Aesop: Ebola Reference Link Collection

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Next scheduled update in August.

13 responses to “Aesop: Ebola Reference Link Collection

  1. still waiting for the much predicted outbreak in the United States.


    • For our safety they would never tell us its here. I bet its here.

      • It’s not.
        300M:1 some dipshit would trip over himself to run to the restroom and twaddletweet the news out, in about 0.2 seconds, if there was a case, anywhere.
        Unless it was on a military base, I’ll match you paychecks on a bet on that.

        Make a plan, and work your plan.
        Leave the tinfoil-hat black-helicopter b.s. to Alex Jones and George Nouri.

        A much safer bet is that if it’s in Kenya, Uganda, or anywhere bordering DRC, those authorities will lie their asses off about it, to prevent the stigma, which would interrupt their graft-stream.

        Just like in 2014: Africa Wins Again.

    • Be careful what you wish for.
      We probably won’t handle an outbreak here any better than last time.
      (I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever that any learning occurred in the past 5 years, from on high, or down in the trenches. Rather the opposite.)
      Not having an America-hating certifiable moron in the Oval Office may prove somewhat more helpful than the last experience.

      But hey, we’ve now got 15 BL-IV capable beds in all of North America, instead of just 11, so you’ve got that going for you!

      Probably won’t be near as funny on the day, so enjoy your laughs now, if it gets here later. I’m betting you’ll be too busy packing and shitting your drawers, if your county gets a case or three, to dance around and go out licking handrails and doorknobs in between forum posts.

  2. Ebola is just a contraction of “Ebony Ola”.

  3. Wendy Stringer

    “The Goma patient was described as a pastor who had been on a trip to another town, Butembo, one of the towns hardest hit by the outbreak.

    There, he preached at seven churches and regularly touched worshippers, “including the sick”, the health ministry said Sunday.

    His symptoms first surfaced last Tuesday, it said.

    On Friday he took a bus back to Goma from Butembo, along with 18 other passengers and the driver.

    He went through several health checkpoints on the road “but did not seem to show signs of the disease. However, at each checkpoint, he wrote down different family names and forenames on the passenger list, which probably indicates a will to hide his identity and state of health,” the ministry said.

    When he arrived back in Goma on Sunday morning, he went to a clinic because he had started to become feverish, the ministry said.”

    Passed through several health checkpoints because he did not at the time have a fever. Also intentionally gave false information so that he would not be (I am assuming) inconvenienced by having to spend some time (days or weeks) in medical detention being monitored for signs of Ebola.

    Well, he has now inconvenienced a lot of people, and he himself has been inconvenienced to the point of death from Ebola.

    I guess if I had a sick sense of humor I would say something like he was “doing God’s work.”

    Goma has an airport.

    But don’t know if it’s in use currently due to the ongoing clicts over there.

    • There are regular flights to Entebbe, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya from Goma weekly, AFAIK.
      That will end well.

  4. if only god could see and hear the cries for mercy and healing….

    oh wait

    there is NO god


    it just doesn’t care one fucking bit


    MOAR Ebola!

  5. Ebola-chan wants to visit you, Aesop.

    she’s had about enough of your fears, tears, smears, and slanders:

  6. “In addition, around 50% of confirmed cases do not present fever symptoms which hinders their detection in health facilities and increase the risk of exposure for health workers.” – WHO 10/26/2018 Outbreak Summary, p.3 (bottom of page)

  7. Bioweapons are not effective as weapons of mass destruction. The 1920 flu pandemic couldn’t happen again because now there are adequate treatments for the secondary issues that resulted in most of the fatalities. *Perhaps* after something catastrophic like a nuclear exchange or a coronal mass ejection pointed at Earth then Ebola could be a real worry but it isn’t a realistic threat in the current circumstances … except maybe for parts of Africa.