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  2. Gray Ghost, good morning. Read and reread you retort to my “vote as a strategy”. I respect your view, I do.

    I just understand what happens if WE don’t use the available tools. ” Not Voting” is a vote for this nigger both, Harris, or crazy booker.

    Sir, I dont have the answers, I’m just doing what I think is right, and will purchase us time. My exit Stradegy is solid for my turf. I’m fortunate, I’m in cattle and ranch country 100 miles from a major city, which is less then 1/2 million. And we’re above 4200 ft.

    I don’t happen to think trump is the solution, he was just the logical choice for me, my family. He will be again in 2020. Trump has used Sal Alinskies, ” Rules For Radicals” like a scalpel, and like a sledge hammer, I approve of the tactic. The left has no response for him using their tactics against them.

    We had a ” crew” dinner last night, it was very heated. Was supposed to be a late Father’s Day dinner. While we covered local and state level issues, was interesting to see that the wives were really fired up, regarding Oregon’s gov, and her communist heavy state senate.

    The Oregon State governor, sent the state police out across the state to round up the elected Republicans, who departed town, in protest of a cap and trade, tax credit scheme.

    The communists can’t vote without the numbers present. So the republicans packed their shit, and left town. It’s the ONLY stradegy they had left. Appears to be very effective.

    I recognize the situation have since 1983, when we started our preparedness journey. We’re going to start our third, rotation re do regarding cases of canned foods. Our regular food is now ten years old, and were removing and replacing 100s of cases of #10 cans of beans meats fruits and veggies. Then replacing them old for new.

    Well offer this disguarded food to our homeless community first, then the dump.

    While I can see it, smell it, taste it, it’s not happening here on our mountain.


  3. “What have you done this week to improve your position?”

    clearing underbrush to reduce noise when stalking, building escape and patrol paths thru the woods

    making more space to put massive amounts of future snow

    trucking in sand and earth to raise grades or fill any low spots

    adding more dockage for deeper draft vessels

    exploring new passages, routes, and shorelines thru the islands and the N. Channel for future “use”

    constant maintenance and upgrades on buildings, properties, recreational toys, and shooting range

    and after a 8 month long winter

    tfA-t now has redundant heat sources

    LP gas- boiler in-floor and forced air furnaces
    2 wood stoves
    4 electric- oil-filled radiators
    2 electric overhead infrared heaters garage/ great rm
    1 pellet stove
    2 portable LP 30,000 btu IR *Mr Heaters
    6 electric space heaters
    1 10k watt duel-fuel stand-by gen
    3 portable gas gens
    250 gallons of stabilized fuel
    1,500 gallons of LP gas

    tfA-t possesses vast knowledge that would kill an ordinary mortal

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