144.1/Weaponized Design Sends

Above and below:

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3 responses to “144.1/Weaponized Design Sends

  1. Good morning Northern Gunner, I just read your last post on my rant, regarding your blow up doll, love nest. You want to know what’s wrong or partially what’s wrong,

    Your morally corrupted, your a fucking sexual deviant. You lack social skills to make positive contact with the female sex. I’ll pray for your You today.

    NG, women are not the problem, your the problem. The love of a good woman is awesome. It’s natural, it’s what’s right about the world. It’s clear to me, that you’ve been hurt bad, and I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps you went fishing in the wrong pond, found a looser, I don’t know.

    NG, your a bright fella, you know what’s going to save you. A loving woman, will someday nurture you back to normalcy.

    What is it, five thousand folk here on WRSA, and perhaps a hundred of you ” a high number” are banging Barbie blow up dolls, practicing beastieality and other deviate sexual disorders.

    In the past you’ve mentioned Nambla, Rene Guyon society, etc etc. most here hasn’t a clue what those sick motherfuckers are about. Sadly I do, I’ve been to the schools to learn how to investigate that sick shit. And I’ve investigated many with a very sucessful conviction rate. Sending em to prison where they became “bubba’s pin cushion” gave me personally much satisfaction.

    Normal folk don’t no that stuff. Statistics demonstrate that 98% of the men, and some women practicing sexuality related stuff, are in fact mentally unstable, and were often as in 80% or greater victims of sexual abuse themselves.

    I pray your not a victim, most victims were betrayed by family members. In those circles, the gene pool ain’t very deep. NG, you sir, need professional help. I recognize their’s more good going on with you then bad.

    Take the time to unfuck yourself, life is good, the glass is half full.

    Like any deviate sociology, nothing gets fixed until you except the responsibility for your own actions, your thoughts.

    As for the Vagas threats, dude, I’m amused,,,,, we all gotta die, I would welcome death at this point. You see my pains different, but it’s as real as yours.

    Have a great day, I intend on doing so.


  2. “No one but each other.”

    you don’t even have that

    you’ll all come to that same conclusion soon enough

    tfA-t already knows