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Taste It, Catholic Boy

Ace learns about the justice system.

Other lessons are pending.

Plan accordingly.

Officer Safety

Herschel sends.

Do you understand yet?


More when done.

Imperial Capital Chimp-Out

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Plan accordingly.


From A Reader


From A Reader

…Anybody who has been following the Mueller clusterfuck for the last 3 years knows it’s Ukrainian money, not Russian, that everyone is going to jail for. Biden’s family ties to the gas money, the role Soros played in the coup; 80000 dead (not the 13000 the official number has been frozen at for 4.5 years). I was tipped off to and read the Steele dossier about the same time John McCain got it. I watched the resistance form to the coup in real time; your whole 15 fighters series could be lifted from best practices of the Donbass resistance in 2014. When you look at how the whole color revolution scam is unfolding here; run by the same people, it’s pretty easy to predict how it’s going to end up. I’m 4 months from filing for Medicare; this is NOT how I wanted to see my country end up, but this is the only country I’ve got – I was born here, and I’ll die here, hopefully later rather than sooner.

The “Roses have Thorns” series (here ) lays out the story as best I’ve seen. We, as a people, are on our own – there won’t be any sympathetic government right next door to slip us some toys when the shit goes down, as it is happening, now.

So, can we learn anything as a group before it’s too late? I don’t know; but I do know, “Russians don’t surrender”.

Denninger: Eat Your Parents


Banzai Encore

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Z Blog: A Day At The Theatre

Buppert: Being Human – The Everyday Anarchist

Rethinking requires “thinking”.



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Brushbeater: 2019 Fall Training Schedule



Two From Herschel

Hate and Love For The 6.5 Creedmoor

AR Pistol Walk In OK


Breitbart: Buttigieg Says White Nationalism the Most Deadly Form of Terrorism in the United States

You are either at the Reds’ table or on their menu.

You aren’t at their table.

Plan accordingly.

The Magpies and the Cuckoos: A Disinformation Fable

All is not what it seems, especially in the mainstream media.

There is a war happening as we speak.

Minds are at stake.

Use yours wisely.

H/t to the reader who sent this piece.

Hatespeech, CO2 Version

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A Week Without Politics

H/t to GVDL for this reminder that all sound and fury leaves one feeling empty.

These are the good old days.

Enjoy them.

Buchanan: An Us vs. Them Nation

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

The Flaming Twenties will be spicy.

Ratchet Clicks

UK Guardian: ‘If others have rifles, we’ll have rifles’ – Why US leftist groups are taking up arms

The sender notes:

The article is quite interesting. it would be interesting as well to know the point of origin of the antifa firearm movement. I suspect that the person or persons are funded externally. The volte face from mainstream progressive thought is not random. Note that there is zero outcry from progressives about any of this.


New Woodpile’s Here!


Z Blog: What Comes Next

Money quote:

…The proper response, what must come next for those on this side of the great divide, is to accept the reality of the situation and act accordingly. That means getting involved in social activities that allow you to recruit, building social networks of likeminded people and working to always be the reasonable voice in the room. The vibrant future may look like a dark age, but the future is not written…