AJ And OK 15 July 2019


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  1. I can’t listen to “Im not going to toot my horn, BUT, Im going to toot my horn”.

    And Oath Keepers? You mean the Bankers EnFORCERS that will happily kick in your door and shoot your dog for a paycheck? Those oath Keepers? Fuck Them All.

    • dmv gringo

    • Because of Muuh Jooooos? The world is a shitty place, full of shitty PPL either cope or move to Somalia, where there are no Jooooos.

      • Oldtradesman

        With Marxists importing Somalians on the left and NeoCons importing Somalians on the right, we can count on LoLbertarians to not only mock those able to identify the loxist jews behind the importation, but advise them to move to Somalia!

    • NorthGunner

      Why would anyone put anything on what an openly
      known gatekeeper alex jones have to say, let alone
      those who seek him out to cuck back and forth with him?

      alex IS owned by the banksters; look who he married
      and who his main attorney is (((Bronfman)))..same family
      that owns Seagrams and is involved via the nexium cult
      with underage sex abuse and sex trafficking ala epSTEIN.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Oldtradesman

        You’d think the shit Jones sells to support his operation would be a clue that the guy is a “used car salesman” but it isn’t, because “The Right” is comprised of idjits.

        The Right’s leaders – little more than big fish fighting for control over a small pond – are all about attracting Donor buck$. The capitalized D, here, refers to donors capable of providing $1G-$50Gs in tax deductible contributions each quarter. These people make politically “safe” donations, because contributors/contributions to most (not all) 501 exempt organizations are part of the public record. Since big D donors do not want to be targeted as “anti-semitic,” the conman Alex Jones is careful to stay safe and ineffectual while hyping his importance to his idjit audience. Our $5.00 monthly contributions and purchase of various products of dubious worth cover Alex’ sundry expenses, which include those pretty young female and token male reporters. Without small contributions from us he’d have to dip into his base income provided by Donors.

        Our contributions mean far more to relatively effective young men struggling to “stay on air” like Vincent @TheRedElephant than it does to Alex Jones.

  2. GAS!!!

    CNN Unveils Two Night Debate Line-up, Twenty Candidates Qualify – July 30th and 31st…

    • Paulo, I thought the same thing

      • Sunny, be good to add “air quality” to the prepping
        and equipment list 🙂
        Might as well combine with “water quality” too.

        I still have my M-17 Mask

        • SemperFi, 0321

          How’s your M-17 filter supply? They don’t last forever and are hard to get. Check your mask for rot, cracks and loose seals too.
          I stocked up on some new sealed Swedish ones for my Forsheda A4.