Ruminations On A Puerto Rican Revolution

Partisan, yes.

Leftist, certainly.

But think about other Deep-State-despised sections of FUSA.

If the Puerto Ricans can pull it off…

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  1. dmv gringo

    Be one with the Mud.

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  3. A free puerto rico will just give you another cuban flavored Philippines. (study history)

    On Sat, Jul 20, 2019 at 10:17 AM Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Partisan, yes. Leftist, certainly. But think > about other Deep-State-despised sections of FUSA. If the Puerto Ricans can > pull it off…” >

  4. “Pull it off”?

    The U.S. would cut drag and cast P.R. loose in a NY Minute.

    It’s the puertoriqueños themselves who’d fight tooth and nail against ever leaving. The fight would be a civil war there. Truman missed a golden opportunity to cut them loose after they shot after him. They could be Venezuela, right now, if only we’d let them go.

    Here? We’d be slathering the rails with pure pig grease just to get rid of the corrupt lazy fuckstains.

    P.R. is a centuries-long sh*thole, and the only thing keeping it out of the Turd World orbit entirely is billions in US investment and tax incentives, all of which would go like fog on a summer’s day the second we handed them their walking papers.

    You’d never be able to tell the difference between Puerto Rico full-bore developed, and Puerto Rico five minutes after an F5 hurricane, because it’d be the same picture both times.

    Their two most famous imports are rum, and Evita Guevara-Cortes.
    Both of which make my head hurt.

    Adíos, fucktards. The Cold War is over, and you can go leach off of Cuba and Venezuela. Puerto Rico makes Hawaii and the Virgin Islands look industrious by contrast.

    If we’re going to ship them over, could we, pretty please, relocate all those Somali, Central American, and other African “refugees” there from ICE detention, first???

    Diversity is their strength, and Haiti needs a break from being the biggest sh*thole in the Caribbean, since ever.

    We could make AOC the viceroy, and the other three dumbbells her deputies, heading into granting independence.
    NYFS and the DNC would even thank us.


    President Trump should make it a platform plank if he wins in 2020.

    • robroysimmons

      Hey California, on another forum a refugee from Cali remarked that south of Fresno outside of the cities it is basically become a feudal state ran by Mexican gangs who steal anything not under armed guard.

      Any truth to that bullshit being our glorious bright shiny future?

    • Aesop:

      do we really want to have another locus of Marxist hate in the Caribbean? Especially one which has over a century of connection to CONUS, with millions of expat Puerto Ricans here? Because that is what we’ll get, sure as the sun rising, if we cut them loose. Venezuela is one possible outcome, but Cuba is another, and another thing almost entirely.

      One can argue that the strategic value of PR went away at the end of the age of sail, but having naval basing at the center of the Carribean is a non-trivial asset. We might try to just hold Vieques and let the rest go, a’ la Guantanamo, but giving the narcotraficantes yet another base and avenue for access to these presently united States strikes me as a bad idea. Not to mention that Vieques is not a secure anchorage; San Juan is the only decent harbor in the PR. Then there is the fact that we’d be giving the Marxists another stepping stone to the Leeward and Windward Islands.

      OTOH, I’ve already admitted that I don’t think we have the stomach for what would be required to actually effect real change in the PR. You may be right, but I know a lot of decent people in PR, and the thought of abandoning them to a bunch of Marxist maggot farmers rankles me, and simple answers to complex situations are often flawed.

      • Historian,

        We’d have to burn the village to save it.
        Vieques would and should be treated exactly litke Gitmo, we’d take it in payment as a parting gift for independence, and ship the locals there to P.R. proper. Game over with that.

        We don’t need it, we can’t (and oughtn’t) hold it against opposition, and it’s a drag on the nation. It will never be a state, and it deserves independence. If they haven’t got a grip on things after 120 years of US rule, they never will.

        Let them go all commie paradise.
        The sooner they start, the quicker they get to the Killing Fields, starvation, and being recolonized, this time at a 20:1 advantage. Put the natives on a reservation, let them have a monopoly on casinos and untaxed rum and cigarette sales, and call it even, probably by 2050. (We have some experience at this game.) Outlaw Spanish, zero out all personal and business taxes, and run it as a capitalist bastion. Between real estate, resorts, and tax free development, it’d be the Singapore of the Caribbean inside 5 years, and growing sugar for 5¢/ton, which would kill Castroism in Cuba in perpetuity as a bonus.

        No war, and we’re in a better place than now, at a national profit of tens of billions, plus annual bonuses.

        The Cubans will see that, and they’ll have another revolution to get the same deal there too, and Marxism there will be deader than it is in Moscow. Forever.

        The only people who lust for communism have never lived under it.
        That’s why our best friends in Europe currently are all former Warsaw Pact members. This is not mere coincidence.

        And we’ll have shed not a single drop of blood.
        (They’ll do that for themselves.)

  5. Secession from the is the only answer and will happen. The US government is already well on the way to financial collapse.

  6. How’re those “yellow vests” doing these days?

  7. Mark Matis

    I wonder if the tribe is nose-deep in this as well???

  8. Is the PR government corrupt? Oh, absolutely! Is corruption endemic to the island? Absolutely!

    Are tax monies and Federal allocations stolen and distributed to the ruling elite and their cronies? Absolutely!

    Did those wholesale thefts contribute to the issues in the Maria response? Absolutely!

    Has there been exploitation of the islanders by colonialism/corporatism/merchantilism starting under Spanish rule and continuing under US rule since 1898, in the name of ‘free trade?’ Absolutely!

    Was the response to Maria bungled by the Puerto Rican government and to some extent by FEMA? Absolutely! Does it continue to be? Yes.

    Are the policia dirty and brutal? yes, absolutely!

    is there an entrenched entitlement culture in PR? Sadly, yes

    With all of that said, will a socialist revolution in Puerto Rico result in the final destruction of a lovely Carribean paradise and its people?


    Will that be a strategic loss for these presently united States? Yes, a significant one.

    Am I at a loss for a comprehensive strategic path forward that avoids a Marxist revolution?


    Some good steps would be to really clean house in PR, literally and figuratively. Fix the infrastructure, water and power especially; we could put the Corps of Engineers to use for some of this. Mercilessly, impartially and thoroughly investigate every report of corruption, then indict everyone on the take from Governor down to village dogcatcher and try them publicly, and at the same time start an intensive anti-corruption education campaign. Longer term, educating the population of the island about the importance of ‘Life, Liberty, and Property’ more generally seems equally important; the battle for the soul of Puerto Rico is a reflection of the larger War of Ideas now raging here in these presently united States.

    Do I doubt that the present Federal Government thereof lacks the political will to carry through on the suggested steps above, or to further develop a strategic response to this situation?


    • The problem with Puerto Rico is Puerto Ricans, just as the underlying problem in Mexico is Mexicans.

      You can’t pretty the swamp up, you have to drain it, fill it in, and start all over, virtually from scratch.

      Let it go, let gravity work, and try again when you have less of a problem, because they’ve reduced their own population by 90% due to communism.

      End state you want, with 1/10th the hurdle to overcome, and no friendly casualties.
      And a self-inflicted bitter taste for Marxism there you won’t wash out of their mouths for 500 years.


  9. Coming soon to……

  10. “Faced with an enraged press the government took the unbelievable course of action of abruptly calling off their very own press conference”

    Not going to happen here when the communists run the government (starting in 2021).

  11. death to murka and all murkins!

    so proclameths tfA-t

  12. Had the occasion to drive from Mayaguez to San Juan one day back in the 70’s. While there were (are?) some beautiful stretches along the North coast of P.R the more modern term is shithole. Saw some really nice homes (all surrounded by stout fencing and with wrought iron bars on ground floor windows and doors) next to tar paper shacks with chickens and pigs freely running in and out of the shacks. Came away with the impression “No wonder these people are coming to the mainland”.

  13. My 1st STATE issued marriage license “wife” was from
    Ponce and Carolina PR, and she was not Puerto Rican.
    They seeked refuge there from a communist country not
    far away. Many still there…

    Had a very good friend and niece of a former President
    of Puerto Rico while young, green and wet behind the ears.

    • my T.W.O.T. Ranger buddy here on the island is a PR

      like me

      he can pass very easliy for white when he wants to

      woe be unto those who fuck with tfA-t and Ranger Edwardo

  14. olga molina

    1. there must be a reason we have not left PR yet.

    2. you do not know what that reason is.