This Is Fine

H/t to VD for these F-35 links:

The Pentagon is battling the clock to fix serious, unreported F-35 problems

F’d: How the U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the World’s Worst New Warplane

Are you tired of winning yet?

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    After reading the article, it sounds like the USMC just acquired the great-grandson of the Brewster Buffalo. However, the proof in the pudding will be when this F-35 squares off in a dogfight with the Chinamen or Ivan. I hope for the sake of the young men and women aviators who are saddled with this dodo bird, that such a dogfight never takes place.

    • Berglander

      If it’s like the Buffalo, we should give them all to the Finns.

    • It’s not the Buffalo.
      The F-35 Thunderjug is the FB-111, dusted off for the new millennium.
      This is what happens when administration who can’t read a history book repeat, by the numbers, the idiotic policies of SecDef Robert Shitshow McNamara .

      So now we’re saying that all those Air farce pilots that were telling just a couple of months ago the new plane is “Better Than Sex!” may, maybe, possibly, have been lying their asses off to cover up for a 35-year $1,500,000,000,000 boondoggle that’s been milked to death under six administrations and still can’t perform its basic mission?

      There are people who started their military careers after this thing was designed who’ve already reached mandatory retirement, and it still doesn’t work right. This would be like taking the Wright Flyer into combat at Midway.

      Cancel it now, cashier every officer connected with the program at any point, for cause, sue Lockheed-Martin for fraud, and terminate the whole sorry affair with extreme prejudice.

      This entire sorry affair is the script for the HBO sequel Pentagon Wars II, and the script is already written.

      The only times in history aviation has been this screwed over ninety different ways were the Hindenburg, and the shuttle Challenger.
      People should be doing hard time for even touching this abortion.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I see a lot of this as an inherent design flaw, no different than mass immigration and dumbing down of society. It’s designed to fail on purpose.
      Someone is filling their pockets, ruining our society, and creating projects that are never meant to succeed, not unlike the Neverending War.

      But hey, that’s unpossible, we’re too exceptional.

    • I have to stick up for the Buffalo. As designed it could perform quite well. Then the American and Brit Bureaus got involved and wanted lots of armor plate, heavier self sealing fuel tanks, heavier guns and more of them, and more ammo capacity. Brewster saw early on they’d need more engine but there weren’t enough to go around. The result was the pig we all hear about. The Dutch figured it out early on and took delivery of most of the better engine versions with less add-ons. The better performance didn’t matter with what the Japanese threw at them.

    • since FreeFor needs the ZOG Empire to lose a war sometime before we all go extinct, I hope

      the F-35 is as bad as they say it it; it used to perform random and spontaneous pilot-ejections which, at ground level, can really hurt. On a related matter, if it’s true, Trump made a smart move in cancelling a “retaliatory” strike after the drone shoot-down. The only Iran War that’s going to do his second term chances any good will begin a couple or 3 weeks before the election. Not now.

  2. I am suspecting that this entire program is cover for something else. Namely those anti-grav ships Bob Lazar has been goin on about.

    On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 12:44 PM Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” H/t to VD for these F-35 links: The Pentagon > is battling the clock to fix serious, unreported F-35 problems F’d: How the > U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the World’s Worst New Warplane Are you > tired of winning yet? ” >

    • Chuckwalla

      The whole ‘Breakaway Civilization’ concept is pretty interesting if not fun to speculate about. Youtube rabbit holes. Sauerkraut and Malbec.

    • Grenadier1

      You win the prize today sir….

      This program is a series of cost overruns and scope creep but the vast majority of additional funds are being used to R&D and drive into limited production craft with capabilities that FAR exceed what anyone is even thinking of. Ben Rich was Kelly Johnsons partner at Lockheed’s Skunk works.

      At a 1993 Alumni Speech at UCLA, Rich is quoted as saying “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity…Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” At the end of the speech, Rich said, “We now have the technology to take ET home.”

      in 1993…..

    • One would hope, but this nonsense permeates everything. Heavy construction workers are vastly outnumbered by various assholes stumbling around job-sites. We completed a $ 12,000,000 project on the east river. Average crew – 14 guys. The e-mail chain above us contained no less than 87 dickheads who were nothing but boat anchors.
      A major reset is needed.
      By contrast the Russian defense contractors are only allowed a nominal profit when selling to the Russian military. The state covers their R&D costs. Any profits have to be made on their own in the international arms market.
      Anyway the F-35 violates rule number one – It doesn’t look good . All the legacy Gen 4 fighters look sharp.
      Trying to build a fighter for the two services plus Marines was madness. The Marine requirements doomed the plane from the start. When did the Marines become a fourth branch anyway? Weren’t they supposed to be naval infantry like in every other navy? No disrespect to the Jarheads intended.
      Never forget it was Mc Stain who axed the F22 production run at 160 of 750 units the Chair Force wanted.

  3. the real concern is reading that the Chinese are making the circuit boards for the F-35. If the Chinese are making the control boards, we’re hosed.

  4. 維尼熊同志

    我也不想妳們敵軍的F-35式戰機跟我解放軍交戰。 我國寧願妳們敵國還繼續把美國佬的錢丟入無底屎坑裡購買無用兵器,特別是中國產的。 也想妳們敵國繼續使各匹美軍朲訓練如何發達自己的變態慾望。


    • I also don’t want our enemy F-35 fighters to fight with the PLA. China prefers that our enemy countries will continue to throw the money from the United States into the bottomless pit to buy weapons of no use, especially those produced in China. I also want to let our enemy continue to train the various US military officers to develop their own perverted desires.

      I will never be fed up with winning.

      Well said.

  5. for many of us, life ‘could’ be perfect

    but for the assholes…

    always the fucking assholes…

    300 million +

    tfA-t consistently expounds infinite wisdom

  6. Charley Waite

    The worst flaw is all the Chinese software and hardware on it.

  7. Stripping away all the FUD and hand-waving, this boils down to one specific complaint:

    The military is trying to have one plane do everything rather than have optimized aircraft for specific roles.

    Stated that way, I agree. That’s an artifact of the military procurement process and Congressional budgeting issues. Specialization would be better.

    That’s not, however, inherently catastrophic.

    3-D combat is not a matter of sky knights jousting each other; it’s concentration of force, applied in quick succession to a series of semi-arbitrary points. To borrow a quote, “Air Power rests at the apex of the first triad of victory, for it combines Mobility, Flexibility, and Initiative.” If a force composed of F-35s can do that better then that’s all that’s needed. The individual characteristics of the opposing fighters are of secondary importance if they can’t bring any superiorities to bear appropriately. What are the characteristics of the F-35? Superior – far, far superior – informational awareness and coordination. Which is PRECISELY what is needed for effective concentration of force. The Chinese might have ripped off the airframe data (which is a serious problem, yes) but the airframe is just a platform for the informational weaponry.

    VD’s judgement on this is also in question. He’s claimed that a surface-to-air defense shooting down an American plane in Syria marked the end of the age of air power. At no point has he explained how an operational cost of doing business like that could possibly compensate for the military benefits of the tremendous concentration of force air power provides. At no point did he discuss how, if Russian air defense systems have become such a threat, the Russian mercenary attack in Syria a couple springs back – a full combined-arms assault on American proxies backed by American airpower – turned into such a total rout for them that they got flattened in a few minutes, with leaked recordings of the debriefings afterward involving the phrase “The Yankees made their point”.

    It does not matter what the specific individual characteristics of a military tool are, so long as the overall military force posture is capable of integrating that tool into an overall effective concentration of force at the critical points, at the critical moments. This is the American strategy of technology. (Read Pournelle & Possony!) It has been and remains effective against major concentrations of force, particularly when used in a tactically defensive posture. I will believe it has ceased to be effective when it gets proven so on the battlefield. Until then, such warnings as we see here should certainly be considered, but not blindly believed.

  8. dmv gringo

    I wanna be a Milkman.

  9. To be fair, the articles are years old. Their have been marked improvements in the program.

    Not sure what that really means though.


  10. They don’t perform well in atmosphere, they have to leave orbit and assemble into a Samurai robot

  11. “I am suspecting that this entire program is cover for something else.”
    That is a very real possibility and one proven by history.
    As for Lazar…..well….mom said “you got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”

  12. There are published reports that the Japanese GROUNDED the entire F-35 fleet in Japan and started stripping them of Radar, Fire control, Avionics , and weapons systems to retrofit to the next block of the Japanese F-2. (the F-2 is Japans bigger, stronger , faster and better version of the F-16) They say that the F-35 sucks, and they have no way to make it not suck. So they are trying to recover the money spent buying a white elephant. There rumor is that some in the Japanese military want to call the upgraded F-2 the “Type Zero fighter” For the first year of the new imperial Person. HEHEHEHE.

  13. And in other news, the 4th gen F15 X’s are on their way.

  14. Grenadier1

    So now that I have read the article I have some additional input.

    With regard to the simulations that show the F35 getting waxed by the Chinese.
    Simulations are only as good as input data. Back in the late 80s and early 90s war games consistently showed US armored forces struggling in tank v tank engagements because they over estimated the actual ability of Soviet tank designs to survive. Numbers of vehicles were really the only advantage that the Soviets had. That’s why the 91 Gulf War was so shocking to people all over the think tank / planner /simulation industry. In fact I suspect that it had a significant impact on the actual collapse of the Eastern Bloc that people don’t really talk about. When you see your top of the line weapon systems (in the best case scenario for tank to tank warfare) getting killed in 100% to 0% ratios its very difficult to continue the charade any longer.

    So while I most surely do place weight on the simulations they could be flawed to some extent and its better to air on the side of caution and assume they are correctly reflecting actual potential results.

    Now as the article points out the flaws are obvious and the answer is simple but costly.
    Drop the VTOL requirement and do a redesign on the whole fuselage. Now the problem is that tooling is already in place and production has already begun. Well convert all those already produced units to VTOL and then retool to do a non-VTOL slim down model going forward for all other requirements. The Marines get their VTOL unit to do their very specific mission and everybody else can get a more capable aircraft.

    Now another possible situation… and this is assuming a few things that are hinted at in other sources and something I touched on above.
    That big spot for the lift fan…..well it could be that its going to house a technology that is still in the black. That technology will solve all of the stated issues which really were not issues to begin with because Lockheed always intended to take this path.
    That technology could be a lot of things, from exotic propulsion that makes this aircraft capable of tremendous speed and handling, to what amounts to “anti-gravity” technology that makes this thing fly even faster and make almost instant direction changes.
    Now why do I think this?
    I don’t know if you have noticed the significant uptick in UFO related stories that are popping up in mainstream press over the last two years. There is a reason for that which is to long to get into in this post, but what it amounts to is a slow roll out from the government acknowledging these “UFO” like capabilities. There was even an actual Navy patent that was released that detailed Electro-gravity propulsion on a drone which gives it capabilities very much like what I mentioned above. Capabilities very similar to what was filmed by F-18 crews out off the coast of California and shown on what has came to be called the “Tic Tac” video.
    I think this is going to converge in the near term and we are going to see something along the lines of “Hey the F35 is a problem, so we are going to solve it by putting this new super secret technology that we have been keeping from you guys for a long time”

  15. In Emergency, Telephonic Auction US Treasury Tests Sale Of $25MM In 10Y Notes

    One wonders why such a program might b needed. I suppose if someone flipped the interwebz kill switch they want to be able to enjoy debtbux continuity. I would think events such as that would trigger the 100 heads contingency plans as well, but I could be wrong….

  16. Once again, so it seems, we are designing aircraft by fiat committee. What could possibly go wrong? Remember-before the Magic Negros-when we were the envy of the world with our first class ships, planes, autos, and interspace flying machines? How could Diversity and Fairness possibly have fucked all of it up? Was it the gumbo, secret sauce, or the closing of higher education to folks acutally able to learn? Remember when “Engineer” was an acutal thing?? Like, people studied math and hard stuff and Politicians just stood back and let the greatness roll all over the former USA? (Yeah, that time before wymmin took to building pedestrian overwalks.) We used to have entire buildings where Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Marietta, etc would do math, chemistry, and formulas. I’ve lived where those buildings used to be. It was awesome sauce to wake up to nice suburban guys making things go bang and then there was a shot at the moon. Hell, some of them even had wives who shopped at the local Lion King or Ralph’s. Seems like a distant galaxy now.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. I’m hoping that when sorting out these problems they use the same high level of engineering, product validation testing, critical thought, and attention to detail that Boeing used with its highly successful 737 Max. I mean, who ever puts costs and a project schedule ahead of product performance and safety? Oh wait, fuck, never mind…

  19. FaCubeItches

    It’s not becoming less popular, its appeal is becoming more selective.
    – Ian Faith, Program Manager, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

  20. St.Maur1066

    Makes ya think doesn’t it? I mean of the possibilities.

  21. St.Maur1066

    “The biggest refinery on the east coast”. Uummm,…yeah…….not anymore!

  22. I’m not seeing the issue. Most of the continuing problems result in not being able to safely land, or a straight up crash. MOAR plane contracts baby! The only other item of note is that the US gets all the classified mission info from other countries. Even MOAR winning !

  23. IndispensableDestiny

    The test report identifying the CAT 1 deficiencies is from 2011. The wargame was in 2008. In the meanwhile, the Israelis are using their F-35s to bomb their enemies. Our Air Force has deployed it to the ME and dropped bombs. The USMC is operating with it. Over 400 have been built. The Navy is dicking around trying to figure out where to store the jet’s parts on carriers.

  24. Plankton67

    The USMC may have hung its future viability and relevance on the airframe and procurement of same. At some point, adults in DoD are going to have to it down and fish or cut bait. The USMC no longer operates in a traditional sense (over the beach in opposed landings). How then are they distinct from the Army? I get the whole MAGTF thing. Again, how are they delivering bang for the buck?

    You cannot continue to accept that they get the left overs in materiel if they cracked the ideological whip on the F-35. The procurement system of the USMC may turn out to have had a greater impact than 100 Chinese divisions ever could…. thanks, E Ring retards. MARCORSYSCOM should hang its collective head in SHAME for forcing the issue.

    Of note- USMC has GIVEN UP on amphib assault by going with the well-deck-less America class amphib carriers. Maybe they need to rethink the whole VSTOL nonsense. It is a niche capability. What they need is long endurance aerial bomb trucks that are decently armored, and a air superiority fighter to provide CAP. The USMC has been battling the laws of physics for too long… maybe it is time for them to come to grips with reality, an leave Guadalcanal behind them.

    Yes, this is heresy. However, I am retired and what needs to be said, needs to be said.