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  1. Concerning this very issue and topic, there is
    some advice in the following podcast. This audio
    begins at around the 30 second mark and is about
    one hour and a half long. Be patient and hear it out
    if your called to:



  2. Paul Bonneau

    That tough-talking Brian Boquist was the sole R vote that brought red flag laws to Oregon.

  3. On the surface, just more bolshevik bullshit; the Problem is, these >useful idiots< Actually Believe their own Propaganda….

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, unlike the conservatives…….

      • NorthGunner

        I believe you mean cuckservatives?
        Especially the ones that cater to every whammen’s desire and fear that sends their panties in a scrunch..like guns..especially guns.

        Ever notice that EVERY major push for ‘gun control’ has had two distinct groups pushing for it, one is the public ‘face’; the other is the ‘brains & money’…

        Whammen (because ‘think of the children!…muh vagina!!’) and jews (because they’ve NEVER been happy that their host in America owns and uses guns…can’t effect the downfall of the White Man until they’re taken away).

        Both love the ‘red flag’ commie laws that have been passed btw, especially since they engineered them.

        Some people see this, some don’t (or at least not yet)..except for mutt cuckin and his fellow jew fellaters.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • A.B Prosper

      There is a very good point buried in that rubbish.

      the Dissident Right, Militia Right and the rest are piss poor at organizing and as such will get its ass handed to it by a bunch of kids play acting at being Reds every single time

      There are a lot of reasons for the fail train , contrary nature, valuing individualism far too much, infiltration issues , opposition and most important a lack of a coherent common ideology.

      As I’ve said many a time, “the old constitution.” . is ghost dancing for White people and “leave me alone” is a temper tantrum.

      The various actual Right, not counting the money cucks that make up the Republican party need to believe in a future of some kind and have a plan to have that future and a keen understanding of the responsibilities if they get in charge

      “I’m going to get rid of the Government” is a great plan till some moron trying to help Africans in the Congo kills the entire country with Ebola because you didn’t have proper border and airport security and the economic collapse took out the only hospitals capable of caring for those patients

      You break it, you buy it.

      The Founding Fathers understood the need to organize

      Hang Together or Hang Separately and of course my favorite Join or Die

      Its at that point before anyone ought to take the freedom movements seriously is when they stop blathering about guns , ammo, tactics and all the mil-wank bullshit the Right loves and start talking about leading a nation.

      If it’s beyond you, ideologically or for whatever reason than leave running shit to the clowns. They aren’t that good at the job but at least they are aware that there is a job to do,

      • why do you love gubbermint so much?

        you are a statist dude

        tfA-t envisions a land of utter chaos and destruction

        burn everything to the ground and kill everyone

        the few survivors can then rebuild

        it’s the only way to it right

        • Name one time that ever worked.
          Show your work.

          Shame to let reality get in the way of you sharting your brains out though, huh?

          It’s almost like there’s some crazy conspiracy that leaves all your greatest ideas swirling around the hole at the bottom of the johhny, headed for their inescapable end.

          Stop name-calling and building an army of straw men.
          Just because you’re incapable of rational thought doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

      • Well said

  4. dmv gringo

    III% – Doing what they do best – helping globohomo attack Western white men

    • Name (required)

      Both the 3%er and KKK groups are run by the feds. The intention is to get White men to argue over trivial things and remain impotent.

      • NorthGunner

        Don’t forget that ‘entrapment’ and ‘False Flag Ops’
        are also very high on FedOrc’s ‘to do’ list..it’s their
        gravy train among other things…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Grenadier1


    • Standard conservatives are totally worthless. They’re eager to conform to leftist positions in an attempt to prove that they’re not the things that leftists accuse them of being. It’s genius work that the left has done on the rightwing.

      • I see it every day. Go to any gun forum and you’ll see that the rules enforced are based off of leftist ideals.

    • We uphold “Free Speech” as long as its not Your Free Speech.
      Bunch of Cucks.

      Probably believe that the Cops work for them too – With the thin blue line Federal Flags on all their cars.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Way too many groupies here, they can’t pull their collective heads out of their own asses for fear of not fitting in with the other sheep.
        I myself prefer a change in view occasionally.

      • dmv gringo

        One time, in Houston, a III% got a taste of (learning) a hard lesson.

    • I’ve seen them do that very thing. They’re worse than useless, they need to be put down the same as ANTIFA.

  5. Republiscams…always looking to protect the corporations,

    but not people. Good on the local militias, though, for taking this opportunity to muscle in. It’s starting to look like CW2, like CW1 (Kansas-Nebraska border war, 1856ff.), will flare over some local issue, sputter for awhile, then explode nationally.

  6. Plankton67

    I went through a selection of the materials at IGD (link to above article), and it would be useful for all and sundry to take a look at what they have. For example, http://www.interfacejournal.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Interface-3-1-Williams.pdf has a discussion of COIN that may be of interest.

    The overall layout, tone and content they host indicates that the IGD crowd has some academic and institutional support that provides framework. This logistical and academic backing is a necessary condition for deeper acceptance by the population. It provides what is termed “social proof.” Wine aunts / cat ladies operate off of this.

    Consider how this may fit into a hearts and minds effort. Rule #1 of any hearts and minds is “do not scare the normies.” Rule #2 is “see Rule #1.”

  7. dmv gringo

    Five years on, and still more relevant, factual, and based in reality than 99.999% of the current freefor fluff.


  8. I can only listen to so much drivel when every other word is “like”.

  9. Berglander

    From the “About Us” blerb: “It’s Going Down is a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.”

    Who is still doing da kkkolonializm? I want in!

  10. On fighting antifart:
    An aspect to consider is antifart is among other uses a false narrative generator.
    You will notice black lives matter was shut down after 3 seasons of false flag purpose generated real violence. I suspect the blow back was counter productive, non value added subversion per say. It is one thing to nudge the Overton window it is another it is slammed in the undesired direction because you went too radical too fast. Too many unintended consequences they could not manage, before it all got out of hand and created undesired optics and counter insurgency they changed tactics and replaced BLM with antifarts.

    Lot of bluff and bluster, which is presented in carefully scripted stages.
    I think the narrative generation part is more akin to throwing everything at the wall, hoping something will stick, a typical tactic of the neo-bolshevik crowd, besides, they do not have a whole lot in their Alynski/cultural marxist playbook.
    one desired effect, or consequence, is to get the perfect white male to commit specific kind of violent acts, which dovetail with the approved narratives of the white nazi/racist as boogeyman. Not unlike the Clinton/obama 95% rule about gun violence is caused by gun dealers selling guns, aka Project Fast & Furious, or as Mike V and Larry C. coined it Operation Gun Walker: create the narrative out of whole cloth, then stage II you precipitate thru false flag tactics the desired events acts and characters to fit.
    It is social engineering 101.
    They have a wholly complicit media complex of yellow journalism who craft the desired optics and narratives. you have trained highly supported clandestine actors working behind the fronts, both on the ground and 1 or 2 steps removed, who take care of the materiel and ideological support of your useful dupe front actors. You have scouts who find the desired actors, in the most useful locations, co-ordinate with local and state comintern like actors in government or representative politics employ. Cops, county/city/state personal who perform various support and politically maligned jobs. Tremendous co-ordination. Antifart’s in spandex and hoodies are the tip of the iceberg, or spear if you like.

    The thing here is not to not use violents means to counter these false flad operations, but to avoid getting sucked into the desired circumstances and actions the whole operation is being run in order to entrap the unweary or ill informed.
    The really great thing here is most American’s who have the grit and motive power to use violent means to defend what matters, also are in the largest part very prudent people by nature.

    Something very important here, is such American’s by natural birth are also highly suspicious when it comes to this crap like antifart, which would never exist with out corrupt tyrannical government actors supporting it. Period.
    I liken this natural skepticism to Patrick Henry’s sublime statement he, “Smelled a Rat” when this thing called the US Constitution all of a sudden showed up when all everyone was there for in Philly was to work out some key details in the Compact of Confederation everyone just fought bled and died for. NOT this instrument of administrative tyranny and document of centralism the USC turned out to be.

    So the question, kind of goes without saying, is not about who or when to fight back paying violence with violence, but when is it the right time, because sometimes not using violence is as or more effective, it places the onus on the other side, they must stick their noses out further and further trying to egg their targets into committing blunders. In simple terms the best offense is good defense. In 4th Generation warfare, which this is we are talking about, defense is very valid, highly effective used properly, and makes your enemy commit existential mistakes.
    Don’t get me wrong here, i’m not a coward, if anything I’m a real firebrand, and more in willing to go at it, but on my terms not my enemies, but you never interrupt your enemy when he is making tactical or strategic mistakes.
    You never fight on your enemies terms, you make them fight on your terms no matter what you got to do. You also don’t get maimed, become a casualty or die for your beliefs, you make your enemy do so for theirs.
    This is all OODA loop strict W.S. Lind 4th Generation Warfare thinking. Read Lind’s VICTORIA! It is a funny entertaining yet serious playbook/4th G handbook on fighting counter insurgency open source war at the dirt people level.
    It works because if nothing else, antifart, BLM, da revolution!, Che!, is all astroturf. Those behind it never get their hands dirty or bloody, they get every sort of dumb motherfucker, useful dupe, useless idiot, nutcase, deranged pedo or carpet munching bi-sexual butch, to do the dirty work. These people are “fighting” for ideology, cockamamy fantasy of being the next Che!, or some idiotic red diaper, rhodes scholar radical chic utopian/dystopian weather underground fantasy.
    Little do they know there are no chairs for them. Once their usefulness is used up they get the dirt nap. They simply can not be trusted by the intelligentsia and the amerikan Nomenklatura class’s. The elites don’t need or want these minions. Too many mouths to feed and take care of who no longer have a use or cannon fodder status. So we are looking at, and may end up fighting some really stupid and misled fools.

    Ask yourself, what are they gonna do when their comrades brains just got blown up and down their faces, dripping down and all over their rifles?
    Call for their mommies and daddies to get them out of the fucking nightmare they just woke up to. There is nothing there for them to fight for. Diversity isn’t a genuine supporting compatriot.

  11. III%ers aren’t worth the powder it would take to blow them up.

    I’ve seen them in action, they protect ANTIFA and we normals. Instead of taking a position with us, they take a position in the “middle of the road”. As has been said, the only thing you find in the middle of the road is dead possums and yellow stripes.

  12. The III% was created by a federal undercover and C.O. (SPY) named Mike Vanderbough. One of the biggest phony’s and blowhards that ever lived. It was created by Mike for TWO reasons. To rip people off for there money, and to make certain that no “fighting militia” ever got started. Remember his favorite line. NOT NOW. WE CAN’T FIGHT YET. NOW SEND ME MONEY. The III% is bullshit because it was created by a con man to BE bullshit. Just remember this: The week after “Mike” died his son, a career Army Officer, “learned something” about his dad that “so devastated him”. That he took down his daddy’s blog (Sippsey Street Irregulars) and never spoke about his father again. In fact NO ONE that knows the truth about “Mike” will go on the record about his connections to the Communist Party, The FBI, or “SAM KERODIN” (not his real name. A career con man, and Mike’s partner until they fell out over money)

    • for once i agree with ewe gay ray

      that vanderloser turd i never liked

      and anyone who is or was a ‘career awefulskur’ can eat shit and die

    • Grenadier1

      Do you get up in the morning and think of better ways to step on your own dick or does it just happen naturally?

      None of what you said above is factual. There are those of us here who have been here for a very long time and know more about the origins of the III% than you do. Our host included, who knows more of it than he has even told us publically.
      Just to start, the III% is not a “group”. Its no more organized and connected than a grandmas crochet club. Its a name and a name only. That’s the problem with it and why its so easy to infiltrate and compromise. Literally anyone can print up a T-shirt and call themselves III%.


      True. No one will ever know the real truth about Mike V. I found it highly suspicious that, after reading portions of ABSOLVED, he never published it. It was good writing, on a par with PATRIOTS and UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. It would have made him a pile of money.
      I suspect he got a “visit” from some MIB folks who told him his and his family’s heads would be on the chopping block if someone acted on the tactics and situations portrayed in the book. I know those FEDGOV folks are out there, as they “visited” an acquaintance of mine shortly after 9/11. In his mistaken zeal, he set up a website for Congress to issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal against the Muzzies. He was shut down quickly. More on that later. Bleib ubrig.

      • dmv gringo

        You’re forgetting something important about Absolved, MVB, and the claim “he never published it.” And that is Mike’s solicitation and receipt of advance order patments for Absolved and 19 April 2010.
        “And, oh, by the way, for those of you who have been flogging me about when Absolved will be done — here it is. (Holds up a thumb drive.) My part is done, and it will be sent off to the editor and publisher next week.” https://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2010/04/oh-hell-no-my-speech-at-fort-hunt-park.html?m=1

        So, between 19 and 26 April 2010, following his speech at national appearance in the shadow of D.C., MVB received a traumatic visit from fedgov hitmen, warning him to desist publishing Absolved, or his family members severed heads would be served to him on a platter. Nah……….I’m running up the bullshit flag on that one. As the saying goes, that dog don’t hunt.
        “Oh, HELL NO!”



        “Not one more inch!”

  13. the most telling part starts around 28:20, if you’re not up to wasting 52 minutes to listen to the entire screed, where the typical commie viewpoint about the urban vs rural divide on issues is made. Burley and his host could clearly see the divide is there, and covers a wide range of issues, but just as clearly did not understand why it was there, except to reduce it to the dumb rural folk don’t seem to appreciate how the commie urban values are just in their best interest for the common good. then directly went off the rails in his interpretation of the relationship between the rural folk and the militia. not just this section of the podcast, but the entire thing shows how completely the commies will twist events to fit their view of reality.

    at the 40:40 mark, in the discussion of the 2020 elections, Burley says Trump will have to have some kind of populous base to win the election, and how cultural issues will be the most important for Trump, especially if Bernie Sanders runs, since he speaks to peoples economic issues. i kid you not.

    it seems unbelievable (shallow isn’t the right word) for them to say towards the beginning of the podcasts how white nationalists have been driven into the shadows, but their ideas, like immigration restrictions, have crept into mainstream GOP positions, and yet totally ignore how the commie positions on a wide range of issues are identical to the Democrats positions.

    the commies, and antifa in particular, are enjoying a huge amount of support from the mainstream media and the political left (same thing), so they really have more affect in the public arena than they would have if they stood alone. and their focus is to deny the public forum to anyone other than themselves.

    and for RAY – Mike was a great guy with a complex history. he made big contributions by being the leading edge of the patriot movement and was outspoken on many issues. wrote about and documented issues like “Fast and Furious” gun running. he traveled extensively to support issues he believed in even when he really shouldn’t have because his health was in severe decline. no one has yet to step up to fill that void. he was a good friend is sorely missed.

  14. freeillinois

    You guys are building a 5-10 program aren’t you?