Unacceptable Graphic

Via Gab.

Plus another, from a reader:

13 responses to “Unacceptable Graphic

  1. I wish

  2. Fuck That 🙂

  3. suggested target for the day —-

    791 e. pike st, seattle. home of st johns bar and eatery and occasional hang out of puget sound john brown gun club members, where they might discuss countering white supremacy in the militia and patriot movement. outside along the sidewalk is one of those real cutesy chalk boards where honkler can spread the joy. (hint, hint.)

  4. Load him up, send him out. You can’t get more real.

  5. unsupervised inmate

    When you deliver night letters, don’t use your real return address, and wear a mask.

  6. Ignorance can be cured,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but stupidity is life long!

  7. Check your email, Boss. re: Joe Biden in the news…

  8. Hate is the last thing that patriot should be under the influence of. It clouds the mind and creates unearned errors that would be avoided by a cooler head.

  9. There are well over 500 war birds in civilian possession in the US. An A-1 D(SPAD) carries just as much ordinance now as it did in 1968. Or an F-4U-5 Or a P-47 D25-RE or any of the rest. Why do you think that the USAF has been fighting in federal court for 20 years to stop civilians from owning Phantoms II’s F-105’s F-100’s and anything else that can be used as a Mach 2 bomb truck. The government is terrified of us getting our hands on GEN-2 Jets. Just try and buy anything built after 1950 and watch the USAF file for an injunction. You will never see anything more modern in civilian hands in the Government can stop it.