The Left, Doublethink, & Individual Thought

Wilder explains.

If it all went bangy-flashy today, how will you deal with the Modern Era feelz-merchants inside your wire?

Best to have a plan.

And keep the mangos in check.

Tempus fugit.

19 responses to “The Left, Doublethink, & Individual Thought

  1. ghostsniper

    “If it all went bangy-flashy today, how will you deal with the Modern Era feelz-merchants inside your wire?”

    The same way I *feel* today.

    If you come on my property unknown and unannounced it might very well be the last thing you remember on this earth.

    Outside influences, ie., political/social/emotional, have no truck with respecting my property rights.

    If you don’t respect me you cannot expect me to respect you.

    You know, like what you were taught as a child, “Treat others as you’d like to be treated”.

    This isn’t rocket surgery.

  2. What the hell is that in the jar? Looks like a skull?

    • In that jar is my old girlfriend. She had my testicles in a jar on the fridge. I won.


    So, as of June 26th, 2019 we live in an Orwellian world. Gee, who woulda thunk it?! This was a good read. Now, who will take wagers on how many “public school educators” will download and print this article out and give it to their “American Government” students? I for one, will. That is if I get called back in September to sub. In the meantime, I will just plan on defending hearth and home, should the Kootenai County leftists show up with a tumbrel cart for me and mine. Bleib ubrig.

  4. No wonder the LEFT can’t meme, it involves telling the truth

  5. Leftists are incapable of thought, all they can do is react to stimuli, in the same way that planaria react.
    In 1955, Robert Thompson and James V. McConnell conditioned planarian flatworms by pairing a bright light with an electric shock. After repeating this several times they took away the electric shock, and only exposed them to the bright light. The flatworms would react to the bright light as if they had been shocked. Thompson and McConnell found that if they cut the worm in two, and allowed both worms to regenerate each half would develop the light-shock reaction. In 1963, McConnell repeated the experiment, but instead of cutting the trained flatworms in two he ground them into small pieces and fed them to other flatworms. He reported that the flatworms learned to associate the bright light with a shock much faster than flatworms who had not been fed trained worms.
    So, leftists, like planaria, ingest and regurgitate their programming, and said programmed leftists can be ground up and fed to other leftists and thus the cycle of absurd stupidity continues ad nauseum.

  6. Humm, that white one sure has a pretty mouth. Just sayin… (admit it, you think so too.) lol.

  7. But, but, but… we didn’t vote for the devil, we voted for the lesser evil demons! The chains are slightly lighter and hell is slightly cooler!

    But, but… they voted for the devil!

    Muh woke!

  8. Detroit III

    Speaking of double-think, no comment on the Yellow Vest sit?

  9. “Two days later, Louis XVI, King of France, was executed. But the precedent was huge. A monarch could be arrested by his people and could be executed based on a public vote.”


    I’d take this a bit more seriously – I might have even read the rest of the piece – if he knew more than the bare surface of history. It’s not like Moldbug didn’t spend way too many words discussing the significance of Charles I’s execution by order of the British Parliament in 1649, that is one hundred and forty years BEFORE this “unprecedented” event.

    When the left sticks its foot in its mouth and hops around garbling like this, we’re all expected to point and laugh. How is this any more forgiveable? Why should his conclusions be reliable (even if in this particular case they happen to agree with what you want them to be) if he’s getting to them essentially by accident?

    You can’t learn anything from history if you choose to leave out the parts that don’t agree with what you want it to be.

  10. (((Marx)))ism =

    terminal Jewification. Then, and


  11. Voted to import outsiders, ? Who voted on that. Which amuses me, apparently I’m the only voter here, on WRSA, as much shit as I take. Apparently it’s a non issue to you non voters. Lol.


  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Plankton67

    In case any of you are curious about the flaming septic tank that is the dem debate, here are 2 commentaries on it:

    Which one is more insightful? You get to decide!

  14. Robespierre and the leftist (this is where the name “leftist” comes from – the revolutionaries sat on the left side of the assembly before the revolution) government had a strong bent that advocated communes, and nothing less than the complete and total repudiation and remaking of all of French society.

    Uh, the commies sit on the left of aisle in all Congressional meetings. Watch any SOTU speech. Insects on the left.
    Moronicans on the right.

    Never thought of worshipping a fake Pakistani mango, but then I never thought people would mutilate their genitals, tattoo themselves like cartoon caricatures and be unashamed to crap in the street either.

    USS ANUS is rolling over tits up and headed for the bottom.

  15. Berglander