Wilder: Inspiration, Attitude, & Funeral Jokes


Mindset matters.

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  1. Regarding Solzhenitsyn on the masthead, a thought:

    Fifteen years ago or so – some time during the GWB presidency – I was hanging out a fair amount on a certain techie-type forum where various other professionals and interested parties in my field also interacted. There was a politics subsection, and discussions tended to go a certain way. For example, on one occasion, I commented that the US Constitution guarantees rights only to US citizens and says nothing about people not under its jurisdiction; that is, non-citizens. I was immediately shouted down and drowned out in a torrent of outrage that OBVIOUSLY those rights apply to everybody and especially to illegal immigrants, including the right to vote. On another occasion, I remarked that granting citizenship papers to someone does not change what they ARE; an African in France with a piece of paper will still be African. I was shouted down and drowned out in a torrent of outrage and denounced as being an utterly evil racist. Another moment I recall is when some Muslim on a bus in Canada spontaneously decided to start cutting fellow passengers’ throats. The forum commentariat discussed the incident with some confusion, noting that there was absolutely no rhyme or reason to it and no apparent motivation whatsoever. I made the mistake of noting that, as far as motivation goes, the guy was in fact a Muslim, whereupon I was set upon and shouted down in a torrent of outrage because obviously that couldn’t have anything to do with anything.

    Again, this was something like fifteen years ago. At the time, trying to tell normies about this would get laughed off or brushed off; they couldn’t possibly believe that, I must have misunderstood, I was obviously looking for trouble, there was no way the problem was that bad, why was I trying to make people feel bad?

    Now, we look at Congress and the southern border and the Democratic primaries and trannies being given pride of place in libraries and men being escorted into the girls’ bathrooms, and people are starting to understand, yes, it CAN be that bad.

    But these people – this particular set, this class, this clique within Western society – they have held these beliefs for a long time. They have been acting on them for a long time. They’ve been acting and speaking openly for a long time. Of course such incidents as I described above are now becoming punchlines – you’ll see variants of them on Instapundit or the Babylon Bee or wherever – but why did it take fifteen years for the mainstream right to start believing what their enemies were openly telling them?

    Whatever happens in the crisis, the plain fact is: America DOES deserve what is happening to it. Because America was warned. And America didn’t bother to listen.

  2. sound advice. Which panic-monger Aesop should take to heart.

    Aesop! Stop slandering Ebola-chan! Ebola-chan loves White people and would never do them harm! Of course, it’s possible that Aesop is

    Black. Than it all makes sense.

  3. i believe tfA-t has the right attitude

    there is no saving murka

    there is no reasoning

    there is no peaceful coexistence

    there is no preserving anything

    there is no legitimate economy

    there is no truth or justice

    there is no ‘god bless america’

    therefore, accelerating this shitshow to it’s conclusion is best for all concerned

    300 million +

    may the odds be ever in your favor

  4. Augusto Pintobean

    Definitely better than that Woodpile thing I see excited headlines about!

  5. Johnny Paratrooper

    In 1812, after the burning of Washington D.C. every newspaper in America wrote headlines as such

    “Lost, one militia company scattered from here to Ohio”


    “Found! One purse on the streets of D.C.”

    Mocking the Militia and America.

    Within days those same guys embarrassed the British with nearly perfect counters and defenses.

    The night is always dark…

    But in the morning, the flag was still there.

  6. I walk around with a big shit eating grin most of the time. Despite all the horseshit, I haven’t found a better country to live in. Family ,for the most part,squared away. Financially secure,no debt,no mortgage. Life is fucking great. I work hard and smart. Built homes ,businesses and relationships. Holy blue blazes fuck,Batman! You too can have a good life. Educate,train,learn and stay away from the hives. Laugh at the stupid shit,cut your losses when necessary,remove the negatives in your path. Especially people. Boot the naysayers and prophets of doom to the fucking curb. Incur no debt. Harbor no guilt. Thank the people in your life and tell them they are appreciated.
    Laugh every day. It makes the shitheads insane. They despise public displays of joy,amusement and true affection. Miserable bastards.

    • whistling past the graveyard

      the happy routine isn’t going to change anything

      as the walls/zombies close in around you

      tfA-t has a better plan

      300 million + need to go