere without being in the group. Although a Canadian publication, does talk about regime oppression there and in the U.S. The security problems have universal application.

    Free copies available on the intertubes. Watch the page numbers, the scanner removed the staples and scanned without putting the pages in proper order. Recommended for new tribe members, ignore the quite small amount of leftist dogma.

    Full Spectrum Resistance Volumes 1 and 2 by Aric McBay

    Mostly full of leftist history of different movements and why they succeeded or failed and the problems they encountered. After reading Summer of Rage by Byron, we find McBay is not exactly precise in his description of Weatherman but does hit the highlights well enough. I’m not familiar with the details of other movements to know if this lack of detail continues through the book. Chapter five of volume one goes into a description of group organizations and the tensions of different group dynamics.

    Must dig through much leftist drivel to catch the universal points in such areas as communication, logistics, intel, and counter-intel. One thing I did pick up that patriots could use is how they practiced answering a “reporter’s” questions. How to stay on message in a short interview when the reporter is biased or antagonistic. The practice interviews were video recorded and critiqued. (I’m looking at you Bundys.) Well footnoted and these can lead to other leftist publications that may or may not be interesting. Recommended only for the dedicated student of commie history.

  9. Mic, planned parenthood, NeoCons, Comgress and Senate ALL want war, there making it happen right in front of our faces.


  10. It’s for the Empire, all hail Caesar!!! Patricians rule and plebeians die for the Empire. “Their sand, our oil.”

    Smedley Butler is unavailable for comments, but he did leave us a book to read.

  11. Augusto Pintobean

    Trump pull out game weak AF?

  12. High stakes game of chicken with Iran to kick off an exciting weekend early! I’m sure there’s more to come as the day and weekend progresses. Sheesh… Btw CA, keep up the Lord’s work here. You’re much appreciated.

  13. fly the mother fucker over our southern border I bet we capture more Aloha Snackbars. Kinda hard for Iran to shoot down a drone 7700 miles away. I’m just wonder if some communist or Anarchist, is fly’n the mother fucker, opps, Iran airspace…you know just to start a war. because we are so good weeding them out. ask West Point.

  14. Chad C. Mulligan

    Weather report for Tehran: 10,000 degrees and cloudy.

  15. Chad C. Mulligan

    [qoute] As a vet I can and will state this, STAY THE FU*K OUT OF OTHER COUNTRIES AND THEIR BUSINESS AND THIS TYPE OF CRAP WON’T HAPPEN! Then again it’s probley a false flag…[/quote]

    Tell that the forking mullahs. They’ve got people all over the M.E. stirring up war. Syria…..Yemen…..
    islam is a plague, no different from ebola, except it carries guns. Fight it there, or fight it here.

  16. Grenadier1

    I am totally fine with Trump calling off the strikes.

    If its Deep state or even if its the Iranians version of the Deep state. Response is the same, don’t escalate it. Doing nothing is a perfectly viable response here.

  17. “As it relates to the Trump doctrine, CTH would note any current ally of the U.S; and/or any entity engaged with significant economic interests attached to the U.S; including any EU entity who might have previously been skirting the sanctions against Iran (think Turkey); would now be very cautious about appearing on President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin’s proverbial radar.”

  18. Grey Ghost


    Keep on using that device with Chrome and you’ll be sorry in the long run.

    Grey Ghost