Two From Mosby

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Why We Suck (And How To Fix That)

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4 responses to “Two From Mosby

  1. robroysimmons

    Mosby riffed on why the Left acts like the ICE bomber, well its simple, the left moralizes with rhetoric that its mopes can understand, the right cranks out ceaseless amounts of long winded essays about the finer points of bullshit that in the end makes us tired and wanting to go to bed. (Aesop and Mtnforge, Z-man)

    The Left/Right or liberal/conservative game is a big circle jerk, think of Rachael Maddow and Sean Hannity sniffing one another’s ass, forever.

    • dmv gringo

    • BINGO!

      and don’t hold your breath that any former green brays, gavy squeals, or whatever they call themselves these days will do anything but worry about their own safety and write books about their daring-do to poor ignorant peasants in 3rd turd cuntries

      after all, they have already have done their duty in securing freedumb and libretardy for the peepul of the Fusa

      i’m leaning towards a Kmer Rouge style cleansing… except the married family cucks are the new ‘intelligentcia’ who need disposing of

      they are the filth who created the mess we find ourselves in

      tfA-t sees the future and it’s not pretty for cuckolds who “just want to be left alone”

      • Some of those family men you write of are the exact opposite of “cuck”. And the caution for you, warlord; is to keep your shitposting face out of their scope – and your neck out of their hands. Simply because you don’t understand traditional marriage and family life; should not lead you demean those who do. After all, we put up with your narcissistic, inane, rambling bullshit. Heck, we’ve even tried to believe your whole “warlord on his own island with a drawer full of money” shtick.
        Stop being one of the reasons we want the excitement to start… and the main “cuck” in these parts is you, tfAt – except it’s spelled “kook”.