Cappy: Do Humans Actually Have Value In An AI World?

There’s always one way.

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  1. i submit to the audience that war is the natural state of man

    anything less is unnatural

    therefore war is good and peace is death warmed over

    300 million is a good starting point

    what? you don’t think there are 300 million worthy of going buh bye forever?

    tfA-t thinks there are

  2. FaCubeItches

    The bigger question: do humans really have any inherent value at all? While philosophers and some religions claim yes, history pretty conclusively shows no.

    • Why don’t you get busy so? Or just run a hot bath and grab a blade. The Universe created us so it could feel itself. Nihilism and doom isn’t the feedback it needs or wants.

      • Thank you, boss. Much needed antidote to the usual cynical drivel which passes for intelligence and cool wit aroun d here.

  3. 1. In Hebrew, as in the old Testament, the word for worshipping God and the word for work is the same word.
    2. AI cannot value things, it has no will. It might recognize patterns in some advanced form not unlike ordinary computers can do mathematical calculations, but that is all. It doesn’t Understand.
    3. Somehow we don’t care about single mothers in the cities with three children from differen’t men (I’m avoiding going ethnic here) who don’t work, watch cable all day, use Medicare and SNAP/EBT and section 8. They don’t work, except to go into labor at taxpayer expense every year or two to get more cash.
    4. The error is more fundamental. It is not “work”, it is PURPOSE that is the problem. You can pay people to dig holes, then pay them to fill them in tomorrow. That will drive them crazy (the experiment has been done). And without a goal – preferably from Heaven, but even the Devil wants to vandalize, destroy, and damn all creation, and his minions too – we are all worse than dead.

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    • SemperFi, 0321

      Some of them obviously got into your head, that’s a win for the Nazi’s.

      And how exactly is it any different telling Gentiles you’re the Chosen Ones, than when the Germans were proud of being Ein Volk (one people). Being God’s Chosen People strikes me as being extremely more arrogant, but I guess you can’t see that distinction.
      So my question for you is; if the Jews are God’s Chosen People, why do they need a cheerleader like you when it’s already an established fact?
      Asking for an unbiased friend of course.

    • “Just so you know, that Chinese guy is really a Crypto Der Jew.”
      A more accurate description is the meme itself. Mao is already molding away as agricultural supplements. Seems apt.

    • You could have worded that post better; heck a bonobo could have done a better job

  5. I’m trying to unfuck this problem.

    I work at Elon Musk’s company Neuralink developing brain-machine interfaces. The object is to make them cheap and democratize the technology so humans become augmented into AIs and are not left behind or used as agricultural supplements by the coastal NYC/SF Nazi elite and their machine based AI that they own. And I say this as someone that lives in SF. (“But why do you love there???” My response is “Because if I lived in Northern Idaho, I wouldn’t get to learn all this cool shit from people that though they have reprehensible politics, are fucking amazing engineers.”)

    Brain machine interfaces are going to be the next “assault weapons” moral panic in 20 years as they give individuals too much power.

    Musk knows that the elite want expensive, big, amoral AI that they can control and tell it to wipe out Les Deplorables.

    I’m working on making humans be able to become superhuman via augmentation (perfect memory, perfect motion execution, speed learning, superhuman reaction times) while maintaining your moral center and having the whole thing be as cheap as a cell phone.

    • Your not a lineman then…

    • “The object is to make them cheap and democratize the technology so humans become augmented into AIs and are not left behind or used as agricultural supplement …”

      I assume your first AI app will be a fecal aware tracking program.

      “I’m working on making humans be able to become superhuman via augmentation (perfect memory, perfect motion execution, speed learning, superhuman reaction times) while maintaining your moral center and having the whole thing be as cheap as a cell phone.”

      I will marvel at the attempt, but I have to tell you; as an educator I have seen what current technology has wrought so far on the younger generations. Their attention span has shrunk to that of a goldfish. Their analytical skills are lacking. Their ability to communicate in a thought stream that reaches a conclusion is minimal. It is not that they can’t do it, just that they seem to lack the will to utilize their talents.

      Democratizing AI will not guarantee a level playing field for the masses just as the cheap PC has not democratized the Internet for them. One need only watch the antics of FaceBook, Twitter, Pateron, etc to recognize the trend.

      Good luck.

    • A.B Prosper

      If true this was poor Opsec my friend, Its small company and anyone with rudimentary skills can dox you at will

      Anyway turning people into cyborgs isn’t unfucking the problem, its creating it

      a species of supermen isn’t going to be human at all or even close and no way in hell can anyone be trusted not to include “slaver software” in those brain interfaces . Get a brain interface to ‘compete” and you are property

      Nearly anyone, you, me the man behind the tree will behave in this way if they can as few people have the moral character to say no to absolute power.

      The upside of this mess is I suppose that modernity is dying anyway, moderns have 1.5 or so children per couple or less and at least 20% up to 40% of them are bastards so its not sustainable

      On the opposite ends highly religious people have 5 , the amish for example often hit 7

      Catabolic collapse will reduce our tech base a lot, somewhere between 1900 and 1700 maybe lower,

      This is a very good thing, Population will be reduced and the risk of doomsday except from a meteor or the like will be greatly reduced

      Yes even TfA-t gets his population reduction though I’m guessing a punctuated decline to 100 million maybe less, a bit higher than down 300 mil

      In any case if you are serious about protecting humanity, tech if it survives will have to be controlled tightly if need be by force or a religious council

      We won’t be able to do this until after China falls apart though

      In the end I suspect future people will either be exterminated by the machine state or the tech simply won’t exist

      and no it doesn’t, for those youngsters who never lived before the PC , we got on fine,

      • Eh, not sure I agree.

        I look at superhuman/posthuman capability as like an AR15, as your mind is just as much of a weapon as a rifle. It is impossible to uninvent the technology nor stall its advance, and if you outlaw their possession or invention then their use will be restricted to the government and the favored govcorps like Google, which is of course bad.

        Will the Link enable slaver software? Possibly. But fully machine AI will also definitively make you just as much of a slave.

        Not especially worried about doxing. There are quite a few of us dirt people here that know the goal is to counterbalance the threat of govcorp-controlled machine AI.

        • Imagine your implant streams nothing but Facebook content, looks at the reaction and sells that to the Oligarchs. That will be what Corporate AI will do.

          I say, no thanks.

  6. Soillent Green. mmmmmmm cookies.

  7. First off what do fully retired people do today? That would be a good indicator of how it might be.

    But I do have another scenario. AI and robots will also move into government service. They will percolate up the food chain. As some point why do the robots even need to collect taxes? They just appropriate the raw resources and run the whole product suite — guns, rockets, planes — thru AI enabled govt owned factories. Then the day finally dawns on Skynet that the humoniods are a hindrance. If our AI overlords are intolerant we get ‘The Terminator’. If they are benevolent we get the ‘Forbin Project’. Neither are really good prospects.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You brought up a very good point; in a robot society, who pays the taxes to keep the parasite political class alive? AI is a death sentence for them.
      No proles, no money.

  8. rented mule

    AI robots doing everything is never going to happen,it is useless to waste time & energy thinking about it. What will happen is war, as sure as the sun rising in the east & setting in the west.

  9. I lol at some of the utterly retarded shit posted on here. And to think, the retards are probably considered the smart guy in their circle. The gene pool really does need chlorine.

  10. “Artificial Intelligence” is a Farce, a Marketing Ploy in the ‘information technology industry’. All it consists of is Ever-Faster Computers running Larger Numbers of If-Then And/Or Binary Calculations. This is Valuable to (((government controllers))) because it allows for More Ability to Monitor and Classify the Slaves (citizens) as to Political Reliability. “AI” will Never “Take Over the World” as has been portrayed in Fiction, as it is Too Simple for even a Tiny Number of Individuals to Disrupt Infrastructure in ways that “Computers” cannot Respond to or Correct. Simply Put, No Electricity, No Computers. And No People to Guard the Computers, No Computers.
    As Liberty-Minded Individuals, We should become Aware of how the Increasing Complexity of Everything “Infrastructure” is its Vulnerability, and Plan for “De-complexity”.