Urgent Call For SMOD On Line #1

Writer Cries for Mother at Work When Editor Corrects Her Spelling

Multiply by >60% of all born in FUSA in 1995-2001.

2020 is gonna be great.

32 responses to “Urgent Call For SMOD On Line #1

  1. there is not nearly enough HATE going on out there

    HATE is where it’s at

    HATE is a wonderful and exciting feeling

    embrace HATE

    love HATE

    HATE is your best friend

    give HATE a chance


    • good example:

      when you love someone you shower them with feelz and sweetness

      when you hate someone you mercilessly fucking kill them and smear their guts and brains on the cement, against the wall, and al over your clothes

      which one do you think gets hard things done more quickly?

      choose HATE

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I don’t think I’m too hateful, I consider myself extremely cynical however, I can’t wait to lip off at some naive knowitall. Those are the most fun.

    • Off your meds again, youngster? Slow day on the water? If I was surrounded by Gitcheegumi; especially in the summer; I’d have no time for this blog. No offense to Pete; but hell, tfAt; you’re fucking snowbound 7 months a year; I’d think a warlord like you would be out fuckin’ on the beach all summer.
      But that’s just me.
      I will save you some time though. “get a job, loser” “go to wirq”(sp) and on and on, ad infinitum.
      You’re welcome, moron.

      • you cuck

        what’s it feel like?

        i wouldn’t know

        • The accounting of what you wouldn’t know would fill libraries.

          Ironically, everyone else but you knows that.

          Thanks for never failing to fail, and endlessly being That Guy.
          Somebody’s gotta step on his dick, to show everyone else why it’s a bad idea.

          But you go above and beyond: you chop off your dick, stomp all over it with cleats on, and then go get a riding lawnmower and make a few passes over it.

          Towing a turf aerator.

          Well played!
          And thanks for never doing anything but dropping by to show off your diapers.

          • ewe pathetic loser ass statist

            you and your kind will get “special treatment”

            enjoy the time ewe have left

            tfA-t delivers visions of the future

  2. Now I see why so many here are on board for full blown AIDS-Anarchy. Just a hint; invest in full coverage Lvl IV armor, because nobody loves a smart ass, especially those that glow.

  3. Jack Schick

    WTF is SMOD?
    I have failed.
    There is nothing left but the ritual of Hara-Kiri.
    OOF! OW! That Hurts!

  4. Berglander

    It’s a PoundMeToo moment in the making.

  5. Spell Me Izan

    The thing is, when you/one know how to spell and write, life goes smoother for those reading. Now, who wouldn’t want to make another’s life more simple? (Please, we won’t mention anything about godless baby killing liberals– just for the sake of argument.) Not to mention, ideas get across more smoothly when correct spelling and punctuation are utilized. Who doesn’t want to be clearly understood? (Serious question.) Besides, an unwillingness to spell correctly, or use the proper word, is simple laziness and should not be tolerated by serious adults.

    It’s one of the reasons I’m an on-line spelling Nazi.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re obviously new here, and I doubt you have a spiffy uniform to go along with your self proclaimed title either.
      Gehe weck mit dein blodsinn.

    • To answer your question about who doesn’t want to be clearly understood, the answer is communists. That way they can do whatever they want and when someone calls them on it, they can claim that that’s what they were saying all along.

    • On line spelling nazi? Then how about “simpler” instead of ‘more simple’?

  6. if we have a choice on who we’re calling on the hotline, i’m down with Christ and the rapture starting anytime over the SMOD as we are firmly on the decline and trump will not reverse it
    there’s no way that happens when 2/3 of the public cannot be bothered to drive over to the local polling place each election day to reverse it as they show every election.

  7. Charley Waite

    Girls race is never mentioned. There had to be some protected class bullshit that caused her supervisor to treat her like her 4th grade teacher. Maybe a dyke? Seems like they tiptoed around this trainwreck. Girl should have been instantly fired and Mom bitched out. Maybe it was AOC????

    • Grenadier1

      Dude….that’s not how it works with Wahmyn these days. They are protected even from other Wahmyn.
      You basically have to ignore all their drama and just stay in your cube for your own sanity.
      There is little discipline that can occur in the workplace anymore.

  8. Jesus loves you, tfA-t.

  9. Tfat, don’t hate. Masturbate. (Superfluous. I know.)

    Can someone please post a link for male bodybuilder blowup dolls from Amazon? This poor fellow has a desperate case of frustration. Please stop sending him cotton candy. All the local kiddies already know he’s a few gumdrops shy of acceptable pervy-uncle material.

    On the plus side, we can all take some ill-gotten comfort in the proven certainty that there ain’t nothin, nowhere, nohow than can get anyone banned or ignored hereabouts.

  10. Typical Glow Worm mailing in his performance

  11. The Rolling Stones describe her well…

  12. Sometimes (mark that usually), reading the ‘comments’ is both more enjoyable and entertaining than reading the actual article. Granted, the range of opinions is pretty narrow (gotta’ be the Jews, ‘…there’s no God’, it’s the blacks, Mexicans, etc., etc. don’t you know ….) but overall, if the views represented here (with the exception of a few well thought out and cogent view points) is pretty frightening. Just my .02 worth at the beginning of the week – time now to check on the cows and horses …. mouths to feed and al that …………

  13. Times are a changin’

    • Goodness gracious – great balls of fire 🙂