DSR South: Check The Dates – November 8-9, 2019/Vicinity Of Anniston, AL

What: Drone Strike Rendezvous South

When: Veterans’ Day Weekend

Where: Vicinity of Anniston, AL; lots of hotels and other infrastructure supporting NASCAR Talladega events

Who: Anyone who can make it who is interested in meatspace interaction with like-minded folks

Why: All comms (including RF) must be considered irreparably compromised; you don’t have enough allies, so get to work making new meatspace acquaintances

How: Basic framework is a meat/greet/eat on Friday night at a local place on your own dime in a room apart from the usual customers. Saturday is self-directed interaction time, followed by a beef and pork feed somewhere, preferably executed by volunteers and funded by a hat-pass.

ACTION THIS POST: Indicate interest (e.g., “Me + 2”) so we can confirm date and get to work on operational details

Local attractions:

CMP South Store

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

53 responses to “DSR South: Check The Dates – November 8-9, 2019/Vicinity Of Anniston, AL

  1. Peter Guillam

    Pete, table for two.

  2. Show me the wine list, please.

  3. C.A., count me as one for now and I’ll work on more. That’s close and I’ve been wanting to spend some time at the CMP range anyway.

  4. vigilantcitizen

    Would love to attend, but being self employed I cannot commit as of yet. Will spread the word amongst my kin and like minded in my A.O.

  5. Myself with possibly two others.

  6. A pretty easy drive for me. I’m interested +1

  7. robroysimmons

    That coincides with Holy Deer Week but I have to ask if some of the shit talkers here would actually shoot in front of others at the range for score?

    And IMO the Garand is America’s greatest invention. FTR my commie recycler tool is an AR, but it’s a tool not a work of art/slash historical treasure.

  8. Grenadier1

    You know I am in.

  9. VoorTrekker for one, if I am in the area. Wyoming had promise, this one should be better. I’ll be better prepared for this one.

  10. Wendy Stringer

    Me + 1.

  11. NorthGunner

    Expect BOTH the ADL and SPLC to be sending
    covert observers to the event (who will be taking
    pics of license plates/vehicles for THEIR data files).

    This is geographically ‘in their neck of the woods’
    and they and related commie orgs WILL be out
    to create intel and put faces to names..just like
    they did at Charlottesville.

    Take appropriate security measures – should
    go without saying for those who decide to attend
    (so much for ‘stay away from crowds’ common sense).

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Northgunner,

      CA, If I may make a suggestion, I wouldn’t announce the specific location / venue publicly. Given the proximity to Atlanta (and Birmingham and Montgomery), there’s a real possibility of unwanted and potentially disruptive gatecrashers.

      This issue is distinct from LE / CI concerns.

      There are some very good places to schedule a family reunion in the area that won’t attract attention once everyone’s present.

      • NorthGunner

        Expect the ‘antifags’ if not worse commie elements.

        They WILL be looking to cause/create an ‘incident’
        that the sympathetic controlled media will use to
        their benefit..just like Charlottesville but only worse,
        if that’s possible.

        They could even bus in ‘paid actors/instigators’
        that pretend to be ‘KKK’rs/Neo-Nazi’s’ for the

        Again, utilize all available comsec and persec
        and local intel where this is concerned.

        The enemy has but ONE principle – win at ALL
        costs, especially if in working to that they can
        create a situation of literally bloody havoc and
        panic that they can pin on Team Freefor.

        Stay safe!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Wendy Stringer

        My suggestion would be for everyone planning to attend to send an email to CA at wrsa@hushmail.com and CA to send out the final details just before the event.

        Also to send along cell phone numbers in the e-mail to CA would allow for any last second changes in plan or exactly where to meet / ‘where are you’ / ‘I am lost’ / ‘I have a disabled vehicle can someone please come and help me’ type of text messages.

        Also found this (good to know):


        Nice to know that in addition to it being a pretty much straight shot down I-75 from Detroit to Atlanta, my Michigan CPL will be good all the way down there and back.


        • dmv gringo

          Are you paying attention?
          Are you situationally aware?
          No, you’re not, you stupid fuck!
          “All comms (including RF) must be considered irreparably compromised; you don’t have enough allies, so get to work making new meatspace acquaintances.”

          • Wendy Stringer

            “All comms (including RF) must be considered irreparably compromised; you don’t have enough allies, so get to work making new meatspace acquaintances.”

            If I took that literally seriously as soon as I got done reading that I would have unplugged my Internet cable from my PC and smashed my cell phone with a hammer (after removing the battery).

            But here I am typing on a computer that goes into my cable company’s smart modem and over their cable with God knows how many interfaces and internet servers and routers and microwave links in between my keyboard to your and everyone else’s computer screen.

            You got to start somewhere. We somehow have to get the meeting location for that all important first meet. We also have the additional problem of getting the word out to those we want to be there – but without giving up the location to possible trouble-makers and disruptors.

            In other words, I am stuck living in the world of what is and working with what is possible, whether than living in the world as I wish it were.

        • Alabama is a stand your ground state…no duty to retreat. AntiFa organizers may want to take note of that.

    • Kay_de_leon

      This reminds me of a ride I took with an acquaintance recently. We were on our way to a local gun shop so that I could help him get a decent set-up for his newly purchased AR. Along the way, we hit a bunch of traffic and passed by what looked to be a small protest/counter-protest. Some of the signs waving around were pretty absurd, so I thought it might be fun to stop and talk to some people. When I said as much, this dude turned white as a ghost.
      “I can’t do that, man. I would lose my job if anyone from work found out I was there,” and shit like that. He said that if I really wanted to go, go ahead, but he would catch an uber home from across the street. This from a guy that not five minutes earlier was beating his chest about how he’d rather die than live in a communist America, that he wouldn’t comply with gun bans, etc., etc.

      You guys are that scared of the SPLC and ACLU pencil necks, and think it’s a bad idea to meet face to face with people that you talk to online every other day, but when the balloon goes up- THEN yall will be ready to ride, am I right?

      It’s got to feel awkward to thinking a peacetime BBQ is dangerous while visiting woke blogs like this one and waiting for doomsday…

      • Kay_de_leon

        For the record, northgunner, I agree with an awful lot of what you write on here. And that post came off more accusatory than I meant it. I would just think that if anyone would want to give a good, in person, GFY to the ADL that it’d be a guy like you, lol.

        • NorthGunner

          Hi Kay,

          “.. When I said as much, this dude turned white as a ghost.
          “I can’t do that, man. I would lose my job if anyone from work found out I was there,” and shit like that. He said that if I really wanted to go, go ahead, but he would catch an uber home from across the street. This from a guy that not five minutes earlier was beating his chest about how he’d rather die than live in a communist America, that he wouldn’t comply with gun bans, etc., etc..”

          That description fits a close neighbor to a ‘T’; after I and two other friends had attended the most recent Big Sandy Shoot near Wikeup, Az, I asked
          him if he would like to attend the next one? He immediately spouted out, “I don’t do stuff in public; I don’t need to be id’ed…I’m trying to grow my business and business is being really good right not..gotta make all the money that I can while the economy allows me to.”

          This is a guy who talks game but shows where he’s really coming from.

          That’s ok Kay, no harm no foul.

          Yes I’d love to flip them the bird in public. Anniston is too far for me to afford to travel to (even more so than Wyoming, which I have been to in the past and loved it), also not possible for me to get that much time off to afford to drive there and back (fuck the airlines and their commie style ‘security’ – fuck tsa!!).

          Hoping everyone that attends has a great time and is safe and sound.

          Remember that our enemies want to change that, and it’s a very good bet that both adl, splc and antifag does quietly lurk here looking for intel.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Wendy Stringer

            If you are anywhere between Michigan and Alabama I can pick you up and drop you off. Or maybe give a hint of where you are and perhaps you can catch with someone.

  12. “pork feed”

    Wonderfully clever method to exclude the kosher kartel and their co-ethnics.


    • Kay_de_leon

      I’m a vegetarian, so you guys would probably take me for a DNC operative or something, lol.

      • That can be accommodated. DSR1 chowblitz very much had the feel of a good church supper; everyone brought too much mains, sides, eating tools, and beverages (adult and soft).

    • NorthGunner

      Yes the “pork feed” or Bbq’ed “Piggie on a roasting Spit” is a clear way to spot any potential adl spy or other sjw loon (especially the ‘animal rights’ fucktards)..just hand them a plate of steaming pig ‘n beans and watch their reactions…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. ChuckInBama

    Tentative me + 1. Scheduled to work that weekend, but things change……
    Close to home for me, so why miss the opportunity.

  14. Kay_de_leon

    75% chance I can make this. Will know closer to November.

    Would be happy to meet anyone from my neck of the woods.

  15. dmv gringo

    It’s official.
    The roaming cuckening milieu of PatCon is reborn.

    • dmv gringo

      As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, that this is a heady return to
      LARPing poser jamborees of the Kenyan years.
      Simply take note of how suddenly, miraculously, a majority are declaring their intention to attend. Regardless that it will involve considerable travel time outside of their immediate AO’s.

      • Kay_de_leon

        Travel builds character.

        Being a sad little bitch on the same blog 24/7/365 does not.

        • dmv gringo

          “Travel builds character.”
          Except when it’s time to actually put up or shut up.
          Whatever you say, you LARPing cuck.

          • Wendy Stringer

            Won’t travel to meet people at a site you post on, I think it’s safe to say you won’t do anything when it comes to ‘put up or shut up time’ yourself.

            If you think it’s useless or pointless, fine. But don’t criticize others for their efforts.

          • Kay_de_leon

            It’s LARPing to do some backpacking and shoot at a badass range and have a beer and chat with some people?

            Okay, dude.

            Stay scared out there.

            Thank the internet that these days you never really have to leave the house, eh?

      • Wendy Stringer

        “Simply take note of how suddenly, miraculously, a majority are declaring their intention to attend. Regardless that it will involve considerable travel time outside of their immediate AO’s.”

        That some of the people here who live East of the Mississippi were primed for such an opportunity and jumped in immediately and actually have the means and motivation to travel to/from Anniston, Alabama in order to actually meet like minded people in person seems perfectly normal to me.

        Especially since the time frame is around 14 weeks away. Plenty of time to schedule and plan for a week long vacation (unless one is unable to travel themselves or a caregiver for someone and unable to leave for that long, or in a career where they are on call and won’t know their schedule until a week before hand, etc.)

        As for myself, I consider it an opportunity to go out of state and enjoy a change of scenery and hopefully meet some interesting people. Maybe do some pistol and rifle shooting and learn some things. That is all, and that is enough for me.

  16. DMV Dildo, you gonna be their, better let mommy know your gonna be late getting home, perhaps she can leave the porch light on for your stupid ass. I’m sure the ” short bus” is available to bring you and pick you up. Don’t forget to bring your GI Joe toys.

    Why is it the same three turds always bring up ” The Feds” who gives a shit. last I checked meet and greets, sharing an adult beverage, a meal, and life experiences is a good thing.

    Did Cody, I was so so so disappointed to not see one Gman, or a swat team fast roping out of black hawks.

    You fucking closet commandos, have highly overrated you govt stature.

    Go have fun, meet new like minded folks. Take a change, listen to the fun stories other share. These events are good, ain’t no law breaking going on. Even if their was who cares, ain’t my business.


    • dmv gringo

      I did not mention the “fed’s,” in the least.
      I gave a hearty hurrah, in celebration of the
      successful rebirth of the cucking PatCon jamborees. Go vote, you stupid fuck.
      “you gonna be their” (there).

    • dmv gringo

      “meet new like minded folks.”
      Yeah, right, LARPing geriatric boomer cucks, and “new,” do not walk hand in hand.
      The rule of law is long dead in America, except
      in the culting minds of boomer cucks, the treasonous shitbags of the ruling political Uniparty, and their elite masters whom “Law” does not apply to.

    • you’re such an asshole dirt

      like minded friends?


      let’s all wave the flag and sing the nat’l anthem and pray to a make believe god all while wearing your MAGA cap and stuffing your gullet with shit and crap

      you fucking losers

      death to murka!

  17. moar better to set-up in west bygod virginia

    what with all the intellectual giants located there and all…


    the murkins have shown no limits on their free-dumb

    wave that tri-colored rag and stand proud of yer fellow cuntrymen

    tfA-t sees the problem

    it’s the family cucks who fucked this nation

    the “happy wife-happy life” and “for muh kids” fucktards

  18. dmv gringo

    Not a cuck.

  19. Jack Schick

    Spoiler Alert:
    Harlot’s Ghost by Norman Mailer.
    For a lot of us aged just past Vietnam draft,
    we had to struggle to get who is really running things, who is
    mafiosi, who is presenting themselves as shiny good,
    when they are really dirty birds.
    I would think all youse guys would want to set up
    some commie-traps to lead them into their own provocateur
    mafia campsites. Set up some fake pinko black-block,
    and see how far you get before you are confronted by
    the same military hoodlums they brought to the Seattle WTO,
    or strike-breaker cop-mafia that work for satanic gangs.
    Just because you’re Paranoid,
    that don’t mean they Aint out ta Git ya!
    “ALL Comms are Compromised”…10-4 Good Buddy!
    In Harlot’s Ghost, (you prob’ly need to be read-up on
    Kennedy, Dallas, The Election, Marilyn Monroe, the Mob,
    OSS early days, Berlin Wall, Cuba, to appreciate this book),
    folks who really should have known better continued
    to divulge personal secrets by hackable snail-mail letters.
    Your Power-families are so evil they cannot break out.
    Young brainwashed authorities grab for two-feather
    hobbit status, working for old sharkey…

  20. very cool. this location is about 5 miles from me

    • Wendy Stringer


      Yeah, but now everyone is going to ask you if you have a spare bedroom to share or if they can camp on your land… 🙂

      Ok, seriously – If you know and don’t mind saying, what is the local populations’ and police outlook on Freedom, The Right To Keep and Bear Arms, President Trump and things in general?

      Also, if Left wing protestors show up (I doubt it, but at this point it’s a possibility to consider) are they going to be warmly welcomed or given the cold shoulder? I don’t mind confronting trouble-makers if it comes down to it, but I do mind if the local politics and police side with the quicklime laced milkshake throwing commies…

  21. I’ll pass. Thanks for the heads up. Again, I’ll spend my time with the ones who really matter in my life. Nobody, and I mean nobody on this site will be in my AO, or be in my group when whatever happens. As far as meatspace, agree 100 percent. As long as that investment is worth it. Refer to the above statement.

  22. Oh yeah, I’m glad we have Canary’s in this country. It allows for adjusted planning. Thank you.

  23. vigilantcitizen

    I have lived on the Georgia side of I20, about 30 miles east of Anniston, almost all my life. I bet my life this is the LAST DAMN place any antifags, leftists, or whatever would want to start shit. This aint Charlottesville.
    The Talledega national forest is near Anniston, it’s huge and full of hungry hogs that leave nothing but the teeth.
    And, instead of the local gov and LE helping antifa, it would be the other way around.
    The local LE here in Douglas county GA, during the epic flood of 2009, told us not to bother reporting dead looters, just throw them in the raging Chattahoochie river, which was 30 feet above flood stage.
    Anniston is the same way. I know the sheriff of Douglas county real well, and he knows the sheriff in Anniston because they played together at Auburn. If you need me to liason with the local LE, lemme know.
    Cal, you have my email, if you want my phone number to talk about this, lemme know.

  24. NorthGunner

    Speaking of events that people are saying that they’re going to be at, here’s the latest on the “Storm Area 51” event and who started it:

    190717 Storm Area 51 – KLAS TV

    And here’s the pic of the mook, Matty Roberts, who “started it as a joke” but is now afraid that he’s going to get a visit from the ferrally bungling incompetents (wonder if he quaffs PBR while watching re-runs of Zimbalist Jr.?)


    Who knows how many will show up in the Nevada desert for that goatfuck?..or if the can do ‘the Naruto run’?….

    Mass delusion/insanity is funny as hell unail the first doofus is either flex-cuffed face down in the dirt or experiencing their first (and last) chest sucking gunshot wound…

    Teh stoopid,..it hertz!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!